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Eva Longoria's Wedding Dress--My vision

Early this month, as everyone knows, actress Eva Longoria got married to sexy San Antonio Spurs basketball player, Tony Parker. A writer for the San Antonio Express News, Michael Quintanilla, contacted me to draw a sketch of what I, Nick Verreos, would design for Eva , if I was the designer doing her wedding gown. He was doing a story regarding all the craziness revolving her fabulous and ultra chic million-dollar wedding in France. Quintanilla wanted to include design visions from local San Antonio fashion designers , as well as a "celebrity designer" (I'm sure he was using the term very loosely!). Several years ago, Eva wore one of my NIKOLAKI designs to an event (in a photo captured here), way before she became the star of "Desperate Housewives".

I obliged his request with this illustration you see here. I wanted to do my "Nick" silhouette--very 1930's bias cut Hollywood Starlet with an asymmetrical cowl draped back (similar to what I designed for her costar, Brenda Strong for last year's SAG Awards. I envisioned it in a off-white silk crepe that would be hand-beaded--heavy to light-- throughout the gown. The finishing touch would be a French lace veil very reminiscent of the Mantillas the Spanish Duquesas wear, to give a nod to her Mexican-Spanish heritage. The sketch was published-along with the other San Antonio designer's visions in the aforementioned San Antonio Express newspaper the same weekend of Eva's wedding. She ended up wearing an amazing silk gazar gown from Venezuelan designer Angel Sanchez, who for years deigned all the gowns for the Miss Venezuela's and now has become a go-to guy for gorgeous wedding dresses. Good choice Miss Eva!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Bravo Toasts Outfest 2007

Silver Anniversary for OUTFEST

I am back from Miami, getting ready for my upcoming Resort/Spring 2008 Fashion Show at the W Hotel San Diego(more details to follow!) and catching up on some past events I attended. Two weeks ago, OUTFEST had its 25th Anniversary of showcasing the finest in Gay, Lesbian and Transgender films, here in sunny Los Angeles and I was invited to several accompanying events. First was the Opening Night Gala at the historic Downtown Los Angeles Orpheum Theater, in which I attended with my buddy, Erik. I ran into several OUT socialites, including my favorite Latina, Wilson Cruz (whose body is too ripped for words) and Momma, an LA icon. It's not enough that she runs EC2--one of the greatest costume houses in the world and the home and archives of Mr. Bob Mackie-- Momma defines the word FABULOUS! Erik and I had a fun time, not only watching a great Opening Night film, but also partaking in the after party, traditionally held in the parking lot right behind the Orpheum. In one word, G-G-G-GAY--as in Season 2 designer, Emmett McCarthy's infamous bubblegum pink figure skating costume GAY!

That weekend, I was invited to attend and actually introduce the one and only Tim Gunn, at the Bravo Outfest Party, held at the Hollywood nightspot, Boulevard 3. First, I was honored when I was asked by Bravo to introduce Tim at this party. OK, I was verklempt! Tim arrived to the party with the beautiful Veronica Webb in tow. After my "introduction duties" were done , I enjoyed myself up in the Bravo VIP area with all my friends. There were a lot of Bravo "celebs" from all their different shows, including Work Out, Top Chef, and of course, Project Runway. Two of my favorite Project Runway alum were there, the always FIERCE Robert Best, and Andrae Gonzalo, looking very Resort 2007 in his ensemble. I also ran into one of my favorite trainers from Work Out, the HOT Brian Peeler and chatted a bit. Spotted at the party was the "Queen of All Media", Perez Hilton, who was at one point posing with a cardboard cutout of Heidi and Tim. OK, he was almost humping them! I also got the chance to meet one of my favorite hotties of TV, actor Matt Dallas of Kyle XY. He was, of course, surrounded by a gaggle of pretty young girls. There were many of Tim Gunn's books, "A Guide To Quality Taste and Style" as well as Bravo emblazoned pillows strewn throughout the VIP couches. Let's just say I spotted several Bravo "talent" snatching many of these under their arms-- like Latin mothers at a wedding taking the table centerpiece flower arrangement-- you KNOW what I am talking about! It was a fun party and again, I was honored to have been part of it and celebrate Outfest's Silver Anniversary in Bravo style!

FIDM.....Project Beauty, FIDM, Anthousa Collection,

Check Out my latest entry on where I wrote about one of my latest assignments as a Mentor and producer of a Project Runway-esque challenge that took me to Dallas ,Texas last month. In short, I was approached by a home fragrance company called Anthousa Collection to get 6 Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM students to create a "party dress" in 8 hours inspired by 6 of their home fragrance-bottles-with-sticks products. After the designs were finished, I then flew to Dallas Texas and presented the designs in a fashion show in front of over 100 Neiman Marcus beauty and cosmetics executives and buyers at their annual "Beauty Conclave" in the Four Seasons Resort and Spa. It was a hot, humid and thunderous 2 days in Dallas so I never really got to enjoy Dallas or the fabulous Four Seasons. Waiting 4 hours on a plane at the Dallas airport tarmac wasn't cute. It was raining so hard they were not allowing planes to take off so we had to sit there and wait(the plane had already left the gate!). But I did have loads of fun with the entire Anthousa family.

As you can briefly see here, the student designers really got their "creative fragrance and fashion juices" flowing! I was very proud of them. Click here to see more photos plus the entire article

Signe Chanel-A Tribute to the Atelier

Couture Couture!!!!

A while back, a friend suggested I check out a documentary being shown on the Sundance Channel called "Signe (pronounced sinay, with the Spanish tilde above the "n") Chanel." The program was a behind-the-scenes of the making of a Chanel Couture Fall '04 Collection. I was intrigued, to say the least. I set my TiVo to record it whenever the program was shown. However, it only recorded the final episode of this 5 part documentary. I felt empty, unfinished, as if I watched the end, but not what lead up to it. And that is because I did!

As Haute Couture Fall 2007 Season was wrapping up last week in Paris and I watched videos of Galliano's breathtaking Dior "Bal des Artsites" show as well as Chanel's "High Profile" show, I thought of researching on the Internet for the other episodes of "Signe Chanel" that I had missed. Alas I found them (on YouTube, of course) and I sat glued to my laptop for the last 3 nights watching one of the most inspiring and moving programs about fashion and specifically the art of Haute Couture that I have ever seen.

So much so that now I have recommended it for the Advanced Fashion Design students that I am honored to be instructing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM. In fact, I have given it to them as part of their Homework for next week. Signe Chanel is a must-see for any fashion designer as well as student of fashion. It is amazing what these sewers, tailors, fitters, drapers do. I am amused sometimes when fashion writers or editors say a certain designer is a "master" at tailoring or draping, because when you see this, it should be correctly stated that their ateliers are the real masters. The unsung ones. You will cringe when Monsieur Lagerfeld, a genius talent that no one doubts, and yet, he does not even know the name of one of his master seamstresses who happens to be retiring after 50 years of creating some of the most beautiful garments in the world! And finally to watch the person who looms the iconic Chanel braid BY HAND, is nothing short of painful and beautiful at the same time.

Click Below to watch the first 2 segments of the 1st episode. Then go HERE to Fashion Vids to watch all 5 episodes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Note to my FIDM students: There will be a Quiz!!!!

Christian Dior Fall 2007 Couture: Long Live Le Roi Galliano!!!!

Long Live Couture!!!!!!

Picture this: The extraordinary backdrop of the L'Orangerie Corridor of the Versailles Palace , add some of the most glorious clothes ever made on this planet, and finish it off with all the top Supermodels working it like it's the last day of the month and they got to pay rent!!!!! In one word: Breathtaking!! Linda, Helena, Giselle,Naomi, Amber, Shalom, all together-some out of "retirement"- in one glorious space. It was a scene out of a George Michael video !!! But with the most over-the-top costumes Versailles had seen since the days of Marie Antoinette.

After seeing last season's Dior Couture show, his tribute to Madame Butterfly, I was left gasping for air from the excitement and thought that there was no way to top this. But he did, and then some! To celebrate the house's 60th anniversary, and his own 10th anniversary at Christian Dior and sadly the sudden death of Steven Robinson, head of the Dior Studios and Galliano's best friend. John Galliano decided to concoct a lavish event , with a title of "Bal Des Artistes". Each creation was based and inspired by Gruau, Christian Berard, Watteau, Rembrandt, and Picasso, to name but a few. Who cares that most of these one-of-kind costumes won't ever be worn in real life, except for when shown in the editorial pages of Vogue Italia or by Sarah Jessica Parker at the next opening of a Met Gala. The more subdued designs are back in the Dior Showroom for clients to choose from. They better get those Goyard checkbooks ready, these gowns range from $100,000 to $500,000. This is Haute Couture!

It was difficult to find a favorite look but to me, one of the standouts was his Goya-inspired Mantilla Duquesa de Alba Spanish Diva. Speaking of Spanish, Galliano not only flew in a red-hot Flamenco ensemble to bring spice to his soundrack, which included Madonna (but of course!), but then concluded his already extravagant spectacle, doing his final bow (it was really a runway walk that lasted about 10 minutes!) donned in an over-the-top entirely beaded Matador outfit. Viva Galliano!

To watch the entire show click HERE.

To watch an edited version, click on the link above.

FIDM Graduation at The Greek Theater

It's that time again, Graduation time. The Spring Quarter ended a couple of weeks ago at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where I am an Instructor, and I for one, was very happy. I had a full load of SIX classes and over 120 students' papers, patterns and final presentations to grade--on top of my already extra full schedule. Needless to say, I was pooped!

I was asked by the Fashion Department Chair to attend the 2007 Graduation, as a "Special Guest", which means that once again I would be sitting on the stage with all the illustrious department chairs , honorees, president of the school, and so on. I was invited last year to do so and I was very honored then, as well as now. I was also asked to give a speech and announce the Outstanding Fashion Design Student Award. It was a very hot Saturday morning but thank God, we VIP'ers stayed cool under the famed Greek Theater's roof (and in my fabulous Seersucker cotton jacket!).

The crowd of about 2000 graduating kids and families went crazy when I was announced. (Hello, I felt like Kelly Clarkson all over again!) and I nervously did my speech, gave the award and did a meet-and-greet with former students as well as their families. It was a nostalgic event for me, since I had taught a lot of this year's graduating class and had seen these students mature and progress into outstanding young adults I was very proud of. I especially have fun memories of "my kids" from my Collection Development class from several quarters ago. It was one of the best groups I had: Talented, driven and very creative. Exactly what FIDM should be honored to call "their own".