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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2009: Gowns Part 1

Pageant Gown TV: It's time for a Fashion Report!!! A la Nick Verreos....Arepas Anyone? Miss Universe 2008, the beautiful Dayana Mendoza, from Venezuela and designer Nick Verreos Yes, kids, it's that time again: Miss Universe! Pageant fans and fashionistas rejoice! The Miss Universe 2009 Pageant is just starting in the gorgeous island nation of The Bahamas! At the Atlantis Resort no less. As many of you may remember, I was one of the privileged designers to have been invited to show at the first ever Islands of The World Fashion Week last November in the Bahamas. And in fact, I got to stay at the Atlantis (out of control by the way!). Well, I guess, it's "all about the Bahamas", because they are now hosting the Miss Universe Pageant, which will air live on NBC, on August 23rd.That's a Big Microphone: Nick Verreos "Unofficially" reporting from LA on the Miss Universe Pageant Gowns Of course, it would have been a "pageant ball" for me to have been down there giving my "Nick Fashion Commentary" on the gowns and some of the misses and "messes". But somehow, I missed that phone call (I must have been in Europe in the Amalfi Coast). It would have been fun to give reportage with a former Miss Universe, for example (hello, how about my NIKOLAKI-client, the fabulous Brook Lee?). That would have been fabuloso! But for now, someone missed a great chance. But I will still "hold the pageant gown commenting fashion torch" and do what I can do (it would have SOOOOO much better on camera!) but... Miss Universe Fantasy Fashion Reportage from Los Angeles: Nick Verreos and former Miss Universe, Brook Lee (in NIKOLAKI dress) Over the weekend, the 84 Miss Universe contestants have been arriving in Nassau and "checking in". The first Evening Gown Photos are out and I just HAD to put in my "two cents"--unfortunately, it's a lot of "misses" within our Misses. Pun definitely intended.Case in point: Miss Hungary, Zsuzsa Budai . What fresh out of Hungarian Fashion School design student made this for her for $500 and convinced her--after way too many shots of vodka--to wear it? Is it a Hooker Convention? Or the Miss Universe Contest? Even the pose seems a bit "Hello, would you like me to be your Mistress?" Uhhh. How about "No!". Polyester satin and nylon tulle should NEVER mix. Poor thing. Miss Cayman Islands, Nicosia Lawson, and her strapless gown choice is better suited for a "Housewives of Atlanta" Junior Prom. One of my BIGGEST PAGEANT PEEVES are those damn clear Lucite Stripper Heels. And guess what she's wearing? Yep. And showing them with pride.Miss Guyana, Jenel Cox, is next on my "Chopping Block". Just because your lovely Grandmother made this, does not mean you have to wear it! Pink. Polyester. Satin. Really? Oh wait, there's a purple "peek-a-boo". I'd rather not. I like a deep neckline, however: That neckline is a bit too plunging.Finally (for now), Miss Netherlands. Four letters: DIVA. Silver Sequined Caftan. What fabulous gay man made this happen, is what I have to say? Does she look like Transgender Fierceness Miss Candis Cayne? Yes. Is it too over the top--even for Miss Universe? Maybe. But I am LIVING for it! At least, in these photos, Avalon-Chanel Weyzig, Miss Netherlands Universe is OWNING it! It's a mess, but in a FIERCE Drag Queen sort of way. If I was doing my Fantasy Miss Universe Pageant Fashion Commentary for Bahamian TV or NBC, me and my fellow fashion co-host Brook Lee, would have DIED over her! I just know it. This is just the beginning...the pageant isn't for another three weeks! I am sure there is a lot more high slits, clear Stripper heels and polyester where this came from! And surely, some fabulous gowns as well. I will be waiting for those images. Check back here. Live ....from Los Angeles. Nick Verreos. Reporting for my "Fantasy Pageant Fashion TV".

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That Silver GOWN is just Amazingly DIVA for us!!!!!!

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