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NICK APPEARANCES.....NOH8 Event with Alec Mapa, former Miss Universe Brook Lee

One Miss Universe, An Ugly Betty actor, a Project Runway designer and a Housewife from Atlanta: Welcome to West Hollywood! The First Runner Up Is: "Ugly Betty" Actor and comedian Alec Mapa, Miss Universe 1997 Brook Lee, and Nick Verreos @ Here Lounge NoH8 Campaign Party Last night, I was invited to the NOH8 Campaign Party at the Here Lounge in West Hollywood and of course, I wanted to go and support! I had been taping some "secret" stuff for Lifetime Networks and headed to the Formosa Cafe to meet up with my good friends; Ugly Betty actor/comedian Alec Mapa (who was performing at the party) and my lovely Hawaiian "sister" and former Miss Universe Brook Lee. Once we were done, it was time for us to make our way over to the party.Tardy For The Party: Kim Zolciak of "Housewives Of Atlanta" NoH8 Campaign Party There were about 20 paparazzi waiting outside Here Lounge as we arrived. I thought "Is Paris Hilton here?" No, Kim Zolciak of "Housewives of Atlanta" was hosting the event, and we quickly realized they were there for her. Once inside, we also witnessed "Tell It To My Heart" Taylor Dayne belt out some serious tunes (her voice is OUT OF CONTROL!), including an amazing rendition of the Red Hot Chili Pepper's "Californication" and a Michael Jackson song! And of course, Alec Mapa did a really funny--and not-so-PG-13-rated stand-up which had me ON THE FLOOR!! Duck Taped: Kim of Housewives of Atlanta's photo for NoH8 Campaign Miss Kim did a wonderful job as MC of the event, as she showed off a HUGE new diamond ring that Big Poppa had purchased for her. I have know idea why Kim was here on the West Coast (I'm assuming she was "taking meetings with Hollywood's movers and shakers"), but all I do know is that: A) No one pulled her wig B) She didn't sing "Tardy For the Party" C) She wasn't wearing "She by Sheree" (that's for you, Andy Cohen!) D) Oh, and I had fun for a WONDERFUL cause! Click below for a brief video of the fabulous Kim Zolciak being introduced by the NOH8 boys, Jeff Parshley and photographer Adam Bouska:

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Brighton Line is performing at the Viper Room on September 26th at 7:45pm.


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AOL VIDEO of Taylor Dayne and Brighton Line: