Tuesday, June 30, 2009
The Best Photo Studio in LA!!! The Focus Studio, a photographic studio right on the beach in Venice, California, just announced that they are having a"Summer Special" with discounts for photographers, filmmakers, production companies, who would love to shoot by the beach! Janet Jackson:Shot on "The Focus Studio" Table The 3000 square foot The Focus Studio is the only daylight photographic studio on a California beach and has been the location for many a celeb shoot, including the cover of Janet Jackson's 2006 album, "20 Y.O." as well as many others, including Brook Shields and Harrison Ford.Model Attention: Model Lisa Blades, in NIKOLAKI gown, gets prepped by designers Nick Verreos and David Paul, The Focus Studio, Venice California It also, just happened to be the location for my last Spring 2009 Look Book and NIKOLAKI Website Photo Shoot, shot by fabulous LA-based photographer Evans Vestal Ward.Model Touch-Up: Model Lisa Blades, in NIKOLAKI gown, with Make-up and Hair Artist Melvone Farrell, The Focus Studio. Take it from a fashion designer like myself, it was the ONLY PLACE I wanted to do a shoot and I was beyond-pleased-- and Lord knows I love me a "sale", so this "Focus Studio" Summer Special is FABULOUS!!!! If you need to have a photo shoot--fashion or celebrity-- or anything in between; or even need a location for a TV or film shoot that requires the ideal "Photo Studio", The Focus Studio is it. Call 310-399-9400 for more information.
Monday, June 29, 2009
Nick says Woof Woof!!!!Woof: Nick Verreos and his dog, Benny (wearing House Of Dog accessories) at the Artist Knox Luxury Pet Grooming Salon Launch Party This past Saturday, I was invited to the Grand Opening Charity Party of Artist Knox Luxury Grooming Pet Salon, benefiting SPCA-LA. The weather in LA was a gorgeous (and very hot) 85 degrees, so I donned my dress shirt, vest and tie--and my silver sneakers--and threw Benny, my beautiful King Charles-Dachshund dog, in my car, and I was ready to go! OK, just to clarify, before I get any nasty emails--I didn't really throw Benny in the car--he sat on "Daddy" David's lap.Nick Verreos, Karen "Doc" Halligan and "Groomer Has It" Season 1 Winner, Artist Knox Artist Knox, is the winner of Animal Planet's "Groomer Has It", and this is his salon, naturally! I was excited to go to a red carpet event where I could bring Benny, as opposed to leaving him alone tearing up my silk jersey gowns. Also, I wasn't just attending, I found out that I was also the Guest Celebrity Judge and Host (OK, so they were using the word "celebrity" very loosely!) for the party's Cutest Dog Contest. Drag Dogs: Wig-wearing (don't ask) dogs at the Artist Knox Luxury Pet Salon Party As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by Artist Knox and one of the judges from the show, Dr. Karen "Doc" Halligan. Dr. Halligan is currently the Director of Veterinary Services at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles (SPCA LA), where she oversees the health and well being of all the shelter animals and routinely performs surgical procedures. Gremlins Cute: A party guest and her dog (love the tie!) The pet grooming salon, located on Cahuenga Boulevard, right in the heart of Hollywood, was a buzz with lots of dogs of all shapes and colors, as well as their Haute Hollywood Mommy and Daddies. I immediately put Benny down and he went to town, smelling and getting to know all the other dogs. He loved hanging out with all the other dogs and had a fun time. Tu-tu's and Summer Dresses: Young guests and their colorful tu-tu wearing pets There were lots of teen and pre-teen actors at the party, who brought their dogs too. I thought I was at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards but the bring-your-pet version! I ran into actress Kaycee Stroh, from Disney's High School Musical, as she approached me and told me how much she "loves" Project Runway. I told her I loved her too! High School Musical Meets Project Runway: Nick Verreos and actress Kaycee Stroh, of "High School Musical" The party was catered by one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, La Velvet Margarita, which just happens to be next door. They also had set up a bar in the back in case guests felt compelled to have some afternoon cocktails. The Velvet Margarita back patio, also served as the "stage" for the Cutest Dog Contest I would be judging. DJ Nick: Nick Verreos hosts and judges Artist Knox Luxury Grooming Pet Salon Cutest Dog Contest There were lots of cute dogs for me to chose from. In true Project Runway form, I, of course, made the dogs--and their owners--do a runway strut, in front of all the guests. After much deliberation (Ok, it took less than 60 seconds) , I decided that actor Jorge Pallo's (who starred in "24") puppy was the winner! ...And The Winner Is: Nick Verreos gets licked by winning puppy He was the cutest dog, besides mine of course (Benny was not eligible since I was the sole judge, thank you very much!). Congratulations to Jorge and his "Cutest" puppy! When I announced the winner , he (the dog) licked me all over! (see photo above). I think Benny was jealous because he was mean to me all day after that!
FIDM Three Days of Fashion: Los AngelesGreen Microphone, Green Pants: Nick Verreos chats with host Blaine Vedros, and over 200 students at FIDM LA "3 Days Of Fashion"
Well, I just can't get enough of model Heather Chantal Jones! As you may have read in a previous posting, last week I was invited to San Diego to make a special appearance at the FIDM San Diego Campus and Cycle 9 "America's Next Top Model", Heather--I call her Chantal--Jones, drove down from Los Angeles, and joined me in the fun. This last Friday, neither her nor I had much to travel (since we are both Angelenos) when we reprised our 'Three Days of Fashion" appearance in the sunny Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM Campus.Next Up For Bid, A Turquoise Silk Jersey (20 yrds of it!) gown with Grecian draping, copper sequins and built-in bustier: Nick Verreos and model Heather Chantal Jones at FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" Being that this event was in LA, everything is done on a "grander scale", and when I showed up to the stage, there were over 200 kids, plus parents and school administrators, crowding the expansive 5Th Floor "Conference Room". When I made my entrance , it seemed like EVERY student had their cell phones perched atop their heads taking photos. I was nearly blinded by the flashbulbs and trust me, this doesn't happen very often. Not for a little ol' designer like myself, and certainly not for a "Project Runway" reality show alumn. I did a fun interview with cutie host Blaine Vedros (love him!) and then, of course, I brought out Chantal for some runway modeling of my NIKOLAKI collection. She wore the "Carrie Ann Inaba" silk jersey gown (which Carrie Ann wore on last season's "Dancing With The Stars") as well as other gowns. We even captured video of the event. Below are the videos. Enjoy! Model Heather Chantal Jones, of Cycle 9 America's Next Top Model, modeling NIKOLAKI dress worn by Carrie Ann Inaba:
Model Heather Chantal Jones, modeling NIKOLAKI Spring 2009 and Nick Verreos discusses his inspiration:
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Saturday, June 27, 2009
Cowboys, Hot Camp Counselors, Italian Gigolos and Ripped Bleached Jeans... It's Menswear Fashion Week!!!!
DSquared2:For Spring 2010, the Dsquared2 twins came up with a rompy "Camp" theme--not the kind of camping you used to do with your family however. This is "Going Camping" on another level! Lots of skin, lots of hot Fantasy Boy Scouts, and the sexiest Camp Counselors I've ever seen--My camp counselors at the Summer Camps I went to NEVER looked like this! Come to think of it, I never even went to a Summer Camp!If they did, I would have gone more often! Lots of shorts, boxers showing from under the shorts, torn-and-worn jeans, Wellies and Hiking Boots, and those ubiquitous Trucker Caps. When someone like Ed Hardy does Trucker caps, they look DOUCHEY, somehow, the Dsquared trucker caps still look HOT! DSquared Spring/Summer 2010 Video (Highlights): D & G:
For their lower "Contemporary" line, D & G, the Dolce & Gabbana boys were in a Western mood for Spring/Summer 2010. Sexy, slim cowboys, Western shirts fitted to a 1/4" of their fat-free male model bodies, cowboy boots worn inside out. This is the sexy Italian version of "Brokeback Mountain". And again, it's all about those torn/ripped and bleached-splashed jeans. I feel like I am back in 1984---and I kinda like it! D&G Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Video: Dolce and Gabbana:For their luxe high-end namesake line, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, continued on what they know how to do: Dress an Italian Gigolo. For Spring 2010, the silhouette was lean and mean (not a surprise). Elongated blazers (a departure from the current trend of cropped ones) are de rigueur for Dolce & Gabbana. But what the designers did show cropped were the pants. Gentlemen, you will be rolling and pegging your pants come next Spring/Summer. No socks and gorgeous Italian loafers. Yeah, it's Band-Aid time for the back of your feet kids! The show starred Madonna's latest boy toy, Brazilian model Jesus Luz--who was the second "exit" in the show-- wearing black "hot shorts" and a very open black shirt. Bless his heart, he can't walk the runway to save his life (he's rather bowl-legged, see video below), but huney, he looked HOT! Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010 Runway Video:
Friday, June 26, 2009
Go Padres!!!!Lovin' The Stage: Nick Verreos speaks to San Diego FIDM Three Days of Fashion audience This last week I went to beautiful San Diego to make a special appearance at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM San Diego campus, right next to PETCO Park for the FIDM Three Days Of Fashion. San Diego's Pacific Beach from the Catamaran Resort and Spa David and I drove down to San Diego for the event and FIDM generously put me up at the Polynesian-inspired Catamaran Resort and Spa in the lovely Pacific Beach area of San Diego. Afterall, with traffic, the drive there can take up to 3+ hours (don't believe anyone who tells you it's just an hour and a half, not on this planet!). So, it was nice to relax before the appearance the following day.Photos With A View: Nick Verreos poses for photos at the FIDM San Diego Campus balcony I love doing these events and appearances because I get to hang out with fun and very fashionable high school students who come from all over the country. The Three Days of Fashion is a three day seminar/workshop where high school students get to know FIDM. They go shopping, have trend seminars, even drape and sketch. Seriously, I wish I had known about this when I was in high school (OK, they probably did not have this "back in the day").San Diego Group Shot: Nick Verreos and model Heather Chantal Jones pose with FIDM San Diego Three Days of Fashion organizing staff I love coming to San Diego, because this is where David Paul's (my design partner and Vice President of NIKOLAKI) grew up and his wonderful family still lives here. His mom even came to my appearance! Also, as you may know, I have a special place in my heart for San Diego, since it's where I showed my Spring/Summer 2008 Collection at the W Hotel San Diego. Here's a quick video of my NIKOLAKI Spring 2008 Show at the W San Diego, to refresh your memory: Nick Verreos and Model Heather Chantal Jones, wearing the silk jersey gown Carrie Ann Inaba wore on ABC's Dancing With The Stars Guess who also came down from LA? Model Heather Chantal Jones, from America's Next Top Model Season 9--and MY 50th Anniversary Barbie Model!!! She made a special trip to model some of my NIKOLAKI Collection for the kids. She was gorgeous and so sweet! We had a great time with everyone (I LOVE the FIDM San Diego staff--they're the sweetest and most accommodating!) and stayed for over an hour to sign autographs and take lots of photos!
Fashionistas by the Beach! Alfonso and Tarina's "Lovechild": Alfonso Campos, Tarina Tarantino and Nick Verreos, Hotel Erwin Venice California Earlier this week, the lovely Jennifer Uner, executive producer of the LA Fashion Awards (and a big proponent of Los Angeles fashion and its designers), invited me to attend a Call To Action Cocktail Party at the brand spankin' new Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach. After a ONE HOUR drive from Downtown LA to Venice Beach (I kid you not!), I finally made it to the rooftop meeting of designers, pr agents, editors and boutique owners, to discuss the future of Los Angeles Fashion Week and everything in between. The Devil Wears Prada (not!), LA: California Apparel News Executive Editor Alison Nieder and Fashion Editor Jayne Seward Waiters passed delicious chicken mini sandwiches and shrimp taco hors d'oeuvres as guests listened to Jen Uner's "Call To Action" speech atop the rooftop of the Hotel Erwin. The view of the beach--and all its healthy running short-and-sneaker (or skateboard-carrying) wearing populous down below-- made an unusual backdrop as the LA Fashion Crowd enjoyed wine and cheese up top!Rooftop Fashion: Darren Gold, Alison Nieder of California Apparel News, Alisa Loftin of Aero & Company and designer Nony Tochterman of Petro Zillia I said "hello" to Darren Gold of Alpha Man Boutique on Melrose, Alisa Loftin of Aero & Company, a store that carried my line, NIKOLAKI, here in LA. I immediately spotted my good friend (how can you miss her!), fuchsia-haired designer Tarina Tarantino and her sexy husband and partner Alfonso Campos (he's going to kill me for that one!) as well as pr beauties Jen Green and Shana Honeyman of Genevieve Productions (they produced my first Smashbox LA Fashion Week fashion show back in 2003) and Matt Meyerson of RPRT Communications and Management. Love them: Jen Green and Shana Honeyman of Genevieve Productions I was happy to see my Hollywood Bowl Opening Night "box seat" mate, the dear Miss Alison Nieder, executive editor of the California Apparel News, her publisher, Molly Rhodes, and fashion editor Jayne Seward. A representative from the LA Mayor's office was scheduled to have also been in attendance, but they somehow did not make it (if somehow I got there, after an hour's drive in stopped traffic, huney, they should have been there too! I had FIVE other appointments, but I still got there--- Just saying!). I was glad I attended and hope that we, as part of the LA Fashion Community, can have an outstanding fashion week of events, fashion parties and fashion shows to showcase how amazing we are and the diversity of our great city! For more on the night: *HERE is a fun little video from Tarina Tarantino's "Life At The Sparkle Factory" Blog *Click HERE to read about the cocktail party on Plopculture Blog.
September is the JANUUUUUARY of Fashion!!!!!Anna Wintour awaits "The September Issue" I am so excited for the debut The September Issue, the much-anticipated documentary which chronicles Anna Wintour and the making of the Vogue September issue from a couple of years back, by acclaimed director/film-maker R.J. Cutler (who also executive produced "American High", "30 Days" and "Greatest American Dog", among others). I was lucky enough to have seen a screening of it over a month ago and in one word: AMAZING!!! (of course!). Below is the fun little trailer for the film--think of it as an amuse bouche of Anna Wintour and "The September Issue".
Thursday, June 25, 2009
It's Graduation Time!!!The Staples Center: FIDM 2009 Graduation Ceremony Last Saturday, my alma mater, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM had their 2009 Graduation Ceremony---at the massive Staples Center!!!! I was invited to sit on stage--along with the President of the school, Tonian Hohberg, and other notables, such as all the Chairpersons of Education, Advanced Study Programs, Interior Design, Digital Media, Apparel Manufacturing and of course, Fashion Design. On that note, Dawn Marie Forsyth, the Chairperson of the Fashion Design Program asked me to give the Fashion Design Award for this year's ceremony, which of course, I was very honored to do. The Staples Center was filled with almost 20,000 people--graduating students and their families--so it was very daunting to even sit on stage, much less give a speech and present an award. But somehow I did it!...And the Award to the Best Re-Design of a Graduation Robe Goes To: Valedictorian Susan Tran and Designer, FIDM Alumn and Instructor, Nick Verreos It was a great experience, which naturally, brought back memories of my FIDM Graduation many many years ago (don't even THINK about Googling what year that was!). One of my highlights was meeting this year's Valedictorian, Class of December 2008 Graduate, Susan Tran. Susan was wearing a chic black dress with metal copper zippers swirled around in various folds and drapes of her dress. I would have BET money that she was wearing Versace (since for Spring '09, Versace Designer Donatella Versace had designed a collection using swirling metal zippers as a detail catalyst). In closer inspection--and after Susan confessed---I realized that it was a GRADUATION ROBE! Susan had transformed and custom re-designed her black Graduation Robe into a fabulous LBD, inspired by that Versace collection, using folds, and drapes, and long copper zippers. I secretly gave her my "Nick Verreos Best Transformation of a Graduation Robe for 2009". Congratulations to all the 2009 FIDM Graduates!
Monday, June 22, 2009
Josh Groban, Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, William Shatner, Priscilla Presley, and Dame Edna: Hollywood Bowl Opening Night 2009Josh Groban performing at the Hollywood Bowl Opening Night 2009 Last Friday, I was invited to see a once-in-a-lifetime event: The Hollywood Bowl Opening Night 2009 Hall of Fame Gala. I have been to the Hollywood Bowl many times, but never as a "VIP" and certainly never had the chance to attend one of their much-sought after Opening Nights. As you may recall (if you have been keeping up with my blog), I was invited to be on the Opening Night Hollywood Bowl 2009 Official Committee by my good friends, Jonathan Weedman and Raymundo Baltazar, who were one of only three illustrious couples that made up the Gala Co-Chairs. The Hollywood Bowl Opening Night 2009 Co-Chairs and Commitee Members (I'm on the top left) I received my invitations and almost needed a crow bar to close my jaw as I realized that my partner David Paul and I would have our own BOX (I know!!!) and we would be sharing it with my other Committee "girlfriend", the stylish and always charming, Alison Nieder, Editor of the California Apparel News, one of the events' sponsors. Opening Night Virgins: Nick Verreos and David Paul, designers of NIKOLAKI Private VIP reception, three course dinner catered by the world-renown Patina, our own waiter, Gallo wines. It was almost too much to take. As we arrived, we headed to the VIP cocktail reception and immediately, we were handed a Champagne and Pomegranate concoction which we could not refuse. We also sampled the fabulous-tasting tapas of spicy beef mini empanadas, tortilla Espanola, sausage paella and ceviche. Commitee Hall of Fame: Nick Verreos and Raymundo Baltazar, pose with Alison Nieder (of the California Apparel News) and friend I was also on a mission to taste the cheeses that were strewn throughout the cocktail reception--ask Raymundo! Needless to say, we found it, and they were delicious. I also got a chance to pose at the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame Wall. Naturally, I went right to Liza Minnelli. Nick with a K: Nick poses next to the Liza Minnelli photo at the Hollywood Bowl Opening Night Hall Of Fame Wall, VIP cocktail reception About 30 minutes later, we were whisked towards the Hollywood Bowl auditorium to get to our boxes, since dinner was about to start! As we got to our box, I spotted many a celebrity all around me. It was a "Who's Who" of the Hollywood, TV and music industry. Priscilla Presley was in a box just in front of us (I was DYING!), William Shatner sat in THE SAME BOX with our Co-Chair friends Jonathan and Raymundo not too far away. Hollywood Legends Meets Project Runway: Ann Rutherford and Anne Jeffreys pose with Nick Verreos and Raymundo Baltazar Along with William Shatner, they also had a couple of distinguished guests in their box, including Hollywood actress (and DIVA) Anne Jeffreys, who has been in everything from Daytime Drama "Port Charles", to "Baywatch" and "Fantasy Island", as well as hundreds of other TV and film projects. The stunningly beautiful Ann Rutherford -- who is the last living actress from "Gone With The Wind", besides Olivia de Havilland-- was also their Hollywood Bowl box seat companion. NIKOLAKI fan: Nick Verreos and actress Melora Hardin of NBC's 'The Office" "Dancing With The Stars" Chilean actor/hearthrob Cristian de la Fuente was also in front of us, along with his beautiful wife, TV presenter and actress Angelica Castro. Behind us, I also noticed a tall gorgeous woman who looked familiar. Well, of course she did, because she's actually worn my dresses! Actress Melora Hardin in NIKOLAKI, hosting an Elle Magazine event in NYC It was Melora Hardin, the stunning actress of NBC's "The Office". I approached her and after I introduced myself (I had never met her since I only worked with her stylist), I had to tell her how gorgeous she looked in NIKOLAKI.Melora Hardin in NIKOLAKI, on the "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet", NYC Now onto the concert: It was out of this world! Kiwi Opera star Kiri Te Kanawa was incredible. Her voice was perfection! When she sang the first notes of Puccini's "O Mio Babbino Caro", I think I stopped breathing! Josh Groban was amazing, with his perfectly pitched voice which never faltered, as he sang "Pearls" , "Anthem" from the musical "Chess" and "February Song", a duet with Benin-born chanteuse Angelique Kidjo. I loved how uniquely different the two new 2009 Hall of Fame inductees were and yet how similar they were in their desire for reaching perfection in their music and voice. It was also fun to see the "Grobanites" and the "Te Kanawa-ites" fans converge at the Hollywood Bowl for the sheer enjoyment of their most beloved idols.Queens: Dame Edna and opera legend (and 2009 Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame Inductee), Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, share the stage One of the highlights of the entire night was when Dame Edna came out on stage in a red sequined gown and almost brought the house down with her hysterical sassy humor. Every gay in the Hollywood Bowl was on the floor laughing (so was Priscilla Presley!) The night ended with John Williams conducting the Hollywood Bowl LA Philarmonic. They performed the iconic "Star Wars" overture and a stunning fireworks display over the Hollywood Hills. It was truly a magical night and I thank my hosts and Co-Chairs, Jonathan Weedman and Raymundo Baltazar for making it happen. Click HERE for a great Review from the Los Angeles Times. Below is a youtube video of the Finale duet between Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and Josh Groban with a special appearance by none other than Dame Edna!!!
Saturday, June 20, 2009
Happy Saturday: Nick on the MSN Homepage!! Again!!!!!Saturday's MSN Homepage: Nick and Marisa, bottom center This time, I'm not alone, I'm with the GORGEOUS Marisa Miller, Victoria's Secret Supermodel, VS Swimsuit Spokesperson and Angel, and well, all-around EVERY Straight guys DREAM!!! This morning I found out that we were on the MSN Homepage and I just about did the "Nick Happy Dance" (trust me, you don't want to see it!). I had such a fun time doing this interview with Marisa, as she was launching the new Victoria's Secret Swimwear Collection at the W Los Angeles Hotel pool.Close Up Hug: Nick Verreos and Marisa Miller The entire shoot was directed by the ever-so-sexy---and very talented Rasheed Daniel, who also shot my other MSN Style Studio web segments. He is such a pro, and so much fun to work with, we even took some time to pose---Zoolander style--as we waited for our turn to interview Marisa (there were over 20 reporters there and not to mention the ZILLIONS of photographers trying to get a glimpse of the lovely Supermodel).Pool Bromance: MSN Style Studio Director Rasheed Daniel and Nick Verreos, W Los Angeles Hotel pool There is also another new segment up on Style Studio: "Tres Jolie", styles inspired by the timeless beauty of actress and humanitairan Angelina Jolie. MSN Weatherman: Nick Verreos Style Weather Outlook for Summer '09, MSN Style Studio shoot, New York City Check out the new MSN Style Studio segments below: Tres Jolie!-- Click HERE Swim '09---- Click HERE
Thursday, June 18, 2009
CFDA: The Other Awards...CFDA Womenswear Designer of The Year Winners Rodarte with actress Kirsten Dunst (in Rodarte) This past Monday, New York feted--and awarded--American designers at the annual Council of Fashion Designers of America/CFDA Awards, hosted by comedienne Tracey Ullman. It was an evening with models, fashion and accessory designers, society girls-about-town, editors and a celebrity here and there. The nominees for Womeswear Designers of the Year were Marc Jacobs, Narciso Rodriguez and Rodarte. Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte took home the prize--which is a great coup for the Los Angeles-based designers. The menswear Designer of the Year was a surprise tie, with Calvin Klein's Italo Zucchelli and Band of Outsiders' Scott Sternberg winning the trophy. Marc Jacobs won the "International Award". Well, naturally, after looking at some of the photos, I decided to give out my own awards, mainly to the Best Couples and the Best Model (at the CFDA Awards). Enjoy: Cutest Couple: Designer and Actress---Designer Jason Wu and actress Diane Kruger (in Jason Wu) Best Couple: Supermodel and Designer---Heidi Klum and designer Michael Kors Cutest Designer Couple: Bear Category--- Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra Cutest Couple: Non Bear Gay---Lorenzo Martone and Marc Jacobs Best Model: Hana Soukopova in Altuzarra
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