Ice Style

ICE STYLE.....Johnny Weir Looks FAB in Heels

The MOST FABULOUS...and the GAYEST...thing I have seen in a LONG time! And I LOVE IT!!!! Yes, that's Johnny Weir, three-time US Nationals Champion, 2008 World's Bronze Medalist, and two-time Grand Prix Finalist in a fabulous--with a Capital "F" ad for his TV show "Be Good Johnny Weir", which is debuting on the Sundance Channel tomorrow, Monday January 18Th. Great timing since the AT&T US National Figure Skating Championship is occurring as we speak. The show will be an eight-part documentary following Johnny--and his heels I hope. I saw that promo clip above while watching the US Nationals today and I almost did a triple flip on my couch! Someone spent A LOT of money making that and it showed huney: It's glossy, well-produced, well-edited and very GAY!!!

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