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ICE STYLE.....Figure Skaters in Rodarte: Rachael Flatt, Evan Lysacek, Johnny Weir

Fashion Triple Axle In light of the upcoming 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics (they begin THIS Friday!!!), New York Times Magazine recently published this great "Photo Essay" by Ryan McGinley entitled "The High Flyers" showing US Olympians and capturing them mid-flight in an exhilarating ski jump, or a snow-filled moment of close-up repose. Skiers, snowboarders and (my favorite) Figure Skaters. Included in this photo essay is our US Nationals Champion, Rachael Flatt, photographed mid-turn wearing a braided/crochet design by Rodarte. 2009 World Champion Evan Lysacek (can't really see if it's a Rodarte or a Vera Wang, his current favorite) is seen from behind--in silhouette-- while he looks to be in mid-Camel Spin.My favorite, however, is the one of Johnny Weir. Always a risk taker when it comes to fashion, Johnny is fresh off a new controversy involving PETA and for this NY Times Magazine photo essay, he is wearing a custom Rodarte "spiderweb" red and black yarn jumpsuit. The design is very similar to what the Pasadena, California-reared Mulleavy sisters showed for Spring 2010. It's like her male partner-in-crime! Somehow I cannot see Evan Lysacek in that same ensemble...but Miss Johnny: Huney, done and done!

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Anonymous said...

nick i love you and i love your desings, i watched you at project runway when i was like 8 or 9 and you were my favourite
when you leave the show i cried, i was so sad and angry that i didnt want to watch the show again
ok so, i dont think you'll watch this but whatever just wanted to say i love you! and keep on the good work! your desings are AWESOME
me- a fan from Uruguay

Anonymous said...

Will you be at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver Nick? That is the question...