Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Macy's Westshore Plaza presents a LIVE Fashion Challenge hosted by ME!!!!! I will be coming to Tampa Florida and bringing the Macy's Fashion Director Online Competition to LIFE...on a stage and a mini-runway! I will select shoppers to style models with Macy's clothing and accessories showing the top trends for Spring 2010 and possibly have a chance to win a $100 Macy's Gift Card!Now, Tampa is the HEADQUARTERS for the Home Shopping Network/HSN so y'all need to BRING IT ON!!!! If anyone knows style and shopping, it should be Tampa Florida! I'll be expecting FABUUUUUUULOUSNESS!!! I'm bringing my camera to document it ALL and put it in a future posting right HERE. In other words, you better be looking cute! Where: Macy's Westshore Plaza Tampa, Florida When: Saturday April 3rd, 2 PM
MARIPOLMANIA!!!Giving Face: Maripol and Madonna EXCLUSIVE FASHION ALERT: Maripol Makes an Appearance!! A "Little Birdie" just informed me that the one and only MARIPOL--yes, Maripol of those "Madonna black rubber bracelets" fame--will be at the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Los Angeles this Saturday afternoon to sign books and discuss her new collaboration with Marc Jacobs which includes iconic rubber jewelry and t-shirts based on drawings from back in the day when she was hanging out with the "FAB SET", including Debbie Harry, Keith Haring, and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Some of my favorite items from her Marc by Marc Jacobs/Maripol Collaboration include:This "Ball-and-Chain" key chain, which I actually own. I love it so much, I wear it EVERYWHERE and literally are attached to my hip, well, my belt loop! You should see the people's faces when I try to go through security at the airport with these! It's SOOO worth the giggle! I also love this... gold chain necklace--I could just see the FASHION DIVA walking into the NY Standard Hotel ordering a drink with one of these on her neck! Of course, it's inspired from the Madonna "Like A Virgin" album cover.The items are packaged with identifying photos reminiscent of the Polaroids Maripol took which documented those epic years as shown in her book, Maripolorama. Here are the Details Kiddies: When: Saturday April 3rd Where: Marc by Marc 8410 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90069 Time: 1-4 PM More Info: Call 323-653-0100
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
Fashion Shows and More Fashion Shows...During this most recent Fall/Winter 2010 Paris Fashion Week, we saw lots of Layering (quelle surprise), tailored suiting and coats (Viktor & Rolf above), lots of folkloric accents (Dior) and...ethno-influences (Galliano Russian Mongolian Princess above). There was also... Liquid bias cut Hollywood Glamour/1930's gowns (Galliano above) and a continued mood for off-kilter draping usingMetallics and soft liquid fabrics such as wool jerseys (Lanvin above) or...Stiffer Wool fabrications (Lanvin above). And then there was the dynamic duo of Viktor & Rolf. Using 90's Supermodel Kristen McMenamy as their "Head Mistress", they decided to pay a sort of homage to their decade old "Babushka Couture Collection" and bring McMenamy onto the runway wearing practically the entire collection and then peeling each piece off her and adding it to the corresponding models. See for yourself in the Viktor & Rolf Fall 2010 Fashion Show. And enjoy the other runway videos I have included as well... Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway Show--Part 1: Viktor & Rolf Fall/Winter 2010/11--Part 2: Click Below for the John Galliano Fall/Winter 2010/11 Runway Show: Click Below for the Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2010/11--Part 1: Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2010/11 Part 2: Lanvin by Albert Elbaz Fall/Winter 2010/11 Edited Video:
Monday, March 29, 2010
Double Breasted in "Old Town" Sacramento!!!The Capitol Building in Sacramento California This last weekend--after Houston and Orlando--I flew to Sacramento, California. No, not to re-style "The Governator", Arnold Schwarzenegger, but to continue my Macy's "Tour" where I host fabulous fashion events at local Macy's promoting their Fashion Director site, and get the shoppers involved by allowing them to take the Macy's Fashion Challenge and put together Spring 2010 looks for "special challenges" and have everyone vote on the Best Look. Nick and His Girls: Nick Verreos with the SF Ford Models, Macy's Sacramento As I exited the Sacramento International Airport , the weather was GORGEOUS so I was ready to have a stunning event! After getting picked up by the one-and-only Johnny of Johnny's Towncar of Sacramento, we drove straight to my Macy's Sacramento location in the Westfield Downtown Plaza Shopping Center. I made sure to dress very Political Business with a dash of Thurston Howell III (from Gilligan's Island) since after all, I was in the State Capital!Sacramento Peaches: Nick Verreos poses with the Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team Once there, I got right to business and proceeded to get on the intercom system and began announcing my event: "Hi Macy's Shoppers...It's Nick Verreos, Designer, Project Runway alumn and red carpet fashion expert...come to my Macy's Fashion Director event...and win a Macy's Gift Card!". I also walked outside and into the Mall and passed out invites, telling shoppers to stop by and take the Macy's Fashion Challenge. Bring It On: The Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team bust a move At one point, I met the entire Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team! They wanted to take photos so in return, I asked them to show me their best move. And they did it, right there IN THE MALL! Audience Snapshot: Nick Verreos Macy's Sacramento Event I guess all my shenanigans did the trick, because there were over 200 people waiting for me as I made my way onto the stage--including the entire Georgia Dance and Cheerleading Team!You Got The Job: Model showing off the "Interview" look styled by one of the Sacramento audience members, Macy's Sacramento For Sacramento, there were Three Challenges: 1) Put Together Your Best Interview Ensemble; 2) Style An Outfit to Meet Martha Stewart; and 3) Style an Outfit for a Beyonce Concert. I chose the contestants by pulling names from a hat, and they each had 2 minutes to style their models, provided by the San Francisco division of the esteemed Ford Modeling Agency. Yes, I only travel with THE BEST kiddies! Posin': Stylist Liz Baca and Nick Verreos, Macy's Sacramento The clothes and accessories were hand-picked by the fabulous Liz Baca, my Macy's Sacramento Stylist and fab Vintage Clothing "Treasure Hunter". She was great in making things easy for me and for the contestants and did a great job to convey the Spring 2010 Macy's Trends. She also happens to be an FIDM San Francisco Graduate of the Merch/Marketing Dept ('98).All The Single Ladies: The Winning "Beyonce Concert" outfit After the three challenges concluded, it was up to the audience to chose the Overall Winning Look and its winning "Fashion Director". The winner was from the "What Would You Wear To a Beyonce Concert" Challenge. As a result, the winning contestant won a $250 Macy's Gift Card!!! I was told later that she was also the first person to arrive before my event began! Well, you know she was the FIRST PERSON I wanted to take a photo with (see above). Love her! Congratulations to her and her great "fashion eye". After the event was finished, lots of fans and shoppers alike were waiting for autographs and to take more photos. I was so excited to see one particular one, who had purchased my Project Runway My Scene Barbie on Ebay, bought it, and brought it for me to sign! Once done with my event, I had several hours before I would catch my flight back to Southern California and my trusty driver Johnny decided to take me into Old Town Sacramento where I enjoyed a nice late lunch, people watched and walked the streets in search for the perfect "Governator" t-shirt. Needless to say, I didn't find one that would go with my Double-Breasted jacket! Maybe next time.
Sunday, March 28, 2010
Magic Macy's Kingdom!!!Next on my "Macy's Tour" was Orlando Florida!! I was excited to return to Orlando, since the last time I visited was during my "Prom Dress Tour" a couple of years back when I did a one-time-only line of "Nick Verreos Prom Dresses" for Windsor Fashions and I was making in-store appearances. This time, though , it was all for Macy's! As you know, I am traveling around the country hosting the Macy's Fashion Director events where we have in-store runway shows and get the shoppers and audience involved by letting them take the "Fashion Challenge", put together looks and have a chance to win Macy's Gift Cards to go shopping! I arrived into my Downtown Orlando Marriott the day before, checked in and got myself acquainted with the hotel's "Sports Bar". Yes, I felt like George Clooney in "Up In The Air"--it was me, in my skinny jeans and vintage LeTigre royal blue polo shirt and TWENTY business men in PLEATED DOCKERS (ouch!) and pressed shirts, drinking beer, talking about the basketball game on the TV screens, while I was trying to look over my next day's hosting notes over my Turkey Club Sandwich. Good times.Orlando Vice: Nick Verreos poses with his Orlando models, Macy's Mall at Millenia, pre-"Make-Overs" The following day, I headed to the Macy's at the Millenia Mall. I decided that since we were in Florida, I would give a Don Johnson/Miami Vice look with my crisp white jacket, bright blue pants and pink striped shirt. I know, I could just hear Tim Gunn saying now: "That's a LOT of look Uncle Nicky!". I met up with my trusty Macy's Special Events Florida team of Janelle and Rich who were ready and waiting for the show to begin. Pick Me: The scene at the Macy's Orlando Fashion Director event The place was packed as I got to meet "my" Models backstage, from the Lisa Maile Image, Modeling and Acting School ,hand-picked by its President, Debbie Tapia. They were ready in their white tees and jeans to get "made over".Model Make-Over: Nick Verreos and his Orlando models after getting a "Fashion Director" Make-Over There were 3 fun Challenges: What You Wear to a Beyonce Concert?; What Would You Wear to Have Coffee with Your Ex?; and Show Me Your Best Outfit To Meet The In-laws. I pulled two audience members per challenge and the winner of each was voted on by everyone else based upon how loud they were hootin' and hollerin', Orlando style!Dress For a Beyonce Concert: Nick Verreos announces the winner At one point, when I was deciding on who next to pull (for the "Meet Your Ex Outfit") a woman kept pointing to her daughter and proceeded to explain (teary eyed) how she (the daughter) had just been dumped by her boyfriend (in a crummy way) and so she would be perfect to take this "Fashion Challenge". Well, of course, I picked her! Lo and behold, her daughter WON THE CHALLENGE and a $100 Macy's Gift Card to get new clothes! (photo above) After the event was over, I was happy to pose for photos and sign autographs with everyone. Fashion Instructor: Nick Verreos is flanked with a group of fashion students from IADT Orlando I was happy to see a very hip-looking group of kids who all wanted photos and were VERY EXCITED to meet me. They all came from IADT/International Academy of Design and Technology Orlando and had been told about me being there and they all showed up to get "A little bit of Nick". Needless to say, I was in HEAVEN!!!! The evening ended as my clients--the Macy's Special Events DIVAS, Janelle and Rich--took me out to dinner and drinks. It had been a long day and we were A.)Parched and B.) Starving! We ventured into Downtown Orlando--away from the Spring Break tourist madness--and had a fabulous steak dinner at Kres, a restaurant referred to us by our hotel. It was a perfect ending to another great Macy's Fashion Director/Take The Fashion Challenge event. Next up: Sacramento California!!!
Houston: We DON'T Have a (Fashion) Problem...Last Saturday was my first Macy's Fashion Director Appearance as part of my "Macy's Mini Tour" across the country. And we started with a "Fashion Bang!" at the gorgeous Macy's in the Galleria Shopping Center. First, I was "escorted" by my wonderful Season 2 Project Runway Winner, designer Chloe Dao (who lives in Houston) and drove me to the Galleria. Who Wants to Take The Fashion Challenge: Nick Verreos hosts the Macy's Houston Fashion Director event That mall is CRAZY HUGE! Thank goodness she was with me, otherwise I would have gotten lost and ended up in the indoors ice-skating rink. You know I was minutes away from doing a Johnny Weir step-sequence if I hadn't found my appearance location! Upon arriving, I met up with my Macy's Special Events ladies, Susan Trotter and Lilliana Michel, who took me into the "Green Room" to get set up and "powdered" for my hosting duties. Proud Parents: My Dad (wearing a white Guayabera) and Mom (waiving) at Macy's Houston event The stage, runway, chairs, clothing racks and tables were all set up as shoppers were awaiting the beginning of the show. As the audience started filling up every seat, I was ecstatic to see 2 very special attendees: My Mom and Dad! They drove THREE hours, all the way from San Antonio, to see their little boy (not so little any more!) host today. How much do I love them!Standing Room Only: A full audience at my Macy's Houston event The event is a way to introduce Macy's shoppers to the Macy's Fashion Director Campaign, showcase Spring 2010 trends, and more importantly, get shoppers involved, take the Macy's Fashion Challenge and win a Gift Card worth A LOT of money! There were Three Challenges: How To Dress For Your Dream Job; What To Wear To meet Martha Stewart; and What Would You Wear to the Hottest Dining Spot in Town. Why Did You Choose This Dress: Nick Verreos speaks with a contestant I randomly chose 2 audience members per challenge and with the help of fabulous Lenny Matuszewski--my Houston Stylist extraordinaire--they had TWO minutes to dress a model in their chosen garments and then the models would show off their looks to the entire audience.Best Dress: Best Outfit for a Dinner at the Hottest Spot in Town, and winning audience member The audience would then vote on the best outfit. It got to be crazy during those two minutes as the entire audience got involved, shouting and giving "yay" or "nay" in terms of what the fledgling stylist/contestants were picking from the rack and accessory tables. It was very Project Runway, right before the "Runway Show" portion.No, Don't Pick THAT: Audience member struggles to chose her accessories, Macy's Houston Galleria Models strutted their ensembles and the audience voted (by cheers) on their favorites. At times, it got quite difficult since the cheers coming for both contestants sounded THE SAME!! In between the Challenges, I also gave "Nick Fashion Tips", from what silhouettes work best for different size women to how to alter jeans that are too long without ruining the "washed" hem effect of the original jean (see photo above). To cap the entire event, we ended with a Spring 2010 Trend Fashion Show, where I showed the audience what the top trends were as models sashayed down the red carpet runway.Macy's Spring Tableaux: Models flank Nick Verreos ending the Macy's Houston Fashion Director event I had a blast at the Macy's Houston doing my first Hosting Duties and I thank EVERYONE for coming out, especially for the contestants for taking the Macy's Fashion Challenge! No ice-skating at the Houston Galleria this time, but maybe one day when I return. Next Stop: Orlando Florida...
Friday, March 26, 2010
Miss CHLOEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Season 2 Hug: Chloe Dao and Nick Verreos, Lot 8 Boutique, Houston Texas The day following my San Antonio IADT Imagine 2010 visit, I flew to Houston Texas to host my first Macy's Fashion Director event at the Houston Galleria Shopping Center! My Macy's event wasn't until 2 PM and unfortunately, I arrived into Houston at 8:30 AM!! In other words, I had about 5 hours to "get to know Houston". Well, I had two options: Spend 4 hours at a local Denny's and give fashion tips to the All American Grand Slam-eating patrons OR... call up my good friend, Chloe Dao, the Winner of Season 2 Project Runway (Our season...THE BEST Season!), who happens to live in Houston and owns a fabulous boutique there, Lot 8 . Guess which one I chose? Window Shopper: Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas She was so sweet that immediately, she called me back and told me where to get some breakfast (across from her boutique!) and said she would meet me there in less than half an hour! Love her! You should have seen the croissant and coffee-drinking crowds reactions when they saw me stroll in at 9 AM with my big ol' red suitcase in tow trying to order my Omelet breakfast. I'm sure I was the most over-dressed person there (I was dressed in my Macy's Hosting ensemble!)...until Miss Chloe showed up... Kick Up Your Heels: Chloe Dao poses in her Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas She soon showed up, dazzling in a royal blue jersey dress with neck detail (one of her own of course!) and escorted me to her "palace", the Lot 8 Boutique. It was my first time in Houston and also my first time in her store! Shame on me; we both have been a bit busy in the last 4 years and we have met up in both LA and NY but I was happy to finally be in her hometown! Golden Dress: Chloe Dao showing off one of her most popular styles, a gold halter dress, similar to...Her "13Th Look" from her Season 2 Bryant Park Collection She showed me all her gorgeous designs--I loved all the dresses, the suitings, the blouses...EVERYTHING!!!!She even has a special gown section, which has become rather popular as of late with the Prom Girls and the well-heeled Houston Debutantes alike! Heading To School: Nick Vereos poses with one of Chloe Dao's new backpack designs, Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas I even took a peek at her new printed Backpack and Computer Bag line, which I LOVED!!! I could NEVER have too many "Man-bags", thank you very much! I just wished I would have snapped one up while I was there (I was too busy taking photos and gossiping with Chole!). Sisterly Love: Sydney Dao, Nick Verreos, and Chloe Dao, Lot 8 Boutique Houston Texas I had an amazing time meeting with Chloe, her FAB sister Sydney, as well as some of Chloe's interns, sales staff and Houston fashion-friends who just "happened" to stop by while I was there (I have a feeling Miss Chloe told a "little birdie" called Facebook that I was coming!). Of course, I couldn't leave my short visit with Chloe without getting a view of THAT car: Her Season 2 Project Runway Prize, the slate-gray Saturn Sky Roadster she won. Car Models: Nick Verreos and Chloe Dao pose with her 2007 Saturn Sky Roadster Thanks Chloe and my new Lot 8 Houston "family" for making me feel right at home and opening your hearts to little old me! I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my time before heading to my Macy's Fashion Director event. And to put the icing on my "Chloe Visit" cake, she even drove me to the Houston Galleria and proceeded to escort me to the Macy's! Now that's what I call CLASS! Nick HEARTS Chloe!
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