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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team": Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Pool Envy...
Roll Up Them Jeans: Nick Verreos in the Montage Beverly Hills rooftop pool, filming TV Guide "The Fashion Team" show
In all the "run-up" to the Golden Globes Madness last week--I forgot to do the "Weekly Recap of my TV Guide Network The Fashion Team" filming! Someone needs to slap me! Well, luckily, someone here it is:
Fashion Lifeguards: Nick Verreos, Jen Rade and host Lawrence Zarian, Montage Beverly Hills Hotel
Pool Couple: Nick Verreos and Jen Rade, Montage Beverly Hills Rooftop Pool
As you may now know, we are filming the entire season of "The Fashion Team" ON LOCATION. We've now been to Dry Bar, a fun blow-out only salon in The Valley; Trashy Lingerie Boutique for our Halloween Episode; ice skated at Chill, and now...
We were "summoned" to the GORGEOUS Rooftop Pool of the Montage Beverly Hills. I had never been to the Montage and so when I stepped out of the elevator and into this sublime rooftop "Oasis", with an amazing view of LA and Hollywood, I was like "Why Didn't I bring my Andrew Christian Swim trunks??!!" The TV Guide producers are really smart to pick a location like this because if I want to come and stay here just so I can relax, get some sun time and swim in this beautiful surrounding...then I'm sure a lot of viewers will too!
Not A Swimsuit: My "Fashion Team" Montage Beverly Hills ensemble for this week's filming included a black-and-gray shawl collar jacket and a pink pocket scarf I purchased at one of our other shoots at the Brooks Brothers Rodeo Drive Flagship. Did I forget to mention that one of the dangers in going "On location" for TV shoots: Daddy Nick then goes shopping afterward...
Gucci Sandals and Hermes Towels Not Included: the Montage Beverly Hills Rooftop Pool
As usual, we had a really fun time discussing this week's "Hit" or "Miss" red carpet moments and I even got to take off my socks and my shoes, and (wait for it)...step INTO the pool--well just for a photo! Maybe one of these days, I will take a "Weekend Retreat", and book a room at the Montage Beverly Hills and actually get to use the pool....One of these days...famous last words... *You can still catch this episode we filmed this Friday, January 21 11:30AM and 7PM
Click Below for an Exclusive Video I Shot At the Montage Beverly Hills Rooftop Pool:
Click Below for Last Week's "Hit" or "Miss" TV Guide The Fashion Team Segment from the Levi's Showroom LA:

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