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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Heidi Klum "Seriously Funny Kids" Lifetime Network TV Show

Heidi and The Funny Kids!
Heidi Klum and Nick Verreos
As you may know: I LOVE me some Heidi Klum--Not only is she DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS and like I've always said looks like a German Barbie Doll come to life. But she's also hysterically funny and is an AMAZING Mommy! Oh, and did I mention she's worn some of my NIKOLAKI dresses!!?? Hello: LOVE! Well, she also now has this GREAT new show called "Seriously Funny Kids" which I LOVE!!! Seriously!
Heidi Klum, on the set of her hit show "Seriously Funny Kids"
In the next episode of her new hit series Seriously Funny Kids, Heidi talks to a seriously funny six-year-old Lakers fan about his favorite player Pau Gasol. When she teases Gasol’s appearance at the snap of her fingers, the kid thinks she’s pulling his leg. He's astonished at Heidi’s super powers when Gasol makes a very special appearance. Heidi said "We had a huge Laker fan, this six-year-old little boy and we had him meet his ultimate Laker player, so we kind of like fulfilled some dreams to these children, too." Make sure to catch her Supermodel Lakers Ensemble: Lakers muscle Tee, cropped skinny jeans and 5 inch heels--oh and a Lakers cap of course. Only Heidi Klum can make a "Lakers Uniform Outfit" look Runway/Red Carpet Ready!
Catch the next episode of Seriously Funny Kids this Tuesday--TONIGHT!!!--at 9 pm on Lifetime.

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