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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Premios Juventud 2011: The Best and Not So Good

Miami Blue Carpet:
Blue Carpet Perfecto: Chica Orbit and Nick Verreos, Premios Juventud 2011
The 8th Annual Premios Juventud 2011 occurred last Thursday night in Miami and as y'all may know, I was there! I was invited to attend the Univision Network-televised event and walk the BLUE Carpet, and even filmed a little spot with my date, the beautiful Chica Orbit (Latina Orbit Gum Girl) during the LIVE Pre-Show. This was my FOURTH time at this Awards show and I had sooooo much fun. You can read HERE all the fun I had. This post is about the Red... ooops... I mean BLUE Carpet and well, my "Nick Two Cents" on the Bueno (good) and the Not-so-bueno. Premios Juventud always has a very interesante red carpet, in that: A) It's a Latino red carpet event so you know it's just going to be THAT much sassier, that much more caliente, and you are guaranteed to see COLOR...and also, B) The women just LOVE to show their boobies and booties!!! (when, most of the times, they really shouldn't!). Trends of the Night included: Short, Strapless, COLOR (Blue, lilac, peach, emerald green), peep-toe platform pumps, over-accessorizing, and suits/jackets/blazers, white pants (for men). Let's begin with the Bueno: Chica Orbit: Of course, I just LOVED my date's ensemble for Premios Juventud 2011: The white cotton pique dress, the go-go boots, the Orbit Gum print scarf. She looks like a FABULOUS flight attendant from "back-in-the-day" and you know how much I love those Vintage Flight Attendants! Maite Perroni: Mexican actress, singer/songwriter--all around "Favorite Girl" of the night--showed up onto the BLUE carpet right at the same time Chica Orbit and I did. As you can imagine, the crowd went KRAZEE. We just stood to the side watching it all unfold. Maite was one of my favoritas of the night because she looked fresh, young, and (dare I say) not so SLUTTY (like A LOT of the other ladies in this awards show) in this strapless "Orbit Gum" blue peplum'ed mini dress. I also loved the red platform wedge heels (her hair and make-up look great as well). I was actually right next to her on the blue carpet and took the close-up photo of her pumps above. Natalia Jiménez: Spanish lead singer for "La 5a Estacion" Natalia Jiménez, was one of best dressed of the night in this black satin side-pleated dress with a plunging neckline. Again, I'm just happy she didn't look like a Stripper from a bad part of Miami! I also LOVED the shoes--so much so, that yes, again, I took a close-up shot of them! (she was also right in front of me during the PJ 2011 Blue Carpet). Lourdes Stephen: TV presenter/host Lourdes Stephen wore an emerald green taffeta dress with asymmetrical draped torso detail. Me gusto (I Like-y). I also liked her pairing the dress with lilac-colored peep-toe sling-back pumps. See Ladies, this length is just PERFECT: Two inches shorter and well, you're into "Stripper-zone". Good job Lourdes. Danna Paola: 16 year-old Mexican actress-singer Danna Paola wore a bright, bold color-blocked ensemble of a one-shoulder peach ombre top and a fuchsia-colored side gathered mini. The shoes are INCREDIBLE. I need a pair for ME! If there was any criticism , it would be over-accessorizing. Danna did not need the gold loose belt, the headband, the hoop earrings AND all those bracelets. As my AMAZING TV Guide Network Stylist-to-the-Stars Jen Rade would say "Everything CAN'T be Something". Lili Estafan: "El Gordo y La Flaca" Univision TV Show co-host Lili Estefan hit the right Premios Juventud notes with this asymmetrical-hemmed sequin-and-studs nude-and-silver dress. She kept the hair and make-up simple and accessories to the right ones: A clutch, a bracelet and earrings. I'm a little bit "on the fence" with those KRAZEE shoes though. The shoes say "Rio Carnival" but the dress says "Milan Fashion Week". William Levy: Freshly bald (not sure if I like it) heartthrob William Levy (you know, from that JLo video!) looked young-hip-dapper in this grey and black suit. I love the contrast piping on the lapels and edges of the jacket and vest. The open shirt is just right. He looked ready for BIZZNESS!!!!! Hot-and-Steamy business. Pitbull: Otherwise known as Armando Christian Pérez, American rapper, singer/songwriter/producer/music mogul "Pitbull", was one of my Best Dressed Men of the night. He looked professional and oh-so "I-am-having-dinner-in-Capri". It's refreshing to see a rapper/music mogul look clean and sleek. Aarón Díaz: Speaking of SLEEK. Oh Lordy, I will end my "Favorites" list for Premios Juventud 2011 with HOTTIE McHottie actor/singer/model Aarón Díaz Spencer--Born in Jalisco Mexico and then grew up (and finished high school) in Palo Alto California (go figure!). He was actually performing in that white tank top and white jeans--and sunglasses as Chica Orbit and I walked into the Blue Carpet and I just about LOST it! Didn't know who he was, but now I do! Of course I LOVE that violet-blue jacket and the white jeans look. I am soooo against them beat-up boots of his, but...I give him a pass. This time! And now...Onto the "Oh-No-You-Didn't" of Premios Juventud 2011: Géraldine Bazán: Mexican actress, singer and anchorwoman Géraldine Bazán was VERY ill-advised when she was told (or chose) to wear this Spaceship Saucer-looking gold-and-nude multi-shirred, pleated and cascade ruffled dress: It's like Lieutenant Uhura after one too many Mojitos! And the bow-pumps?? Hay Dios Mio! Dulce Maria: Mexican actress, singer/songwriter (this is a theme now!) Dulce Maria showed up to the Premios Juventud 2011 in a one-shoulder side cowl-shirred white dress that was a BIG MISS. La Pobrecita. It would have fine without THE GROWTH on the side of her thigh area (OK, maybe not, but...) Thank Goodness she kept the accessories to a minimum: Gracias Dulce Maria. Antonio Banderas and Ricky Martin: OK, first of all: LOVE them!!! First, Antonio: I think looks HOT with that salt-and-pepper beard of his. I love everything--from the neck up. I wish he would have TUCKED in his gingham black-and-white shirt. He looked sloppy. But hey, it was over 100 DEGREES in Miami at the time (or at least, it felt like it!)--I get it. And Ricky. My Ricky. Just look at him. He still looks 22!!! What Moisturizer does he use??? I loved his performance at Premios Juventud 2011 and the entire crowd fell in love with him once again. Muy pero muy humble. In terms of his fashion-sense, not so sure about a see-through stretch cotton-voile tunic jacket with side welt pockets. I know, I just gave you way too much fashion terminology...go digest it and then come back to me. Melanie Griffith: First, the good part--Her body looks AMAZING! And that Herve Leger by Max Axria nude dress looks FAB on her; fits her like a glove. Love the peep-toe putty-colored pumps (favorite style of the night I guess--the Peep-Toe). The not-so-like-y: Those sunglasses! That necklace, those earrings!!! So not necessary. I still love you Melanie. Chino y Naco: Venezuelan reggaeton duo Chino (right) and Nacho (left) are trying waaaay too hard here. Are they going for the Latino version of "Hipster"? The deep-scooped t-shirt, the skinny jeans, the boots over the jeans...somehow it doesn't all work. I don't have so much of a problem with Nacho but it's Chino; the flat-ironed hair, the oh-look-at-my-crotch pants...Mijo! I like him better with those braids of his (and showing off his six-pack!!) Finally... The "Niurka (seen above last year with HER SON!) Tacky-licious & Inappropriate Award" for Premios Juventud 2011 Goes To: Puerto Rican "model", calendar girl, and entrepreneur, Maripily Rivera, arrived to last Thursday's "Premios Juventud 2011" with her son Joe Joe. Looking. Like. One. Hot. Mess. She recently divorced baseball player Roberto Alomar and got several millions from the divorce plus a mansion in Tampa Florida. You'd think with all those millions, she might hire a stylist who would chose a better ensemble. She wore an emerald green sequin mini and very breast-revealing $3400 dress from a Bolivian designer named Rosita Hurtado, $1500 nude Christian Louboutin peep-toe pumps and a $500 purse (the reason I know the $ amounts is that for some reason in THIS interview, she told the reporter so). I just don't understand why you would dress like a rich HOOKER, especially in front of your ten year old son! I don't expect her to look like a monja (a nun), but well, somewhere in between that and a Stripper/Pole Dancer would be nice...Therefore, Maripily gets my "Niurka Tacky-licious & Inappropriate Award" for this year's Premios Juventud. Until Next Time Premios Juventud!!! Besos y Abrazos, Nicky

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