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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC


What a Night!!!

Fifth Avenue Boy: Nick Verreos posing in front of the Project Runway/Lord & Taylor Collection Window Display (violet-blue dress design in the background by Nick Verreos)

Last week, I flew to New York City for the NY Fashion Week Project Runway Tenth Anniversary festivities as well as to unveil the ten piece "Project Runway Collection at Lord &Taylor" which, of course, included my dress design. First up was the Project Runway VIP 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor Fifth Avenue Flagship. As you may know, I was asked--along with eight other Project Runway designers plus Christopher Palu who won the "Lord &Taylor Challenge" a couple of weeks back--to design a dress for the exclusive 10th Anniversary Project Runway Collection to be sold at Lord & Taylor exclusively. I was the "Season 2" pick for the line.

 Presenting Project Runway: Nick Verreos--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

I flew to NYC with my NIKOLAKI partner-for-life, David Paul. After settling in, we got ready. I put on my never-worn-before Dolce & Gabbana Collection black and white mini polka dotted tuxedo silk satin jacket, pink dress shirt and pocket scarf, skinny jeans, Gucci boots and was ready to go! (Thank you David for styling me so fabulously!).

Taxi Mates: (Left to right)fashion designer Gordana Gehlhausen of Season 6 Project Runway, David Paul of NIKOLAKI, Nick Verreos--Lord &Taylor Fifth Avenue Flagship Window Display

David and I took a cab from the hotel with the ever-so-lovely Gordana Gehlhausen, Project Runway alumna from Season 6 (LOVE HER!). It was a very hot-and-humid NYC early evening and the taxi we took LIED to us--telling us it had air conditioning but really, it was just blowing hot air (in other words, I was SCHVITZING!). After arriving at Lord & Taylor, we posed for photos outside in front of the beautiful window displays featuring our dresses, which I'd never seen before--in person that is.Then, we high-tailed it inside to the party.

Figure Skating Queen Alert: Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi and Nick Verreos doing media interviews--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

The party was in full swing on the second floor as we arrived. I knew that this was a very VIP party when I saw a very long "red carpet" step-and-repeat with lots of media, photographers and various press. I did interviews in both English and Spanish for several entertainment shows. At one point--out of the corner of my eye--I spotted Olympic Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi whom I would later get to say "Hi" to inside the party. She was in NY for the launch of her new activewear line Tsu.ya by Kristi Yamaguchi.

Best Dressed: Lord & Taylor President Bonnie Brooks and Tim Gunn (left photo); Bonnie Brooks and Marie Claire Fashion Director Nina Garcia (right photo)--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

VIP Guests: Also there was Project Runway Mentor Tim Gunn (he was so sweet when saying "hello" to David and I and asked about our little Benny!!), Lord & Taylor's President Bonnie Brooks (who was a Guest Judge during the "Lord & Taylor Challenge" a couple of weeks back), as well as Marie Claire Fashion Director, the UBER chic Nina Garcia. Tim, Bonnie and Nina were doing a Champagne toast to the Tenth Season of Project Runway with ALL of this season's designers--who were also there at the party. It was all captured by a bunch of cameras who were filming this soiree for a future episode of Project Runway (I assume the Finale one perhaps?).

A Moment of Figure Skating HEAVEN:

Triple Axl Love: Nick Verreos with Olympic Gold Medalists Kristi Yamaguchi and Sarah Hughes, Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

I was BEYOND excited when upon arriving at the party--and after a little bit of mingling--Olympic Gold Medalist Sarah Hugues saw me and we then began screaming like 15-year-old school girls (OK, I did!!). She then turned and motioned to someone else to come...and would you believe it, it was Miss Kristi Yamaguchi, of course! Well, I almost had a Triple Lutz Heart Attack! If you know anything about me, you might know that I'm a BIG Figure Skating Fan (remember the "Make a Costume for Sasha Cohen Challenge" from my Season of Project Runway?) and I especially love to comment on the costumes. I've had the pleasure of doing Figure Skating Costume commentary for the Torino Winter Olympics (2006), Vancouver Winter Olympics (2010) and many national and international figure skating competitions for NBC, Universal Sports and ICE network.

Fashion Pairs: Nick Verreos and Sarah Hughes--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

It was so wonderful seeing them. We talked fashion, Project Runway and some figure skating DISH. I even teased Kristi about how "HUNKY" her husband is (he was blushing!) Both of them--as you can see from the pictures above--looked AMAZING and PS: Sarah, those fuchsia pumps were DIVINE! Running into these two Goddesses of Figure Skating made my night. Oh, yeah, and David's too: he REALLY REALLY loves Figure Skating!

Who Else Was There...Season 10 Designers:

Season 10 Designer Alicia Hardesty and Nick Verreos--I was one of the Casting Judges for Season 10 in Los Angeles, and Alicia was one of the contestants we advanced to the next round, so I was happy to see her and congratulate her for getting on the show!

Girls Night Out: Nick Verreos with Season 10 Designers Beatrice Guapo (left) and Lantie Foster (right): they were so sweet. Luv them--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

Face Scrub: Nick Verreos and Season 10 Designer Kooan Kosuke: It's pretty obvious that Kooan was having A LOT of fun at this party--he was a HOOT and a half (and I got a surprise and unexpected facial exfoliating treatment from his hair while posing with him!)--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

Project Runway Alumni from Past Seasons:
The party which really was a "celebration" of reaching the ten season mark, was sort of a "reunion" of sorts since there were lots of designers representing all the previous nine seasons. Besides keeping in touch via email or texts, I don't get to really "hang out" much with many of the Project Runway alumn so it was nice seeing so many of them in one room. Here are some that I was very happy to see:

 Social Butterfly: Nick Verreos with Season 7 Winner Seth Aaron Henderson--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

 Pastel Perfection: Season 6 Finalist Althea Harper--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

 PR Boys: Nick Verreos with designers Michael Costello (Season 8) and Bert Keeter (Season 9) 

Three's Company: Nick Verreos with designers with Uli Herzner (Season 3) and Gordana Gehlhausen (Season 6) (right photo)--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

Group Fab: (Left to right) Bert Keeter (Season 9), Uli Herzner (Season 3), Season 9 Winner Anya Ayoung-Chee, Nick Verreos and actress and model Yaya DaCosta--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

Season 2 Duo: Nick Verreos and Andrae Gonzalo--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

Where's Andrae?? Well, kids, as you can see, he was at last week's bash! I had not seen Andrae in AGES-since he left LA to move to NYC--so it was nice to run into him. In case you're wondering he still has NOT gone to Red Lobster with Tim Gunn (if you are a TRUE fan of the show, you'll understand).

TRUE All Stars--Project Runway Winners Snapshot:

Project Runway Season 1 Winner Jay McCarroll, Season 9 Winner Anya Ayoung-Chee, All Stars Season 1 Winner Mondo Guerra, and Season 7 Winner Seth Aaron Henderson--Project Runway 10th Anniversary Party at Lord & Taylor NYC

After much socializing, reuniting, who-are-the-finalists? DISHING and Figure Skating Goddess LOVE...I almost forgot to actually check out my dress at the Lord & Taylor Project Runway Collection section, so...I got this close-up photo:

Nick Verreos for Project Runway 10th Anniversary Collection Dress, available exclusively at Lord & Taylor

Watch a fun video highlighting the night:

***Up Next: The BLOG Recap of my Special Appearance at Lord & Taylor for Fashion's Night Out NYC and Project Runway !! 

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