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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries Gowns: Oh Dear!


Ayyyy Mija!!!

 Feathered Queen: Miss Universe Colombia in her gown choice during last Thursday night's "Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition"

 View of the stage during the "Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Competition", Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino

In my last posting, I talked about my Top 15 Favorites from the Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Evening Gown now, you all know what follows that: the "Oh Dear's!". These were the gowns that--for a lack of a better description--made me say "Oh Dear!" (or in Spanish "Ayyy MIJA!") as they appeared on my computer scream as I watched the LIVE feed of the Prelims via Ustream last Thursday evening. So, without further a do, let's get started:

Miss Finland Sara Chafak: Well, well, well, look what we have here: it's a bright orange high-low gown with a fitted bustier section featuring sequin detail and a plunging illusion neckline. How in the name of the EVENING GOWN GODS is this ever an appropriate gown to be wearing? Unless you are doing a "Sing For Your Life" in "RuPaul's Drag Race" reality TV show, or on top of a Carnival float in Rio Gay Pride! I give Sara points for having the gumption for wearing this and keeping a smiling gorgeous face throughout it!

Miss Guyana Ruqayyah Boyer: When Miss Universe Guyana walked out...with this...I thought "Dancing With The Stars is missing a Costume!" Boy, is this a gown. It's got a mock-neck (she's gotta be demure, I guess), cut-out side, sequined straps...and it's baby blue with white and silver crystals. I give her "Nick WURK" Points for being so fearless by wearing this and recovering after falling on the stage (the runway was wet for some reason, causing lots of the girls to slip) during her walk:

 Oopsie: Miss Universe Guyana slips and falls...but recovered perfectly!

Miss Colombia Daniella Alvarez: Put this one on the "Ayy Mija!" section. The neon-yellow color certainly gets everyone's attention but then it all goes "Pageant Betty KRAZEE" after that: the too-high slit, the too-many feathers, the chiffon she's holding, and then--if it was even necessary--those gold crystal Stripper/Drag Queen pumps: Dios Mio!

Miss Honduras Jennifer Andrade: Speaking of Pageant Betty. Take a look at this gown--a white over-the-top mermaid shape gown featuring a very plunging sweetheart neckline fitted bustier with embroidered applique and a tulle and organza ruffled and feathered bottom skirt section. This is Quinceañera/Top-of-a-Wedding-Cake madness!

Miss Botswana Sheillah Molelekwa: Part of me loves this dress--it's unusual in its design and silhouette and the baby blue color works really well against Sheillah's skin color. She's SO cute too! However, the other part of me notices the wrinkled poly-satin fabrication and awkward top construction issues and almost home-made quality...

 (left to right) Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2012, Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2010

If Miss Universe Botswana's gown was possibly more fitted, made in silk and featuring expensive Swiss sequined embroidery--like these Elie Saab gowns above, it might have ended up in my "Good Gown" blog posting.

Miss Cyprus Ioanna Yiannakou: I spoke about this red high-low gown that Miss Universe Cyprus wore for her "Official Evening Gown Portrait" HERE in my other "Oh Dear!" posting. I wasn't a fan--not because of the high-low silhouette, I love this shape. I just think it was the combination of the bright lipstick-red color PLUS the fact that it's TOO HIGH in the front which threw all the proportions off. I was hoping she was going to wear a different dress for the Preliminaries. She didn't.

Miss Norway Sara Nicole Andersen: Sara Nicole also wore this same rose-pink high low gown for her Miss Universe Official Evening Gown Portrait. It's just too frou-frou and too MTV "My Super Sweet Sixteen" and it's too close of a copy of what Ivian Sarcos wore to win her "Miss World 2011" title. Even though, she's not Latina, I still had to say "Ayyy Mija!".

Miss Panama Stephanie Vander Werf: First off, I think Stephanie is sooo pretty! My mom is from Panama so I always have a tender spot for the panameñas guapas...I just didn't like this gown. I think the print looks a bit too Resort and not enough "Red Carpet Wow!". This is a gown you wear for Cocktail Hour during your fun Carnival Cruise to Nassau. Not so sure if it's the gown you wear for the "Miss Universe" pageant. She does get "Nick Points" for wearing a printed dress. Not many girls want to "go there" and she did. It was just the wrong print.

Here's a better choice for a more "Miss Universe"-worthy printed gown:

Printed ombre multi-colored gown with sequin detail, Jovani

Miss Sri Lanka Sabrina Herft: Are those poinsettias on her boobies??? I don't get it. Well, it is very close to Xmas so...she was in the Holiday Season spirit--gown-wise. It's very Dancing With The Stars-Meets-Sexy Santa... OH DEAR!"

Miss USA Olivia Culpo: OK, this one might be controversial (or maybe not). When the gorgeous Olivia first walked out in this very full ball gown, it got my attention and I did say "Oh Dear!". Why? Well, one doesn't normally see this full ball gown shape in Miss Universe pageants; it's more about TIGHT, SEXY and you better have a too-high slit--so it was different. I just wasn't sure if it was Good Different.

The velvet top fabrication is a little disconcerting and the big heavy earring and up-do ages her just a little bit. On a good note: I applaud her risk in trying something new and the entire look does have a Grace Kelly/Dior element to it, which I appreciate. But the color, silhouette and fabrication were wrong. If she wanted to be daring and wear a ball gown--I might have rather seen her in something in the vein of these:

 Dior Haute Couture Spring 2012

(left to right) Dior Haute Couture Spring 2012 and Dior Haute Couture Fall 2012

***Next Up: The "Most Improved" of the "Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Evening Gown" ladies!!

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