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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries Gowns: Most Improved


Different...and Better...Gowns:

First, I talked about my "Nick Top Favoritas" of the Miss Universe 2012 Preliminary Evening Gowns, then I spoke of the "Oh Dear's!" of the bunch, and now...we have arrived at my last Miss Universe 2012 Prelimin Post. This time I decided to highlight the lovely ladies whom I call "Most Improved". Many of the contestants switched their gowns--from what they wore for the Miss Universe "Evening Gown Portraits" to wearing a totally different gown for the Preliminaries. But this particular group of girls here went from being in my "Oh Dear!" group in my Evening Gown Portrait Recap to "Much Better!" during last Thursday night's Preliminaries. So, let's begin:
Miss Ecuador Carolina Aguirre: the very beautiful Carolina went from "Pageant Betty in Purple" in the Evening Gown Portrait (top photo) to modern sexy Lady In Red. Her hair is better, and more importantly, her red shimmery lace over nude and red satin gown is MUCHO better. Definitely one of the Most improved!

Miss Canada Adwoa Yamoah: Another lovely contestant who went from "Pageant Betty circa 1988" (in her Evening Gown Portrait gown at top photo) to "Fearless and Fab" (in the above photo at the Preliminaries) is Canada's representative, Adwoa. The peach mermaid gown was so typical and looked straight out of a Pageant & prom Shop--in Alabama. Thank goodness she changed to this white sexy fitted gown with an asymmetrical neckline. The white against her skin looked AMAZING and this shape and style definitely put her in the 21st century of Pageant Gowns. Welcome my dear! As Heidi Klum would say "You're In!"

Miss Angola Marcelina Vahekeni: What a difference a DIFFERENT gown--and new styling--makes! In the top photo--from the Miss Universe Website's "Official Evening Gown Portraits", she looked like she was competing in MRS. America 1996. But in the new red sequined lace over nude gown with one long sleeve and side slit...she became one SEXY Hot Miss Angola 2012! This was modern, fresh and yes, sexy-licious!

Miss China Ji Dan Xu: In my "Pageant Betty" posting of the Evening Gown portraits, I suggested that the top photo gown she wore may have been too Pageant Betty typical. And it was. I thought she could do better. And yes, she did when it came to last Thursday's Preliminaries. This time, she changed into a coral-colored sequined lace over nude (a popular choice with these girls!) column-style gown featuring asymmetrical applique cut-out's around the neckline. I thought this choice was softer, prettier, dare I say, younger. If she makes it to the Semi-Finalis during next week's LIVE NBC Telecast, I would still love to see her change...into something more Couture this:

Zuhair Murad Couture Fall 2012

Miss Curacao Monifa Jansen: Wow, look at what a change of gown does to one lovely contestant. Here we have Miss Universe Curacao. The top photo shows what she wore for her Evening Gown Portrait in the Miss Universe Website. I thought it was verging on being "Dancing With the Stars" meets Bad Figure Skating Costume. Well, she must have read my posting because now in the above photo (what she wore two nights ago for the Preliminaries), she was almost a completely different person! Her hair was down, her makeup was softer, and yes, she wore a non tacky-licious gown. This golden beige iridescent organza gown had nice fullness and featured a gather bustier top section. it wasn't Couture "earth-shaking" but at least, much improved from before.

Miss Paraguay Egni Eckert: Hello Egni and bienvenida to the ""Most improved" Category! Again: what a (good) change! Before, what she wore--and how her hair was styled--made her look like Adrianne Maloof's (from "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills") doppelganger. She looked like she was 45 years old and getting ready to attend her own wedding in Mullholland Estates Beverly Hills. But thank goodness (once again) someone whispered in her ear and suggested to not do that "Evening Gown Portrait" look and she listened! I love how she looked on Thursday night at the all-important Preliminary Competition in this sea-foam Habotai silk gown with silver sequin over nude illusion top section. Her hair looked A MILLION times better. One of the Most Improved for sure.

Miss St. Lucia Tara Edward: For her "Evening Gown Portrait" (top photo), she made the mistake a lot of these girls make (for whatever reasons) in that they wear a gown that is too short on them. And unfortunately, there is no wardrobe stylist or fashion person like moi around tell them that! In that coral-colored dress, she looked like the 10th Runner-Up in a local beauty pageant. We want her to look like THE WINNER! And I have to say, her choice of the purple-colored satin gown with gathered ruffle detail was MUCH IMPROVED (above photo, from the Preliminaries). The color looks much sleeker on her, the cut is more becoming and yes kids, it's the right length! Thank you Miss St. Lucia and Congrats for being one of the "Most Improved"!

***Next Up: The Best of the Miss Universe 2012 National Costume Presentation Show: The Parade of Nations....Here We Come!!

2 Responses to "SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2012 Preliminaries Gowns: Most Improved"

wenshow said...

Nick, you are completely right about Curacao, and I've been informing her about certain points that are important for her to seek improvements and make an awesome statement.

Her prelim-gown is a Sherri Hill-gown.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! In the Official Miss Universe Pictures Venezuela wore a kind of purple dress. Do you think is better or worse than the one she wore in the preliminary?