SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss USA 2014 Preliminaries Evening Gowns Part 2: Slit Happy Queens

Slit Happy: Miss Arkansas USA Helen Wisner and Miss California USA Cassandra Kunze during the Miss USA 2014 Preliminary Evening Gown Competition, Baton Rouge River Center Baton Rouge Louisiana

In my last post HERE, I discussed my Top Ten Best Gown Picks from the Miss USA 2014 Preliminary Competition. Now, it's time to talk about the contestants's who I wished "Could Have Been Better" and the "Slit Happy" ones...
Now, to begin with there weren't that many "Oh No She Didn't!" gown moments so this isn't the post for the "Worst"; like I said, these just could have been better...Shall we begin:

Miss Mississippi USA Chelsea Reardon: The lovely Chelsea wore a different gown than what she wore for the "Evening Gown Portraits" (right photo). And it wasn't any better. While she chose a popular white/ivory color, and the gown isn't bad at all, it's just a little dated and unoriginal. And in terms of styling, she was ill-advised with the ageing hair up-do and too-big earrings.

Miss New Mexico USA Kamryn Blackwood: I put the pretty Kamryn in my "Uh Oh!" list for what she wore for the Gown Portraits and unfortunately, she wore the same dress for the Preliminaries on Wednesday night. It's waaay too tacky-licious; the exposed midriff, the too-close-to-a-wardrobe-malfunction bandeau one- shoulder top...It's screams "Oh Dear!" and definitely Could Have Been Better.

Miss Rhode Island USA Christina Palavra: One of the youngest contestants at the Miss USA 2-14 pageant (she's 19!), she makes a very strong impression with her exotic skin coloring, hair and height (she's 5' 11"). But with this royal blue velvet gown with long sleeves and silver sequined applique, she's not gaining any style fans. The gown is very Mother-of-the-Bride circa 1996 and it just doesn't do her any favors. I'm liking the red and gold "Bollywood"-like concoction she wore for the Gown Portraits (right photo) better. Christina DEFINITELY could have been better.

Miss Tennessee USA Kristy Landers Niedenfuer: Nashville-native Kristy was ready for the Grand Ole Opry in the black and emerald green sequin applique halter gown she wore on Wednesday night's Preliminaries. It was a Gown Change from what she wore for the Gown Portraits (right photo) and I kinda wished she would have NOT changed. The Preliminaries gown looked dated and very "Pageant Betty".

Miss Utah USA Angelia Layton: First off, it's not a bad looking gown--this royal blue Mermaid-shaped strapless dress. It's just not right for Angelia. The Crest-White Strips smile and too-perfectly blond hair scream "Pageant Betty". The entire look is a little dated. She wore this same gown for the Gown portraits and I just wished she would have gone for something more modern.

And now, the SLIT HAPPY Ladies:
Miss Arkansas USA Helen Wisner: OK, foirst off, I wasn't much of a fan of what she wore for the Gown Portraits (those boobie pads were not cute!) and for the Prelims, the beautiful Helen decided to continue the "I-Am-Too-sexy" vibe with this teal green gown with WAAAY too plunging neckline and too high of a side front slit. She's got a SLAMMIN' body, however, there are other more subtle ways of showing it.

Miss California USA Cassandra Kunze: Oh Cassandra. Why? I (kind ) lliked the copper/gold sequined strapless gown you wore for the Gown Portraits) but for the Preliminary Competition, you decided to show too much leg and too much boobie cleavage: it's a little too "Real Housewives of Orange County". And I HATE seeing those nude too-platform heels: #HideThem.

Miss Maryland USA Taylor Burton: Taylor wore a blush-colored sequined gown with a crystal neckband and very high front side slit. I wish she would have just worn the strawberry gown she wore for the Gown Portrait. A pet peeve of mine is seeing the rippled wrinkled mess that is the inside lining. Someone should have pressed and/or steamed that thang! ASAP.

Miss Vermont USA Gina Bernasconi: I think Gina is so beautiful. She wore this same gown for the Gown Portraits in the Miss USA website. It's OK. And yeah, that's it. This gorgeous woman deserves better, than this. She tries to make it sexy with that slit but take the slit away and it;'s a dress for an older Mother-of-the-Bride.

Miss West Virginia USA Charisse Haislop: Finally, it's time for Charisse. She's definitely a "Slit Happy" girl in this gown. It's not a bad gown but I am a little over the halter/key-hole combo. The gown style is just rather dated and very early 2000's. I just want to see a bit more up-to-date modern Couture styles from these girls. And then there's those tacky platform heels. Seriously???

***THIS SUNDAY the Finals for the Miss USA 2014 Pageant....Stay tuned for my Miss USA 2014 Final Telecast Gown Review!!!

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