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Cha Cha Canada: Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier of Canada after finishing their Short Dance--2017 Bridgestone Skate America, Lake Placid NY

Time for the third and final 2017 Skate America Costumes Blog: The PAIRS and ICE DANCE. If you missed my "Ice Style" blogs on the LADIES, click HERE...and for the MEN, click HERE, but now, let's begin with the PAIRS...WARNING: Costume Changes Ahead!

Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier of USA: Denney and Frazier skated their Short Program All Of Me by John Stephens, Toby Gad performed by John Legend in these lovely costumes above. I liked the matchy-matchy color story between the two; her vanilla cream costume matched his tuck-pleated-and-French-cuffed tuxedo shirt. Her sequined look was Figure Skating Traditional but totally on-trend--if by that I mean, her top section reminded me of all those "nude gowns" being favored by Beauty Queens of late (read my "Miss Universe" Evening Gown review HERE and you'll understand!). 

Free Skate to Who Wants to Live Forever by Brian May, performed by Queen & David Garrett--For their Free Skate, they wore these costumes above at Skate America 2017. The color story was deep indigo blue with hints of red. I thought these were quite modern and directional--especially when compared to their Short program costumes which veered on the traditional. I especially liked the asymmetrical long-ish top and how it really made for a perfect "Male Costume Bookend" to her look. In case you are paying attention to this season's Grand Prix, you might have realized that these looks above were a Costume Change from what they wore at the 2017 Skate Canada International for the same Free Skate:

Jumpsuit Diva and Sparkle Brandon--OK, I'm going to be honest here: I kind of liked the all black "Jumpsuit & Sparkle" Denney and Frazier. Maybe I've been watching one too many Mae Berenice Meite and old Carolina Kostner videos but....I think I like these more. Am I crazy? (Don't answer that!)

Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford of Canada: Duhamel and Radford of Canada skated their Short Program to With Or Without You by U2 performed by April Meservy wearing these blue and black costumes above. Meagan's look featured a sheer tank with deep blue lace overlay including delicate silver beading. I thought she looked pretty, sexy and modern. Eric looked sleek and fab in his matching deep blue top that had delicate rhinestone details at the collar, shoulder and sleeve bands. Oh, and yes, he wore a pair of nice super-tight black pants. This, my dear figure skating fans was a COSTUME CHANGE from what they last wore at Skate Canada International 2017 for the Short Program (and I am happy they changed! Thank you and Merci Meagan and Eric):

2017 Skate Canada Short Program Costumes--I wasn't so sure about Meagan's odd waistband and "V"-like sequins #JustSaying

Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot of Germany--Free Skate to La Terre vue du ciel by Armand Amar, edited by Maxime Rodriguez: For their Free Skate, the German Pairs couple of Savchenko and Massot wore these lilac-hued costumes above. I LOVED Aliona's white-and-lilac ombre dyed costume which featured gathered upper torso and a sequined neckband. The costume also had a center front nude illusion panel and diamante-studded waistband. Bruno matched her costume with his top. This was a COSTUME CHANGE from what they last wore for their Free Skate at the 2017 Skate Canada International:

It was a costume change for her and not for Bruno. I have to say that I like both looks on her. What do you guys think? 

Now, time for ICE DANCE:
Kana Muramoto and Chris Reed of Japan: Short Dance to Cha Cha: I Like It Like That by Pete Rodriguez; Rhumba: Mondo Bongo by Joe Strummer; Samba: Batucada de Sambrasil by Estudios Talkback--I have no idea who designs their costumes but I like them! These looks were fun, sassy and "Carnival" fab. I loved the goldenrod/fuchsia and black colors and especially her multi-fringed skirt. I especially liked how the tips of the fringe were dip-dyed black; she looked like a glorious Samba Bird of Paradise! 

Free Skate to The Last Emperor (soundtrack) and Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence by Ruyichi Sakamoto--These Free Dance costumes were pretty, elegant and right for that beautiful Ruyichi Sakamoto music. There were hints of Geisha Fab in her pink flower applique costume and I also liked his gray chiffon draped top. I wished there were tiny pink details on his look to bring him back to her but other than that, these were nice costumes.

Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte of Italy: Cappellini and Lanotte skated their fun Short Dance to Cha Cha: Kaboom performed by Ursula 1000; Samba: Skip to the Bip performed by Club des Belugas; and Samba: 1008 Samba. While most of the Ice Dance men are utilizing this Samba/Rhumba/Cha-Cha Shorty Dance to be Muy Caliente Sexy Hot with their costumes (sheer, plunging and tighter!) here, while still super tight fitting, Luca is all covered up...and in all black! I get that Anna's fuchsia-and-silver colored costume makes a bold color statement alone but still, I just wish he didn't look like a valet about to take my car away. Her costume, on the other hand, is one of my favorites of the season: It is spectacular with the crystal beaded bodice and fuchsia ruffled skirt that is just the right length for her teeny tiny frame. In a way, by making him fade away, it highlighted her even more...which was probably the point!

Free Dance to Biongiorno Principessa (from "La Vita e Bella" soundtrack), Life Is Beautiful (from "La Vita e Bella" soundtrack) by Nicola Piovani, arranged & performed by Mi Loco Tango, and La Vita e Bella (from "La Vita e Bella" soundtrack) by Nicola Piovani arranged by Claudio Mandonico. Cappellini and Lanotte are known for their very Italy-centric Ice dances and this Olympic Season was no exception for their Free Dance. She wore an ivory colored dress with beaded top section and nude illusion neckline. I thought she looked quite Mumsy and matronly. I did like Luca's high-waisted pants-and-shirt costume. The pants were super tight which was a good thing, but the colors were SOOOOO drab. I get the whole We're-Italian-peasants-dancing-up-a-storm theme but still, I wish they didn't look so sad and uninspiring.

Maia and Alex Shibutani of USA: How do you say AMAZING in Ice Dance?? The Shibutanis, that's how! I LOVED their Short Dance to Mambo: Mambo No. 5 by Perez Prado; Cha Cha: Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White by Perez Prado and Samba: Mambo Jumbo/Mambo No. 8 by Perez Prado, and I especially ADORED their costumes. These were BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO! They looked so fabulous, I almost wanted to jump through the TV and do Twizzles with them (OK, maybe not!). I thought her bubblegum pink with gold and silver crystals dress was A STUNNER. And Alex was no Costume Chopped Liver: I thought his nude bedazzled shirt with black pants look was sexy and a perfect costume partner to her colorful eye candy costume. 

Free Dance to Paradise by Coldplay: For their Free Dance, they went much more subdued--keeping in mind their emotional and modern music. I liked the red and black colors and I especially liked her softly draped chiffon dress featuring subtle hints of ombre dying. I also appreciated how his shirt perfectly matched her dress coloring. This might not have been as impressive as their Short Dance costumes but they were quietly beautiful and appropriate for this Free Dance.  

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier of Canada: Gilles and Poirier of Canada wore these costumes for their Short Dance to Bossa Nova: Bossa Cubana and Mambo: Gopher Mambo. Piper wore an aquamarine and black Devore velvet-like dress with an open back and GORGEOUS gold jeweled sequins on her upper torso. And Paul...well, he started with black pants and sequined black top but then...halfway through their skate, she ripped his sleeves, revealing Cha-Cha ruffles of a similar fabrication to her dress. While it was gimmicky, I liked it! He definitely needed a style element of fun and the ruffles did it. The costumes above, were somewhat of a COSTUME CHANGE...Let me show you:

The top photo (out of these three above) shows his "New" costume, as opposed to the lower two photos (which are from the last time they skated at the Rostelecom Cup of Russia 2017). Notice that they added sequins to his neckline AND his tiered ruffles got a color "upgrade". Back when I saw the first version of his look, I thought he needed more color...and I guess, they A) either read my blog; or B) they realized this all on their own!

Free Dance to Stolen Hearts, Perry Mason Theme by Fred Steiner, Smokey Sax Perry, Mason Theme by Fred Steiner: For their Free Dance, the Canadian Ice Dance couple wore these black costumes above. Piper's featured a "plunging" neckline (covered in illusion of course), open sides and a fishtail hem dress/skirt hem. Paul was in a skin tight black turtleneck , black pants and a "police badge" accessory at the waist. These were a COSTUME CHANGE from what they last wore--also at the 2017 Rostelecom Cup of Russia...and HINT: I was not a fan...

This is what I said in my blog then: "I love this pair and hope somebody rescues them from these costumes. Please change this ASAP!"...And Merci and Thank You, because I guess someone heard my Costume Pleas!

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Thank you so much for your review of Brandon and Haven's short program costumes. I had a lot of fun working with them this year to make these costumes. I am Gail Johnson of Illuminescent Designs and it is always a privilege to be reviewed by you. Thank you again!