ICE STYLE.....Skate Canada International 2019 COSTUMES RECAP: LADIES & MEN!

Costume Razzle Dazzle--(L to R) Evgenia Medvedeva of Russia, Rika Kihira of Japan, Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan--Skate Canada International 2019

This past weekend was the second of the Grand Prix of Figure Skating competition events for the 2019-2020 season--Skate Canada International 2019. Which means it's time to discuss the FIGURE SKATING COSTUMES here on my "Ice Style" blog. In case you missed my "Skate America" recaps, just click HERE for the Ladies, HERE for the Men, HERE for Ice Dance & HERE for PairsNow, it is time for the LADIES and MEN'S Costumes Highlights of Skate Canada International 2019:

Evgenia Medvedeva Russia Short Program--The two-time Olympic silver medalist skated her Short Program at the 2019 Skate Canada International to Exogenesis Symphony Part 3 by Muse. She wore this black and blue sequined jumpsuit. I thought it was very fashionable, directional and a lovely "new" look for her. Even though she didn't do too well here, I really liked this costume.

Free Skate to Memoirs of a Geisha (soundtrack) by John Williams--For her Free Skate, Evgenia wore this. It was STUNNING! I loved everything about this costume. This was Skating Couture on another level! I loved the kimono-like silhouette, the white neckband, the gorgeous sequin applique, the extra-long sleeves and last but not least, the red Obi with gold waist-tie. And that deep-red lipstick: Wow. Just gorgeous. I bow down to whoever designed it and made it.

You Young South Korea Short Program--For her Short Program to O Verona (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong; Slow Movement (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong; Morning (from "Romeo and Juliet" soundtrack) by Craig Armstrong, Korean skater You Young wore this light lilac sequined costume to play "Juliet". I liked the intricate neckline applique and the trickle-down effect of the rhinestones, and that delicate double strand of a "diamante crown".

Rika Kihira Japan Short Program--For her Short program to Breakfast in Baghdad by Ulf Wakenius performed by Youn Sun Nah, Japan's Rika Kihira wore this royal blue costume featuring gold applique and silver rhinestones. The design had Middle East inspirations with the embroidery and flouncy extra long sleeves, evoking an exotic Sheikha perhaps. I liked the bold color and how the sequin work on the torso mirrored the construction work of an actual corset/bustier. I also thought it was refreshing to see her loose ponytail as the hairstyle choice as opposed to the typical figure skating lady perfect chignon-like bun. 

Alexandra Trusova Russia Short Program--Skating her Short Program to Solveig's Song (from "Peer Gynt") by Edvard Grieg performed by Meav; In the Hall of the Mountain King (from "Peer Gynt") by Edvard Grieg, this very young (15 years old) Russian wore this costume above. The design began innocently enough, with a tie-dye light lilac look with raw/pointed edges/hems and some "hints" of dark coloring. But then...

She flipped the top of the costume down and did one of those on-the-spot "Costume Changes" that we have seen as of late in these Figure Skating Competitions to expose something different. The "new" costume became darker, more "mysterious". To be honest, I am not sure if I am a fan of either the first or the "costume change" evolution. It looks a little too "Witchy"/cheap Halloween costume for me.

Free Skate to Pray (High Valyrian) (from “Game of Thrones” soundtrack) by
Matthew Bellamy and The Night King (from “Game of Thrones” soundtrack) by
Ramin Djawadi--For her amazing Free Skate for "Game of Thrones" music featuring like FIFTEEN Quads (OK, just THREE!), she wore this costume. I think she was trying to vibe Daenarys "Khaleesi" Mother of Dragon's Season 3 costume, with the blue color and gray-ish tights. I get it, it was a nice attempt but it still looked a bit "Junior"-like. But in the end, who cares...

Alexandra Trusova got the Gold with those FIFTEEN--I mean, THREE!--incredible quads.

And now, the MEN!!!
Nam Nguyen Canada Free Skate--For his Free Skate to Come Together, Let It Be, and
Get Back by John Lennon, Paul McCartney performed by The Beatles, Nam looked every bit one of the Fab Four in this 60's inspired costume featuring a skin-tight red shirt, black pants, and skinny tie. It was a nice costume interpretation in the spirit of the music and looked fresh and right for now....and especially on Nam's little body.

Yuzuru Hanyu Japan Short Program--Yuzuru Hanyu rehashed his same Short program music from last season for this 2019-2010 season--Otonal by Raul di Blasio--you would not be faulted in thinking that since you might have recognized the music, his costume might have also been the same. For a hot second, I thought it wasn't...This is what he wore last season to the same music: 

Yuzuru 2018--Same Music, Different Costume. Same blue shades of color and icicle-like details, but yes, different costume. 

I like this season's costume (above) with its jaggedy edges and beautiful rhinestones. It all makes for a striking design on the torso. I am still not a fan of the neck ruffles though.

Free Skate to Origin ("Art on Ice")  by Edvin Marton--This was a STUNNING costume worn by Yuzuru Hanyu. The subtle purple shading, the beautiful gold curved rhinestone design, the juxtaposition of the solid vs. the sheer, the 3D effect of the applique...all details that add up to a very Couture-like design that is right for such a Couture-like figure skater.

Pooh Bear Love--Yuzuru Hanyu at Skate Canada International 2019

**UP NEXT: The ICE DANCE and PAIRS COSTUMES HIGHLIGHTS of 2019 Skate Canada International! 

4 Responses to "ICE STYLE.....Skate Canada International 2019 COSTUMES RECAP: LADIES & MEN!"

Sean C said...

Evgenia has two of her best costumes this year. Unfortunate that the short program went so poorly.

FanFan said...

That is not You Young on the picture but Marin Honda from Japan.

olchap said...
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