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NICK APPEARANCES.....Attending the GLAAD Absolut Hancock Park Party

A GLAAD REUNION This past Sunday afternoon, I was invited to attend the GLAAD/Absolut Hancock Park Party at a wonderfully-appointed private home in this beautiful area of Los Angeles. Amongst other attendees, Los Angeles Mayor, the honorable Antonio Villaraigosa was there as well as actress and comedian, Wanda Sykes, sporting a curly blond-tipped hairstyle, a Gucci hobo-bag and matching Gucci sandals. It was a "reunion" of sorts because also present were fellow "Project Runway" designers, Andrae Gonzalo, with a tan and longer hair as well as Raymundo Baltazar-Flores. Raymundo, always being a jokester, had called me as I was on my way to the party, warning that "It looked like the Palm Springs White party". He was referring to all the fashionable guests who were wearing white, either in pants or jackets. Well, needless to say, it was too late for me, because, I was wearing a white jacket and dress shirt! I figure, I've got several more weeks before that infamous "Labor Day" cutoff point , when you are not supposed to be wearing white (by the way, those rules are a bit ancient) , so I am going to get as much mileage out of my "whites" as I can. David and my sister Rita, wearing a "Nick Verreos/Nikolaki" outfit, including a silk polka-dotted top and black pants, were my dates at this party and I think they enjoyed themselves as well. Rita was especially excited about meeting Andrae and Raymundo for the first time. She was a big fan of theirs. My friend, Los Angeles designer Andrew Christian showcased his sexy swimsuit designs at an outdoors fashion show in the spacious backyard of this private home. There were hors d'oeurves and an open bar with fun Absolut drinks, like the yummy "Hancock Park". It was an elegant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and for a good cause--to support GLAAD and its achievements so far this year.

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Heather said...

Andrae's hair is longer and David's hair looks shorter....and I didn't recognize either of them with just a quick glance!

Your sister is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Okay, can we please get a "full view" of the outfit your sister has on? The top is really cute, but I want to see it "modeled" per se.

Andrae with hair...can't get used to it. He looked really cute bald. His eyes really stood out.

Loving you in your "summer whites".


Anonymous said...

Hey hansome!

Thank you for mentioning our event on your site. I sent you more pictures of Sunday's event.

See you soon :)


andreita said...


Lori from Alberta, Canada said...

Andrae looks great with longer hair. You all look great!

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