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TRAVELING IN STYLE.....Europe 2009: Bon Jour Paris

American in Paris!: Visiting the Eiffel Tower (along with THOUSANDS of others!)
Greetings! Sorry for the lack of postings over the last few weeks but as you may have figured out from my previous posting, I have been in Europe for the last few weeks where I had the honor of giving a Fashion Lecture to the Wonderful students of Miami University of Ohio. And with no rest for the weary, I am now in Miami, FL styling the lovely Chica Orbit Girl (Raquel Jimenez) to walk the Red Carpet of the Premios Juventud Awards in a NIKOLAKI dress! I will, of course, blog about the Awards and all my many adventures in Europe in the next week. Until then, make sure to tune in to the Premios Juventud Red Carpet Pre-show at 7pm on Univision and you will hopefully see Raquel wearing NIKOLAKI and maybe even see little ol' me!!

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