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NICK APPEARANCES.....Magical Elves Holiday Party

Lifetime Meets the Elves Holiday Bash!Posing Ladies: John Wade, Joey Maalouf and Nick Verreos, Magical Elves Holiday Party The weekend before I left for Washington DC, I was invited to a special Holiday Party. Every year--for the last three at least--Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth, the minds behind Magical Elves throw a fabulous Holiday Party and once again they were kind enough to put me on the list. Magical Elves are the prolific producers of Top Chef, Air Guitar Nation, Project Greenlight and of course, Seasons 1-5 of Project Runway, when it was on the Bravo Network. Even though Project Runway is no longer produced by them, it is nice that they still have me on their "party radar".Disco Divas: My friends Matt Brubaker and Joey Maalouf (being very shady) dance atop the Plexiglas-covered pool To come to the party, it was de rigueur to bring an unwrapped toy as a present for Toys For Tots. So naturally, I bought a big Barbie Doll with its accompanying dresses. I also brought some of my "boys", including my buddies John Wade, of Marc Jacobs (and from my Season of Project Runway) as well as Joey Maalouf, Rachel Zoe's DIVA hair and make-up stylist, and my life-long friends Erik and Matt. It was a very rainy Saturday night in LA but that didn't stop Jane and Dan from throwing a fun crazy party. In addition to a Plexiglas floor atop their backyard pool (which was the official party dance floor), they also rented a big ol' tent to protect the party guests. The house was packed with guests dancing, drinking and enjoying the food (loved those mini burgers!). Among the guests, I said "Hello" to my fellow Season 2 cohort, Daniel Franco. I also spotted some Top Chef boys as well as People's Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone, who coincidentally has a new reality show, produced by Magical Elves (I guess that's why she was there) as well as... Australian celebrity chef, cutie Curtis Stone, whom my friends were swooning over (sorry Curtis, I guess you have a gay following). It was a fun party and thank you to Jane and Dan for inviting me. See you next year (I hope)!

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