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What does my love for Tilda Swinton, a "Napkin Gown" and a Thief have in common? Well, click on the above video and find out... In case you missed the finale of our last Awards Season Fashion Wrap--here it is!!!! This is the TV Guide Oscars Fashion Wrap which we filmed on Monday, just a day after the Academy Awards. We all had a crazy fun time--like always--speaking fashion, jewelry and hair--and dishing as if we were all at home having chips and guacamole, and lots of Margaritas (even though of course, we weren't). I think this was one of our best and I just cannot wait until the next Awards Season begins. See you on the Red Carpet!
Tuesday, February 24, 2009
Fashion Schmashion... Lady In Zac Posen Red: Cowl-draped shouldered plunging neck ruffled gown, Fall 2009 So, it has become a tradition of sorts here at to, of course, talk about fashion and especially what's the "freshest" and "newest" in fashion, and particularly, on the runways. Because I was crazy-busy doing all my segments for and all things surrounding the Academy Awards, New York Fashion Week sort of came and went. In fact, I was going to go to NY and attend the Finale of the newest (and yet un-aired) Season 6 of Project Runway at Bryant Park, but could not, because it conflicted with my duties for (oh well!). I have added some great runway shows from some of the top designers who showed at last week's New York Fashion Week, as well as accompanying photos naturally. Zac Posen: Zac Posen Fall '09: Cowl draped shoulder bias gown Oh, Zac, he loves DRAMA (and so do I huney!). And he gave them drama for his Fall 2009 Collection. There were loose themes of Victoriana, Joan Crawford and 1930's Hollywood in his collection, mostly confined to dresses and gowns--from bias-cut slithery silks to full ruffled mermaid shapes. Joan Crawford Shoulders: Zac Posen Fall '09 exaggerated raglan and bishop sleeved cocktail dress There was a lot of interest and focus on the shoulders (a theme for Fall '09) therefore the Joan "No More Wire hangers Christina!" Crawford reference. wasn't necessarily won over and deemed it a bit "too much". Zac Posen, too much? Really? Click Below for Parts 1 and 2 of Zac Posen Fall 2009 Runway Show Oscar De La Renta:Dominican Diva: Model-of-the-moment Arlenis gives you plunging neckline Elegant, high-society clothes for the moneyed set. This has always been Oscar De La Renta's anthem. For Fall 2009 , he did not change a thing---and thank God for his clients. Speaking of clients, if the use of more than one or two models of color (Gracias Oscar!) is any indication, I have a feeling somebody is trying to woo First Lady Michelle Obama, either overtly or covertly. Oscar De La Renta has always been known to be the favorite designer of the upper-echelons of the Ladies-who-lunch REPUBLICAN set. Violet Goddess: A violet-colored silk column one-shoulder gown, Oscar de la Renta Fall '09 (also worn by Jessica Biel to the Oscar After Parties Sunday night!) But change is in Washington, and so Oscar may seem to be trying to change his "political" fashion colors, as they say. Whatever the (wonderful) conscious decision of using so many STUNNING Black girls, I love that his first and final model were models of color---talk about CHANGE!!! Final Exit: Model Jourdan Dunn in a black-and-white strapless ball gown His Fall 2009 Collection was stunning, filled with expensive silks, duchess satins and wools, and had hints of Kiera Knightley's "The Duchess" (look at that hair!). Of course I absolutely loved the stunning gowns at the end. Yes, we are in an economic recession, but don't tell that to Oscar or his ladies. Click Below for Parts 1, and 2 of Oscar De La Renta Fall 2009 Runway Show:
Oh What a Sunday... Substitute Hostin': Nick Verreos Raffles Gift Packages at the Trevor Project 2009 Oscars Viewing Party Of course, as we all know, the Academy Awards were Sunday night---I had filmed all my segments for the Oscars Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress and my former Project Runway mentor, Tim Gunn, was given the duties to announce the winner Live on the Pre-Awards Red Carpet ABC Special. I know.... I was "bumped off" for Mr. Tim Gunn, can you believe it?? (He does have a Tide Commercial after all...and his own show). I was invited by The Trevor Project, an organization to promote acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth and to aid in crisis and suicide prevention among that group, to attend their annual Oscar Night Viewing Party at Here Lounge in West Hollywood. I am a big supporter of The Trevor Project and was happy to attend. I also brought a "date", my good friend Colin, who happily obliged.
Nick Verreos and friend, Colin Murphy, at Trevor Project 2009 Oscars Viewing Party
Comedian and "Ugly Betty" actor Alec Mapa was supposed to have hosted it, which was an added "plus" for me to attend, since he is a friend and INCREDIBLY funny! I could only IMAGINE his funny one-liners "no-he-didn't" comments during the commercial breaks. Unfortunately, Alec was not there (a family emergency, I hear) but there were some fantastic Drag Diva performances during the breaks that kept the crowd motivated and happy! (see photos) . Looking around in the crowd, it seemed like a LOGO Network Reunion: I spotted actors from the Logo show, "Noah's Arc" as well as one of my favorite actresses, Ann Walker from "Sordid Lives" (I LOVE that show!!!). She looked EXACTLY like the character she plays on the series, Miss LaVonda. Of course, I was secretly dying!
I love me Some Purple! Nick Verreos poses with a lot of jersey print
There were also great "Ticket Give Aways"--such as tooth whitening, spa services and products galore. At one point, I was asked to help out in the ticket raffle announcing--of course I quickly got up from my chair and was excited to see the sold-out crowd's response as they were happy to see me up there QUEENIN' OUT! (and giving away stuff!)
Bollywood Fierceness: Musical Tribute to Slumdog Millionaire
A couple of hours into the Viewing Party, I realized that I had to go home to watch the end, as well as to do my "Homework" for the next day. I was filming my TV Guide Oscars Fashion Wrap with Lisa Rinna and had HOURS and HOURS of red carpet who-wore-what internet viewing.....
Monday, February 23, 2009
Oscars Fashion Wrap Madness and Dior's "Junon" gown makes a Comeback???
Lisa Rinna and Nick Verreos on TV Guide Network Fashion Wrap
Yes kids, it's that time again for the Oscars Fashion Wraps---make sure to watch, starting tonight at 7, 8, 9 and 11 PM on the TV Guide Network--check you local listings and your cable provider (sounds so official!!!). Along with the "TV Guide Network Panel of Experts", stylist Jennifer Rade (she styles Angelina Jolie!), Lawrence Zarian, and colorist-to-the-stars Kim Vo, I joined in on the fun. This was our last Fashion Wrap of the 2008-2009 Awards Season and trust me, we ended with a Fashion Bang!
Look Familiar? Zuhair Murad's Spring 2009 Couture Gown and Christian Dior's "Junon" gown from Fall 1949
Speaking of a Fashion Bang: As I was watching the Pre-Oscar shows last night to see what all the actresses were wearing for the Academy Awards (since of course I have to do my "homework"), an "I-Have-Seen-That-Before" image instantly came to mind. As Miley Cyrus made her Red carpet appearance in a beaded gown by Lebanese couturier Zuhair Murad, I could not help but think "Oh My GAWWWD---that dress looks JUST like a very famous Christian Dior 'Junon' gown from his Fall 1949 Collection!!!!" In fact, I sprinted off my couch and instantly retrieved one of my many Haute Couture Books, "Haute Couture: The Metropolitan Museum of Art" and went right to the page that showcased this gorgeous and iconic Dior gown. See photos above for the Zuhair Murad gown as it was shown in Paris at his Spring 2009 Couture Collection, the original Dior "Junon" gown and Miley wearing the Murad gown at the Oscars Red Carpet. Looks kind of similar, what do you think? Watch tonight on the TV Guide Oscars Fashion Wrap with Lisa Rinna as I get to say a little bit of something about well as a lot more... Happy Awards Season!
EPISODE 5 EPISODE 6 As I say in the webisodes..."The votes have been tabulated and the results are in!" Check out the final two episodes of Behind the Dress where we find out which designer wins and which model is chosen to grace the Oscar Stage announced LIVE by Tim Gunn!! All the dresses were gorgeous but the winning design and model really capture the essence of the grand event. In Episode 6, check out exclusive backstage coverage with interviews of the very excited winning model and designer. I thought last nights Academy Awards was great and I, of course, have my opinions on all the gowns! But more on that later... I had such a blast hosting this official Oscar Challenge and was honored to be part of such a important night in Hollywood. You can check out all the action from yesterdays festivities with exclusive coverage on including all the episodes of Behind the Dress. And The Winner Is.....The Oscars Design Trophy Goes to... I just want to congratulate the Winner of Oscars Designer Challenge: Chicago designer Sam Kori George and his gorgeous model, Lauren Gish. It was definitely one of my favorite of all the seven designs in contention. It just "screamed" Oscars Trophy Girl/1950's Hollywood Actress. Model Lauren Gish in Sam Kori George's winning gown His gown was a stunning technical feat of dressmaking featuring yards and yards of silk, cut on the bias , pleated and draped to envelop the model's body perfectly. I even noticed that there were no side seams to the gown. I was also told (by the designer himself) that the bodice had about twenty coiled boning sewn inside the gown so there was no chance of the strapless gown slipping down. This also made sure to create that defined hourglass figure. Lauren looked very "Old School Hollywood Glamour" on stage at the Academy Awards as she escorted the actors and actresses when they received their trophies and awards. Congratulations to both!
Saturday, February 21, 2009
Ready Designers? Ready Models? It's time to hit The Oscars Red Carpet! Epidose 4 of Oscars Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress Nick Behind The Scenes: Models Getting Ready: Nick Verreos interviews models as they get ready for their "close-up" We are almost down to the wire--the Oscars Red Carpet wire, that is. Gowns have been designed, the designers have been chosen, they have picked their models and subsequently had their fittings, and Oscars Day is (almost) upon us... Make-Up Chairs: A view from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Theater stage First, the Designers and their gowns were "debuted" to the international press at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences headquarters on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills. Everyone was there, from Entertainment Tonight to E! News and anybody in between with an interest in seeing who the Designers were that were hand-picked to take up the task of designing a gown for the Oscars Escort/Trophy Model. Model Pose: Nick Verreos poses with model Gerren Taylor before she puts on her gown I was allowed exclusive access backstage as the models were getting ready and filmed it all for and you will finally get to see it here in the fourth installment of the Oscars Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress. First, I met the hand-picked models as they were getting their hair and make-up done. Glamour Board: Make-Up and Hair Story Board for Oscars Designer Challenge The theme was "1950's Glamour, Rita Hayworth meets Eva Gardner". No one would have realized it was 9 AM when the fabulous Dior make-up artists and hair experts transformed the models as if they were going to the Oscars--at 8 PM!! Michelle Obama at the Oscars: Chicago Designer Maria Pinto with her model, Gerren Taylor Then, the models were whisked into their gowns and diamonds and off for the big press reveal! Watch the exclusive interviews with all the designers, including Michelle Obama's favorite designer, Chicago native Maria Pinto, as well as establised NY designer Robert Rodriguez, LA-based designer Alan Del Rosario, Chicago-based designer Sam Kori George and NY theater-costume designer Nicolas Putvinski, among others. Designer Alan Del Rosario with his model, about to make their "debut" Designer Sam Kori George with his beautiful model, Lauren Gish, posing before their "red carpet" press moment Good Luck to all of them! Tune in tomorrow Sunday to the Oscars Live, when the winning "team" is announced!
Friday, February 20, 2009
Seattle Diary--The Birthday Weekend! Put Your Lips Together...and Blow: Happy Birthday Nick! Last week, I was invited to judge the fabulous Project Red Dress as you all may know and had a great time! In addition to this event, I was also happy to be in Seattle for my Birthday! (It was the same day as the event). But since work calls, I did my duties at Project Red Dress, judged, surveyed the gowns and dresses, did some catwalkin' on the Fairmont Olympic Hotel Runway and met with a lot of the guests (and I took a lot of photos which I am sure I will be "tagged" in on Facebook!)Beard Cake: Nick Verreos Birthday Cake After the Project Red Dress fashion show and gala, I went to my Fairmont Olympic Hotel suite, did a bit of an outfit change and headed off to a fashion show, live concert that my Seattle friend (of Venezuelan descent) Eduardo, was producing. Because it was so late, the fashion show had ended, but I still wanted to stop by. I'm glad I did: Little did I know that he had "organized" along with a couple of my other Seattle friends, a "Birthday" mini-party! Another Venezuelan friend, the wonderful Jorge Hernandez, had commissioned and designed a "Nick" cake: He designed a delicious cake with my image--beard and faux-hawk included--I seriously could not believe it!!! I didn't even want to cut it! But I did, right into the beard! Thank you Eduardo and Jorge, you guys are too much! Nick with Cake: Nick Verreos and Seattle Designer, Logan Neitzel, holding up his Birthday Cake The following day, I had to give a 10 AM Workshop/Seminar on the Essence of Fit and Fit Models at the Tukwila campus of the International Academy of Design and Technology/IADT. I was happy to "instruct" Seattle design students and fans of Project Runway alike, on why a "Forever 21" small is very different from a "QVC" small, as well as bring some of my NIKOLAKI clothing line samples and show good vs. bad fit on an actual fit model. Fit Class: Nick Verreos during his Workshop at International Academy of Design and Technology/IADT Afterwards, I was delighted to enjoy a fantastic, family-style luncheon at Saffron Kabobs, a Bellevue Persian food restaurant (the BEST in Seattle!). I love me some Persian Food--in fact so much so, people question if instead of being half-Greek, I may be half Persian!). Cake No. 2: Saffron Kabobs' Chocolate Cake for Nick's Birthday Well, guess what? After eating enough Koubideh Kabob, Tahdik, Gormeh Sabzi and Saffron Rice to feed an entire family, they brought out a Birthday cake!!! Yep, it officially became Nick's Birthday Weekend! View From The Top: David Paul and Nick Verreos at the Columbia Tower Club (notice the sea plane passing in the background) Then, if that was not enough, David and I were treated to an amazing view of Seattle--atop 75 stories! Our driver, Amy of Amy's Limo--my "official chauffeur" in Seattle (I love Miss Amy!)--wanted to give David and I a special treat: She invited us to the exclusive Columbia Tower Club. It was Valentine's Day after all and she wanted to celebrate it with us!!! It is a private membership club, restaurant and bar where the creme de la creme of Seattle come to get away from it all--and have a private dinner, after-work business cocktail meeting or Valentine's Day drinks and cake, like us. Valentine's Day Threesome: David Paul, Amy of Amy's Limo, and Nick Verreos posing at the Columbia Tower Club Words cannot describe the view from the Columbia Tower Club. You see all of Seattle. The iconic Space Needle looks miniscule from a 75 story view, let me tell you! We could see everything! At one point, as we took a photo, a small sea-plane happened to be passing by--and Amy captured it (see photo above). Say Cheese: Nick Verreos and a delicious Birthday Cheesecake at the Columbia Tower Club Seattle We enjoyed our Valentine's Evening drinks and the staff then brought out a delicious Cheese Cake and sang "Happy Birthday". It was my third "Birthday Cake in two days--and I was loving it! The beautiful Seattle view, plus the cake, made for a perfect ending to my "Birthday Weekend" in Seattle. Unforgettable.
In Episode 3 of Behind The Dress watch the designers meet their models and do their initial fittings where they make sure everything is JUST RIGHT!! Every last stitch, pull, tuck, or hem adjustment is noted and then fixed. I love when it is NY Designer Robert Rodriguez' time, he instantly calls out to his seamstress to do the fixin'--Diva!!! I know from experience what a relief it can be to finally get that dress on the Model and see that all your hard work has paid off!! Your creation finally comes to life. Check back tomorrow as we take you Backstage at the Oscar Fashion Show Preview! And make sure to visit for frequent updates on all things OSCAR!
Thursday, February 19, 2009
Click Above to watch Episode Two of the Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress from the official Academy Award Website, Now, that the designers have been chosen, it's time for the Model Castings. Watch as we go behind the scenes (like a "Nick" fly on the wall!) and see Patty Fox, Fashion Coordinator for the Academy Awards, as well as the producers of the live telecast, choose which 7 models will go on to compete for the Oscar Designer (and Escort) Challenge.
Mercedes in Vintage NIKOLAKI
I was so excited to find out that two of the 7 models that were chosen have modeled for me and my collection, NIKOLAKI, at various fashion shows, including Smashbox Los Angeles Fashion Week. The first one is the gorgeous Mercedes, whom I have known for AGES!! In fact, she was one of my first 'muses" when I began my line back in 2003. She modeled in my very first LA Fashion Week show and it's always like "good ol' times" when we see each other! She is, as they say "good people".Fanning the Model Flame: Oscar Model Hopeful Gerren
And the other girl is a fabulous model named Gerren Taylor. Gerren modeled for me years ago for another fashion show I did where I showed my collection. I remember it vividly because she was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD, had braces, but was over 6 feet tall, and walked like a gazelle! The agency had sent her because she was a "new Face" and I immediately said to myself (and to her and her over 6 foot tall Mommie!) that she was going to go far! Of course, soon after that, she left LA and went on to model all over the world: At Paris , Milan and New York Fashion Weeks! Good luck to all the Models ...ooops , I mean Oscar Escort Hopefuls.
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
I am happy to announce that I was asked to be the Host of the Oscars Designer Challenge for the 2009 Academy Awards. Seven designers from across the US were chosen to design a gown for the Oscars Escort/Trophy Model for the 81st Annual Academy Awards. The public was allowed to vote online for the winning Designer and model. I will host a series of episodes leading up to Oscar night when the winner will be announced LIVE on the Red Carpet. Watch above or go to to see the fabulous, new web series "Oscars Designer Challenge: Behind The Dress" with Nick Verreos!
Monday, February 16, 2009
Sleepless Fashionista... in Seattle
You Better WORK: Nick doing runway at Project Red Dress *photo courtesy of Barbie Hull
This past Friday February 13Th (yes, Friday the 13Th kiddies), I flew to Seattle (I love me some Virgin America to Seattle) to judge the Second Annual Project Red Dress. It was also my Birthday and I was very excited to be celebrating it in Seattle and at this great event! We (David came with me naturally!) checked into LUXURIOUS Fairmont Olympic Hotel Suite, and were greeted by a sumptuous bottle of Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries courtesy of our dear (and very classy!) friend Cindy Tsuji, who lives in Seattle. She even had a "gift package" for our dog, Benny (unfortunately, we left Benny back in his LA "Doggy Hotel"). Let's just say Cindy gets One-Hundred Friend Points for 2009!
Nick Loves a Bag: David Paul and Nick Verreos enter the Clutch Boutique Pre-Project Red Dress Party *photo courtesy of Barbie Hull
After donning our suits and ties, we ventured to the VIP Pre-Party at Clutch, a chic boutique adjacent to the event. Once there, the first thing I did (after grabbing a glass of bubbly) was pick up a big ol' fabulous bag and pose for photos (I know I can't control myself!). I also socialized with the creator of Project Red Dress, the wonderful Monir Zandgoreishi--who also happens to be the regional director of Fashion Group International (FGI). Monir envisioned Project Red Dress as a way to showcase the talents of local fashion design students while bringing attention to the American Heart Association. Red Carpet Glamour: Project Red Dress Designer (and student from IADT) Tera Lee Bacon's design For the Project Red Dress competition, five local schools with fashion design programs (International Academy of Design and Technology, Seattle Art Institute, New York Fashion Academy, Seattle Pacific University and Seattle Central Community College) chose two students to participate. Each student was given $200 worth of fabric and 16 hours to create a red cocktail dress or evening gown. How very Project Runway.
Seattle Fashionistas: Nick Verreos poses with two fashionable guests during the cocktail party
After the intimate VIP Meet-and-Greet Party at Clutch, the time finally came to witness the student designers' creations. While most guests were enjoying their delicious hors d'oeuvres and cocktails, I was whisked off to privately judge all of the ten designs. But I was not alone. Other judges included the stylish (and looking very Mary Quant-meets-Mia Farrow) Seattle Metropolitan style editor Laura Cassidy, Bridal Designer Victoria Glenn and FGI and PONCHO board member (and Seattle DIVA) Rose Dennis.
How Would Nina Garcia and Michael Kors Score This? Nick Verreos judges the Project Red dresses *photo courtesy of Barbie Hull
We surveyed every competing dress, looked up every hem and inspected all the seaming (as well as some double-sided tape used to "Make it Work" unbeknownst to the guests). Our Judging Criteria was based on construction, fit, creativity, design, the overall representation of work and skill, and their use of the color red. It was not an easy task, let me tell you, especially after seeing all the beautiful designs that were up for the top prize. The only section we left blank in our score cards was the "Runway" section. That would soon come.
Drinks are on Me! Nick Verreos with a group of guests at Project Red Dress
Now, we were ready for the main event: The Project Red Dress Fashion Show, which was emceed by the beautiful and fun Brooke and Monti of The Ladies Room on 92.5 FM (a popular Seattle Radio Station). After their introductions, they surprised me by singing "Happy Birthday" (I know, I was a mess!!) Red Dress Line Up: Project Red Dress Finale
All ten gorgeous red dresses--from long Oscars-worthy gowns to short cocktail dresses--paraded down the catwalk, while we, the judges, scored them on their "Runway Presentation". The votes were subsequently tabulated and the Second and First Runner Up Creations (and their corresponding designers) were announced as well as the Winner.
Runner Up Prize: Red silk chiffon "over-gown" with high neck collar featuring a red jersey bloomer jumpsuit underneath (I'm not kidding!!)
The Grand Prize (a $3,000 scholarship and the honor of having their creation displayed in the windows of the downtown Macy's store) went to student/designer Rosie Kohlmeier from the Seattle area-based NY Fashion Academy. All the judges agreed that it was our favorite Red Dress of the night. Right after Rosie was announced as the winner, her daughter ran up to the stage crying wanting to congratulate her! It was too cute!
And the Winner Is... Red taffeta "bubble" cocktail dress with knotted and stiffened bow detail
*photo courtesy of Barbie Hull
Rosie Kohlmeier's winning dress was a short red taffeta cocktail dress featuring a knotted front stiffened bow with unique little details that only us (the judges) could appreciate, such as a slot seam center back, contrast-fabric faced hem and pouffed lining. It was constructed perfectly and from what I hear, she had completed her design with plenty of time before any of the other competing student-designers. Miss Project Red Dress: Winning Design and model (left), Nick Verreos, winning designer Rosie Kohlmeier and Project Red Dress creator, Monir Zandgoreishi Congratulations to Rosie and the other finalists. It was the end to yet another successful Project Red Dress event and I hope there will be more to come. Hopefully, I can be the honorary "Lifetime Judge". I would be humbled and honored: Any excuse to come back to Seattle and judge and appreciate some beautiful fashion! Click HERE for some fabulous photos from Jeff LaPlante Photography Click HERE for more photos of the event from Barbie Hull Photography Click Below for videos from Project Red Dress 2009: Emcees Brooke and Monti, as well as Project Red Dress Guests sing "Happy Birthday" to Nick:


Project Red Dress Finale Line-Up:

I'm a Barbie Girl In A Barbie World.... Original Barbie: Rachel Roy's striped sequined one-piece This last Saturday afternoon, NY Fashion Week went PINK! As in Barbie Pink! The Council of Fashion Designers of America--the CFDA--asked 50 of their member designers, to come up with their vision for a "Barbie Dream Wardrobe". From Rachel Roy's sequined Vintage Barbie opening exit bathing suit to House Of Field's futuristic one-leg jumpsuit, these American designers conjured up designs that ran the gamut from wearable and off-the-rack to "OK, Is Barbie a Drag Queen?". Other designers included Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang and Marchesa. The outfits weren't all bubble-gum pink satin and tulle and there was a lot of black and anything in between (since of course, Barbie cannot live in pink ALL THE TIME!). Boris and Natasha Barbie: Barbie goes mysterious Savvy fashion-watchers noted that some of the outfits were not "especially created for Barbie" but were rather dresses or pieces from the designer's collections that were "Barbie-ized" for this special tribute. Note the strapless red gown below--worn by Pennsylvania-born supermodel Sessilee--that was suspiciously similar to Eva Longoria's SAG Awards red carpet gown. Miss Barbie: Sessilee models Apple-Red Satin Strapless Mermaid Gown One of the standouts was--naturally--Bob Mackie's Cher-inspired "Barbie Does the Flamingo Hilton/Vegas Riviera" gold gown with feathered headdress. God Bless Bob Mackie! Welcome to Vegas! Bob Mackie's vision for Barbie The massive backdrop showed kaleidoscopic videos and iconic images of Barbie and the runway was, of course, pink...even Ken made a "special guest star" appearance. It all ended in a massive shower of glitter confetti with the models walking with tulle-clad little fans of Barbie... After 50 Years, Are They Still Together? Barbie and Ken Click BELOW for Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Barbie NY Fashion Week Runway Show:
Thursday, February 12, 2009
Model Girls Heart Nick Here's an interview I did with Model Girls Magazine, a web/blog site devoted to Models, Make Up, Hollywood Actresses and all things in between...Nick Verreos Clings to his devoted Model Form Click HERE for the entire fun (and informative) interview.
Happy Fit Day Seattle!If the Jacket Fits... As you may know, I will be in Seattle this weekend judging the fabulous Project Red Dress Fashion Show tomorrow, Friday February 13th, but what you may not know, is that I will also be giving one of my wonderful (and I hear unique) Seminars and Workshops at the International Academy of Design and Technology the following day! Come join me Saturday February 14th and share Valentine's Day (OK, morning) with me at the IADT Tukwila Campus as I share my insight on Fit, Fit Models and What is a good fit/what is a bad fit--and why a sizes are different from company to company.
Class Is In Session!
It's FREE (we like FREE!!), from 10 AM-12 PM. Just call 206-575-1865 to RSVP and reserve your space!! Click HERE for all the info. See you then!
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