Friday, July 30, 2010
I'M BAAACK...writing my Project Runway Recaps, that is!

Hi Project Runway fans! As you already know (of course!), the Premiere Episode of Project Runway Season 8 happened last night! Even though I am in Europe, I got to see it! Lifetime asked me to write the recaps for this brand new season so of course, I "made it work", almost 6,000 miles away from my LA home!Nick Verreos says "Bonjour" from Paris France, YSL Retrospective Petit Palais Here's to a new season of our beloved show and hope you read--and enjoy--all my Recaps which will be published on the website the day following each episode. Here's a "tease" of my First Recap: Bonjour Designers! I am in Europe and happen to be writing this first Recap from Paris. The City of Lights and The City of Fashion! Yes, I know: Shut The Front Door! Thanks to the magic of hotel satellite TV, I can "Make It Work"! So let's get started.


Tim has dry cleaned his suits and wiped his glasses clean; Heidi has a new shag-a-delic 'do; Michael is re-bronzed and Nina has polished her new Louboutin's. This could only mean one thing: Project Runway is back! Seven seasons and... Click HERE to continue reading my entire recap of Episode One of Project Runway Season 8

Thursday, July 29, 2010
Ciao Italia! Italian Couple: Althea Harper and Nick Verreos pose at the Hotel Continentale rooftop bar with a view of the Campanile of the Palazzo Vecchio Hi kiddies--and faithful followers! Sorry I have not been updating the blog, but I have been in Europe! I know: Shut Up! I have been in Italy and France for both work and pleasure. And this is the first break I have gotten so I felt the urge to give you a "sneak peak" of what's more to come. Over a week ago, I flew to Florence Italy to give a lecture as part of Miami University of Ohio's Summer In Italy Program (second year in a row that I have been invited!!). As a "Double Project Runway Bonus", not only did I fly to Florence but so did Season 6 Finalist, Althea Harper. Yep, she joined me in Florence to also give a lecture! Of course, I will give you the full Recap later but I just wanted to give you a "tease", including the photos you see here. View of the Arno River, Florence Italy I had an AMAZING time---even though it was about 100 degrees and the humidity was well, it felt like 70 % (lots of sweating darlings--not cute!). But if I'm going to sweat, I'd rather be in Florence doing it...and with the beautiful Althea...and about 50 lovely students from Miami University of Ohio! On Top: Nick Verreos at the top of the Santa Maria del Fiore (le Duomo) Florence Italy I just left the Amalfi Coast, and the gorgeous city of Positano and now I am in Paris--I HAVE to go see the Yves Saint Laurent Retrospective at the Petit Palais! Stay tuned for my full "Europe 2010 Recap" soon! Ciao!
Monday, July 19, 2010
Hollywood Fashion Art and Music...FIERCENESS!!!Ethos Smile: Nick Verreos hosts Project Ethos: Love Sick (photo from Several hours after arriving from Miami, I took a "power nap", and freshened up to make my way into the heart of Hollywood to the Music Box Theater to host Project Ethos: Love Sick. Ten designer lines, dozens of artists plus fab fashion and accessories exhibitors took part in this great event, Project Ethos. Photo Courtesy of David Paul (above), my partner-in-Nikolaki-crime, of course, came with make sure I wouldn't pass out from too much flying and lack of sleep... Shoulder Pleating: Nick Verreos in Mike Cheng Custom Jacket, "Project Ethos: Love Sick" red carpet I got a "little bit dressed up" and decided to wear my custom-made jacket by Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Debut 2009 Graduate Mike Cheng. Photo Courtesy of I was secretly hoping that the attendees were going to be dressed up too--so I wouldn't look "out of place", but part of me kept thinking "it's Hollywood, they'll be all in t-shirts and jeans!". But no kiddies--once I arrived, everyone was GIVING...Fashion, that is!!!! Reunited: Nick Verreos and Amara Wilson, "Project Ethos: Love Sick" red carpet Upon arriving, I ran into my original "Muse" and the model who came with me to the Project Runway Season 2 Castings, the gorgeous Amara Wilson who runs the fabulous Haute Olive Vintage Boutique in Downtown Los Angeles. Fashiiiiion: Nick Verreos, Joey Maalouf and John Wade, Project Ethos: Love Sick fashion show/event (photo courtesy of Also, my very good friends, Joey Maalouf and John Wade came for support. I just LOVE them! I invited them to come and they were like "Done and done!". The show began...Photo Courtesy of with a live performance from recording artist Miguel (HOT!) and then was followed by a fashion show...Photo Courtesy of Featuring ten different designers including B.Vika, Katorey Swimwear, Hardkaur, Jajo Couture...Photo Courtesy of Arka (above), Nicholas Tarr, B. Vika, and Kymaro CardiWrap, among others. One of the featured designers was none other that Anna Lynett from last season's Project Runway. Josephine performing at Project Ethos: Love Sick (photo courtesy of The show--and event--was a HUGE success and it ended with a performance from dance-music DIVA Josephine. Trust me when I say this about Project Ethos: It was AMAZING!!!!! Love them, love the art, the music, the fashion. Southern California...well, all of the West Coast needs a little bit of Project Ethos. It does Style Good! *Click HERE for more coverage and photos from Look Book LA *Click HERE for a fun interview I did with Click Below for a Runway Video from Project Ethos Hollywood 2010:
Wasilla Fashion Cop... Just a reminder to check out the new July 26Th issue of Us Weekly, where in the last pages, I am giving my "Nick Two Cents" in the Fashion Police Section of the magazine. I have been one of the "Fashion Cops" dishing out the "Oh no she didn't!" for almost two years now and let's just say there's always LOTS to write about! In this very hot "Bristol and Levi are getting Married!" issue, I comment on Mary-Kate Olsen's head-wrap turban (very Samantha from "Sex And The City 2" the tween version!) and... Claudia Schiffer's not-so-Supermodel fashion sense. Be sure to check out my every-other week Us Weekly "Fashion Police" installments and see you at the airport newsstands kids!
Saturday, July 17, 2010
THE Dress, The Blue Carpet, the After Party, My Twin...and SHAKIRA video!!!One More Photo Please: Chica Orbit (in Nick Verreos for Orbit Gum Dress) and Nick Verreos, 2010 Premios Juventud Well, the day finally arrived: After several days in Miami, filled with fittings, alterations, adding last minute crystals and some hot-and-humid Miami Premios Juventud pre-events, of course, Thursday was upon us!Presenting Orbit: Nick Verreos before going onto the blue carpet, 2010 Premios Juventud
It was going to be VERY HOT out on the "blue carpet" and so I decided to wear a white jacket, white dress shirt, purple TopMan skinny pants (they were a hit!) , an Etro silk pocket scarf, and I even had David Paul (my Nikolaki partner) make me a custom Orbit Gum Logo Swarovski pin for my lapel (very cute!). Chica Orbit was radiant in my creation: The dress fit perfectly, she looked gorgeous and when she put on the earrings and held her clutch, well, I was a proud Premios Juventud "Prom date"! We were ready to go...In the waiting area, I ran into a bunch of kids who just happened to be the back-up singer/dancers for Shakira's "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" performance which opened the awards show. Some of them recognized me from Project Runway and were big fans so of course we took photos! Now onto the Blue Carpet: Chica Orbit in Nick Verreos Custom for Orbit, 2010 Premios Juventud Here's a view of the Chica Orbit in my "Orbit Print" dress, showing the draped cowl back. In addition to the cocktail dress, the clutch, the earrings and other accessories, I also made a custom pocket scarf, using another print from Orbit's new "retro" collection. Univision's "Fashionista" from El Gordo y la Flaca, Rodner Figueroa (who co-hosted the Pre-Show), wore it.
My Twin? Not Me: Mario Domm (center) of the Mexican band, Camila
During my entire time in Miami, at least TEN people stopped me (on the street, airport workers, even at the Premios Juventud blue carpet!) asking me if I was Mario Domm from the band Camila? I didn't even know who they were (I'm a bit late with the Latin soft-rock music world!) but when I almost got in a fight with a cab driver who INSISTED that I was him, I finally had to Google him to see for myself who my doppelganger was. I guess it's the hair, the skin color and the beard. I'm flattered since I'm sure I could be his (very) older brother! I wonder if he ever gets asked "Are you Nick Verreos from Project Runway?". Doubt it! (laugh out loud)
The After Party: The Scene at the Biltmore Hotel Ballroom, 2010 Premios Juventud After Party Following the blue carpet, we went straight to our seats and watched the entire show. In case you don't know: It was THE highest rated program on Thursday night, beating out ALL four major networks and it was the No. 1 topic on Twitter WORLDWIDE that night! After the show, we got in a special bus, which transported us to the Official Premios Juventud After Party at the historic Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. The Biltmore Ballroom was set up with a dance floor, a DJ, several Open Bars, and even Cirque du Soleil-like dancers/performers in hyper-shocking costumes. Waiters also -passed around delicious hors d'oeuvres like chicken mini quesadillas, fried jumbo shrimp and burger sliders, were passed around for the guests to enjoy. Novela Chica and Chico: Chica Orbit, Rosario Abarca and Mexican actor Eugenio Siller, Biltmore Hotel 2010 Premios Juventud After Party It seemed like "everyone who was everyone"--except maybe Enrique Iglesias and Shakira--were there! I spotted lots of those Mexican Galanes--heartthrob soap-opera actors--and my date , the Chica Orbit was happy when I "forced" her to take photos with them! Nuestra Bellezas: Designer Dannette Sotero, Nick Verreos and Melissa Marty, Biltmore Hotel 2010 Premios Juventud After Party I was also excited to run into Melissa Marty, Nuestra Belleza 2008, who co-hosted a Despierta America Sears segment with me last year. She looked very sexy in a fitted color-blocked dress. I just love her; she was SO sweet and SO happy to see me (and visa versa). Chica Orbit and I ended the night by meeting-and-greeting the "Orbit Gum Girls" who were at the 2010 Premios Juventud After Party, handing out lots of Orbit Gum! Love those bags. Must get one for my next trip to Miami Beach! Until next time kiddies. The EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS:
Chica Orbit and Nick Verreos Make An Entrance:
Shakira Madness on the "blue carpet":
Shakira "Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)" Performance:
Part One: Swarovski Crystals, Hot & Humid Miami...and a Run-In with Miss Universe Stefania Fernandez? Orbit Gum Limo: Nick Verreos rides the limo with "Chica Orbit", Rosario Abarca Last week, I flew to Miami. Why, you may ask? Well, kids, for the last three years, I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Wrigley's and Orbit Gum--the most fashionable gum in the planet thank you very much--in creating perfect red carpet dresses, inspired by Orbit Gum, for Premios Juventud. In 2008, I designed...A very "retro" strapless white silk duchess dress (with an Orbit Gum "Jackie O" pillbox hat of course!). And in 2009... I created this "Orbit Blue" silk jersey Grecian goddess dress above. This time, the clients LOVED the gown I designed for Miss Universe 2009, Stefania Fernandez for People En Español"50 Most Beautiful" gala, that they asked me to create a brand new one, inspired by that one, to highlight the brand new retro-printed boxes Orbit Gum just released. Therefore, for this 2010 Premios Juventud, I designed a one-shoulder with a back draped cowl shorter "cocktail" version of Stefania Fernandez's long, flowing Batwing gown (sketch above). Swarovski Worktable: David Paul's Chica Orbit Accessories-in-the-process Back at my studio in LA--for the last three weeks--I have have been working "feverishly" to create the dress and get the print made. Once again, I enlisted the help of my favorite printer First2Print--LOVE THEM! I also had the AMAZING aid of my Nikolaki design partner, David Paul, who created the perfect silver faux python skin clutch, "Orbit" earrings and bracelets, using HUNDREDS of gorgeous Swarovski Crystallized Elements sequins. Last Tuesday, I arrived to Miami to my "Home Base", the sprawling Loews Hotel and Resort in Miami Beach. It was GORGEOUS (the hotel) and the weather, well, very HOT (95 degrees) and HUMID (70%). The hotel is right on the beach (that was my view!) and features a stunning pool, a fabulous spa and restaurants galore! But no time for that since just a couple hours after dropping my suitcase, it was time for a fitting with my Chica Orbit, the beautiful Peruvian-born Rosario Abarca. Just A Peak: Chica Orbit fitting the Nick Verreos "Premios Juventud 2010" dress and the earrings, Loews Hotel Miami Beach She tried on the dress and it fit PERFECTLY! (this was the first time ever meeting her!). She looked BEAUTIFUL! Like an "Orbit Gum Barbie" come to life! After little minor alterations (close the slit just a little bit) and deciding if the clients liked my custom "Orbit" accessories (they loved them), it was time for a little shopping and sightseeing... Tourist Nick: Nick Verreos poses in front of the former Gianni Versace Mansion, The Villa by Barton G. Of course, I walked into Ocean Drive and ventured to The Villa by Barton G., best known as The Gianni Versace Mansion. I also did a little bit of "retail damage" naturally, but the heat was overpowering my sweat glands and I ran back to the hotel after an hour! I then received a message from my friend Roston Ogata, Creative Director for the Miss Universe Organization (and "Momma Chaperone" to Miss Universe). He was in town, along with Stefania Fernandez Miss Universe 2009, and wanted to hang out. Done and Done, Part DOS! Delicioso: Stefania Fernadez, Miss Universe 2009, eyes her Venezuelan tequeños and empanadas After a shirt-change (remember, it's 95 Degrees and 70 % humidity!), I made my way to The Viceroy Hotel (very fancy-schmancy!) where they were staying and as I arrived Stefania, Roston, and a few friends were at the lobby waiting for me. The friends had brought the STUNNING Stefania (who was in town for some TV shoots) Venezuelan tequeños and empanadas as a "Welcome" care package (yummy!). Viceroy View: Stefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009 and Nick Verreos, The Viceroy Hotel Downtown Miami For my part, I brought her some of my Nikolaki gowns that I took with me to Miami. Maybe she might wear one when she goes to Las Vegas in August for Miss Universe 2010. Who knows? Later that night, I was invited to a Pre-Premios Juventud "VIP Tour" party/concert featuring the very popular Venezuelan reggaeton duo, Chino y Nacho. Stefania LOVES them so she pleaded if she could come. Well, done and done! Hello, she IS Miss Universe after all. Miami Vice: Nick Verreos and Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez, Premios Juventud VIP Tour Pre-Party/Concert We had a great time but called it a night right after Chino y Nacho's performance: Stefania was leaving back to NYC and I had to get some rest for the next day's Premios Juventud Awards Show. I was to help my "muse", the Chica Orbit get ready and styled correctly, as well as walk the blue carpet along with her. Stay tuned for my Recap of the night! Ciao for now.
Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Well, kiddies, it is OFFICIAL: Project Runway Season 8 is about to begin (July 29TH!). I will be in Europe on my Florence Lecture but rest assured I will be watching one way or another (Thank Goodness for the INTERNET!!!). LA Season 8 Casting Buddies: Marie Claire's Zoe Glassner, Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos Yesterday, the complete list of Season 8 Designers/contestants were announced and boy, is it a "colorful" bunch, to say the least (like, Andrae, Daniel Franco, Santino and I weren't colorful!!??). Those names (Casanova? Peach? Mondo?) are SLAYING me!! It's like the names to the new season of "MTV's The Jersey Shore", not Project Runway! Love it! Dapper Twosome: Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos As many of you may know from reading my blog here, I was actually honored enough to be one of the Casting Judges for this season in Los Angeles--along with Tim Gunn and Zoe Glassner of Marie Claire. And we "let through" several talented designers and yesterday, the entire cast was revealed!! Below are four Videos from this new season's contestants and my thoughts on what I saw that day. Enjoy! Michael Costello My Thoughts on Michael: Michael Costello had tried out for several seasons and never made it. Throughout the years, I have actually seen a lot of Michael's designs, befriending him within the "LA Fashion Community" as he kept telling me how much he wanted to be on Project Runway. Well, he showed up again, and with a model I also know, the lovely Suwana Perry. Of course, from the moment he walked in, he was "on" and we all loved his fun bubbly energy, his funny candor about himself and his "quirky" parents and how his mom doesn't know he is gay and still wants to find a nice Greek bride for him (!). Design-wise, he is a "mini-me" of Elie Saab: He never met a bow, a backless asymmetrical drape with sequins, and an exaggerated train (all in one dress!) that he didn't like. His "Achilles Heel" might be trying to "tone it down" and learning how to edit. We'll see... Mondo My Thoughts on Mondo: Mondo tried out last year at the LA Castings, where I was once again a judge, and I told him to "Eat a Burger!" (he's very skinny) and he remembered that. His designs were creative, fun, very Heatherette (his idols). Our complaint was that they were a little "over-designed" but we were impressed with his own unique "look" (these kids come STYLED huney!) and his sewing skills. Speaking of styled, his models were DONE from head-to-toe! So glad that these contestants who try out are going for it--110%--especially when it counts! Sarah Trost My Thoughts on Sarah Trost: I remember that "kitty dress" and boy was it AWFUL! (as my Casting Judge cohort Zoe Glassner concurs in the video above). To be honest, most of her dresses looked rather "homespun" and more appropriate for an old lady residing in a Boca Raton living community. She said her inspirations are Adrian, Schiaparelli and the original Christian Dior, but yet we didn't see any of that in her designs. But they were kinda fun. As you see from above, she was in the "maybe" pile and then it was up to the casting "Gods" to let her in. And they did. We'll see how she does... Christopher Collins My Thoughts on Christopher Collins: First of all, it was such a nice breath of fresh air for a contestant/designer to come into the castings and NOT SAY, that Lady Gaga was their inspiration!!! His designs were simple, classic and "American Sportswear" elegant. Very Jason Wu meets Banana Republic. Is it "earth shaking"? That's arguable. But we loved how humble he was. In a sea of people who think they are "fierce" and dress like it but have nothing to back it up, Christopher's simple clothes and his simple attitude WAS fierce! You can see all the Designer's Casting Videos plus much, much more on Lifetime's Project Runway Website.
Friday, July 09, 2010
Haute Couture Creative "What Is That?": Haute Couture is all about one-of-a-kind creations meant for a rarefied few--either Top actresses who can borrow them for free to wear for Red Carpet events (to get the Designer some publicity) or the 400 or so (yep, that's all!) women from all over the world who can afford to fork up $30,000 for a pantsuit or $100,000+ for a gown. As in any type of fashion, there is a wide spectrum of designs ranging form the sublime and elegant to the "Are You Kidding Me?". Understandingly, a lot of Haute Couture is about designers having "no limits"; going "crazy" as it were and having no limits. With that being said, here are my "Nick Top Picks" for "I am not so sure about that...": Eric Tibusch, a Parisian--by way of French Polynesia--designer who worked with Jean Paul Gaultier, showed a collection for Fall/Winter 2010 that had Reptilian suggestions. Check out those rhinoceros headdresses. Even if you remove those, the ensembles still do not get any better, unfortunately. The light aqua embroidered lace cocktail dress above would certainly prevent you from eating that Caesar Salad you desire at that fabulous cocktail party. I guess it's one way of staying thin. Jean Paul Gaultier showed a fanciful collection--mostly good--but there were some missteps, that I doubt would make it to the Hollywood Red Carpet--or a party in Abu Dhabi for that matter, as seen by the photos above and below... The dead fox is KILLING ME! And maybe not in a good way. The Drag Queens in my 'hood would love this, but well, that's about the extent of it. John Galliano for Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010 did his part as well. I actually LOVE this voluminous violet coat-dress but again, not so sure if this would ever make it on Heidi Klum, Angelina Jolie, or even Dior perfume spokesperson Charlize Theron. The ensemble does give you DRAMA. Points for that.Not sure about this Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2010 deep red silk velvet cowl draped gown as well. For the red carpet, you might see that cowl completely removed, then it might not end up in the "What Was She Thinking" section. Finally, Chanel Fall/Winter 2010 Haute Couture by Karl Lagerfeld. The collection--for the most part--was amazing. But...then he showed this mess of a dress above. Bai Ling would be proud. We'll see what makes it to the red carpet, and what does not!
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