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ICE STYLE.....ISU 2012 World Championships Nice France: Ladies Short Program

Les Dames... Ashley Wagner USA: Wagner ranked the highest score of the two Americans competing (poor Miss Alissa Czisny--she's SIXTEENTH!!)--The red sequined dress to her "Pollock" Short Program for this 2011-2012 Season is pretty and expensive-looking. On a (slightly) negative note: it's a bit "Figure Skating Costume 101" and not so Fashion-creative. Speaking of Alissa...Even though she didn't do so well at the 2012 Nice World Championships, I still LOVE her serenely elegant back silver sequined costume--it's a "throw back" to those simple Vera Wang numbers.
Nice France
The ISU 2012 World Figure Skating Championships are occurring in Nice France and in my last posting, I wrote about the Short Dance Costumes of the Latin-Fabuloso Ice Dancers and now, it's the Ladies' turn...They just did their Short Programs. If you've been a fan and a follower of International Figure Skating Competitions (and my blog here), in terms of costumes, there was nothing really new (the costume changes usually happen with the Ice Dancers) but there was still enough color and fashion worthy of some "Nick Two Cents": Alena Leonova Russia: Skating to "Sirens" and "Pirates of the Caribbean", Leonova's costume reflected her music perfectly. It's rare to see a "pant's-costume" in International Ladies Figure Skating Competition, so I give her 'Nick Points" for going there. I've seen this costume on her so many times now, that I am just DYING to see something add some Swarovski crystals to that vest!!!! Or at least begin with a big ol' Pirate hat and then swoosh it off into the audience when you begin...something! Kanako Murakami Japan: The top Japanese skater (so far after the Short Program), Murakami skated to "Violin Partita No. 2" by Johann Sebastian Bach. Her swirly lilac sequined costume is OK--nothing too "Japanese Vogue Magazine"-fashion earthshaking...but just OK. I'd like to see something more modern and fashion-forward, especially when skating to such classical music. Carolina Kostner Italy: in Third Place after the Short Program Results, Miss Kostner wears this neon green and sequined number for her "Allegretto From Trio. No. 2" skate. Love the bright color and asymmetry of the style lines. However, I want to see more Cavalli or Dolce & Gabbana and less Torino Italia Skating Store . Mao Asada Japan: Skating to "Scheherazade", Asada wore this baby blue costume with tassels, gold trim, embroidery and diamante crystal details...I have to say, that I miss this Pantaloon costume which she wore for the NHK Grand Prix back in November 2011: I like this costume much better. It's daring. Fits the music, theme, and stands out far more--in a better way--than the baby blue number. Sarah Hecken of Germany: I'll give you one guess as to what music she is skating to in this red and black with tassels and rose applique costume....If you thought "Carmen" by Bizet, well, you were wrong. It was to "Malaguena" by Ernesto Lecuona. It looks very much like a Spanish mantilla and therefore, I like it! Ksenia Makarova Russia: To her Short Program of "Maria and the Violin's String", Makarova wore a powder blue costume with delicate crystal beading that is both modern and elegant. I like its simplicity and lack of "Toddlers & Tiara's" details. She gets an "A" in my Figure Skating Costume Book! Although she gets a big deduction for that one nude illusion glove! Maybe she hurt herself and it is a wrist brace and she decided to add some Swarovski Crystals?! If that is the case, then she is back up to an "A"! Valentina Marchei Italy: Skating to "Johnny's Mambo" , her red-and-silver costume strikes me as something one would see from the Ice Dancers. And this is why I'm a fan! It's both tacky and Fab--at the same time. Love the torso sequin detail and then the skirt is all "Fire-and-Ice" with it's "shredded" fabric. The thing that throws me off is the "look at my crotch" applique in the center front of the skirt... Valentina, we might not want to focus there!!!

ICE STYLE.....ISU 2012 World Championships of Figure Skating: ICE DANCE!

Bonjour Nice!
Oh Canada: Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in their Short Dance Costumes, 2012 ISU World Figure Skating Championships Nice France
Hello Figure Skating aficionados--as well as KRAZEE Figure Skating Costumes fans: It's time for some more Figure Skating Costumes Fashion Fun... The ISU 2012 World Figure Skating Championships are happening (March 26-April 1) as I BLOG, in (of all places) sunny and beach-y--and very A-List and expensive--Nice France: And, before any of y'all think I flew out there to see these Championships and partake in South-of-France Resort vacation....not so mucheyyyy, I am still in LA living vicariously through the costumes clad skaters at these Championships! But you know who is there: Princess Caroline of Hanover, her daughter Alexandra (in peach-colored skirt and striped blue-black top) and three-time World Championship silver medalist Surya Bonaly--yes, MISS Surya "back-flip" Bonaly (as well as Olympic Champion French-Russian Ice Dancer Marina Anissina with bright orange-red hair). Miss Surya donned a powder-blue suit with a two-sizes too big cropped jacket (why are those sleeves so, umm, big???). Her suit looks very Chanel Vintage 1984--and not in a good Vintage Chanel way. On a good note: very Pan Am Flight Attendant Chic! Naturally Princess Caroline in her navy pea coat, striped dress shirt, and BIG Ol' purse, looked FAB! So let's get started on one of my favorite fashion topics: the Ice Dance Costumes--Short Dance Highlights: Virtue and Moir Canada: Canada's "Golden Dance Couple", Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, did their "thang" during the Short Dance to "Hip Hip Chin Chin", "Temptation" and "Mujer Latina" (it's a Latin Dance Theme this 2011-2012 Season, in case you were out of the loop, kids!). Even though I am NOT a fan of the Ice Dance (and Pairs) Men just wearing an all-black look, Scott does look HOT! Tessa's raspberry-colored and sequined halter and strappy styled dress (which she debuted at Four Continents) is a bit on the "Happy Hands at Home" for me and well, not Latina Sophisticated enough. Just my "Figure Skating Costume" two cents... Davis and White USA: I've said this before and I'll say it again: LOVE THEM!!! I've discussed these costumes before so I won't take BLOG time here so you'll just have to read my reviews HERE. Weaver and Poje Canada: I just can't get enough of these two! I don't know what animal prints have to do with their "Historia de un Amor" and "Batacuda" Samba and Rhumba music, but heck...I don't care! Love her fringed zebra black-and-gold printed dress and his asymmetrically bedazzled jumpsuit. These two belong together, and look like a perfectly-costumed Ice Dance team. And that's it! Pechalat and Bourzat France: Their Short Dance musical theme was "Carnival in Rio". I liked her sequined blue, silver and neon apple green dress, even though, yes, it's a bit on the "Huneeeyyyy, you've had a few too many Cointreau's!" Fabian Bourzat's look is too disheveled. I abhor the un-tucked shirt look (even OUT on the ICE!) and here, he looks like it's 4am and he cannot find his way home from his late-night "Cirque du Soleil" stint. Hurtado and Diaz Spain: They are currently EIGHTEENTH on the official ISU Results after their Short Dance. For their Short Dance, they skated to Brazilian Sergio Mendes' "Mas que Nada" and "Magalenha" and yes, I have high Costume Hopes for these Spaniards. For one, they are already LATINO!!! And they brought terms of color. I love the peach and neon apple green colors of Sara Hurtado's crystal-encrusted halter dress. But it is a bit on the "Toddlers & Tiaras" side (the center front bust bandeau piece is SO unnecessary and costume low-rent). I did like that her partner Adrià Diaz, did not do an all-black look but matched her. Ilinykh and Katsalapov Russia: For their Latin-inspired Short Dance, they skated to "Hip Hip Chin Chin", "Mas que Nada" and "Mujer Latina"--almost the same as Canada's Virtue and Moir. But their costumes couldn't be more opposite. Elena is Supermodel beautiful and she showed off her flawless body in this black asymmetrical open side-back dress. She looked AMAZING! And love that sleek chignon BTW! Nikita: well, you know what I think of those all-black men's costumes. I'll give him some "Nick Points" for the plunging deep-V neck shirt. Shibutani and Shibutani USA: Brother and sister Ice Dance team Maia and Alex Shibutani changed their Short Dance Costumes for this season's ISU 2012 World Figure Skating Championships (well, Maia did!). To their "Batucada", "Skip to the Bip" and "Jazz Machine" Short Dance for this Nice World Championship, Maia donned a violet-colored costume featuring a sweetheart neckline with gold coin-and-sequined detail. It was a change from this: What she wore at the 2012 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships last month in Colorado (above photo). Same color, different style. I like the Nice France version better. Good Costume Change Maia! Stay tuned for more "Nick Figure Skating Costume Two Cents"!!!

NICK HOSTS.....Macy's Fashion Challenge at Miami International Mall THIS Saturday!


Miami Fabulosas!!!
Nick Stylista: Nick Verreos to host Macy's "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" Event at Miami International Mall
I'm so excited to announce that I will be flying to one of my MOST FAVORITE CITIES in the U.S.A., Miami, to host one of my fun-and-fabulous Macy's events. For several years now, I've been happy--and very humbled--to be asked by Macy's to host these great in-store Fashion events. Almost two years ago, I had such a BLAST hosting a Macy's Fashion's Night Out event in Miami. So yes Miami....I am BAAACK!!!! This coming Saturday--March 31st--I am hosting a fun "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge" event at Miami's International Mall located in Miami (naturalmente) and only 7 miles from the Miami International Airport. I will pick select customers from the audience for a Fashion Face-Off!! Those audience members will then be styling models for different scenarios (like "What to Wear for a Job Interview" or "What to Wear for a Girls-Night-Out"). Then, the audience will help in choosing the winning Stylista. The lucky winner will win a $100 Macy's Gift Card!!! During the event, I will also share my fashion "Nick Do’s and Dont's" and tips for Spring 2012 fashion. And Si kids, I will be doing it en español for my Latino audience (well, I might sprinkle some English here and there of course!!). There will also be makeup artists from Estee Lauder on hand giving free consultations. So...if you live in the Miami better come out and see me, get some "Nick Style Tips", have a chance to win some Macy's Gift Cards, and yes, I am bringing my Camera, will also have chance to end up on my "Nick Blog Recap" here next week!!! WHAT: Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's "Find Your Magic: Fashion Challenge"

WHERE: Macy's , Miami International Mall West Dade,
1455 NW 107th Avenue Miami, FL 33172

WHEN: Saturday March 31, 2012 , 3 p.m.

RSVP:You can RSVP HERE or just come!! For More Information, call 305-594-6300

NICK APPEARANCES....."Healthy U" Expo Indiana: RECAP!

Northwest Indiana Style Love...
Hello Fabulous: Nick Verreos poses with attendees of "Healthy U " Merrillville Indiana The Avalon Manor
This past weekend, I flew to Northwest Indiana for an appearance at the Creative Solutionz First Annual Healthy U in Merrillville Indiana. In addition to my appearance, I was giving a lecture entitled "Me, My Shape & I", a presentation about how to dress for different body types and what shapes, styles and fashions work best. To get there from Los Angeles--my home--well, I had to fly into Chicago O'Hare International Airport. I knew it was going to be a good flight when, at LAX, I saw that my Virgin America aircraft was titled "Runway Angel"---Love it!
VIP Pick Up: Nick Verreos, the stretch white limo...and Owen Johnson, Five Star Limousine Service driver
I finally arrived--the night before my event--and a fabulously long white stretch limousine from Five Star Limousine Service picked me up and then took me to Merrillville Indiana, about an hour and half from Chicago. I felt very VIP!! Owen, my driver was so much fun and made the ride feel like it was only 15 minutes--The Best!! Upon arriving at the Radisson Hotel at the Star Plaza in Merrillville, I walked in and saw this AMAZING indoor pool (with waterfall!) and kids swimming in it (it must have been 10PM!) and I made a mental note: next time BRING a SWIMSUIT!!!! The following day I was ready for my appearance and Style Seminar!! I arrived at the Avalon Manor--site of the First Annual Healthy U Expo--and I was immediately greeted by "Nick fans" (didn't realize I had any!) and the entire staff...
Healthy U Welcome: Nick Verreos and the "Healthy U" staff
Including Lourdes Castellanos, President and Organizer of the event as well as her daughter and son, Amanda and Nicolas Martinez...even her Mommie was there to say "Welcome!". Before my lecture, I had some time for some special photo-op's with those aforementioned "Nick Fans":
Indiana Cute: Nick Verreos at First Annual Healthy U Merrillville Indiana, Avalon Manor with Kathleen Quilligan (right) and Rachel Lieske (left)
Indiana Fashionistas: Nick Verreos with Jenn Denny and Autumn Bird-Dexter, First Annual Healthy U Merrillville Indiana, Avalon Manor
Fab Potions: Nick Verreos at the Freda's Potions section--Healthy U Expo, Merrillville Indiana, Avalon Manor
Besides all the various vendors present (and there were many!), I was so excited when I saw Freda's Potions -- I just love their Sea Salt Scrubs! There's nothing more that I LOVE than a good Body Scrub huney! (OK, maybe that and some Vuitton luggage and Gucci boots). But soon, it was time for me to be onstage and do my Lecturin' and Power Point duties:
Nick Verreos on stage, First Annual Healthy U Merrillville Indiana, Avalon Manor
I gave an hour+ long lecture entitled "Me, My Shape & I" about fashion and styles for different body types and essentially what works best for both the ladies--and men! I am not just tootin' my own horn but...the audience LOVED it!!! (or so they told me later!). I could just see--as my seminar was happening how the audience's faces were having those Style "Ah Ha" moments.
Right after my seminar, I asked if the attendees would pose with me...and then I got on top of a chair and posed--See photo above...
Nick Verreos and Healthy U attendee (with his own custom-designed vest!) First Annual Healthy U Merrillville Indiana, Avalon Manor
Cinch It Huney: Nick Verreos Meet-and-Greet Post-Lecture, First Annual Healthy U Merrillville Indiana, Avalon Manor
Red Carpet Goodbye--Indiana Style: Nick Verreos and Owen Johnson of Five Star Limousine Service
I had an absolute blast doing my lecture and educating the audience on style, fashion and what styles would work best for their body types. The special meet-and-greet afterward was especially wonderful because I was able to give one-on-one advice to the attendees. Soon, it was time for me to catch my "VIP" ride back to the Chicago O'Hare International Airport and head back home to Los Angeles...A special Thank You to Eddie Castellanos, my "handler" (he he!) and photographer--but more importantly... Thank You Northwest Indiana and thank you Healthy U for having me!!! Until next time, Stay Fabulous and Fashionable!!

WHO WORE WHAT?.....2012 GLAAD Media Awards NYC: Tracey Gold in NIKOLAKI

Actress Tracey Gold in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul, 2012 GLAAD Media Awards NYC
Last night, the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards kicked off in New York City with a gala event hosted by "Glee" stars Naya Rivera and Corey Monteith at the New York Marriott Marquis. The GLAAD Media Awards celebrate and recognize the best of the best in LGBT-inclusive journalism, film, music, television, and more. Awards were handed out in a number of categories including Outstanding Magazine Overall Coverage, won by The Advocate/Out, Outstanding Music Artist, won by Lady Gaga for her album "Born This Way" and Outstanding Talk Show Episode, won by "The Oprah Winfrey Show" for the episode "Coming Out on the Oprah Show: 25 Years of Unforgettable Guests."
Sexy Back: Actress Tracey Gold in NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul, 2012 GLAAD Media Awards NYC
NIKOLAKI Spring 2012 bias-cut sequined cowl-back dress
I was so excited top find out that actress Tracey Gold (who of course we all know from the hit sitcom "Growing Pains") wore one of my NIKOLAKI Collection designs to attend and present at last night's 2012 GLAAD Awards NYC. Last week, she came by my Atelier/Studio and tried on several dresses and well, we all decided on this one for it's shiny-shiny "Disco-Fab" effect. I just thought it was ideal for an event like the GLAAD Media Awards. It's a silver-and-gold sequined bias-cut dress featuring three-quarter sleeves, a high bateau neckline and sexy deep cowl back. I think she looked hot, hot, hot!!! Tracey Gold presented along with Carson Kressley (both seen above)--who accepted the "Outstanding Reality Program" award for winner "Dancing With The Stars" at last night's GLAAD Media Awards NYC. Gold, made the news not too long ago, after opposing her "Growing Pains" co-star Kirk Cameron's anti-gay comments. You Go Girl!!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos and Jeannie Mai Host "Project Runway Style-a-Thon" Style Network

Runway Style-a-Thon Sunday...
Jeannie Mai and Nick Verreos, hosts of Style Network's "Project Runway Style-a-Thon"
Several months back, I had the pleasure of filming some fun TV segments with Jeannie Mai, host of Style Network's "How Do I Look?" in which we co-hosted and introduced the "Project Runway Style-a-Thon" on Style Network, which the network shows every now and then. Well kids, TOMORROW is one of those "every now and then's"!!! And Jeannie and I will be on to introduce a Sunday's worth of Project Runway, Season 4 to be exact, yes, the one Christian Siriano won (sorry to give it away, but I think y'all know by now!) Click Below for a Fun Behind-The-Scenes Video of our Style Network Shoot--Jeannie Mai and Nick Verreos "Project Runway Inside Dish":
And Check out Jeannie Mai's "Jewelry Table" from the shoot (I know she fancy!):
And take a look at Jeannie Mai's rack...of clothes (what were you thinkin'?) which her stylist pulled for her to wear--well, to chose one outfit from (Fancy Part Deux!):
So, don't forget: What: Jeannie Mai & Nick Verreos Host Style Network's "Project Runway Style-a-Thon" When: Tomorrow, Sunday March 25th...ALL DAY! Where: Style Network, beginning at 9 a.m. PST/EST, check local cable listings or click HERE