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ICE STYLE.....2014 Rostelecom Cup Figure Skating Costumes: LADIES, MEN

Ladies Classic and Men Slashed: (L to R) Canada's Alaine Chartrand and Russia's Sergei Voronov, both in their Free Skate Costumes--2014 Rostelecom Cup, Moscow Russia

This past weekend was the fourth of six ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating events/competitions--the 2014 Rostelecom Cup, named after Russia's leading long-distance telephone provider and telecommunications giant. Also known as the Cup of Russia, the Rostelecom Cup was held in Moscow, Russia (of course), at the Small Sports Arena of Luzhniki.

As it has been the case for several seasons now, I have been commenting on the costumes of the Grand Prix season and this year, was no exception, of course. If you want to catch up on my comments so far for 2014 Skate America, 2014 Skate Canada and 2014 Lexus Cup of China, just scroll down here on the blog or search "Ice Style" on the right hand search bar. Anyhow, time to discuss the first part of my 2014 Rostelecom Cup Costumes.

Let's begin with the LADIES:

Anna Pogorilaya of Russia: I've discussed this colorful "Firebird Ballet Suite" costume already in my "Skate Canada 2014" Costume Recap HERE

Eliksa Brezinova of Czech Republic: Eliksa, who happens to be the sister of 2013 European bronze medalist Michel Brezina, wore this costume for her Short Program to "Megapolis" by Bel Souna. The costume was a bit "Toddlers & Tiaras" and a bit "Three Musketeers". I got the hard-and-soft aspects but I still felt it was a bit discombobulated in its design.

Joshi Helgesson of  Sweden: The only skater to compete from Sweden at this year's Rostelecom Cup, Joshi wore this for her Short Program to "Black Bird" by Paul McCartney. The costume featured a black dress with hot pink underskirt and nude and black side torso and sleeve panels with silver crystals accenting it. I liked the graphic-ness of the black against the hot pink and the panels read as big bold stripes which I think helped the costume--especially for those seeing it from the cheap nose-bleed seats, but...(there's a "but") it looked two seconds from being rather cheap and "Cirque du Soleil"--the high school musical version.

Maria Artemieva of Russia: Maria skated her Short Program to the Tango from "Coco Before Chanel Soundtrack" and "Eye" by Coba. I thought this black and silver one-shoulder-like costume was an elegantly chic design which made sense since she was skating to a soundtrack of one of the most chic women of history, Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel. It was understated, sublime and quiet in its fabulousness. Less IS more, when it came to this costume!

Maria Stavitskaia of Russia: 17-year old Maria skated her Free Skate to "Don Quixote" by Leon Minkus. The black velvet with coral colored cascading skirt and same-colored sequin applique was very "Don Quixote" and read as EspaƱa for sure! I liked this costume but what threw me off were the ice skates. I wish that they were white. Not sure why, but something about the beige/nude color threw me off. Especially against her bold black and coral colored costume. I know she can't change the color based on her costume, but white would have worked better in my eyes.

Rika Hongo of Japan: Rika wore this deep violet costume for her Short Program to "Le Corsaire" by Adolphe Adam and Leon Minkus. I thought this was an exotically pretty costume mixing elements of a traditional Ladies Figure Skating costume with some Near East elements of the famous ballet (the bicep arm bands, the center front high-hip draping). Overall, this was a nice costume job!

Free Skate to "Carmen" by Georges Bizet. Rika wore this red and black costume to her skate to "Carmen". I've seen one too many "Carmen" figure skating costumes. This one does not excite me or make me think "Oh! Now, there's a different take on 'Carmen'!"'s just "Meh"; nothing spectacular, nothing bad. Just in between.

Alaine Chartrand of Canada: Alaine skated her Free Skate to "Doctor Zhivago" soundtrack by Maurice Jarre. This baby blue colored costume featured "icicle"-like sequined detail and elbow-length gloves. For such a strong, iconic soundtrack (and theme) as "Doctor Zhivago", I have to say, this could have been more refined, more elegant and overall, much better. It seemed a bit Disney's "Frozen".

Ashley Cain of the USA: I commented on what USA's Ashley Cain wore for her "Evita" soundtrack Free Skate already for my 2014 Lexus Cup of China Ladies Costume blog HERE. However, I realized, she changed her costume. For this weekend's Rostelecom Cup, she wore this white with black trim costume in the top photo whereas the Cup of China costume is the one right above. Ashley skated in China only 1 week ago. So, it makes sense for her to have another option. I, personally wouldn't want to wear the same STINKY costume I wore the weekend before. Maybe that's why she had another choice. I like the Cup of China one better. What do you guys think?

MEN: I have already discussed many of the MEN costumes of this season's Grand Prix including...

Jason Brown of the USA, Free Skate: You can read my review of his Free Skate costume in my 2014 Skate America Costume Recap blog HERE . The one thing that he did (costume) different was to (Thank Goodness!) remove these Band-Aid like things that were part of his Skate America 2014 costume pants as you can see from the bottom photo above.

Javier Fernandez: I've talked about Javi's Free Skate costume to "Barber of Seville" already--click HERE in my 2014 Skate Canada Costume Recap blog

Max Aaron: I've commented on Max's Free Skate costume HERE in my 2014 Skate Canada Costume blog.

Ivan Righini of Italy: The only Italian figure skater to compete in this season's 2014-2015 Rostelecom Cup, Ivan Righini is a Costume DIVO! I Love that he embraces costumes and costume design and take s it 110%. The black-and-white Liza Minnelli-esque sequined and Lycra costume above he wore for his Short Program to "Thriller" and "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson. Leave it to me, it was more Liza Minnelli and less Michael Jackson. But yes, the black and white gloves should have changed my mind (as well as the music of course!). Whether it was Liza or Michael...well done Ivan!

Ivan Righini of Italy Free Skate to "I Did It My Way" performed by Frank Sinatra, "L.O.V.E." by Nat King Cole, and "I Love You Baby" performed by Frank Sinatra. Ivan wore a navy metallic blue, silver vest/jacket, black pants, white dress shirt and black gloves costume for this Free Skate. There was A LOT to this but I enjoyed it.

Michal Brezina of Czech Republic: Michal skated his Free Skate to "The Marriage of Figaro" by Mozart. I loved this costume. The intricacy of the jacket and vest's royal blue velvet with gold embroidery was superb. I also liked the pants and how they tapered to a more fitted silhouette below the knee with the gold button accents. How do you say "Excellent" in Czech?

Misha Ge of Uzbekhistan: Misha is one of my FAVORITE figure skaters! I even follow him on Twitter and Instagram; and I do because he loves a good costume! Misha did not disappoint this season. For his Short Program to "Ave Maria", he wore this costume above. I love that it's both Jesus Cray-Cray and Costume fab at the same time.; the gold ribbon criss-cross trim, the red sequin accents, the side draped and knotted blouson top, the arm applique detail...I absolutely LOVE it! Go @mikibear8

Free Skate to "Umbrellas of Cherbourg" (soundtrack) by Michel Legrand: Misha skated his Free Skate to this music wearing an original costume featuring a top with the tagline "If It Takes Forever. I Will Wait For You". There was also a face and crystals in the top. I loved this costume. While he was skating, I wanted to read his shirt and wanted to know more. 

Sergei Voronov of Russia: Sergei wore this "Rockin' Slashed" costume for his Free Skate to "It's a Men's World" by James Brown, "Come Together" by Marcus Miller, "At Last" by Kenny G and "Big Time Boppin’ (Go Man Go)" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy--He wore a slashed long sleeve top (with nude illusion lining) and leather-like Lycra pants with ribbed knit knee details. This look was very "out there" but it worked for the music and his skate. 

**Up Next: 2014 Rostelecom Cup PAIRS and ICE DANCE Costume Recap Highlights!

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