Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Bryant Park Shows: Jay's Debut!!! Sorry for the delay in posting this but I have been in MOVING HELL!!! I am moving my entire Los Feliz Studio to a hot new Downtown Los Angeles Studio/Showroom. It took a record-breaking 14 hours for the movers. Not pretty!!! But I digress. When I was in New York City for the Project Runway Finale Fashion Show a couple of weeks back, I was also invited by Jay McCarroll and his fabulous PR Diva, Nancy Kane, from People's Revolution to Jay's show at the "Atelier" tent of Bryant Park. I was seated Front Row!! (not Third , like at the PR Finale) and my "date" was my Season 2 alumni, Daniel Vosovic. In typical "Jay-esque" manner, the rest of the front-row roster was quite quirky, including among others, gay porn star, Michael Lucas (I am not kidding!!). Don't ask me how I know this, by the way. My partner, David, was seated next to him , which actually made me a bit nervous to say the least. The show began and immediately I almost wanted to jump out of my seat, when the strains of Pet Shop Boys' "West End Girls" pounded loudly through the speakers. Needless to say, I think I was singing so loudly that Daniel began kicking me under the chair. Dominican Supermodel, Omahyra, opened the show and from that moment it was ALL JAY for 12 minutes!! Even 80's Jean-Paul Gaultier muse, Eve, made a rare appearance. I loved it! His Spring 2007 collection was fun, fresh, sexy and very forward with a nod to the Sixties Mod Era. Jay paired each outfit with great accessories including oversized sunglasses a la Mary-Kate Olsen and Nicole Ritchie, divine "Spage-Age " helmets and over-the-top wigs that would have made the late Divine blush. The colors, the prints, they were all Jay McCarroll. There were a pair of men's "Hot Air Balloon" -print denim jeans that I would love to own--Are you reading this Jay?? Speaking of men: one of the models was none other than my "other" boyfriend, Project Runway producer extraordinaire, Michael Rucker (check out his blogs on I had no idea that he was modeling for Jay and when I recognized him, I just about acted like a little girl at a Clay Aiken concert. He looked hot! Congrats Jay on a wonderfully entertaining show, and for showing great wearable clothes as well!!! And thanks for the Front Row Invitation and thanks for paving the road for all Project Runway designers who come after Season One.
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Jacket Required Click HERE to purchase tickets for Front Row the latest in men's fashion Thursday, September 21 I Neiman Marcus - Beverly Hills 7pm Cocktails and Silent Auction l 8pm Fashion show and Dinner following the show complimentary drinks throughout the evening l Valet parking $150 for individual tickets I $1,500 for a table of ten - ONLY THREE TABLES LEFT! Featured Guests Include:

Nick Verreos Featured designer from Bravo’s Project Runway, Season 2

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Project Runway Season 3 Finale I just returned from my week in New York City, where I attended the Bryant Park Show of the "Project Runway Season 3" Finalists. When I arrived , the weather in NY was wonderful: sunny and a bit balmy. I went shopping for an outfit --not that I did not bring a Louis Vuitton (faux) suitcase full of choices but, of course, being the clothes "ho" that I am, I needed just another choice! I made my religious pilgrimage to Zara and H&M and purchased a great jacket and a Winter scarf. Friday, the day of the show, arrived, and the weather changed considerably to rainy and dark. I don't know if this was an ominous sign in terms of the fashions that I would see once inside the tents, but I hoped not. These were the Spring Collections, after all, so I expected bright colors, sunny dispositions on the super skinny models (this isn't Madrid after all!) and lots of skin-baring dresses! Once I arrived in the Tents, I spotted my Season 2 buddies, winner Chloe Dao as well as Raymundo Baltazar. We immediately did our "Hey Girls!!" and made our way to the show. At the entrance, we also saw the Blogging Project Runway team: Laura K, T-Bone and Scarlett. Well, this was almost like a Homecoming of sorts. I was already feeling a bit nostalgic and sad about "letting go of our season" to make room for the "new kids on the block", but seeing the Blogging Project Runway crew and their genuine smiles on their faces made me feel I was home. I cannot say this enough: they are AMAZING!! Bravo needs to pay for their children's college funds because of what they have done to the world of "Project Runway". I also met Vincent for the first time and chatted with him for a while. He was really nice and excited to see the Finalists' creaions. I made sure that I wasn't seated near him during the show, just in case he ever got "turned on" by any of the dresses that went down the runway! Now, onto the Tent where the Finale was occurring. First, there was the "hiarchy" of the seating: We (Season 2) were all seated in the third row, while this season, understandably were seated in front of us, in Row 2. Only Daniel Vosovic and Chloe were in the Front Row, next to the VIP's, judges Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, Heidi Klum and guest judge, Fern Mallis, Director of Seventh on Sixth. This seating commentary is note a dig, believe me. I was happy to have a seat in all the madness and actually more suprised for the Season 2 designers for having to sit in Row 2! Most of Season 2 and Season 3 designers were in attendance, with the notable absences of fellow Angelenos, Santino and Andre. They were both missed. What did I think of the show, you may ask? To begin with, there was no "clear winner" per se, as in Season One's Jay McCarroll. I will say that , for me, Uli's collection was a standout. I loved it. Her gowns literally floated on the runway. Light as air, sexy as a Grecian Goddess. I almost jumped out of my chair when one strapless beaded and chiffon gown glided through the show. I gasped and the audience broke into spontaneous applause. In fact , most of her pieces were applauded. If there is one criticism, I could see the judges saying it was a little "Roberto Cavalli-esque" and we have seen it before. Jeffrey's collection was original. I could not reference it to another designer, which is a good thing. I must admit, Jeffrey's aesthetic is not my aesthetic. However, I believe Jeffrey did a great job. It did not grab me immediately, but after seeing photos later , I liked it a bit more. If I was one of the judges, I would have to say, that of all three designers, his had the most forward, contemporary vision. You know how those judges love that word: Vision. My favorite was a striped jacket outfit. On the other hand, he did a couple of baby doll-style dresses that were a bit of a mess. His strength (to my amateur judging eyes) was in the tailored pieces. Laura's collection was elegant. It was as if Oscar De la Renta merged with Michael Kors. They were impeccably made, with luxurous looking fabrics. Most of the pieces had intricate beading into supple fabrications. My favorite piece was a short dress that at first , looked like it had feathers at the hem. With closer inspection, you realized the feathers were actually paillete sequins! Unbelievable. There was one outfit though which made some people in the audience go "Huh?: A strapless see-through lace outfit with the bra pads showing. Favorite to win , Michael was a disappointment to many in the audience. I really liked him on the show and wanted him to "Bring It"! I overheard several people saying it looked very"Baby Phat" and Donatella Versace-esque. I thought it was sexy and very him. But I could understand those aforementioned references. After the show, I went backstage to say "Hello" to some old friends (make up artists, hair Diva, Nathaniel) as well as models Danielle (Andre's model), who modeled for Michael, and Marilinda, Jeffrey's gorgeous and power-runway princess. I also ran into Heidi Klum, who posed for a photo with me, looking perfectly gorgeous, as always. We then sauntered over to a Special "Project Runway Finale Brunch" at the Bryant Park Grill just a few steps from where the show was held. This was the perfect way to end the morning: A buffet brunch and LOTS of Mimosas. Needless to say, Uncle Nick was a very "happy camper". Next stop: a power nap and Jay McCarroll's much-anticipated show. Memo to Nick: I need an OUTFIT CHANGE!!!!!!!
Thursday, September 14, 2006
...And the Fitfth Runner Up is: KAYNE!! This was the episode I was waiting for all Summer: Who would I pass my "Fifth Runner Up" crown to? Who would replace "Uncle Nick"? Well, it was the young bubbly Southern pageant boy, wouldn't you know it! I helped cast him back in Chicago and he get's auf'd the same time I did last season. Coincidence? Maybe. Read my Recap of last night's episode. On another note, I have arrived in NY and have already gotten into the swing of things. Last night, I went with my NY friend and "Host Extarordinaire", Louie, to "Florent" in the Meatpacking for a yummy dinner. On the way, several fashionably-clad women yelled "Nick Are you on your way to THE SHOW?". I was wondering, "What Show?" Then , a familiar voice from Yellow Cab called out my name as well: It was "Dirty" Diana Eng! Who would have thunk it? She was coming back from seeing THE SHOW. So, I asked , "What show?" : It was Zulema's fashion show! Needless to say, I did not get an invitation. After dinner I met up with the fabulous model, Danielle (Andrae's model) at The Gansevoort rooftop bar. The bar was filled with lots of "suits". I expected "post-NY fashion Week" scene but got "after party for an accounting firm"! Danielle had also just modeled Zulema's show and gave me some DIRT regarding tomorrow's Final Project Runway Fashion Show. I will be there with "bells" on!!! Can't wait to see what the Final Three, or Four , will do. And don't forget to stop by the fabulously chic Trunk Show Kara, Chloe, Emmett,Alison, and I will be having at the EMc2 boutique on Saturday. The unflappable Tim Gunn will be there looking on like a Proud Papa! I Love NY!! Click on The Title to read my recap
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
SEATTLE WEEKEND This past weekend, I was invited to Seattle, Washington to attend the Finale Fashion Show of The International Academy of Design and Technology (IADT) as a Special Guest as well as do a Workshop for the students. This was my first time in Seattle and I have to say, I have fallen in love with the city! As the plane was descending, it took an amazing full "U-Turn" view of the city--From above I got a "mini-tour" of what I would later see down below: the famous Space Needle, the wonderous architecture of the Sports Stadiums, the harbor and its Cruise Ships and the Boeing plants. It was gorgeous from up above. The weather was also beautiful. Not exactly what you would expect from seattle. It was sunny and everyone was in shorts and flip flops! I expected dark and rainy. Friday night was the Finale Fashion Show, dubbed "Le Mode". It was a presentation of all the final design work of many of the students from the school. It was not your typical runway show, more of a theater presentation, with "actors", dancers and stories to tell, set with a "silent movie"-era theme. Afterwards , after a wonderful introduction by the Dean of Fashion, Monir, I was invited onstage , where I said a few words regarding the importance of schools such as this and the need for students to showcase their designs. There was an after-party where I got to sign what felt like HUNDREDS of autographs and take many photos with the invited guests and students. The next day , I did a Workshop at the campus of IADT. The school itself is barely two years old and was stocked with enviable spankin' new sewing machines and model-forms in every shape and size. I was really impressed with the superb workrooms and state-of-the-art equiptment. There were even seperate "PC" and "MAC" rooms. In the Workshop, I spoke on how to get the most out of design school, how to get started in the fashion industry, and the "dos and don'ts" of starting your own line. IADT students and attending instructors alike felt that it was a worthwhile two hours. After the workshop, David and I met with a friend of ours that lives in Seattle, Cindy. She was happy to give us a driving scenic tour of this beautiful city. We first had an amazing lunch at the Sazerac Restaurant located at The Hotel Monaco, then we sauntered to Pike Market, famous for the fish throwing that occurs there. We also drove through all of Seattle's picturesque neighborhoods and even saw Bill Gates' (creator of Microsoft) estate. Eventually, we even visited a local mall, Bellevue, where we made a pit-stop at a store called "Lush", a unique beauty experience of unpackaged products, delicious smells and the friendliest staff. So nice were they at Lush in Bellevue that they handed me a large Gift filled with the best of Lush's products!! Well, that's one way to get to Uncle Nick: A box filled with skin care and bath products! Needless to say, I love me some Lush. We ended our Seattle weekend with a night out on the town. Another friend of mine, originally from Venezuela, but relocated to Seattle, took much pride in showing us some of the eclectic nightlife Seattle had to offer within the Capitol Hill neighborhood. We had drinks at a brand new bar called "Purr" and then headed to "The Chapel", a bar located in a former mortuary. Yes, I said : mortuary. Think "Six Feet Under" meets "Herman Miller" interior styling. my short time in Seattle, I became a "Seattle convert". It was a gorgeous city--it reminded me of San Francisco BUT cleaner, if you can believe that. My Seattle friends were so eager to show us their town and now I can understand why. You never get this sort of eagerness from Angelenos to show an out-of-towner Los Angeles. They did remind us, however, that as beautiful as Seattle was to us , it has a "darker side" believe it or not--they said: "There's a reason why Kurt Cobain came from here..." Well, nevertheless, I was ready to move! As we were landing back in LA, David and I basically let out an under-our-breath remark about the nasty smog yellow color of the LA sky, and how unattractive this city is, compared to green and picturesque Seattle. All in all, a quick yet wonderful weekend in Seattle.
Thursday, September 07, 2006
Semi- Haute Couture: Recap This episode was a doozy: From the egg-throwing kid, to Vincent flirting and schmoozing with designer guest judge Catherine Malandrino to Michael chomping on his gum like some Hoochie-Mamma in a Jay-Z hip-hop video to Jeffrey and Vincent's "Joan and Melissa" catty comments about their fellow designer's work to Michael Kors' "Whether you are German , Colombian, Australian, American..." Let me add "Greek, Venezuelan"(me)----it is still NO NO NO! Congrats to Jeffrey on winning his second challenge . Thank God I do not have to imagine Vincent getting turned on and all hot and bothered over his own garments. That is just a nasty thought that I would much rather put behind me. Enjoy my recap and hope to see some of you this weekend in Seattle! Click HERE to read the entire recap.
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
If you happen to be in the Seattle Area this Friday and Saturday come by and say Hi! Turning Dreams into Realities With ''La Mode: An Evening of Fashion''; The International Academy of Design & Technology's First Annual Fashion Show on September 8th! SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 24, 2006--Debuting at Meany Hall on the University of Washington campus, "La Mode" is the first event at the International Academy of Design & Technology - Seattle (IADT - Seattle) that utilizes every academic department. The show was written and directed by Mr. Bob Hughes who has been involved in theater and fashion show productions in the Seattle area for the past 15 years. "This is more than just a fashion show," said Laura Nielsen, IADT Director of Career Services. "It is an excellent example of teamwork and collaboration and allows us the opportunity to highlight the best fashion design talent, production design talent of our interior design students, and outstanding design skills reflected in the collateral materials created by our visual communication students. Everyone is getting involved to make this a very successful event." Nick Verreos of Bravo's "PROJECT RUNWAY" will be the evening's special guest. Verreos will also be on the IADT campus for a special workshop Saturday, September 9, 2006 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM. The public is invited to join IADT as it makes its mark on Seattle 's fashion scene with this up-and-coming annual gala event! Prices are $15.00 Students / $20.00 General Admission / $50.00 VIP. Space is limited and reservations are required for all events. To order tickets or for more information, please contact: or call 206-830-6399. About IADT The International Academy of Design & Technology provides educational programs that are designed to prepare students for professional opportunities and career success in select design and technology fields. At IADT, students are part of an energetic community that shares ideas, solves problems, and finds new ways to approach work today and in the future. While enrolled at IADT, each student is given an opportunity to grow vocationally, intellectually and professionally. The original International Academy of Design & Technology in Chicago was founded in 1977 by a former Sears Executive, Clem Stein, Jr., as a postsecondary institution focused on merchandising and design. More than 25 years later, IADT has expanded its curriculum and campus locations. The Seattle campus, which opened in 2004, offers a variety of Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Visual Communication, Graphic Design, and Digital Media Production. The International Academy of Design & Technology is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools to award associate's degrees and bachelor's degrees. For more information on IADT - Seattle, see or call 206-575-1865.
Monday, September 04, 2006
Miss Universe 2006 Gowns On Display at FIDM I am honored to announce that last week, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles unveiled the display of the two custom gowns I designed for last month's Miss Universe telecast seen around the world. Since I am both an alumni and an instructor at the school, they approached me with the request of showcasing the gowns at the campus. The first gown on display is the paillette-beaded lace with aqua silk charmeuse underlining that hostess Nancy O'Dell (from "Access Hollywood") wore to open the program. The other gown is the one I designed for former "Miss Universe 1997", Brook Lee. It was created using a dark navy and creme flower-print silk charmuese. Brook was kind enough to also loan FIDM, for the first time ever, the actual "Miss Universe" crown she was given as well as the crystal and satin sash she received. These two items alone are valued at more than $2o,ooo! They will be showcased at the Los Angeles campus through October and then , they will make the move to the Orange County campus. If you ever get a chance to be in Los Angeles, please check the display out on the Third Floor, Main campus. Contact Shirley Wilson or Michael Black at 213.624.1200 for more information. They will be more than happy to help you and give you a tour, especially to fans of "Project Runway"!
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