Friday, July 31, 2009
Limoncello Anyone? Sun Goddess: Canary yellow gown, Alexander McQueen Resort 2010 Guess what kids: It's all about yellow! All shades of it. Mustard Yellow, Grey Poupon Yellow, Canary, even Neon "Body Glove" Yellow. For Resort 2010, everyone who is anyone--in the NY Fashion Industry (hey, where are my peeps from LA????) showed yellow in varying degrees. And I am all for it. I have even tried to infiltrate it into my teaching. Desperate Housewife Yellow: Isaac Mizrahi Resort 2010 bright yellow A-line one-shoulder cocktail dress As one of the Instructors at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM, I teach a class to the upcoming "Debut 2010" Advanced Fashion Design students---the designers of tomorrow. Just last week, we all went on a "Field Trip" to Mood Fabrics here in Los Angeles and I suggested mustard and varying degrees of yellow as the "pop" color that was needed for their upcoming collections. So you see: I read, I see the trends and I "bring it back" to my students. And also to my faithful Nick Verreos Blog fashionistas of course!Mustard Mini: Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Grey Poupon Cocktail: Lanvin mustard yellow cocktail dress, Resort 2010 I just got back from Europe and went to France and Italy. I finished my trip in GORGEOUS Positano, in the Amalfi Coast. And there, it was all about YELLOW too. The Limoncello kind. I bought candles, perfumes and of course, several bottles of luscious liqueur! So I dare to call this yellow trend, a Limoncello Trend! Twisted Yellow: Derek Lam Resort 2010 cocktail dress Just know, that it is no longer about "Mellow Yellow"---it's all about Bright "Notice Me" I-am-competing-with-the-Sun Yellow! I say Bring it! If you want to be "on top" of this trend: I would suggest to girls out there to look for a top, blouse, or even a cool pair of yellow jeans (I'm sure H & M, Forever 21 or Hot Topic has a pair), maybe a little cocktail dress--in this color. Go for it. It's the new LBD. Or the LYD!!!
Let the Fashion Circus Begin!Amanda Circus: Model Amanda Fields and Nick Verreos Last Thursday, the ever-so-fabulous Clint Catalyst, whom I've known through the "LA Fashion Circles" for AGES, invited me to an event which he was presenting, the "Gold versus Petker: A Holiday 2009 Runway Fashion Show Event". Designer Jared Gold (remember his now-infamous LIVE BUGS Fashion Show on America's Next Top Model?), and artist Joshua Petker were joining forces to create a "Fashion and Artistic Mash-up" to shake up those flip-flop, board-short and skinny-jean wearing Angelenos. Raise That Eyebrow: Joey Maalouf poses with Jennifer Egan of GenArt Jared Gold and Clint Catalyst are very well known for pushing the artistic (and fashion) envelope so I knew that any event that had their names attached would be fun. As my date, I brought along Joey "The Rachael Zoe Project" Maalouf. I had so much fun with him at the last event we went to (Style LA Swim and Resort Fashion Show) that he had to come along to this one.Project Runway All Stars: Designers and Project Runway Alumn Nick Verreos, Sweet P, Jerell and Kit Scarbo As we entered the venue, the Social Nightclub in Hollywood, I almost thought I had arrived at Lifetime Network's Premiere of the New Season of Project Runway. I instantly ran into Jerell Scott from Season 5 and Sweet P and Kit "Pistol" Scarbo from Season 4. As we all gave air kisses to each other, it created a rush of impromptu paparazzi (really, just guests at the party) rushing to get photos of us, like we were recently discovered Dinosaurs from the Argentinian Pampas! All we kept hearing was "OMG! It's Project RUUUUNWAAAAY!!!!" Oh Dear. Hands on the Hips Ladies: Model Amanda Fields and Make-Up Artist Noseph Trinh And before I could say "Where's Andrae?", I spotted former Project Runway model and one of my NIKOLAKI muses (she's all over my website by the way), the one and only Amanda Fields. Amanda--fantastically made up with cotton candy-looking hair and paint-ball effect splashed make-up-- was there to model in the show. The incredible Noseph Trinh had done her make-up and huney, she looked DIVINELY crazy! I love Noseph, he helped create the flawless make-up for my W Hotel Spring 2008 NIKOLAKI Fashion Show. Detail Shot: Amanda Fields' Hair and Make Up, Gold vs. Petker Runway Show Inside the capacity filled Runway "Ballroom" at Social, the crowd was eager to see the show. As we sat down in our front-row seats (Thank you Clint, I felt very Anna Wintour), I spotted transgender girl-about-town, Calpernia Adams, comedienne Selene Luna, LA Fashion "Doll" Audrey Kitching and even Ongina, one of the Drag Divas from "Ru Paul's Drag Race" reality show. Cupcake Princess: Audrey Kitching at the Gold vs. Petker Runway Show To say that the crowd was eclectic was the understatement of the year! Seated next to us was an instructor and an executive from the prestigious Otis School of Design, editors of the California Apparel News, Jewelry and Accessories Empress Tarina Tarantino and her husband Alfonso, and artist Joshua Petker himself. Striped Leggings: A look from the Gold vs. Pekter Runway Show The show itself was a fantastic journey and visual ride through the eyes of Jared Gold and Joshua Petker, put forth by the wonderful styling, make up and hair, music and staging of their fabulous crew of fashion "bandits". There were black and white diagonal striped jersey leggings, sweaters, lots of colorful pom poms, and a finale coat that dazzled the crowd. Rouged Cheeks: A wide-legged jumpsuit from the Gold vs. Petker Runway Show Afterwards, I made a bee-line to the VIP Dance Party where none other than Tarina Tarantino would be the special "Guest DJ". Yep, she designs jewelry, bags, clothing and now, she DJ's! Of course, her hubby, Alfonso was there like a proud Papa. At the bar, I ran into my friend, Director of Make Up Artistry for MAC (and Dita Von Teese's personal Make Up Artist) Gregory Arlt as well as stylist Charlie Altuna. Native American Barbie: Tarina Tarantino gives feathers (while designer Jared Gold looks on) Gregory and I chatted clothes and which one of his fabulous clients should be wearing my gowns (all of them!). I even gushed with envy over some photos of his recent trip to Singapore (his First Class Sleeper Seat was RIDICULOUS?!). I want to be The Director of Make Up artistry for MAC! After getting a little bit of my "groove on" (sorry, I know no one says that any more), I realized that it was time to bid "Adieu" to this fantastic fashion circus and head Downtown to go to bed--and hopefully have crazy fashion circus dreams!
Edie Beale 2010: Terracotta Orange Trench Coat by Yves Saint Laurent Resort 2010
It's All About Color Ladies! Yep, Resort 2010 is looking more like a trip to the Bollywood movie set, as opposed to a trip to the Hampton's . Naturally, Spring and Summer are the seasons when designers add color to their collections (as opposed to Fall/Winter black and browns) . But even so, it is unusually BRIGHT.
Duran Duran Back-up Dancer: Cobalt Blue cowl-draped Mini Dress, from Derek Lam Resort 2010
Strong 80's colors, hearken back to the colorful dresses of Stephen Sprouse and the genius of Patrick Kelly. Pastel tones: OUT. Neon brights: VERY IN! Think Cobalt Blue, Bubblegum Pink, Neon Green. Looks like you'll also be needing a FIERCE pair of sunglasses to block out the glare from the women wearing these bright bold colors.
Garden Party: Blues and greens, according to Alber Elbaz for Lanvin Resort 2010
Bubblegum: "Barbie Pink" as shown at Donna Karan Resort 2010
Some say this renewed use of bold colors might be a direct result of the dire economic woes the world is in. Clothing designers are making things look "Happy Happy Happy", showing bright colorful coats, dresses, sportswear and trying to inject a bit of fun into people's depressed lives (Although I doubt someone who can spend $3,000 on a bright Zac Posen Apple Green mini-dress is having an "economic depression").
Robert Palmer Girl: Apple green satin mini dress with black peek-a-boo bust, Zac Posen Resort 2010
VH1 The 80s Are Back: Electric Blue and shocking printed leggings, Alexander McQueen Resort 2010
In all fairness, when looking at the collections as a whole, there is plenty of Black and the Neutrals are well represented. But BRIGHT COLORS are the real story for Resort--and the coming Spring 2010. Will you be wearing a pair of neon kaleidoscope leggings from Alexander McQueen next January?
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
Miss California USA '07, Project Runway Designers "Reunion", Rachael Zoe Make Up and Hairstylist...and Hot Swimsuits! Shut It Down: Make Up and Hair Stylist Joey Maalouf and Nick Verreos It seems I may need to rent a house by the Beach. First it was the LA Fashion Week Designer Call-to-Action Cocktail Party at Venice Beach's Hotel Erwin. Then, last week I was invited to designer Chris Benz' Summer Party at Thomas Weens and Hill Salomon of The Branding Farm's Craftsman Home, also in Venice Beach. Now this: I was invited to the Style L.A. Swim and Resort Runway Celebrity Fashion Show 2009, held at Santa Monica's posh Viceroy Hotel. No Swim Zone: The Viceroy Hotel Pool Runway Area It's really taking a toll on my car and racking up on the miles! (Downtown LA--where my studio is-- to Venice Beach isn't a hop, skip or a jump kids!) Thank God I was away in Europe for two weeks not using it. I guess I had mileage to "make up"! I picked up my new "going out partner in crime", make-up and hair stylist extraordinaire Joey Maalouf. He happens to be on one of my favorite shows, The Rachael Zoe Project and does her fabulous hair and make-up, of course! I warned him: It would be a bumpy ride!Safari Beach: A Look from Style L.A.: Swim & Resort Runway Fashion Show '09 The Style L.A. Swim and Resort Runway Fashion Show Party--an event to raise money and awareness for a great charity, Operation of Hope-- has become an annual event, thrown by one of my favorite agencies, TMG International. I attend all their fabulous Oscars' Suites and have even hosted/judged a recent "Cutest Dog" contest, at an event they put together. In other words: Love them! Did You Lose Your Shirt? A look from Style L.A: Swim & Resort Runway Fashion Show '09 This year's event showed the designs of John Galliano (swimwear), Gottex, Rock Star, Guess and Paul & Shark, among others. The pool area was at capacity--Joey and I could barely make it to the bar!. Once situated (standing room only), I spotted Lorenzo Lamas, actress Elaine Hendrix, and fellow Venezuelan Luis Barajas, founder of Flaunt Magazine. The Show Someone Should Pitch: Stylist and former "Project Runway" Designer Kit Scarbo, Nick Verreos, and "Rachael Zoe Project" hair and make up artist Joey Maalouf But to my biggest surprise, I spotted Project Runway Season 4 Designer, Kit "Pistol" Scarbo. Besides being one of the FIERCEST girls in LA, Kit also happens to be a fabulous stylist, who works with various clients including Samantha Harris of "Dancing With The Stars". Pool Catwalk: Models strut down the Style L.A.: Swim & Resort Runway Show '09 I just about dropped the Champagne glass I was holding when I saw her! Joey, myself, and Kit, watched the entire fashion show together. We gave minute-by-minute commentary (can you imagine? Yeah, where's Bravo and/or Lifetime when you REALLY need them!)Miss California USA 2007: Meagan Tandy works the runway I was extra excited to see--among the models--former Miss California USA 2007 Meagan Tandy!! She looked stunning and her body--well, as straight boys say, she was "slamming!" (do they really say that?) I love me some Meagan, she actually modeled in our Spring '09 W Hotel NIKOLAKI Fashion Show and she wore one of my Custom NIKOLAKI gowns to almost win Miss USA 2007 at the Kodak Theater. Also modeling in the show was America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 model Analeigh Tipton. She was very tall and very thin--and walked the runway perfectly! Miss Tyra would be proud. It was a fun show but the best part was yet to come: As I waited to get my car in a 50 person-deep Valet line, Joey went around the corner and 5 minutes later, motioned me to come to the sidewalk. Yep, my car was there! Don't know what he did--but I was very happy! Click here on The Insider for more on the event.
Tuesday, July 28, 2009
You Slouch!The Latest Pant: Paperbag Cropped Trousers, Marc Jacobs Resort 2010 Slouchy, loose-yet-fitted, pleated and pegged...these are all the buzz words for Resort 2010. And since the Resort Collections are just an overture to what you will see for Spring/Summer, then this is just the beginning of a major trend alert! These Pants look AMAZING...on a 6'2" size 2 model: Proenza Schouler Resort 2010 Designers, from Marc Jacobs to Proenza Schouler to Lanvin's Alber Elbaz, are still in a major 1980's "moment" and these pants are indicative of this. Since I am a child of the 80's, I unfortunately remember these. I would venture to guess that most of the Design Assistants at these firms, weren't even born in the 1980s (God I feel old!) and think these are just so "new and fresh". When I see these, all I can think of is Dexy's Midnight Runners and their 1982 "Come On Eileen" video. Matthew Williamson Resort 2010 As I began looking at all the Resort Collection photos, I noticed these pant styles kept popping up. What first came to mind was can a "real girl" wear these? The silhouette alone seems to be unflattering to just about EVERY OTHER GIRL---except the 5'11", 112 lb, size 2 model wearing them! They emphasize your hips and cut off your legs at a rather unflattering line. But to heck with that. Fashion doesn't have to be for everybody.Cropped Graduate: A design from FIDM Debut '09 graduate, Adrian Manuel These pants are fabulous and chic-- if you are a size 0-4 fashionista girl, a junior Vogue editor fresh out of NYU or a young, tall and thin Hollywood starlet or singer. And I must admit, I thought they were cute enough for one of my FIDM Advanced Fashion Design students to show them for their Debut 2009 Collection earlier this year. Phillip Lim 3.1 Resort 2010 I'll be really curious to see how much this trend takes effect and how soon Forever 21 knocks it off! I'm sure you could already find a pair at H & M. The one thing this trend might be really good for is the Shoe Industry. Whereas the trend before was to cover the shoe with floor-grazing jeans and trousers, now we are exposing them with these new cropped and pegged high-waisted baggy pants. And just when you think that it's only the females who are being burdened with this trend: Think again. The latest Paris and Milan Menswear Collections also showed cropped , pegged and (I am about to scream!) PLEATED pants!!!!
Monday, July 27, 2009
A Costume Party!White Before Labor Day: Nick Verreos walks the red carpet for the "Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design Exhibit" Party
Over the weekend, I was invited to the exclusive Opening Party of "The Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design" exhibition at the Downtown LA campus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM. In its fourth year, this exhibition is always an event where costume designers, academia, stylists, news media and entertainment executives get together to celebrate the costumes of TV programs shown in the past year. As my date, I brought David Paul, of course. David is a member of the Costume Designers Guild and received his Masters from UCLA in Costume Design and prior to designing with me, he worked on numerous TV shows, including NBC's Passions, MTV's Undressed and Bravo's Queer Eye For The Straight Girl. In other words, this is "his thang", as they say. Tudor Couture: Costumes from Showtime's The Tudors FIDM knows how to throw a party (remember the "Wizard of Oz 70Th Anniversary" one?), and this was no exception. Adjacent to the Exhibit, the Hope Park grounds were transformed into an outdoors party with several fully stocked bars (costume designers drink kids!) and hors d'oeuvres tables (they also eat!). For a change, instead of heading for the bar and the food first, I went right into the exhibit in order to take in the drama and beauty of all the clothes. Coco Madness: Costumes from Lifetime's Coco Chanel This year, the exhibit spans a wide range of "TV Style", from Period Dramas like Showtime's The Tudors (love those Corsets!) and HBO's John Adams as well as Lifetime's Coco Chanel (costume designers Stefano De Nardis and Pierre-Yves Gayraud did an amazing job of reproducing those iconic Chanel suits!) to more contemporary shows, such as Gossip Girl, The L Word, and Without A Trace. Polka Dot Dance Partner: Costumes from ABC's Dancing With The Stars One of my favorites on display were the fun exuberant costumes from ABC's Dancing With The Stars. As you know, co-host Samantha Harris and judge Carrie Ann Inaba wore my NIKOLAKI gowns on the show so David and I have a special fondness for the program. We always marvel at those costumes. All that intricate beading, all those backless, illusion-mesh handkerchief hemmed swirling dresses; we always wonder if costume designer Randall Christensen must have a staff of 500 petite mains trying to get all those finished--and in one week's time! Tie that Scarf Darling! Costumes from HBO's Grey Gardens I also loved seeing the costumes from HBO's Grey Gardens. I thought Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange's performances were amazing and so did the Emmy voters since after all, they were both nominated for Best Actress. Costume designer Catherine Thomas did a great job of showing the extremes--in their wardrobe--of "Big Edie" and "Little Edie" and their glamorous Upper East Side beginnings and their sad yet elegant latter years....And The Winner Is? Leanne Marshall's Project Runway Bryant Park Collection A nice surprise capped this exhibit of "Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design": Leanne Marshall's winning Project Runway Season 5 Bryant Park Collection. Mannequins stood on a raised runway as if waiting for the designer to take her bow. Next year maybe they will have a retrospective of Tim Gunn's Banana Republic suits or Heidi Klum's mini-dress outfits that she has worn on the show. I'd pay to see those! Speaking of paying: The Exhibit is FREE!!! So get thee to the FIDM Museum and Galleries, on the floor level of their Downtown Los Angeles Campus. The exhibit runs from July 29-September 6Th. Click HERE for more info.Costume Spectators: Nick Verreos and California Apparel News' Alison Nieder, enjoying the Dancing With The Stars costumes Oh, and in case you wanted to know: Once I made it out into the party after the exhibit, the bars were closed and there was no food left. Well, just one potsticker which David and I fought for. Oh well, that's the price you pay for enjoying a wonderful exhibit! Until next time...enjoy your favorite TV shows--and make sure not to miss the wonderful costumes!
Fashion, Oysters and Cognac: Sounds like a Party!Benz Soiree: Newly-Minted CFDA Designer Chris Benz and Nick Verreos
The Invitation read : "Chris Benz Invites You for Sunset Cocktails and Raw Bar in Venice Beach". I'm in! Chris Benz is one of my favorite "up-and-coming" designers (I say it in quotes since I think he's beyond up-and-coming, he's "made it" kids!).Benz Girls: Nick Verreos poses with Satya Kulkowitz and actress Eva Amurri (Susan Sarandon's beautiful daughter), in Chris Benz designs To prove this, the illustrious Council of Fashion Designers of America, or CFDA, just announced its new 31 members, and voila: Chris Benz was one of them! Seattle-reared, Parsons graduate, Chris Benz shows in NY and considers his muse "an ageless sophisticate...a reckless preppy". Well, I wanted to go to this party to see some of those sophisticated Benz girls! I drove to Venice Beach and met up with my friends, including Greg Broussard who runs The Focus Studio right by the beach. Shots Anyone? The Hennessy Black Cognac Serve Yourself Shot Table The party was at the Craftsman residence of cuties Thomas and Hill, on what my friend Greg schooled me was a "Walk Street" (he was teaching me some "Venice terminology", thank you very much). As we arrived, we were greeted by a Flamenco guitarist on the front lawn and an open bar with delicious Hennessy Black Cognac cocktails on the porch. I immediately ran into the designer and host himself, Chris Benz, looking very tan and trim.The Raw Bar, Chris Benz' Summer Cocktail party in Venice California Inside, the cocktail party was in full swing as guests, including actor Cuba Gooding Jr., enjoyed the "Raw Bar" consisting of oysters, giant shrimp and other nibblings. Thomas and Hill's home was GORGEOUS and so, along with my friends, we "helped ourselves" to a tour. I love Craftsman Homes and this was certainly a gem with its hardwood floors, wood beams, exposed rafters , and hand-crafted cabinetry. We eventually made it up to the attic which held the real "Stars" of the party: Chris Benz' beautiful clothes. Highlights from his Fall/Winter 2009 Collection were on display on black lacquered mannequins, like fashion DIVAS who somehow got lost and ended up creating their own "fashion soiree" up there. Attic Fashion Show: Chris Benz Fall/Winter 2009 designs Supple mustard-colored shaved mink (Dear Lord!), copper silk chiffon sequined floor-length skirts as well as brightly-colored silk printed cocktail dresses and blouses were on display for all guests to see, feel and admire. A simple Craftsman-style attic became a gallery-style fashion display. Only in Venice California.
My new date: Nick Verreos tries to take a Chris Benz girl home I had finally found where his "ageless sophisticated" Chris Benz girls were! And as you can see from the photo, they were the only women I really wanted to be hanging out with at this party!
Sunday, July 26, 2009
A Rarefied Peek into the makings of Couture...That's a Train: A look from Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2009 As you can see, I'm still in a "Couture Mood". Maybe it's because of my recent trip to Paris and because of the Vionnet Arts Decoratifs Exhibition, but as the old Depeche Mode song says "I just can't get enough". Also, I just returned to teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM and their Advanced Fashion Design students for the Summer Quarter so I love finding "everything and anything" that might inspire them, get their design antennae going, just basically posting anything here that might stimulate their "fashion eyes".The Gown from the Making of a Chanel Couture Outfit" (see video below) During Couture Fall 2009 fashion week, Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Collection was a highlight to many editors, clients and fashion observers. He showed all the gorgeous tweeds, beading and embroidery the house is famous for, loosely based on a "train". Not the "choo-choo" kind, but the kind that trails from a gown or a dress...or a suit, in the hands of Lagerfeld. Here's a great "Behind The Scenes Video" showing how a Couture Gown for this new collection was created. From sketch to drape to pattern to final $100,000 gown. It is a rarely-seen peek into the rarefied world of Haute Couture. Click below for the Making of a Chanel Couture Outfit: Click Below for Highlights from Chanel Haute Couture Fall 2009: Also, here are a couple of wonderful videos which also show a Behind-the-Scenes peek into Christian Dior Haute Couture, showing designer John Galliano during muslin fittings and surveying his Atelier. I'm still not over how PERFECT those muslin samples look. Perfect enough to be photographed! Trust me, you would not want to see my muslin samples, all marked up, pinned-to-no-end, ripped and adjusted; those are hidden in my "Nick Verreos Vault". Click below for a video on the Behind The Scenes at the Dior Couture Atelier: And click below for a wonderful "Dior Couture Retrospective" with John Galliano:
Saturday, July 25, 2009
Parisian Frivolities: Haute CoutureA look from Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall-Winter 09/10 As I was getting ready to pack my bags and board a train to take me from Paris to Florence, Haute Couture Fashion Week was just beginning in Paris. It was a compacted 3-day fashion week and as it has been for several seasons now, a more "subdued" showing from the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne Designers. The recent downturn in the world economic outlook, has once again, brought to light the significance of a $100,000 gown or a $30,000 suit. Nothing highlights this more than the proposed shutting down of Haute Couture "Emperor" Christian Lacroix and his fashion empire, which filed for voluntary bankrupcy 2 months ago. But after all, this is Paris and the Haute Couture show must go on. Here are my favorites from the recent Fall 2009 Haute Couture Fashion Week, with their corresponding runway videos! Christian Dior:Chanel Iman Undressed: A look from Dior Haute Couture Fall 2009 Designer John Galliano sent out a gorgeous vibrantly-colored collection inspired by the Dior Cabine Models and Muses. He also sought to show the underpinnings of Couture--a continuing theme of Galliano's--by showing a fabulous Dior Bar Jacket, worn only over stockings and a garter and intricate corsetry. All sewn BY HAND darlings! The final gowns were TO DIE!!!! Click below for the full Dior Haute Couture show in 3 videos: Jean Paul Gaultier:Hollywood Meets Paris: A look from Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Fall 2009 For his Fall-Winter 2009/10 Haute Couture Collection, Jean Paul Gaultier was inspired by great Hollywood Screen Legends. Sable-trimmed "House Coats" straight out of a Grace Kelly film, Swarovski-encrusted siren gowns a la Marlyn Monroe, silk velvet bias-cut sheaths reminiscent of 1930's silent movie goddesses and even one or two Mae West-meets-Barbarella futuristic jumpsuits. And to prove his point, he closed the show with the iconic images of these Hollywood screen stars projected onto the runway stage screen. I also loved the cinematic runway show music score. Click below for the full Jean Paul Gaultier Couture show in two videos: Christian Lacroix: The Final Lacroix Collection? A sober yet beautifully elegant one shoulder gown, Lacroix Haute Couture Fall 09 Christian Lacroix, on the verge of losing his incredible fashion empire, showed a somber yet stunning collection at Les Musee Arts Decoratifs, the same place I viewed the new Madeleine Vionnet Exhibit. His Fall 2009 Collection--which could be his last-- brought the audience to their feet with thunderous applause as well as tears. His Baroque over-the-top costume-like creations--made famous by the British show "Absolutely Fabulous" (remember "Lacroix Sweety Darling!!")--were completely stripped to their core with just hints of Lacroix's genius eye for unexpected color and intricate beading and embroidery. Viva Espana! A look from Christian Lacroix Haute Couture Fall 2009 Lacroix himself said that he could barely pay his fabric suppliers, embroiderers, and seamstresses for this last collection, and was in threat of not even showing. But his Atelier wanted to continue creating. And so they did. Beautifully. Click below for the runway video and interview:
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