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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2013 National Gift Auction: The Good and Uh Oh!

Sequined Auction: Miss Gabon Jennifer Ondo, Miss Ukraine Olga Storozhenko and Miss France Hinarani de Longeaux--Miss Universe 2013 National Gift Auction Crocus City Mall
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Wednesday night was the Miss Universe 2013 National Gift Auction at Crocus City Mall, Moscow Russia. Contestants from this year's pageant brought special items from their home to then be auctioned off for charity. This is a tradition of  the Miss Universe and Miss World Organizations, as well as other international beauty pageant competitions. 

Miss Israel Yitaish Aynaw and Miss Panama Carolina Brid--Miss Universe 2013 National Gift Auction at Crocus City Mall

It is a way to signal to the press/public that these beauty pageants are not only about gorgeous women parading in swimsuits and glittery gowns, but also "giving back". Now, for my blog here--naturally--it is an opportunity to discuss what the lovely contestants wore on the red carpet. Some did very good and others, well, you'll have to scroll down to take a look. Let's just say, there were some "OHHHHHH!!!" moments. So, let's get to it. I want to begin with the GOOD:

Miss Venezuela Gabriela Isler: Gabriela wore a bright lipstick red jersey gown with long sleeves and metallic waist "clip" accent. This was one of my favorite looks on the red carpet (it looks as if there was no red carpet but in fact, it was just a marble-like FLOOR!). She looked sleek, elegant, modern. I also liked her hair and makeup--both much better than in the Miss Universe website's Evening Gown Portrait.

Miss France Hinarani de Longeaux: Hinarani wore a pink applique embroidered gown with silver sequins delicately strewn throughout. This dress was a bit "old school" but it fit Hinarani beautifully and she accessorized it just right--only earrings and the silver clutch. I also liked her pulled-back hairstyle showing off that amazing face of hers!

Miss Korea Kim Yu-mi: I also loved this black jersey and nude illusion gown with one-sleeve detail. The dress featured black jeweled crystals on that nude illusion. The dress itself was VERY "Figure Skating Costume" but in a good way; I liked that she "went there" and it was directional yet still, had "modern pageant appeal".

Miss Indonesia Whulandary Herman: Elegant, decadent, expensive, beautiful. Those words describe Whularandary's choice of ensemble for the Miss Universe 2013 National Gift Auction. She looks like the "Crown Princess of Bali"--if there even was one! Her hair and makeup: flawless and perfect for the high neckline of the top. Someone has taught this girl well.

Miss India Manasi Mogue: A Sari is (at least in my eyes) one of the most elegant garments in the world. And Manasi wore a fabulous one to the National Gift Auction Wednesday night. The gold brocade/jacquard is exquisite, love the bubblegum pink color, and the juxtaposition of the off-white color. Oh and yes, I love her clutch and earrings. This look is 100% OUTSTANDING!

Miss Switzerland Dominique Rinderknecht:  I cannot hold back my sentiments that Dominique is one of my favorite contestants for this year's Miss Universe 2013 crown; love her modern hair, fresh look and beautiful face. In terms of Wednesday night's National Gift Auction, her choice of gown was very good.  She wore a mint green bias-cut charmeuse satin gown with sequined shoulder accents. I loved how she mixed her edgy/modern look with a semi-pageant-y worked for me.

Miss Ecuador Constanza Baez: Constanza wore a black lace gown with nude colored lining. I thought she looked great, therefore, she is in my "Good" bunch. The dress fit her nicely and her hair style was clean, modern, fresh. I would only suggest to tone down the lipstick color and the purple nails.

Miss Namibia Paulina Malulu: Paulina looks amazing in red. I would advise Paulina that RED is her color. For sure! I am not normally a fan of wearing so much in terms of accessories: the statement-making necklace, chandelier earrings AND a brooch! But because the gown was so simple--in terms of its styling--it worked. Her side-swept updo hairstyle also worked.

Most Improved From The Evening Gown Portraits...
Miss Ethiopia Mhadere Tigabe: Mhadere wore a very "Pageant Betty" gown for her "Evening Gown Portrait" and I wasn't happy. But here, she is much improved in this gold sequin and ivory chiffon gown. I'm happy that the length is just right!

Miss Poland Paulina Krupinska: Paulina looked AMAZING at the Tony Ward Couture fashion show--the BEST Runway Walk of ALL of them! But she disappointed me with her "Evening Gown Portrait" Pic. But here, she's back in my "Good" bunch with what she wore and how she looked at the National Gift Auction. I absolutely LOVE her center-parted chignon hairstyle and her ivory applique and feathered sleeve gown is Palm Springs 1974 Fab! She so reminds me of a former "Miss Universe"...

 Maritza Sayalero from Venezuela--Miss Universe 1979

The "Uh Oh" Red Carpet Bunch:
Miss Belgium Noemie Happart: File under "Real Housewives of Orange County". This bright printed halter dress is tacky-licious--and so was the hairstyle. The taste level of all of this was so not good.

Miss Chile Maria Jesus Metthei: Maria Jesus is one the tallest contestants (almost 6 feet tall) and a professional model. So, you would think that she would know what to wear on the red carpet. Not so mucheey. The photo on the left has her in a black fur-like cropped coat with three-quarter sleeves, red leather gloves and a white lace mini dress. Why? I have no idea; she looks like the mistress of a Russian arms dealer who cannot afford a stylist. In the right photo, she (thank God!) took the fur coat and gloves off. And yes, she looks much better. I approve of the look on the right but DEFINITELY not the one on the left.

Miss Panama Carolina Brid: Oh Carolina. I love me a turban. Especially when the FABULOUS Sheikha of Qatar wears it (as seen in the above photo with Queen Sofia of Spain). But this silver lame ensemble--and turban--is too "Aladdin" for me. And seriously, it was necessary to wear those earrings AND that dangling bracelet? #MuyMuch.

Miss Romania Roxana Andrei: What. In. The. World. Is Going. On? Roxana!! Don't do this. Please? This peach and multi-printed bustier dress looks as if a sophomore fashion college student designed it. No.

Miss Slovak Republic Jeanette Borhyova: Oh Jeanette! This one-shoulder black Lycra dress is so "Dancing With The Stars: the Eurovision Edition". It would be fine for that. But not for this red carpet National Gift Auction event. How do you say "Trashy" in Slovak?

Miss Lithuania Simona Burbaite: When I first saw the photos of Simona "Miss Lithuania" on the "red carpet" of Wednesday night's "Miss Universe 2013 National Gift Auction" event, I thought "WOW! She did Good!"...the center-parted chignon hairstyle, the runway-like makeup, the modern black sheath dress. But then, I saw THIS:


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jayarmd said...

Miss Venezuela looks very old and matronly in all her photos and videos. All the plastic surgery she has gone through to "prepare" her for the pageant is really evident. Osmel Sousa is increasingly sending out these manufactured glamazones to beauty pageants with each passing year...