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Nick Verreos--Project Runway "Top 5 OMG Moments": Episode 13" YouTube

It's almost the end of Season 15 "Project Runway" on Lifetime Network, and we are now in Episode 13: Time for the Tim Gunn Home Visits as well an "Amuse-bouche" of what the Top Four Finalists' New York Fashion Week collections will look like...So, here's my "Top 5 OMG Moments" for this week's episode as well as my RECAP on the "Project Runway" Blog. Keep reading!

Click below to watch my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of Season 15 "Project Runway" Episode 13:

Thoughtful Laurence: Laurence Basse and Tim Gunn--Season 15 "Project Runway" Episode 13

#1 OMG! Time For The Home Visits! First stop on Tim Gunn's Home Visit is Laurence in her fab Downtown LA loft. Here, we are privy to Laurence sharing her emotional journey involving having a child at 16 and estrangement from her dad, all which somehow inspired her collection. It's great to see this personal side of Laurence and helps us understand her as a designer (and honestly, why she's been so guarded and serious through the whole season). But...Will this emotional inspiration translate on the runway? We'll see...

 Bowlin' Tim: Tim Gunn Goes Bowling at Pinz Bowling Center, Studio City

#2 OMG! Tim Goes Bowling...And Rik Goes Psychedelic! In a classic "Project Runway" Tim Gunn Home Visit Moment, we are treated to Tim not only IN BOWLING SHOES, but oh-so-delicately skipping his lithe body to throw a strike... 

We then get a sneak peek of Rik's collection which is not only a Psychedelic Optical Illusion but also an Un-Cohesive Mish-Mash (above). You should always be worried when you hear Tim say "Something needs to happen...And I wouldn't pretend to tell you what it is." OUCH!

#3 OMG! Erin The Mad Fashion Scientist! We join Erin back in her Alma Mater, the MassArt, where she seems to be thriving in her element! She's using their design labs and workrooms to create her collection, making laser-cut Plexiglass sequins, hand-weaving fabrics, doing custom prints and even using FISHING FLIES for embellishments! I just have one thing to say: MORE, MORE, MORE!! Pretty Please??!!

 Too Mucheey: Tim Gunn and Roberi Parra--Season 15 "project Runway" Episode 13

#4 OMG! From Caracas To Miami to New York City! Like Laurence, we are treated to a bit more of Roberi's back-story, learning that he arrived in the US from Venezuela ONLY 4 1/2 MONTHS AGO (!), amidst all of the turmoil happening back in his home country. Speaking of TURMOIL, I'm with Tim in regards to being a bit confused by his collection. Roberi explains it as "Different Pieces from Different Moments, from Different Places". Yeah, I guess that's one way of putting it! And after taking a look at his garments, Tim responds with the MOST PERFECT REBUTTAL: "I'm not saying that it's TOO MUCH but...It's A LOT!". Amen Sister!

#5 OMG! COHESION! COHESION! COHESION! While it seems that every season, once the judges have given their critiques for the Final Four "Amuse-bouche" Preview Looks, each designer is always left with changes to be made and A LOT of work. This season, it seems that ALL the designers have one common problem: COHESION COHESION COHESION! Or lack of...

Psychedelic Rik: Of the four designers, Rik probably has the most work to do, somehow trying to unite his Psychedelic Fashion Acid Trip Band of Ladies (above) and make them look as if they were from one collection. 

Slouchy Meets Fitted: Laurence needs to somehow link the lightness to dark of her collection into one modern aesthetic...

Funky Resort Erin: Erin and Roberi seem to have the least work to do with Erin only needing to add more funky "Erin" details in every look above...

Iridescent and Paper Bag Waist Roberi: While Roberi needs to elevate his garments and make each piece SPECIAL and UNIQUE. Good Luck Designers! See you on the Runway!

Now, it's time for my RECAP on the "Project Runway" Blog for Episode 13:
Season 15, Episode 13 Recap: Repeat After Me: Cohesion, Cohesion, Cohesion!

Final four! “Project Runway” is at the doorstep of New York Fashion Week, having finally chosen its four finalists: Roberi, Laurence, Erin, and Rik. After an almost entire season of me screaming from the top of my typing finger tips to step it up, we have come to the moment to see if they do…well, almost.

Heidi and Tim walk onto the runway, congratulating the designers for making it to Fashion Week, announcing that each will get six weeks and $9,000 to create ten looks. As a goodbye, Heidi tells them that the judges have seen what they do best and, “Now it’s time to STEP IT UP!” Sound familiar?

Two weeks before Fashion Week and Tim is off on his home visits. First stop: Los Angeles. Laurence is in Downtown LA, showing Tim her collection which is inspired by the story of her life and her early struggles with having a child at 16 and estrangement from her father. She tells Tim that “she always falls but never hits the floor” and this is part of her story. In a shocker of all shockers, there is NOT ONE SINGLE BLACK PIECE in the...

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