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Nick Verreos "Top 5 OMG Moments" YouTube Video for "Project Runway Season 15, Episode 5

It's time for my "Top 5 OMG Moments" and RECAP of this past week's "Project Runway"! The challenge involved Mary Kay, the makeup sponsor, the dreaded first Team Challenge, and there was a pitch-your-collection-concept twist thrown into the mix. Guess which moments were my Top 5?? Just guess. OK, if you can't...

Click below to WATCH my "Top 5 OMG Moments" of PROJECT RUNWAY Episode 5:

My "Top 5 OMG Moments" of Episode 5 "Project Runway":
#1 OMG....It's The Dreaded Team Challenge!  Most everybody on "Project Runway" hates the Team Challenges.  OK, maybe "hate" is too strong of a word...let's just say "doesn't look forward to"....mainly because you have to be responsible for yourself AND you also have to make sure everyone else on your team is somewhat pulling their "Design Weight"...
There are reasons why "Project Runway" includes Team Challenges on the show. While, yes in a "real" fashion business, one must be able to work on a team and collaborate, but on the show, it's really there to create more stress and possibly have some "throwing-under-the-bus-moments".

 #2 OMG....Project Shark Tank!  So...As part of this week's Team Challenge, the teams had to pitch their collection concept to a group of "mystery investors" who turned out to be Heidi, Nina and Zac. This was an interesting idea and most likely a way of giving an "Amuse Bouche" to a new show: "Project Runway: Fashion Start Up".  The new series will showcase aspiring Fashion & Beauty entrepreneurs pitching their concepts for the chance to secure funds from a panel of investors...who, By The Way, are not Heidi, Nina or Zac!....Interesante! Will you watch??

#3 OMG....Hashtag 310 Power!  The boys of room 310--Alex, Roberi and Rik might have been on the upswing after being the Top 3 from the last challenge....but unfortunately, none of that helped them from making their "Everyday Business Woman" look more like she was heading to The Club instead of the Boardroom. With the help of their other roommate Cornelius, his bestie Natalia and outsider Mah-Jing...Team Unity turned their "Power Suits" into "Party Pieces" completely missing their initial concept and landing themselves on the bottom.

#4 OMG....You're Not An Outsider To Me Mah-Jing!  Team Unity might not have won this week, but outsider Mah-Jing came out on top and seemed to have a break-through with this challenge. His belted, asymmetrical, patchwork vest with cropped trousers was chic, sophisticated and "kind of" close to a working women's ensemble. Kudos to Mah-Jing...let's see if he can keep it up and get himself a win!

#5 OMG....TEAM BOUTON MVP'S!  Laurence's razor sharp leather jacket and Erin's LUXE highlighter yellow and mauve coat were the true stars of the Team Bouton collection. But it was Dexter's winning pitch and his ability to race around the workroom in those wedge platforms, while helping his team, that secured him the well-deserved MVP WIN!! Congratulations Team Bouton and Congratulations Mr. Herpatology!!'s my RECAP from "Project Runway" website:

Season 15, Episode 5 Recap: United We Stand

After last week’s demanding swimwear challenge, the designers learn that it is time for the dreaded team challenge. Team challenges are always a tricky subject on the show. I’ve said this many times during all my seasons writing recaps here (and in addition to my own personal experience as a contestant): it’s rare when there is designer unity on a team challenge. But this week, there was. Did team camaraderie guarantee cohesion and success? Well…Yes and no. Time to recap.

The episode begins with Alex discussing “310 Power,” chitchatting about how great it is that Rik, Roberi and he are roommates and, in addition, that they were the top three in the previous week. A quick photo montage of a younger, more “punk-y” Alex follows. Once again, I think, “Uh oh.” Maybe I’m really getting too savvy for the editors or the editors need to rethink their formula, who knows.

Tim Gunn greets the designers on stage, introducing Luis Casco, Mary Kay Global Beauty Ambassador. He is there to announce the Mary Kay challenge, of course. Before discussing the details, Casco says that it is “all about challenging your passion for fashion and combining it with an entrepreneurial mindset that Mary Kay just embraces.” Right as I was about to yell, “What the heck is he talking about?” Tim enlightens me and...

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Ibrahim said...

We ALL knew he got the loser's edit. It's what every single reality does nowadays. It was not a shocker at all.
And did you really like Erin's coat??! I think it was hideous and I think she's the new Ashley and she will win no matter what she makes, so I'm losing interest.