Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Fashion:

Two words: Aubergine and Lace. These pretty much sum up Sunday's Emmy Awards "Red Carpet". I guess I was a bit ahead of myself when I designed Brenda Strong's deep purple silk gown last year for the SAG Awards and Nancy O'Dell beaded lace high-low gown for last month's "Miss Universe" telecast. Without realizing, I was "en pointe" with the two main trends. Cheryl Hines, Evangeline Lily, Ellen Pompeo: all in different shades of aubergine/ deep purple. Jamie Pressly and a couple other actresses gave you Lace, served on very tight, almost pageant dress-like silhouettes. Kayne Gillespie would be proud!! Did all these actresses' stylists get together and meet for coffee at The Ivy and discuss and agree what the color and fabric of choice would be? Crazy.

Another "Side Trend" was the One Shouldered Look. I love the one-shouldered look and have been doing it since I began my line, Nikolaki ,5 years ago. Some of the top one shouldered numbers were worn by beautiful Heidi Klum, in a red jersey Michael Kors, and Calista Flockheart, looking like a very frail Audrey Hepburn (when she was 65!!). I also loved Julia Luis-Dreyfus' black and white Narciso Rodriguez column gown and British Diva Helen Mirren looked superb in her white tiered gown. I just wish she would have put that damn stole away! I know older women have problems with exposing their arms, but her arms were not flabby at all. In fact having that stole there made me focus on them more!!!

I am still waiting for those Bjork moments! Speaking of almost-misses, Kyra Sedgwick's gown was way too much; too editorial. It would have looked great in a Vogue Italia shoot by Steven Meisel, but NOT at the Emmy's. I also was not a fan of Mariska Hargitay's Carolina Herrera gown. It was way too high on her bust. I wanted to cut about 3 inches from the bust line. A little cleavage isn't bad. Since when is she a nun?

The Parties:

David and I were invited to attend an Emmy-viewing party at The Standard on Sunset thrown by "Magical Elves", producers of "Project Runway". I met fellow designer John Wade there and hung out with Season Three designer Robert Best and his buddy , Patrik. I love me some Robert! He was so funny. What a crack-up. Three words: Split at birth. Also at this party were Season Two designers Marla Duran (with her two children) , Andrae Gonzalo and Daniel Franco. They were into watching the telecast, while Robert, John, David and I just wanted to "Dish"!!

After about an hour there, we moved onto the People Magazine Party nearby. As we approached the "velvet ropes", the fire marshall had closed it down. Just then and there, Heidi Klum and Seal emerged from their limo and I quickly stuck to them like "white on rice"! We still were not allowed in!! Let me repeat: Heidi AND Seal. Just then, somehow we were allowed into the party. Prince, yes The One and Only, was performing. There were tons of actors walking around, dancing and singing. We just enjoyed the moment, surreal as it was! As we left, we tried to get one of the huge Goodie Bags everyone was dragging around for dear life, but to no avail: No People Magazine Goodie Bags for Uncle Nick. I have enough TreSemme Hair Gel at home anyway!

As soon as we left the Prince performance at the aforementioned People Post-Emmy party, we were invited by fellow Season 2 Designer, Kirsten Ehrig and her great husband , Keith , to attend a very private and live performance by Prince(yes, again PRINCE!!) at the exclusive Foundation Room at the House Of Blues. There we cruised by the real velvet ropes and went right through the inner sanctum that is the Foundation Room. We munched on hors d'eourves and enjoyed some champagne. As I looked around ,I spotted Lance Armstrong surrounded by 5 very pretty ladies (where was his BFF, Mathew McConaughey?) and Lawrence Fishburne. A private after hours concert by Prince? Somebody pinch me because I have gone to "Purple Heaven".

Tuesday, August 29, 2006
EMMY PARTY WEEKEND This last weekend was "Emmy Awards" weekend in Los Angeles. Luckily, because of my friend Jane, I was invited to several events, but alas not the actual award show. I know, everyone asked me,"Why weren't you invited? You were on the show..." Yes, Project Runway was nominated, but the awards are for the producers of the show, not the performers (is that what we are?) , so I hope that answers most people's inquiries. Needless to say, on Friday night I attended my first pre-Emmy party, the Gersch Agency Party (Gersch is one of the most respected agencies in town). It was held at the fabulous Sunset Tower Hotel in the newly-opened "Terrace", overlooking its sleek pool and the stunning views of Los Angeles. Fellow Season 2 Designers, my buddies Raymundo Baltazar and John Wade went with me, and we joined our "date", Jane. There was an abundant yet typical LA-calorie-conscious buffet (no meatloaf and onion rings here kids!) and an open bar (hello!). We saw lots of "stars", including Kevin Nealon of "Saturday Night Live", Jeff Goldblum (whom John knows rather well since he is a regular client at Marc Jacobs, where John works) the beautiful Kira Sedgwick(wearing an elegant strapless cocktail dress) with sexy hubby, Kevin Bacon, looking very "Hollywood Rock & Roll", with a vintage-like T-shirt and fitted jacket. He looked like he went to Kitson on Robertson and said to the sales people, "Dress Me!" I felt a bit out of place amongst these Hollywood "stars", so I kept eating and drinking! We also spotted another fellow designer, Santino Rice, looking very incognito with his "sunglasses-at-night" look. The next night was the Entertainment Weekly Pre-Emmy soiree, co-hosted by Revlon. I took David with me and did the "Red Carpet" walk of shame. Some photographers knew who I was, others were clueless , and that's fine. I didn't even make the "cut" for "WireImage"!! I didn't feel so bad when one of those cute guys from MTV's "Laguna Beach" was told to "go around" while they led me to the Red Carpet. Oops! Inside , we enjoyed flavored Martinis and mini-burgers. I threw my mini-burger under the table the minute I spotted the ultra chic Nina Garcia. I had not even spoken to her since I left the show so it was nice to enjoy her in a less formal setting. She looked divine in a gilded Prada dress. I almost went home and called it a night after she told me that I was one of her favorites and was very sad to see me go home. I am sure she says that to everyone, but it was classy and she made me feel special, like Sally Field at the Oscars: "You Like Me, You Really like Me?" The scene at the "EW" party was insane, I was surrounded by so many stars that it was difficult to keep my jaw from dropping. In the one room there was Angie Harmon, Zach Braff, Ivanka Trump, and Mathew Perry. The highlights of my evening, besides hanging out with Tim Gunn and my favorite producers of the show, the HOT Michael Rucker and Ben Mack, was when Dule Hill, star of "The West Wing" came up to me and told me that he loved the show and that I was his favorite designer from the last season. I was like, "Are you kidding me?". I also chatted away with former NSync singer, Lance Bass, who was very sweet ( he did not know much about the show, saying that he hadn't watched it) Then, Sarah Chalke, actress from "Scrubs", approached me and gushed with some wonderful compliments. She looked ethereal , by the way, in a nude colored Luisa Beccaria made from silk tulle and taffeta. The best was saved for last: imposing actor Denis Leary comes up to me, while I was talking to someone(probably myself!), and I swear I thought he was going to hit me or something. He just gives you that "air". It could not have been further from the truth. He said :"Do you mind if I introduce you to my son and daughter? They love you and they would be very mad at me if I didn't have you meet them!" Too much! I looked around and wondered why was I the only "Project Runway" designer at this fabulous party? Where were the other designers? Season 2 and 3? The party had really come to its climax the minute I looked up and saw Miss Lindsay Lohan DJ'ing!! I thought, OK it is time to go. This is really turning into an "Us Weekly " paparazzi event. By the looks of things , I assume she did not have to get up early to film any movie scenes. Her DJ'ing was kind of good, and her top was really cute too!
Thursday, August 24, 2006 Mothers Against Jeffrey This Wednesday, I sat down, with my chips and guacamole, notepad and pen in hand, ready to watch this week's episode of "Project Runway" and I almost could not control myself from hurling an avocado-covered bowl at the TV! No, but seriously: what an episode! Two in a row! First , Alison getting booted, then Jeffrey calling someone's mom a "Crazy B****"!! Am I watching MTV's "Real World Key West" or "Project Runway"? I actually loved the challenge and thought it was one of the best ones, especially showcasing large size and real-life fashion issues instead of having to design and create something for a 5'11 , size 2 Amazonian model. I am sure that this episode will be scandalous and cause polarizing comments such as "Jeffrey is Crazy!" and "Angela's Mom is Insecure!", and I cannot wait for the "I am sure it didn't happen that was the editing..." Stay tuned, I am sure next week, the mud-slinging between Jeffrey and Angela will continue. Hopefully, though the fashion will overshadow the overwrought drama. Read my recap of the entire episode HERE
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
MAGAZINE RACK Friends of mine have alerted me to several "Nick sightings" on the newstands. Last month, in "Glamour" magazine, there was a photo of Tim Gunn and myself, with a caption that read: "Men Don't Care What Your Clothes Cost" (in regards to our feminine counterparts). I know that Emmett was a bit mad that the photo was of me and Tim and not of him and Tim. He likens their torrid love affair to a Jane Austen novel! I was NOT cheating on Tim and you, Emmett, I swear! And in last week's "Star Magazine", their was , yet another photo of Miss Britney Spears, looking a mess, as she was doing her daily business. I was asked to comment on the photos, and I said what was on my mind. I am certainly no fashion expert, but it doesn't take one to recognize a "fashion violation" so criminal as this one. They quoted me as saying, "She looks like a Stripper who is just getting off of work..." Notice the scrunchee on her wrist. Who does that, I ask you? In 2006! I also said that, instead of reading Vogue, she looked like she was reading Guns and Ammo. They didn't print that, thank God (Oh wait, but I just did!). Britney, have your stylist give me a call, and I will make you a beautiful , yet sexy Empire-cut dress, that will make you look more like a Greecian Goddess and less like you should be in "Cops".
Monday, August 21, 2006
Tuck Ins: Frontiers Magazine Article
In the August 29th edition of Frontiers Magazine, a Southern California Lifestyle Magazine, appears my colum: "The Inside Job With Nick Verreos", where I write fashion commentary for guys. In this issue, I decided to talk about what I affectionately coined "Tuck Ins". Not the plastic surgery, "Doctor 90210" kind of tuck-ins, but the shirt kind. Some guys like to tuck in their shirts, some do not. What are the rules and when should you do it? And, what does the "half-tuck" say about you? Well, as I said in the article, for me, it exposes the EXTRA LARGE Gay Rodeo Belt Buckle that I bought , so I could pretend I actually won it in a bull-ridin'contest! Or , to show the gift a cute Texan gave to me! To some other guys ,however, it might look contrived and kind of silly--like you are trying to copy what they did in that "Bloomindale's Catalogue" , but unfortunately, it sort of backfired. Enjoy the article, especially those of you who are not residing in Southern California and cannot pick up the magazine.
Shocker! Shocker! Shocker! In the last epidose of Season 3 of "Project Runway", I was shocked that pretty Alison got the boot instead of Vincent, but then again, I wasn't. Remember, I am an alum of "Project Runway" and now know a thing or two about the mechanisms of a "Reality Show" industry and about , shall I say , "sacrificial lambs". I was most surprised by Kayne's "What Was He Thinking" outfit though. But , again , I really felt for all the designers because this was that "out of your comfort zone" challenge that can make your brain freeze. It happened to me during last Season's "Plant/Flower" challenge. It was a fun and exciting episode , however. I am still amazed at Tim Gunn's exceptional aplomb, whether he is on the dirty floor of the Atlas Apartments or wearing the latest in "Recycable" ensembles. Hope that you guys are enjoying my recaps. Click HERE to read my latest on
Saturday, August 19, 2006
FIDM, San Diego Open House This last weekend, I was invited back to San Diego(soon becoming my second home!) to do a couple of Mini-Speeking engagements with the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising at their "Open House". When I arrived at the school, guess what was waiting for me? A Plant Dress!! A local florist, by th name of Peggi Walker( who does amazing designs created a dress out of flowers and plants! It was beautiful and very well done. She said that I should have called her when I was struggling with my flower/plant dress. I wish I even had that option during the challenge! The FIDM "Open House" invites High School students , post- college degree professionals, anyone interested in possibly attending the school for a tour of the school, its facilities, classes, etc. It was fun to meet students who are thinking about fashion and studying design or apparel manufacturing. I spoke about my experience, my schooling, my role as an Instructor as well as a working designer in the industry. The feedback I receive d from everyone who attended was positive and constructive. Cannot wait to go back!
Thursday, August 17, 2006
FASHION GROUP INTERNATIONAL-Beverly Hills FGI, Fashion Group International Los Angeles, held a very special "Project Runway" panel discussion in the Museum of Televison and Radio in Beverly Hills. Most of the LA-based designers, Kirsten, Raymundo, Daniel Franco, Andrae, and myself were invited to partake in a Q & A discussion moderated by the lovely Alison Nieder, Editor-in-Chief of the California Apparel News. And to our surprise , another Season 2 Designer, Marla, was in the audience! Marla told me that she was in town for a month shopping for fabrics. The discussion and questions were varied : What are each of us doing now? What were our expectations of the show? What did we get out of the show? Why did each of us apply to be in the show? We also discussed the state of Los Angeles designers, what would-be-Project Runway designers could do to prepare, our contracts(as much as we can talk about), as well as "dished" a little bit. I met with Alison Nieder and the publisher of the Apparel News afterwards, and they both felt it was a successful evening; informative, fun and thought-provoking. I, for one, was honored to have been a part of it and I was glad to see so many people from all aspects of the LA fashion industry including academia, stylists, designers, students, public relations, and the media. I say that next time, we have a discussion on the effect MTV's "The Hills" , "My Super Sweet Sixteen" , and the Celebrity tabloid magazines are having on students of Fashion Design and Merchandising. I will be more than happy to give my two cents!
Monday, August 14, 2006
NEAR TIJUANA SELLING MY CHICLES This last weekend , a car service arrived at my door and picked David and I up for the drive to San Diego--Yes ,Bravo can sometimes SPLURGE!!! I was settling into my Towncar, until I realized the unbelievable traffic ahead of us. All we could do was sit , nap and try and find comfort in the fact that neither of us was driving! FOUR and a HALF HOURS later (I kid you not), we arrived at our destination, the chic "W Hotel" in Downtown San Diego. And because of the horrible drive, we never enjoyed the "W" hotel experience of swimming in the pool, the luxurious spa or the cool sand-filled "Beach" on the second level. Note to self: must go back sometime soon! The "W" was very "uptown" and sleek, in contrast with its San Diego guests-- the men all in board shorts, flip flops. Or in their best "Tommy Bahama'' leaf-print shirt with Khakis (Oh dear!). And this was their "Going Out on the Town" outfits. Their women counterparts I have to say were better dressed, in sexy cocktail dresses and great high heels. We ventured into the Gaslamp District , the nucleus of nightlife in San Diego. Sidebar: The Gaslamp District is the new Tijuana, but much more upscale! It was crazy-packed, teaming with locals and tourists enjoying a Saturday night on the town. It was so packed, we could barely walk on the actual streets. It was reminiscent of old New Orleans, the French Quarter District. Lots of young people including army guys , and trashy girls. Picture West Hollywood on a Saturday night--but for Straight people. I also thought about how Downtown Los Angeles wishes it was this happening. We enjoyed an amazing dinner at "Croce's" , thanks to one of the managers, "Big Daddy Matty", who gave us the "Red Carpet" treatment at the restaurant as well as afterwards , taking us out to various cool bars in the Hillcrest section of the city, including Lei. Big Thanks to BDM and his friends for making us feel at home. Sunday was the "Project Fashion" event at "Las Americas" Outlet Mall produced by the Fashion Careers College, the oldest in Southern California, Cox Media and Bravo. I co-hosted the event , which included an hour long fashion show showcasing students' original designs as well as retailers such as Neiman Marcus, Calvin Klein and Hurley from the Mall. The Mall itself is huge and located in San Ysidro, right next to Tijuana. You could see the "wall" that divides the two countries and I must say it was impressive being so close to it. The event was attended by hundreds of shoppers and "Project Runway" fans, who lined up to get autographs from me plus sign up for the amazing sweepstakes/prizes being offered. The line got so long that the organizers had to cut it short--I am not kidding. It was wonderful to meet all the people who came out to the event, young and old, fashion students, mothers and husbands and little girls who wanted me to sign their Barbies. I even took photos with babies--I felt almost like a politican running for office. Maybe a "Fashion Police Department" office. It was a special treat for me to meet a lot of fans from Baja California and Tijuana ,Mexico , who watch the show via satellite. There is a strong Mexico fanbase and I was delighted to meet a lot of them, and shared my thoughts of "selling my chiclets in Tijuana." I also did a pre-interview with a local San Diego TV channel promoting the event. After the show, the prizes were given out, including "Goodie Bags" filled with lots of fun stuff, including the aforementioned "My Scene Project Runway Barbie". Another lucky winner, the guy pictured here in the plaid shorts and polo shirt ,won a Roundtrip ticket for two to attend the Finale Fashion Show at New York Fashion Week!!! His girlfriend was jumping up and down and screaming and then proceeded to come up to me and hug me non-stop. I have a feeling she is going to take his ticket and go with her girlfriend instead! I had a great time, thanks to the wonderful staff from the Fashion Careers College, especially Tanya and David, who were only too kind to help in any way, and all the student models who were excellent in working the runway. After it was all over, David and I boarded our car and went back to Los Angeles, only this time it took only two and a half hours. Thank God for that!
Friday, August 11, 2006

PROJECT FASHION An Evening Celebrating Fashion with Nick Verreos OK all you SoCal'ers! Come join me in San Diego this weekend for a great event being held at The Shops at Las Americas. I will be the host of a Fashion Show featuring designs from the students at Fashion Career College and will be doing a Meet and Greet prior to the event. PLUS.... they are giving away some great prizes including an all expenses paid trip to New York for the Project Runway Finale!!!


4PM Meet and Greet with Nick

5PM Fashion Show

Come by and say Hi!, it should be alot of fun!

Monday, August 07, 2006
A GLAAD REUNION This past Sunday afternoon, I was invited to attend the GLAAD/Absolut Hancock Park Party at a wonderfully-appointed private home in this beautiful area of Los Angeles. Amongst other attendees, Los Angeles Mayor, the honorable Antonio Villaraigosa was there as well as actress and comedian, Wanda Sykes, sporting a curly blond-tipped hairstyle, a Gucci hobo-bag and matching Gucci sandals. It was a "reunion" of sorts because also present were fellow "Project Runway" designers, Andrae Gonzalo, with a tan and longer hair as well as Raymundo Baltazar-Flores. Raymundo, always being a jokester, had called me as I was on my way to the party, warning that "It looked like the Palm Springs White party". He was referring to all the fashionable guests who were wearing white, either in pants or jackets. Well, needless to say, it was too late for me, because, I was wearing a white jacket and dress shirt! I figure, I've got several more weeks before that infamous "Labor Day" cutoff point , when you are not supposed to be wearing white (by the way, those rules are a bit ancient) , so I am going to get as much mileage out of my "whites" as I can. David and my sister Rita, wearing a "Nick Verreos/Nikolaki" outfit, including a silk polka-dotted top and black pants, were my dates at this party and I think they enjoyed themselves as well. Rita was especially excited about meeting Andrae and Raymundo for the first time. She was a big fan of theirs. My friend, Los Angeles designer Andrew Christian showcased his sexy swimsuit designs at an outdoors fashion show in the spacious backyard of this private home. There were hors d'oeurves and an open bar with fun Absolut drinks, like the yummy "Hancock Park". It was an elegant way to spend a Sunday afternoon, and for a good cause--to support GLAAD and its achievements so far this year.
Friday, August 04, 2006
25 Things You Didn't Know About Red Carpets A look at red-carpet processions, from the origins of the events to what goes into preparing today's lavish festivities. When I was in NY during the crazy week of the Season 3 Premiere, I shot a segment for the TV Gudie Channel entitled "25 Things You Didn't Know About Red Carpets", as a precursor to the Emmy Awards. Interesting fact: the segment was shot at Emmett's fabulous boutique, EMc2. Look for the store's cool interiors in the background. I give some insight into what happens before the big night, the fittings, the headaches, the "Is She or Isn't She Going To Wear It?", the "double stick" tape necessary to hold up otherwise slippery dresses. The Show premieres on Sunday, August 6th @ 8pm and then will re-air several more times. Next week , I am going to do my part to prepare someone for the Red Carpet: one of my favorites PR producers, Michael Rucker (check out his blog on, has asked for my help in styling him for the big night. "Rucker" doesn't really need my help, he is quite the fashionista "Dandy"(I was quite appreciative of his pink JCrew pants and his Gucci loafers!), but it should make for a fun shopping day. Click HERE for the TV Guide listing on 25 Things You Didn'nt Know About Red Carpets
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
VERY SEXY MAKE-UP Earlier this week, I was invited to the Launch Party of Victoria's Secret "Very Sexy" Make-Up line at the Tropicana Bar poolside the fabulously refurbished Roosevelt Hotel. I went with Raymundo Baltazar, designer(and friend) from last season. We immediately ran into one of Victoria's Secret Top Supermodels, Karolina Kurkova. I just love saying her name, enunciating every "K" and "R", as if my passport to the Czech Republic depended on it! She was so much fun, posing with Raymundo and I , as well as Full Pictures Executive Producer and friend, Jane Cha. We also ran into stylist extraordinaire, Charlie Altuna, who besides doing EVERY A-List celebrity, styles all the "America's Next Top Model" shoots, and Sarah, one of the Finalists from last season's ANTM. She is gorgeous and over 6 feet tall!! We took photos with Los Angeles Times Fashion Editor, Booth Moore (in the photo wearing a blue jersey number). Her husband (not in the photo) was sporting a very smart seersucker suit I might add, and educated me in where the word "Seer Sucker" comes from. It is Hindi and it means, literally "Milk" and "Sugar". The party was straight out of the pages of "Us Weekly", "InTouch" and "OK" magazines: one minute, I turned around and I was in JC Chasez' poolside cabana taking photos(I was THAT close to asking him where Lance Bass was and which closet he was NOT hiding in). The next minute , I turn around and there is Jessica Simpson sitting with her entourage. At one point , I almost had a flashback of being "a little Mexican kid in Tijuana", when I spotted Niki Hilton and friends. Needless to say, I headed for the bar! There were lots of 5'10" wannabe "Victoria's Secret" models and their 50-something male hanger-ons, and lots of cute young "Hollywood" male actor/model types, being ignored by those 5'10" aforementioned models. There were also(to my surprise) a lot of guests who kept yelling "look, it's Nick from Project Runway". I'm glad they did, because it made me suck in my stomach and straighten my posture. It was a fun night, but I reminded Raymundo that it was still a "School Night" and we were about to turn into pumpkins. *Click HERE for more pictures from the party.
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
It's time for GLAAD's Annual Absolut Hancock Park Party on Sunday,August 6th . This is usually a fabulous event in a fabulous home celebrating GLAAD's untiring work and accomplishments. This year, my friend , designer Andrew Christian will have a swimsuit fashion show, along with Red Carter, featuring some hot, nearly naked models . The already sizzling Los Angeles summer will be turned up just a little bit in Hancock Park this upcoming Sunday. I will be there enjoying the "view", along with my fellow "Project Runway" alum, Andrae Gonzalo. Hope to see you there!


DATE:Sunday, August 06, 2006 TIME:4:00 PM to 7:00 PM Hosts:Dean Hansell and Jason Murakawa LOCATION:the home of Dean Hansell & Jason Murakawa667 S. June StreetLos Angeles, CA 90005[ MAP ]

Ticket Types [ details ] Patron VIP - $250.00 VIP - $150.00 General - $100.00 GLAAD President Neil G. Giuliano and the GLAAD Board of Directors cordially invite you to join us for a beautiful Sunday afternoon with hosted cocktails and gourmet hors d'oeuvres while celebrating GLAAD's work and latest accomplishments. You won't want to miss the sizzling swim suit fashion show with emcee Adrienne Janic, Star of TLC's Overhaulin', and designs by Andrew Christian and Red Carter.

Special Celebrity Guests Attending

For additional information, contact Terri White at 323.634.2026 or Patron VIP Raffle Drawing: A three nights stay and dinner for two at Palm Springs' Hotel Zoso

This event sells out quickly. Please purchase your tickets in advance. You must be 21 years old to attend.

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