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NICK APPEARANCES.....Year in Review 2006

Year In Review: 2006
...And what a year it was. Everywhere I read, people are writing "End of Year Lists" so I have decided to do a list of my own for this blog. I have always used this blogsite more like a non-private diary/journal of my life during and post-Project Runway, so when I get old and retire to Palm Springs with my hand-picked pool boy, I can look back at these crazy and exciting times with a huge "Uncle Nick" smile.
Everywhere I go, the NUMBER ONE QUESTION people ask me, whether it is at an airport, at a hotel lobby, while shopping, or waiting for the bathroom at a bar, is always "What have you been up to?" Now, I can tell them to go to this blogsite and read my "Year In Review".

JANUARY: I returned to designing my line, Nikolaki, in Los Angeles as well as teaching at FIDM, just as it was before I did the show. My season was in full swing and featured my favorite episode, "All Dolled Up". Much to the delight of my unsuspecting friends and family, I win this challenge which concludes with having a "My Scene Barbie" with my name, sold at Toys 'R' Us across the nation as well as on EBay! My second favorite episode, the "Nicky Hilton Challenge", also was shown during this time, and soon afterwards, I am designing a red carpet gown for "Desperate Housewives" actress, Brenda Strong for the Screen Actor's Guild Awards (SAG). The violet-colored bias-cut silk charmeuese gown subsequently ends up in several "Best Dresses of 2006 Awards Season", much to my delight.

FEBRUARY: A sad, yet exciting month for me. I was "Auf'ed" from Season Two of "Project Runway". I remember it as if it was yesterday: I was actually filming the "Reunion Episode" in New York the night my final episode aired. My cell phone was vibrating non-stop as I sat patiently answering questions from the unflappable Tim Gunn and the gorgeous Heidi Klum. All I wanted to do was hide under a Manhattan rock and go hibernate.

All that changed when I received a phone call from NBC and Bravo executives, asking me if I would like to fly to Torino, Italy to do a "fashion segment" on the Olympic Figure Skating Costumes. Needless to say, after I hung up, I ran around my studio like a "chicken with its head cut off", from the excitement. I flew to Italy and spent two weeks filming 2 seperate segments for NBC and USA Networks as well as enjoyed some "down time" visiting cities such as Milan for some shopping, of course.

Towards the latter part of this month, I was also asked to participate in the Chicago Casting/Judging for Season 3 of "Project Runway". From that casting, we picked Kayne Gillespie, who went on to become a "fan favorite".

MARCH: The highlight of this month was when I was asked to design the "Awareness Green Ribbon/Pin" for the Latin Billboard Awards , and its sponsor, Heineken for the Celia Cruz Foundation. And I got a trip to Miami and South Beach, to boot. Last year, Cuban-American designer, Narciso Rodriguez designed the ribbons . I designed two separate ribbons: A "Bling-Bling" one, featuring a sterling silver pin, with emerald-colored Swarovski crystals, which was worn by Latin-fusion band, Ozomatli. The simpler one, which was worn by all the artists attending the award show, was made of green satin with a red star, simulating the Heineken logo.

JUNE: Frontier's Magazine, a Southern California publication geared to the LGBT community signed me on as their "Style Guy". I began writing bi-monthly articles "for the gay guy", on everything from "Femme Is In", to "Why You Should Not Wear Black To A Commitment Ceremony". I would soon be writing a lot more.

JULY: Season 3 of "Project Runway" had just debuted and I got a call from People Magazine to write a weekly blog for their sister website, I began giving my funny yet insightful take on each week's episodes in a blog titled, "The Inside Dish With Nick Verreos". Soon afterward, asked me to have these recaps be featured in their site as well. They were so well received that I consequently signed on to do a bi-monthly blog on their "Fashion Forward" section. I was glad to discover that I loved writing but at the same time, was surprised at the amount of time (HOURS!) a seemingly simple 500-word article can take. Needless to say, I have newfound respect for writers and bloggers alike.

July was also "Pageant Month" for me. I designed the gown that "Access Hollywood's" Nancy O'Dell wore to host the "Miss Universe Pageant" in Los Angeles. The gown was a black paillete-embroidered lace over baby-blue silk, in a "High-low" silhouette, featuring that one detail everyone makes fun of me for: The Fishtail Hem. I also designed the canary-yellow silk charmeuse dress that Tamiko Nash, "Miss California" and Tara Conner's ("Miss USA") First Runner Up, as well as a navy-and-white flower print gown for Brook Lee who was "Miss Universe 1997". I dubbed it my "Miss Universe" coup of dresses.

To cap this busy month, I debuted my line, Nikolaki, at Emmett McCarthy's fabulous Nolita boutique, EMc2, along with Season 2 alumni designers, winner Chloe Dao and Kara Janx and made a trip to Seattle, Washington to attend and host the Student Finale Show for that city's International Academy of Design and Technology(IADT).

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER: I attended the GLAAD(Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards at the Kodak Theater, along with Santino Rice, Andrae Gonzalo, and Tim Gunn. Soon afterwards, I flew to San Francisco to actually present the "Outstanding Spanish-Language Newspaper Article" Award at that city's GLAAD Media Awards, hosted by Meghan Mullally and Carson Kressley. I also flew to Chicago to host a wonderful and successful fundraiser and fashion show for the ALMA Foundation. Since then, I have also made appearances and presentations for various other worthwhile foundations such as the Trevor Project and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, hopefully bringing attention and showcasing the positive work they do.

In September, I went back to New York City for NY Olympus Fashion Week, to attend the "Project Runway" Finale Fashion Show as well as Jay McCarroll's debut at the tents. I took advantage of my time in NY by joining Emmett, Chloe, Tim and other "Project Runway" designers in another successful Trunk Show and shopping event at Nolita's EMc2.

OCTOBER: Bravo's Top Chef Season2 premiered and I was contacted to design the "Top Chef Apron" that was to be sold on Bravo's website,

October was also the month of Los Angeles Fashion Week and in lieu of showing my line(I had previously three years ago had my fashion show at the Smashbox Fashion Week tents), I co-hosted(along with actress Garcelle Beauvais) the "GenArt Fresh Faces In Fashion" at the Santa Monica Airport's Barker Hanger. I also received the honor to present the West Coast Director of GenArt an award for excellence at the second annual Los Angeles Fashion Awards.

I also received an exciting opportunity from one of the nation's top dress and sportswear manufacturer, Windsor Fashions. They asked me to design a capsule "Nick Verreos for Windsor Fashions" collection of cocktail and prom dresses . Finally, I thought, every 16-18 year-old girl all over the country can get a piece of "Uncle Nick" at a fraction of my typical $2000 Red Carpet Gown price. The exclusive collection will be launched in early 2007 and sold in all their 50+ stores as well as on their website.

During this time, I also made a return visit to Seattle, for an appearance that coincided with the Season Finale of "Project Runway".

To cap this crazy month of October, I also did a "Live From The Red Carpet" at Heidi Klum's Annual Halloween Party, that was held in Hollywood for the very first time.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: I filmed some segments for several TV shows, including E!Entertainment's "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds of 2006". I also got back on an airplane and flew to the heart of the Midwest, to attend, host and judge their first ever "Project Runway" event and fashion show at the University of Kansas.

Subsequently, I ended the year with a spiritual and runway-Diva zenith by filming a funny "Behind The Scenes" segment titled "Panty Raid with Nick Verreos" at the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Kodak Theater. I still cannot decide what was better: Dancing with Supermodel Karolina Kurkova, or getting a whole choir to do an impromptu accapella rendition of the final song of the fashion show in the elevator with me. You guys can view the video and decide for yourself. Happy New Year and thanks for being such an inspirational part of 2006.

NICK APPEARANCES.....Uncle Nick Gettin' Jiggy

Did everyone see this posting from Blogging Project Runway?! I nearly spit up my eggnog laughing at these! Click HERE to see me as a dancing elf and even do that infamous Roger Rabbit Dance that I spoke of HERE!

Click HERE to go to BPR for the original posting where you can also see Andrae, Daniel Franco and yes, even Tim Gunn as Dancing Elves!

I will Be in San Antonio, TX for Christmas with the family and then NYC for New Years!

Thanks to everyone for all the love shown to me this year (can you believe it has just been one year since PR2?), it has been truly amazing and I continue to be humbled by all the support and encouragement shown to me. Feliz Navidad!!


Along with the rest of the nation, I was absolutely enthralled by all the recent drama involving the rumored de-throning of the beautiful Tara Conner, "Miss USA 2006". All those fabulous articles and the headlines "MESS USA" and "Tara: The new Paris Hilton" had me and my pageant-loving friends hanging by the last rhinestone-studded thread! Remembering how pretty she looked in Kayne Gillespie's "Project Runway"-winning gown in the "Miss Universe" contest earlier this year, made me think if somehow if she was stripped of her title, would they take Kayne's gown too? Or would Kayne get to keep it and have it in a glass-encased window in his boutique.
News is that Donald Trump has given her a second chance and she will undergo "rehab". I wish only the best to Tara in these trying times. Maybe Kayne will design her "comeback" gown when she gives up her crown in a few months. I will be tuning in to see the drama conclude.

It was also nail-biting for another reason. It just happens to be that my sister, Rita Verreos, (on the left, in a red top) herself a former "Miss Venezuela" contestant, is a pageant coach, who actually trained Tamiko Nash, "Miss California " to prepare for the "Miss USA" contest. Tamiko went on to become First Runner Up, and two days ago was awaiting word of whether or not she would have to get on a plane to New York City.
I met Tamiko through my sister, when we were all invited to attend the "Miss Universe" contest , held at the Shrine Auditorium here in Los Angeles. Here is a photo of myself and Tamiko, wearing one of my original designs, a canary yellow silk asymmetrical dress. Tamiko was an absolute dream when she came to my studio and tried on all these gowns and dresses, finally choosing this one. She already has starred in some programs and was one of the models in "Deal or No Deal" . It looks like Tamiko is doing great things despite the fact that she is not on a plane to New York to finish out the year as "Miss USA".

NICK APPEARANCES.....University of Kansas Runway Challenge Recap

Newsflash: The Midwest is full of FASHION!!!

Wow! I can't believe it, but I survived yet another quarter at FIDM. Finals are over and I am almost done inputing the final grades. Since I was in a "school mode", I remembered that I had not done my recap for my November visit to the University of Kansas "Project Runway"-themed contest. It's the least I could do, especially since I promised the wonderfully talented students that I would put up some of their photos on my blog as a "Thank You" for the invitation and allowing to enjoy the great show in a cold Kansas Autumn night.
I flew into the Kansas City airport, along with David, dressed in my best "Fall ensemble" : A black fitted trenchcoat, dress shirt and vest, black skinny pants, boots and of course a scarf. I guess we looked "different" at KCI (Kansas City International Airport) because when we went to retrieve the van that would take us into the city, the lovely van-assistant remarked, "Are y'all from Canada?" I asked why she was asking. She said, "Well, I've seen some guys dressed like you guys...and ... well, they were from Canada". I guess "Canadian" is the new "Gay".

We arrived into the University of Kansas campus and were met by the lovely Stephanie Altoro, the cultural arts coordinator for Student Union Activities for KU. She gave me a briefing and before I knew it, I was on stage in front of a cheering "sold-out" crowd of over 600 attendees. I spoke about my experience in fashion, how I got into it as well as what inspired me. I also spoke at length about subjects ranging from what classes to take, what to study, as well as reminded the students to take business courses, since after all, the fashion industry is a business. A Q & A session followed with many students asking me about the show. In fact if my memory serves me correctly, the first question involved Santino and whether or not he was "a nice guy" and if we"re still friends. I laughed since I just spoke for about an hour about fashion and how to get into it and about what kind of education one should pursue, yet all these kids wanted to know was dish on "Project Runway". I treated them to some "Inside Dish" (as much as my contract allows) and then the contest fashion show began showcasing designs from the 8 student finalists.

The contest involved putting the eight contestants through three seperate rounds to create outfits from scratch on budgets of $40 or less. There was a "Muslin Challenge" like our first challenge in Season Two, a "Make an outfit from what you find in a Thrift Store with $25", and finally a "Make an evening gown with just $40 for fabric". I did double-duty, not only as the "featured speaker" but I was also one of the esteemed judges who would decide the fate of these finalists. I was surprised to see such amazing talent and refined fashion, especially from a non-fashion school. After all ,KU does not really have a Fashion Design program. I have judged other "Final Shows" in actual fashion design schools and what I saw at KU was even better than those at times!
The overall winner was the pretty Julee Kessinger, a senior and a dead-ringer for being the next "Miss Kansas". Her designs were contemporary, beautifully sewn and most of all, I could see her pieces in a store anywhere across the US. Sometimes, student designers forget about the customer and that, eventually, someone has to wear it and not look like a fool. Students sometimes get overtly creative and end up with a costume and not an actual wearable garment. However, these students hit all the right marks. I had a great time and I commend the students and the Student Activities Union for inviting into their wonderful campus and making me feel at home.


On December 1st, I was honored to be asked to participate in the First Annual Bow Wow Beverly Hills Event. Two Rodeo and Tiffany & Co launched this event to promote and help support pet adoption during the Holiday Season in Beverly Hills.
It was dubbed "Breakfast at Tiffany's", because there was an elegant "Continental Breakfast" in the cobblestone streets of Via Rodeo and a doggie fashion show which immediately followed it. I only knew that I was to arrive at this ultra chic location and that I would get to walk a very special dog down the "doggie runway". Once I got there, I was introduced to my dog-walk partner--the cutest puppy named Bruiser. I just about died! I have seen a lot of dogs in my days, but Bruiser had to be the cutest puppy I had ever seen. I just wanted to grab him, squeeze him and never let go. The adoption volunteers informed me that he was a mix of some kind, possibly pit bull and a lab. He was styling in a silk Ermenegildo Zegna bow tie. Not only was he cute but he was a Metrosexual! He belonged on the cover of "Details, the Dog Issue" Not sure but I don't know if it was the Mimosas they were serving me or the smell of puppy chow, but I started screaming to my partner, David , who came with me, about how I was going to be Bruiser's daddy" and was ready to sign the adoption papers. I finally came back to consciousness when I realized how big his paws were and how large a dog he may eventually become. I just wanted him to be THAT puppy size forever!

Besides myself, I was excited to be joined by other runway doggie-walkers Jane Wiedlin, from The Go-Go's. I just kept thinking to myself that I couldn't believe that I was in a doggie fashion show with one of my favorite musicians of all time! I embarassed myself by telling her what a big fan of hers I was and how The Go-Go's were one of the first bands I ever jumped up and down for at a High School dance to. She then expressed to me what a huge fan of "Project Runway" she was and how she was excited to meet me as well! Jane's puppy was this large excited dog that kept trying to cause trouble with all the other puppies.
We did calm him down long enough to take photos with Celina Bojorquez of The Beverly Hills Mutt Club and "The Pink Lady", as I called her. Jane and I thought we were colorfully dressed for the event--until we saw her! Note: Her poodle is also pink! Actor Dick Van Patten from "Eight Is Enough", one of the bachelorettes from "The Bachelor" plus others, including a very HOT Fireman from the Beverly Hills Fire Department, joined us in the doggie fashion show. His puppy was featuring a mini-fireman's hat and bright yellow costume. Double cute!
Before we all could even take our final bow, I got word that MY Brusier had already found a home, and a new Daddy. The handsome and equally stylish, Craig Donahue, director of PR for the event fell in love with Bruiser just as quickly as I did, but he put his money where his heart was! Craig has now asked David and I to be his Godparents. Uh oh, does that mean I have to buy him some Zegna silk bow ties every year on his Birthday?

Nick's Doppelganger?


Continuing on with the Victoria's Secret theme, I was ready to call it a night and tuned in to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and was surprised to see myself! Jimmy's funny "parking security guard" was, I guess also backstage and doing his own "pink carpet" coverage and well, you guys will see...I thought it was cute and funny. Thank God they compared me to Cleto and not Guillermo!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Panty Raid


In the spirit of tonight's airing of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, I thought I would do a little catch up and give my "Behind the Scenes" Blog to accompany my video that was posted on and now here.

I was at the University of Kansas for an appearance when I got the call to do backstage and "Pink Carpet" correspondance for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Two days later, back in Los Angeles, I cut my class short and headed on the 101 to Hollywood. The thought of being with the most beautiful women in the world made me almost get in an accident as I texted about half a dozen of my closest of friends!
I showed up, in my pink polo shirt ready for my assignment. I was to ask the girls just one question: “What is in your lingerie drawer?” Before, I could say “Joe Boxer”; I was whisked to a private room in back of the Renaissance Hotel, next to the Kodak Theater where the models were preparing for the show. Immediately, I run into Karolina Kurkova. I just love pronouncing her name. I feel like a Russian ballet instructor every time I say it. I had met Karolina at another Victoria’s Secret event and she recognized me. We chatted and even did some “dirty dancing” while singing “Sexy Back”.

Once inside the hallowed chambers of the make-up and hair room, I almost felt numb. It was a fantasy come true. From my participation on Season 2 of Project Runway, it was obvious that I adore models. They are, as I said, my muses. Imagine, for me, not just being in a room with models, but with Supermodels. Gisele Bundchen, fellow Brazilian, Adriana Lima, exotic Oluchi Onweagba, they were all there getting ready. I didn’t know what to do other than to want to do a “model walk off” with them. I could not, of course for obvious reasons, notwithstanding the fact that they were busy getting their rollers, hair extensions, and fake eyelashes on,but more importantly, I am certain that there are public decency laws in California that prevent me from wearing Victoria's Secret Pink Panties.

Camera in tow, I proceeded to ask the models my “What is in their drawers” question. Gisele was sweet and professional, saying she likes thongs and lacy bras to feel sexy. Then I spotted “Victor & Rolf” muse, Brazilian Raquel Zimmermann, and congratulated her on her “wedding” to the design duo earlier this month here in LA. I approached several other Victoria’s Secret models, including Izabel Goulart, Angela Lindvall, Allesandra Ambrosio, and got some fun answers to my cheeky question of the day.

The show began with a hot performance by Justin Timberlake. Now, I must admit that I liked Justin’s music but was not always a “fan”. I have always been more of a Jay Kay of Jamiroquai fan. He has been MY Justin when Justin was still in High School! However, after seeing Mr. Timberlake in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show performing several of his songs live and dancing his little booty off, well, I was ready to get my “Justin” membership card. I became a 14 year old girl in an instant, screaming and yelling. While seeing the Godesses of Ubermodels work the Swarovski crystal runway, one quickly figures out why these divine creatures make the money they make. They are worth every Euro, or Brazilian Real.
Those "America's Next Top Model" wannabes need to watch this show and take note. I have a feeling most of these girls were born walking this way; there was no need for a class with "Miss Jay".
The After Party was held nearby at The Roosevelt Hotel and before I knew it, most of the cast of ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” was hovered around me in conversation. For the rest of the night, I chatted with hottie actor, Justin Chambers and his lovely wife, Keisha, as well as actors, Sarah Ramirez, and Kate Walsh. I discovered that they were all fans of Project Runway and we spoke of having me design them a dress or two. My evening ended going home after I caught myself staring at the Roosevelt pool and wanting to jump in it.
Here is the Behind the Scenes video I did, just in case you missed it before. It will also be in my permanent video section on the side of this blog in case you need a little dose of Supermodel to brighten up your day...(or make you feel more depressed!).

NICK APPEARANCES.....2nd Annual LA Fashion Awards

About a month ago, I attended the Second Annual Los Angeles Fashion Awards, our counterpart to New York's CFDA. Its director, Jennifer Uner, asked me and former GenArt director, Meghan Griffith to present the "Inspiration Award" to GenArt and its LA director, Jennifer Egan. You may remember that I co-hosted the "GenArt Fresh Faces In Fashion" show at Santa Monica Airport's Barker Hanger not too long ago, along with the gorgeous actress, Garcelle Beauvais.Here is a great video of the event, which was produced by

The LA Fashion Awards event was held at the historic Orpheum Theater in Downtown Los Angeles. Jennifer asked me if she could come over to my studio and get ready at my place since I am Downtown, 5 minutes away from the event. I guess, I was still in the shower when she arrived, with her make-up artist(like a true Diva), so they set up camp outside on the steps and proceeded to , as Tim Gunn would say, "make it work". Fifteen minutes later, I walk outside and find them in full-on make-up process on the steps of my Loft! To the delight of the lovely infamous LA bums walking their shopping carts as well as a film-crew shooting nearby, Jennifer then became a true Diva and had her make-up done right then and there!

The Award show had presentations for various awards, including "Best Designer" which was won by Rozae Nichols, "Marketing Excellence",won by Collection Bebe and "Fashion Retailer" , which Decades Two took the honors. There were corresponding fashion shows showcasing all the nominated designers, which showed the wide range of talent that the West Coast has to offer. When it came time to do the speech and present the award to Jennifer Egan and GenArt, I was happy to see that there were Teleprompters and a nice glass of wine waiting for me backstage, which calmed my nerves, just a bit. Everything went fine, even if I ad libbed some of it. A "Fashionista crowd" can be a tough, jaded one, so I felt I did OK, as long as I walked away without any boos and jeers from the audience.

The Orpeum Theater was the site for yet another award show I attended, the "LA Ovation Awards". My best friend, Louie Anchondo ,works with the "Actors' Fund" , which is a nationwide human services organization that helps all professionals in performing arts and entertainment . He asked me to be his date to the "Ovation Awards", the Los Angeles answer to the NY Tony Awards. It was a night of THEATER(pronounced with the British accent) hosted by Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser). He was charming , funny and held the three hour show together. Although I am not exactly a fan of the Theater, I do enjoy a good musical now and then, especially if the costumes are fun. I was shocked to find out how many "Theater" fans "Project Runway" has, when I walked into the lobby of the Orpheum and several heavy weights of the art kept stopping me, gushing about how much they loved the show. I thought I could "slip in" un-noticed in this atmosphere of high-brow art. Not! I got to meet several actors and singers of the stage including Sam Harris (of "Star Search" fame) and the beautiful and Tony-nominated actress Valarie Pettiford. I almost fainted when I saw actress and Diva-extraordinaire, Carole Cook. She was the grandmother from the 1980s cult-classic,"Sixteen Candles". The one who felt Molly Ringwald's perky boobies as well as served breakfast with a cigarette dangling from the forefinger while opening a box of doughnuts. I cannot express enough my absolute love for her. There are many times when I want to channel her in moments of distress and trauma. This was definitely the highlight of my night!

School, Britney, and a Fan of NIKOLAKI

WEEK IN REVIEW: Can't Find My School Bags....Oh Look at Britney!....Girls Love NIKOLAKI!!! This week has been a bit crazy for me, especially at school. There are two weeks left with the Fall Quarter and the students are turning in the final homework, presentations, assignments, finished draped garments, etc. This is also the time when those not-so-good students try for a last-ditch effort to "make-up" work, turn in late Homework, and generally kiss up to me, and plead that they are not irresponsible and just had "way too much to do" this Quarter (wait until you get to the "real world" huney!). These are always the ones that come back to me at the end of the Quarter and wonder why they received D's or F's. I wonder why? It never seizes to amaze me that they even have, as we say in Spanish, the COJONES, to ask. But , thanks to the Dior and Vionnet Gods of Fashion, they are in the minority. This Quarter I have seen lots of wonderful work as well. Soon, I will try and post photos of some of the best garments done by my students in my "Collection Development" classes. I am astounded by how creative they have been! They should be very proud of themselves and I, as their Instructor, am very proud of them. On another note, however, two of my school bags, with Homework and class binders were lost, and I fear, stolen from the school. When I mentioned this to the school administrators, someone joked "Look On EBAY!" I hope that they are found and/or returned. It has made this week a bit of a downer for me. The only thing I could do is just apologize to the students for not having their Homework back to them and to keep an eye out for it on the Internet! ( as well as give them A's for the stolen Homework). One item that did brighten my week (other than reading Perez Hilton's blog every night before I go to bed to see those nasty photos of Britney's panty-less self): A couple of days ago, a friend alerted me to a posting on another blog that a young woman did, where she gushed about a certain NIKOLAKI top she had bought and loved. The top in question is a deep sand-colored Grecian-draped top with cowl sleeves which I did for Fall 2006 . She even posted photos of herself modeling the top and a close up of my label "Nikolaki by Nick Verreos, David Paul". Gotta love her! She goes by the name of Parisjasmal and her blog is I emailed her , and asked permission to use the posting plus the photos to showcase here in my blog. I know this sounds cheesy but the hairs on my arms (and I have lots, remember kids, I am half Greek!), were standing up after reading her love-account with the top I designed. I am glad that I can bring joy to someone, and especially make the wearer feel DIVINE, sexy and special. These are the three things I consider whenever I am sketching at 2 AM at my pattern table, after drinking way too much coffee. At least with this customer: Mission Accomplished! Thanks for putting a smile on my face (in a not-so-fun week) and for becoming a member of my "Nikolaki Girls". If you excuse me for indulging in a bit of self-flattery, click HERE to read her account of "Nick Verreos and a girl who loves his shirt". If you've ever purchased a piece of Nikolaki, I'd love for you to send me a photo of you wearing the garment. If enough people send in pictures I will do a special posting highlighting "The Best of Nikolaki"!