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Hollywood Prom 2007 and Dior Haute Couture

Several things peaked my interest last week: a "Hollywood Prom 2007" event and the Haute Couture runway shows in Paris. I attended one, but regretfully watched the other via the Internet!
Last Thursday, I was invited to the First Annual Covered Magazine Hollywood Prom 2007 party. It was supposed to be a party to celebrate the start of "Prom Season" as well as the PYT's (does anyone say that still?) of the Hollywood social/nightclub scene. I made a conscious decision that this time around, for this "Hollywood Prom", I would not wear a baby blue tuxedo ruffled shirt and tails!

I decided not to go stag and bring a "prom date", the ethereal Amanda Fields, model and confidante. I drove to her Hollywood apartment with a little surprise in the backseat for her to wear. I would have given her one of my "Windsor" prom dresses but they are so new, I don't even have one! In almost "Wonder Woman" time, Amanda quickly changed into one of my NIKOLAKI terracotta-colored ruched jersey dresses and we were off. The "Red Carpet" was fun, especially after seeing these photos: I look like I am 5'2" ,trying to reach up to the Amazonian Amanda (with heels she tipped at 6'4"). Once inside the party, I made a beeline to the "VIP" section and said "Hello" to Lauren and Audrina from MTV's "The Hills". Last quarter, I taught Lauren at FIDM, where she took one of my classes in technical sketching. It was fun seeing her outside of the academic environment. The party was fun, and thankfully, I didn't have to bring a Corsage or wear a Boutonniere, or dance to "Rock Lobster" or"Stairway To Heaven" , like I did at my high school prom!

Onto a much more glamorous event which I wish I would have attended, even if I was standing or hiding under one of those gilded chairs, the Spring 2007 Haute Couture runway shows in the City of Lights, Paris. There are not that many designers who are still doing Haute Couture, since almost all the couture houses have closed down because there are only 500 clients in the whole world who can afford an $85,000 dress and because it can cost up to a million dollars to produce such a show. It is a huge money losing venture. Yet , thankfully, several top design houses are still "holding the flame": Valentino, Lacroix, Chanel, Elie Saab, and Dior for example.

The last was my favorite pick of the collections, designed by the mad genius of John Galliano. Thank God for the Internet because it allowed me to experience one of the most exquisite presentations of high art and fashion. After seeing the video (be warned it is about 40 minutes in length), I actually began clapping out loud TO MY LAPTOP SCREEN! As if I was there! Photos alone cannot express the incredible workmanship, one-of-a-kind museum-worthy creations that John Galliano and the incredible Dior atelier created in what is arguably his best collection ever, based on "Madame Butterfly". The magnificent construction of each piece still has me gasping for air: Galliano managed to create Origami shapes unimaginably draped and folded into suits and backs of gowns; intricately beaded butterfly, fish and fauna capes; Opera coats and dresses that were hand painted in gorgeous hues never seen before; crocodile leather draped and pleated as if it were Silk Duchesse Satin. All, literally one-of-a-kind. It was Galliano at his finest, giving an obvious nod to the master, Christian Dior, with the New Look shapes. I am sure he is smiling in fashion heaven!
None of it is wearable, yes, but that's not really the point. Ideas will trickle down to Ready-to-Wear, purses, sunglasses, etc. Maybe, if you are a Saudi princess, you will order one or two. If I was a Saudi princess I would , and then wear it to my "Super Sweet Sixteen".
His love with the Geisha also incidentally spilled over to his Galliano for Men Collection he debuted several days later, loosely based on the Samurai as seen in this photo. It was a whimsical trip to Japan with a hint of Aboriginal tribesmen. He was supposedly influenced by the Irving Penn photographs of indigenous men while on a trip to Peru. Go figure. Amongst the crazy headdresses, plastic-wrapped smudged faces, and "homeless" styling were some very wearable clothing: dandy fitted vests, "Galliano" screen-printed sweaters and sexy underwear, that will most likely find its way into a Barney's or Saks Fifth Avenue Menstore near you.

Click HERE to view the video of the Christian Dior Spring 2007 Haute Couture Show.
Click HERE to view the Galliano Fall 2007 Men's Show.

Familiar Connection

The word is out! If you haven't heard already, my sister Rita is a contestant on the new season of Survivor: Fiji. I did a posting on which you can read HERE. They didn't make it easy to find on their website, so I thought just in case some of you missed it and wanted to read a little bit about the connection I would give you the heads up. Also, BPR is always on top of it! You can read a few questions I answered for them HERE.
And on another related topic: I ask forgiveness for the double pooka sheel necklaces , the large Turquoise chokers AND the hipster studded belt. This photo is about 4 years old! At least the one shouldered silk dress style my sister is featuring is STILL being ordered by stores! I guess I was a bit "ahead of my time".

My Super Sweet Sixteen!

Last Friday, Windsor Stores held their annual Corporate Meeting at the fabulous Hyatt on Sunset Strip. The day-long affair was basically filled with business objectives, introducing new styles for Prom Season 2007, and giving direction to Windsor's store managers for their 39 stores in 12 States across the USA. The highlight of the meeting was the introduction of my "Nick Verreos for Windsor" dresses integrating them into the Windsor "family". There was a mini fashion show, where all the ten styles were modeled by young women--who were actual sales associates from the stores.

Just the reaction (High-yelling "woo-hoos" ) from the audience as well as the giddy emotions from some of the 16-year old teen models made me assured that these were the right dresses for this market! The whole theme for Windsor this season is a return to the luxurious, lady-like look. Glamour is back--slutty is out! I wanted to design sexy, fashionable dresses perfect for a Winter Formal, as well as a wedding reception or a "cocktail" event, and make them affordable.
I combined two main themes, already seen on recent Award Show Red Carpets, including "Grecian-Goddess" draping and shirring, as well as a 1950's/1960's retro look(as witnessed by the shorter cocktail styles).

In conjunction with the fashion show, it was also announced that I will be traveling all across the US to various Windsor Stores to make appearances at various trunk show events. Not all the cities are known as of now, but a little birdie tells me I will be traveling to Illinois, Arizona and Florida, amongst other States. I will keep my readers posted on the exact locations as well dates.

I had a great time meeting and taking photos with all the Windsor "girls"--and one boy (manager). TheTexas girls at my table were especially a hoot! I hope they went to the "Saddleback Ranch" nearby and got to ride that infamous mechanical bull! They seemed to be genuinely excited by my line for their stores, as well as by my surprise attendance. We ended the day with a glamourous dinner at the penthouse/rooftop ballroom of the hotel, overlooking all of Hollywood. It was a gorgeous and clear evening and you could almost see all the way to the beach.

Golden Globes-Uncle Nick's Fashion Round Up

Until I get that phone call from E! Entertainment to do my own unique post-Award Show "fashion commentary" (don't hold your breath kids, I will not be giving up my "Day Jobs" of designing my line or being an instructor any time soon), I will willingly give my "two cents" review from a "fashion insider" point of view here on my blogspot. It's more cleansing to get it down on "paper" than to vent to David and my tired-of-hearing-me- babble friends.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Now onto this year's Golden Globes' Red Carpet catwalk: My favorite gown was Drew Barrymore's white Grecian-draped column of silk crepe from Christian Dior by Galliano. She redeemed herself (after last year's fashion don't) and got some sound advice to keep her "puppies" up with this strapless gown that featured some gorgeous draping enveloping her figure like a statue. She looked gorgeous; her hair was perfect and she carried the dress well.

Black seemed to be the color of the night. I was a bit disappointed at this, but it is no surprise since by choosing black, they felt safe and assured that they may not end up in those "Worst Dressed" lists, if they had worn, mustard yellow, for example (hello Prince!). Of the black-clad actresses, Penelope Cruz wore the color beautifully. She looked like a Spanish Infanta and Andalusian flamenco dancer all in one, in her black Chanel gown. She somehow always gets it right. Great neckline and silhouette for her figure. "Hola" magazine should be very happy!

Photo: David Longendyke / Globe Photos
La Jennifer Lopez, looked like a Diva! She serves it on the Red Carpet overtime! Really, young up-and-coming Drag Queens across the world are playing her posing over and over again today, for practice. She wore a Sari-inspired Marchesa gown (Marchesa co-designer is Harvey Weinstein's girlfriend) that was unusual and stunning at the same time. She owned it. She gets major atta-girl points from Uncle Nick. She reminds me of those glamorous 1950's actresses I would see in those old Mexican movies my grandmother would watch on a daily basis. Jennifer exudes old-school glamour for 2007.

In terms of color, I think "Ugly Betty's" America Ferrara looked so pretty in her deep violet/royal blue Brian Reyes corseted gown. Great silhouette for her body, accenting and highlighting her lovely curves.
Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
Speaking of curves: Hello Helen Mirren ! I think Ms. Mirren's Donna Karan jersey was great. Loved the plunging neckline, and the peek-a-boo beaded chiffon from underneath. She wore the "Grecian-draped" trend well and the gown was perfectly suited for a "mature woman". She didn't go dowdy as most actresses her age might have gone. It highlighted her fabulous upper torso, neck and shoulders. She was a sexy Queen!

Photo: Steve Granitz / WireImage
I perked up , after seeing a sea of black gowns, when the pretty Reese Witherspoon walked the Red Carpet in her canary yellow cocktail number. Loved the color, especially against her golden hair(which looked great too). Surprisingly, I did not have a problem with the length. It still looked appropriate for an A-list award show like this.

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
I could not speak of the "Best" without a couple of "Misses". One word: Beyonce. I love Miss Beyonce BUT she looked like a Drag Queen in her metallic gown. Momma Knowles needed to re-think this one, I feel. It was just too much, some would argue that it looked like she raided the "Dreamgirls" wardrobe department when looking for a gown to wear. I have a feeling this one may end up in the "Worst" section in those celebrity magazines.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images
Lastly, Cameron Diaz was a toss-up for me. Yes, she looked like a wedding cake, but the dress was still rather pretty and feminine. I liked the shape and the cinching of the natural waist (another trend), but I would have removed the shoulder tulle accent. I also think that in black or a golden-beige, it might have looked better.

Nick on E! "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds"


Just before the end of the year, I was called in to do a "segment" for E! Entertainment. Of course, I was extremely excited. Well, I was thinking, "Great, will I be commenting on Spring Fashion trends? Or will I be talking about Red Carpet trends? Or teaching non-fashion people how to tell the difference between a $100 dress and a $2000 one?" Oh, no I quickly found out that I was going to make commentary on the "30 Most Outrageous Celebrity Feuds". Some of the feuds, I must admit, I didn't even know were going on! I hoped that at least one of the fights dealt with Paris stealing a dress from Lindsay , or a famous fashion designer bitch-slapping another fashion designer. No such luck. Well, I tried to do my best "catty " Nick. I almost forgot I did this segment, until some students of mine approached me and said "Mr. Verreos, I saw you on TV last night... you were so funny!" I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about, until I realized it was this show. I assumed that they had watched some old clips from Season Two.

Also, click HERE to read a "Shout Out" from the PR Gay Boys and watch a video that they dug up. I was invited to the Christian Audigier Melrose Store Opening (He was the designer for 'Von Dutch') and I asked Amanda (model from last season) to be my date and she wore one of my cropped gold linen jackets and jersey mini-dress from my Holiday NIKOLAKI line. She wore the mini dress over her own very skinny jeans and looked hot!

Prom Dresses Anyone?

Happy New Year!!
I just returned from spending my holiday break in Texas and New York City. While spending time in several airport layovers, I sauntered over to the magazine newstands. To my great delight, I discovered that the ads for my One-Time Only Exclusive line of Cocktail and Prom Dresses , "Nick Verreos for Windsor", were in several Prom Magazines, such as "Seventeen Prom" and "Teen Prom ".
Be the first to order the dresses online now at Next month, they will all be available at all Windsor flagship stores across the nation as well as on the website. I can't tell you how excited I am about this and hope that all my fans love the dress styles I have designed.