Monday, August 31, 2009
Nick Loves SOAPnet!!!!Welcome to the Daytime Emmy AWAAAAAAARDSSSSS: Nick Verreos strikes a pose on the red carpet


Another year, another Daytime Emmy Awards! For a second year in a row, I was privileged enough to have been asked by my favorite "Daytime Drama Kids" over at SOAPnet, to host their "Red Carpet Coverage" and interview all the stars. It was about 95 Degrees (at least it wasn't as hot as last year, when the thermometer hit 107 and my sweat glands went into "I-Can't-Take-It-No-More" mode) as I headed to the historic Orpheum Theater in Downtown LA, the site of this year's award show. My Make-Up girl (and Greek "sistah") Alex George, SAVED the day (at least for me) by bringing ICE PACKS, which she would sneak under my shirt as I stood out there in the glaring sun. So when I shrieked a loud "Oh Dear" to the stars, that's why!

Downtown LA Landmark: The Orpheum Theater The red carpet was set up so when the stars first arrived, they were in a shaded area to the side of the theater as all the cameramen got to take their photos and the fans got their treasured first glimpse of the favorite stars. Then they were all mine--well, me, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, etc. But I was the fourth person the stars would come to (Yeayyyy!!! SOAPnet's got pull at the Daytime Emmys!!!).Location, Location, Location: The first three--SOAPnet (me) was to the left of "Extra" I got to interview all the top Daytime Drama stars, most of the nominees, as well as the presenters. Of course, a highlight of mine was getting to see Susan Lucci once again, who was wearing a beautiful coral-colored hand-beaded Zuhair Murad gown. He's the same Lebanese designer who has been worn by the likes of Miley Cirus and Debra Messing. Susan was SO GRACIOUS and classy (as always!) and TINYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I just want to put her in my Marc Jacobs tuxedo pocket and take her home!SOAPnet Three's Company: Writer Producer Sarah Tatting, Nick Verreos and Fashion Correspondent Meghan Jolly pose on the Daytime Emmy Red Carpet I was thrilled to see how many of Daytime Drama's A-list stars were also (still) such fans of Project Runway. Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Winner Vincent Irizarry and his wife could NOT stop talking about how much they loved the show and how I was one of their favorites! I was like "can we get back to your nomination??!!".


It was wonderful to see all the younger actors looking very chic and living for their red carpet moment. Lots of the women chose lavender or violet as their color of choice (just like my skinny tie!) and had PLUNGING backless dresses. A lot of the younger guys chose to go sans tie, which was interesting. At first, you might think "too casual", but darlings in the 95 degree Downtown LA weather, it worked! Thank you to everyone at SOAPnet!! We were definitely the "Funky Bunch" of the daytime Emmy Awards! Love you!! For all the Daytime Emmy Awards Red Carpet Madness: Click HERE!

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Nadia the Nick Verreos/NIKOLAKI sexy Goddess!
Perfect Pose: Nadia Bjorlin in NIKOLAKI silk jersey and leather one shoulder dress It's Daytime Emmys season in Los Angeles and just last week, I had another NIKOLAKI coup: The gorgeous half-Iranian/half Swedish actress Nadia Bjorlin, who plays "Chloe" on "Days Of Our Lives" wore one of our dresses to the TV Academy's Animation & Daytime Programming Salute Nominees event last Thursday. Look Into My "Nick Verreos" eyes: Nadia Bjorlin in NIKOLAKI at the TV Academy's Animation and Daytime Programming Salute event The dress Nadia wore is a golden sand-colored silk jersey one shoulder cocktail dress with black leather waist corset (is that enough of a description?!). She has such a hot figure and she's so beautiful that of course, I think she looked AMAZING! I love that TWICE in one week, different actresses chose two dresses (without knowing), from my Spring 2009 Collection that were both silk jersey and leather. Two Nikolaki Goddesses!!
Friday, August 28, 2009
Who Laid The Golden Egg Dress?I am SOOOOOOO (should I add another "O"?) happy that Project Runway is back!!! I really missed Tim and Heidi! I'm even happier it's in my 'hood, Los Angeles! For this second episode, the designers were asked to design a chic pregnancy ensemble for---no, not Heidi, that will be NEXT season--but for actress Rebecca Romijn. Cheetah Girl vs. Maternity Momma: Heidi Klum and Rebecca Romijn We learned that she is VERY PREGNANT (Twins!) and that she is TALL!!!! Look at her next to Heidi (and Heidi's is wearing some MAJOR Stiletto booties!). Besides Rebecca, the other special judge was FIDM grad (yep, she went to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where I teach and went to school), designer Monique Lhuillier of the dreamy and very expensive wedding gowns as well as those evening dresses that are ubiquitous on the red carpet. Her boutique on Melrose Place here in LA is GORGEOUS. She even makes dinnerware and stemware--who knew?Wedding Queen: LA Designer and FIDM Grad, Monique Lhuillier As usual, you can check out what I had to say regarding this episode, including: --Why I want to see more of Logan shirtless (sorry Logan) --Why Mitchell's pregnancy outfit needs a cigarette and a bottle of Jack Daniels --And why Johnny might have something to fall back on (if designing doesn't pan out). Click HERE for my Recap and be sure to tell me what you think! Oh and let me know if you want to see more of me and my Season 2 compatriot Andrae Gonzalo DISHING on !!!!!
Thursday, August 27, 2009
Aphrodite Haylie Red Carpet Pose: Haylie Duff wears NIKOLAKI gown to "The Final Destination" Premiere The gorgeous Haylie Duff came to our showroom/studio and we had a fun "Let's Play Dress Up" fitting session. She arrived with her stylist on Wednesday (things move fast in Hollywood!) and was looking for something for her to wear to her boyfriend's movie premiere. In case you are wondering, her boyfriend is HOT (OMG, look at those abs of his!) Nick Zano and the movie is The Final Destination. One Shoulder Goddess: Haylie Duff in NIKOLAKI Gown Haylie was the sweetest (her body was OUT of CONTROL!) and even Benny, our dog, loved her! After trying on a lot of our gowns and dresses, she chose a wheat colored silk jersey one shouldered "Goddess Gown" with an attached black leather waist corset. May I remind you: Silk jersey!!! Of course, I think she look like Aphrodite! I know that I may sound like a 16 year old high school girl...but...I love you Haylie! (let's hope Nick Zano comes by when she returns the gown!).
Nick Verreos Brings Fashion Red Carpet the Daytime Emmy Awards!The Daytime Emmy Awards are this Sunday, August 30th and will be telecast on the CW Network . For the second year in a row, I'm excited to be covering the red carpet for SOAPnet.
I will be there asking all your favorite stars--from all the gorgeous gals to the sexy hotties-- what designer they are wearing as well as maybe try and get a little "Daytime Drama" dirt!
Last year, I was on the Kodak Theater red carpet in 107 degree weather and it wasn't pretty! The "Weather Man" says it will be a WARM 95 Degrees (Ouch!) so I will try and have an umbrella and/or a fan--and definitely LOTS of paper towels for my "shiny" forehead!
Hope you get to tune in to for some "Fashion Talk with Nick" LIVE from The Daytime Emmy Awards!
Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Model CRAZY!You're IN! Nick Verreos and Heidi Klum Who loves models? I do! And that's why I love me some Modelinia, the website devoted to and about "everything and anything" models. Their tag line is Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle: All Models, All the Time. Sounds like a "Nick Website" to me! Model Hug: Nick Verreos and Marissa Miller As a designer, I worship and live for models. They are my muses and they make my designs and sketches come to life! I was so lucky back in Season 2 of Project Runway to have been given the gorgeous Tarah Rodgers as my model. She was such an inspiration during those grueling weeks. Pink Beauty: Nick Verreos and Erin Wasson And because of all the different red carpet and style video blogs I have done, especially as one of the Glam Squad for's Style Studio, I have now become a part of the "I love Victoria's Secret Supermodels" club. Besides my ultimate Supermodel Goddess Heidi Klum, I just can't get enough of Marissa Miller and Erin Wasson. The Modelinia website has videos of Isaac Mizrahi muse and former Tim Gunn Guide To Style co-host and partner-in-crime Veronica Webb doing a "high heel workout", video interviews with model "God" John Casablancas and hair Guru, Garren ( you know you are a DIVA when you are known with just ONE NAME!), as well as "Beauty Secrets" from all the top models. Click HERE for more videos and all the Model Madness!
Monday, August 24, 2009
The Nick and Andrae Show Last week, right after Andrae and I previewed the Premiere Episode of Project Runway Season 6, we were "whisked" into another secret room, to film our immediate "First Impressions" of the episode and the new cast of "characters". We had a lot of fun and Lifetime needs to think of having this be a Nick and Andrae After Hours Post Show! What do you think? Here are the Highlights, which you can't miss: -Why Andrae was "Clutching His Pearls". -Why we think contestant Johnny Sakalis needs his own Lifetime "Movie of the Week" (I'm sure the "Recovering Crystal Meth Organization of America"--is there such a thing?-- already has contacted him to be in next year's Gay Pride Parade). -Who we think wears a leather Dominatrix jumpsuit and owns a whip. -And who is MY new boyfriend. Check Out The fun videos above and below, or go to
It's Venezuela's Night in the Bahamas!Sunday night the final telecast of the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant took place--live from the Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Of course, being a pageant fan-- and a designer of many Miss Universe and Miss USA gowns--I watched. Since I had been at this amazing resort last November as part of the Islands Of The World Fashion Week, I was excited to see all the beauty of this amazing island nation.The favorites were the gorgeous "Noxema Clean" looking Miss Australia and Miss Dominican Republic, an exotic almost 6-foot-tall Creole beauty, who had previously won Miss World Dominican Republic. Miss Venezuela, a lovely 18 year old model made it into the Top 15 but she was not in many pageant watchers lists of who would win. Especially since last year's winner was also from Venezuela and the same country winning back-to-back had never happened in the history of the pageant.During the entire night, as one watched by the scores, it was a tough fight between Australia and Dominican Republic through the Swimsuit and Evening Gown Competitions. The gowns were pretty enough. Nothing mind-blowing or extraordinary. And no one fell! (remember the last two years?) I was happy to see a lack of CHA-CHA-showing slits (Thank you VERY MUCH!) or clear Lucite Stripper Heels (2nd Thank You!). Miss Venezuela was coming in 4th or third (if one followed the scores), then the interview portion came. And no one really answered their question in a "Give her the damn crown!" sort of way. Andre and his Louis Vuitton: One highlight was the DIVA Andre Leon Talley, from Vogue Magazine, who asked Miss Venezuela her question. I just wanted to know what kind of a private plane it took to get him there and how many TRUNKS of Louis Vuitton luggage he brought with him!But something occurred in that Atlantis Auditorium and ten minutes later, Miss Venezuela WON! Yes, Stefania Fernandez won. The first time ever a contestant from the same country as the outgoing title holder won! This is HUGE in the pageant world. Stefania was gorgeous and so "regal" the entire time. She is half Spanish (her father was born in the region of Galicia but emigrated over 40 years ago to Venezuela) and her mother is Venezuelan of Polish and Ukrainian descent (her mother's maiden name is Krupij Holojad). How "international"! Congrats chama! I'll save a seat for you at the dinner table at my studio for some Pabellon Criollo whenever you visit LA! Below is video of her crowning moment:
Desperate Project Runway Housewives Party!!!The Old and The New: Andrae Gonzalo, Kit Scarbo, Nick Verreos and Rami Kashou pose with Season 6 contestant Logan Neitzel Last week, as we all know, was the much-anticipated premiere of Project Runway's new season on Lifetime. I was invited to several parties, including a party one of the models from the Models of the Runway (Lisa Blades) was throwing at a local restaurant/club. Marc Cherry, creator of Desperate Housewives was also having his own intimate viewing party and so without blinking my L'Oreal Paris mascaraed eyelash, I decided to attend Marc Cherry's bash. Desperate Housewives Divas I met Marc at an event in LA over a year ago but he didn't know who I was. Then, this last January at the Kuwaiti Embassy Party for the Obama Inauguration in Washington DC, he approached me saying "I know we met a while back but I had NO IDEA who you were...but I have since watched Project Runway and now I know...and I'm a big fan!" Back then, he confided in me his ideas to have a viewing party for the premiere of the new season and it all came to fruition this past Thursday.The Host With The Most: Marc Cherry I extended the invitation to a few Project Runway Alumnae so I wouldn't have to be the only one answering questions regarding what really goes on "behind the scenes". We arrived soon after the beginning of the All-Star 2-hour special episode and therefore they had to pause it, until we all got situated. Already there was Rami Kashou, finalist from Season 4 as well as some of Marc's friends. More and more guests came trickling in as waiters passed food and drink orders. The entire (almost) Desperate Housewives Wardrobe and Costume Department was there (they are HUGE FANS!!!) including the amazing Emmy Award-winning Costume Designer, Cate Adair. Season 2 designer--and fellow Lifetime Blogger--Andrae Gonzalo, came donning a celebratory red tie. Kit Scarbo of Season 3 stopped by, looking sexy, in her Catherine Deneuve-meets-Natasha ensemble. We even had a "surprise visit" (OK, I sent him the invitation so it wasn't so much of a surprise) all the way from Seattle: Season 6 contestant, designer Logan Neitzel. Yes, the new "Cutie" of Season 6. I joked that he was there so Rami could pass on the "Hottie of Project Runway" crown to Logan. Caught In the Bathroom: Kit Scarbo enjoys the Hollywood Goddess bathroom at Marc Cherry's house Marc Cherry was the consummate host, as he controlled the remote (yes, we had him hit the PAUSE button many times!). The entire party was catered with the most delicious "comfort" food which included an array of salads, breaded chicken breasts, vegetables and a mac-and-cheese to end all mac-and-cheeses! However, the stars of the night, for me, were the pigs-in-a-blanket hors d'oeurves. Mental note: Must return to Marc Cherry's EVERY Thursday just for that! At the end, Marc even showed us his "Hollywood Starlet" bathroom, which features portraits of EVERY Hollywood Goddess, from Myrna Loy to Lauren Bacall. Models, Meet your Designers: Lisa Blades, Nick Verreos, Carol Hannah Whitfield and Logan Neitzel After leaving Marc's party, we somehow made it--just in time--to the Model Of the Runway Premiere Party on the other side of town. Most of the guests were leaving but we were there long enough to say "Hi" to one of my favorite models and muses, Lisa Blades as well as another Season 5 contestant, designer Carol Hannah Whitfield.The following day, Lisa stopped by my Downtown LA studio/showroom to return the NIKOLAKI cocktail dress she wore to the "Inglourious Basterds" Premiere (Dry Cleaned, even!). I was excited to see that she brought along Carol Hannah (in a cute canary yellow one-shoulder jersey dress of her design) and Logan (in extra skinny jeans and deep V-neck, of course) so we posed for some photos at my studio, including one with Tim Gunn. Well, Tim Gunn's Bubble head Doll! The new--and the old--of Project Runway--praising the God of Tim Gunn, via a doll (since we didn't have the real thing!). Thanks you Marc Cherry for a fabulous party and good luck Carol Hannah, Logan and Lisa--hope you go far! Can't wait for this week's episode...
Saturday, August 22, 2009
FIDM Video Tour a la NickWeb Star: Nick Verreos featured in the new FIDM website videos Well, it's official: The Season 6 Premiere of Project Runway was a HUGE SUCCESS! 4.2 million viewers! Lifetime, Heidi and Tim must be very happy (and Harvey Weinstein too). After a year's absence, the fans were still interested--naturally! In case you didn't watch it, Project Runway has "moved" to Los Angeles and my Alma mater, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM is "Project Runway Central" as the designers will be using their design, pattern and sewing studios to "Make It Work".My Other Barbie: Nick Verreos Malibu Barbie, on display at FIDM I filmed some fun videos for the official FIDM Project Runway website and the first ones are up! There's one of me at the Barbie 50Th Anniversary Wall where I give you a sneak peak of my "other" Barbie; one of me with some students at the Media Library/Study Lounge; and one of me at the FIDM Gallery and Museum of the Outstanding Art of Television Costume Design, where FIDM grad Leanne Marshall's winning Project Runway Season 5 Collection is on display! Click HERE for all the video madness.
Friday, August 21, 2009
DESIIIIIIGNEEEERS: Meet the Army Wives Lifetime Prom Date: Andrae Gonzalo and Nick Verreos pose at the Lifetime LA Offices Well kids, Project Runway is FINALLY BACK!!!! And not a moment too soon, because if I had to be forced to watch that awful "The Fashion Show" one more time, I would have SCREAMED!! Last night was the Premiere of Season 6 on its new "home", the Lifetime Network. For months--over a year now--everyone has been speculating how the new Project Runway would be. Would it change, be more "Lifetime-esque"? The LA-haters saying "I can't believe it's not in NY!!! Boo hoo...." And because its new producers, Bunin-Murray, are known for more tawdry and brain-cell numbing shows such as "The Real World", there were "web rumors" in the bloggersphere that there would be hot tubs for the designers to get drunk in after the challenges. Relax, it's all GOOD!!! The show looks the same, just as fabulous, and with no hot tub (yet!). Just good ol' Tim giving "fatherly" advice and Miss Heidi smiling and as pretty as she could be. Nick Verreos' Season 6 Project Runway Blog on Lifetime has asked me to write the recaps for this season on their official website, My Season 2 cohort, Andrae Gonzalo and I were invited earlier this week to "preview" the first episode in a secret location with a soundproof conference room (OK, I'm just being dramatic!). We had a blast, as you may imagine. Let's just say there were lots of loud "Oh no they didn't!" comments that could be heard from that secret "Viewing Room". Hope you enjoy my recap and be sure to leave your comments and thoughts! Check out my First Episode Recap entitled "For The Love of Bai Ling!" HERE
Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Red Carpet 101...The Interview

Recently, my favorite web boys, Tom and Lorenzo wanted to do an interview to get "all the inside dirt" on what really goes on to get your dress or gown on the Red carpet. Of course, I obliged, I got my coffee, set up a chair on my porch (why does it sound like I live in the backwoods of Arkansas?) and gave it to them! If you REALLY want to know what goes on behind the scenes of the "Red Carpet Game", then you'll be sure to read my interview.

D-List Buddies: Designer Nick Verreos and Kathy Griffin, in NIKOLAKI custom gown, Bravo A List Awards Even David--my NIKOLAKI partner-in-crime--was surprised at how candid I was and how much information I gave. This industry tends to be secretive and not very willing to give out inside dish on what goes on "behind-the-scenes" but I was very open. I spoke about stylists; the pr agencies connection; the competition with the multi-million dollar conglomerates; how if you ever see one of my dresses on the red carpet, it's like winning the lottery. It's all there. Check out the interview HERE and hope you have your notepad and get some valuable information. Next time, maybe people will think differently when asking "Why isn't Charlize Theron wearing your gowns...she would be PERRRRRFECT!!!!!!!"

Monday, August 17, 2009
Where Are They Now...Project Runway!I just did an interview with one of my favorite sites,, about Project Runway, of course. And I guess I was not the only one--so did SEVENTEEN other Project Runway designers (I thought I was special--LOL!!). is the web "sister" of the fabulous OUT Magazine and they wanted to know what we had been up to; what we were doing; who we thought the "favorite villain" (and no I didn't answer Santino!) was, as well as who our favorite Project Runway designers were. I especially love those photos used on the site--mine is just one of my Headshots. Yes, I know a bit cheesy. Rami's, well, he just looks smoldering! and Kenley, her photo is so sweet, you would never guess she was a kitty-throwing boyfriend-bashing (allegedly) cutie. I especially love Sweet P's photo. Hot. Hot. Hot! Click HERE for the entire interview
Tag Me: Nick Verreos poses with the fashion designers of tomorrow at the FIDM OC Open House This weekend, I took a nice one hour drive--from Los Angeles to lovely Orange County--yes, home of beautiful Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Lauren Conrad (OK, she left "The OC" A LONG TIME AGO!!!), and home of design house St. John as well as TONS of surf and active wear companies. Located in the city of Irvine is the pink-a-licious Clive Wilkinson designed Orange County campus of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising/FIDM. Woof Woof: Nick Verreos and David Paul pose with Benny--in his crystal-encrusted bag I brought along David, my NIKOLAKI Co-designer and our beloved dog, Benny. I have made several appearances at this FIDM campus and I always bring Benny--much to the delight of the wonderful OC Campus staff. In fact, every time I get there, everyone literally says "Oh Hi Nick, welcome back....Where's our little Benny!!!!???" When he's around, I am "chopped liver".Magazine Rack Overload: The FIDM Orange County Library Magazine Section The reason I was in the OC over the weekend was for FIDM Orange County's "Open House", when the campus opens its doors to high school students, their parents, as well as college graduates, interested in an education and having a career in fashion. I situated myself in the school's spacious and loft-like library and "set up Camp Nick", signing autographs, taking photos and giving lots of advice. At one point, I was holding court with an attentive audience of over 25 kids and their parents, as I explained my path to a fashion design career and how FIDM became an integral catalyst to it. Of course, I made a point to remind EVERYONE about the premiere of Season 6 of Project Runway and the fact that FIDM was going to be the new "home" for the show--in terms of where the new designers would be working. Nick Verreos and David Paul--with Benny--pose with Michael Mirabella of FIDM Orange County It was so much fun meeting everyone, hearing their concerns and questions and hopefully, being there to an answer them. Most left with a big warm "Thank You Nick!" so I hope I helped them just a little bit. I always enjoy coming to FIDM Orange County and visiting my friends here--especially Michael Mirabella, its Director of Admissions and his amazing staff. But I think Benny enjoys it even more since he's always really THE STAR when he visits in his crystal-encrusted doggy purse. I guess I'm not the only one who loves FIDM OC, Benny does too!!!
Friday, August 14, 2009
Big, Bold and Clunky!Fall Foot Divas: Fall 2009 Shoes from Prada, Balenciaga and Christian Dior It's all about SHOES! The Big ol' Clunky kind! No sexy strappy feminine things. No sir--or madam--If you are a girl who is into fashion and wants to stay a step or two, ahead of the pack, you better have at least two of these Stacked Clunky Heels. Three Words: Big, Bold and Heavy. The "F" is for FIERCE: Fendi wood-colored leather Clunky Heels Last Fall 2009 Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, NY, Tokyo; bold, platform, thick-strapped shoes were de rigeur on the runway. And now, these shoe styles are finally hitting your local Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. One of my favorite "Couture" styles are the Fendi Platform Chunky "Sandals" (as Saks Fifth Avenue calls them!). At $775, these might be a bit steep, unless you're the girlfriend of one of those Goldman Sachs bankers who got their multi-million bonus!Black Clunky: From Bakers Shoes But if you cannot afford those out-of-control Fendi--or Dior, or Prada Fall 2009 Couture Clunkers--then you might feed your need for Chunky Shoes at your nearby mall. Bakers is a great example of a shoe store that provides you the latest styles--translated from the runways-- at more affordable prices. Another one of my favorite shoe companies, Michael Antonio, also has reasonably-priced Clunky heels such as this gold woven detail one seen here. It is one of my favorites for sure. And this pair is only $50!!!! (I know, shut up!). If I was a girl, I would be ALL OVER that website getting my credit card out. With these, you will be "working it" at that next fashion week party, Downtown Gallery Event, or just making your flip-flopp'ed date look really short--and under-dressed! It's All About The Shoes: Balenciaga Resort 2010 stacked platform "sandals" These Fall 2009 designs are making their transition into Resort 2010 and Pre-Spring Collections, as seen above with the stacked clunky open-toe heels from the House of Balenciaga. I absolutely love the contrast of a sweet, feminine full mini-dress--and these absolutely OUTRAGEOUS big bold shoes. A Shot of Color: Alexis Bledel at the Teen Choice Awards These heels have also recently been making an appearance on the red carpet--as seen in these photos from the recent Teen Choice Awards. I love the statement both Alexis Bledel and Miss Fergie are making with their shoes. And I especially love the colors. Purple Fergilicious: Fergie at the Teen Choice Awards Their stylists are already jumping on the CLUNKY SHOE Bandwagon, so now, it might be a good time to head to your local Saks, Neiman's or Michael Antonio website, and get yourself a pair. Remember: Big, Bold, and Clunky!
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Glorious Models!Find the NIKOLAKI: Model Lisa Blades (center, in fuchsia pink) wearing NIKOLAKI on the "Inglourious Basterds" Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere First things first: As we all know (or should know by now!), Project Runway premieres on Lifetime August 20Th (that's just a little over a week from now and I can't wait!). Secondly, we also now know that not only are the designer contestants going to be the "stars", but for the first time ever, so will the models. Last night was the Red Carpet Hollywood Premiere of the much-awaited Quentin Tarantino film, Inglourious Basterds. And guess who was invited: The Models of the Runway!Six of the models, Fatma, Ebony, Kojii, Katie, Tanisha and Lisa attended--most of which reside in LA, since that is where the premiere was occurring. One of them, the gorgeous (and very tall) Lisa Blades wore a dress from my NIKOLAKI collection, a fuchsia and black silk duchesse mini- dress with puffy sleeves. You can see her in the center of the above photo. I happen to think she looked STUNNING! But, of course, I'm a bit biased. Her hair and make up was very Balenciaga Paris runway show!Statuesque Beauty: Model Lisa Blades in NIKOLAKI celadon silk crepe and turquoise silk shantung gown with vintage Swarovski brooch If you want to check out more of Lisa--and the rest of the models--you can go to the great Lifetime Network Project Runway/Models website and see Lisa's "photo portfolio", some of which include her wearing more of my NIKOLAKI dresses and gowns. She was one of the models featured in my Spring 2009 Look Book and website, along with Season 3 Project Runway Model Amanda Fields. I guess I can pick them well!
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