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RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Menswear Fashion Week: Lanvin S/S 2012

Urban Warrior!
Security Guard Chic: Lanvin Menswear Spring/Summer 2012
Lanvin Creative Director Alber Elbaz and Menswear Designer Lucas Ossendrijver began with the idea of creating a uniform for the "everyman". "Nothing is sexier than a Man in uniform" stated Elbaz and I couldn't agree with him more! Could you imagine the TSA Agents dressed in these ensembles!! Now that would keep me alert at the airport! But being that the uniform theme was just the jumping off point, these outfits are really meant to inspire the man on the street and that is something I definitely think we will be seeing especially in the Chic boroughs of Paris and New York. I'm loving the Suit Jacket with shorts ensemble above!
Colored Crew: Lanvin Menswear Spring/Summer 2012
The middle section of the show gave us some great colored suits (a definite Spring 2012 Trend!) in interesting fabrications that weren't your basic menswear tropical wools. Loving the nipped in waists and slim cropped trousers (another Trend Alert!)
Military Mash-up: Lanvin Menswear Spring/Summer 2012
And finally, the show closed with a mix of military tailoring and Boho Chic prints that had the perfect balance of structure and fluid ease. Bravo! This is definitely a collection that will be an inspiration in menswear for seasons to come. Click Below for an edited video of the Lanvin Menswear Spring/Summer 2012 Collection:

ROYAL COUTURE.....Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco in Gucci Equestrian

Fancy Riding...
Gucci Perfect: Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover, Global Champion Tour 2011 Monte Carlo Monaco
For the second year in a row, the Italian Fashion House of Gucci and its Creative Director/Designer Frida Giannini has announced a collaboration with Princess Caroline of Hanover's model-GORGEOUS 24-year-old daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi.
Rider Chic: Charlotte Casiraghi in Gucci equestrian ensemble
This last week, she showed off her new Gucci ensembles at the Global Champion Tour 2011 in Monte Carlo Monaco--a week before her Uncle, Prince Albert's nuptials. Mommy--Princess Caroline of Hanover--was there to support her beautiful daughter.
Charlotte Casiraghi and Frida Giannini Creative Director of Gucci, 2010
Gucci, as you may know, has a long and very strong heritage of designing luxurious horse riding wear and so it makes sense. One of their iconic insignias are in fact the horse riding bits, which can be seen on many a Gucci shoe, purse, belt, and tie. Last year was the first year Giannini and Gucci collaborated with Casiraghi, using her as a style muse. Gucci riding pants, Gucci shirts and of course, Gucci riding boots. So what does Charlotte think of the collection which was designed just for her? “I loved riding in the collection that Frida designed for me last year and I love this new wardrobe even more. It’s the best of sport and style.”

RUNWAY REPORT.....Paris Menswear Fashion Week: John Galliano S/S 2012

Galliano Without Galliano...
Swashbuckling Boys: John Galliano Menswear Spring 2012
Last week, The Fashion House of John Galliano showed the first Menswear Collection done without the name behind the brand. Galliano, in fact, was in court--in Paris--around the same time trying to give his version of what happened that fateful night and well, give his excuses for why he said the terrible things he said. In emotional testimony, Galliano blamed pressures of a pitiless industry for pushing him off the brink and into prescription drugs and alcohol addictions.
But the House that is owned by Dior President and CEO Sydney Toledano wanted none of that. Instead, the focus was on the collection designed by Galliano longtime collaborator Bill Gaytten, who has been with the company for over 20 years and in fact is still part of the Dior Design Team. Here's the ironic part of the Galliano Menswear Spring 2012 Collection: A lot of it looked as if it was an Ode to Galliano himself; one entire section seemed very "Galliano as The Muse": The Dandy hats with feathers, the open vests under bare torsos, the swashbuckling stylings, all of it. In fact, at the end, it was as if most of the Models were serious John Galliano doppelgangers--apologetically.
There were 4 distinct categories of the show: The John Galliano Bohemian Swashbuckler, The Effeminate School Boy, The Hipster in Silk PJ's and The Toreador Rocker Bad Boy.
Glee Chic: John Galliano Menswear Spring 2012
This section of the "Geek-Chic School Boys" was great. I loved the color combination (not a surprise) and the soft pastels. Great ties as well. It was VERY "Harry Potter" meets "Glee".
Hipsters in PJ's: John Galliano Menswear Spring 2012
This was the weakest section to me. It was almost like they decided "Hey, we need to sell some John Galliano Underwear to keep this House in the black, so send some guys down the runway in their skivvies". Some look almost saggy, like they'd been washed one too many times. But I guess, after seeing those silk pajama pants at D&G, it's now officially a "Menswear Spring 2012" Trend. Boys: Go get some silk printed pajama pants ASAP!
Bullfighter Rock-On: John Galliano Menswear Spring 2012
To me this was the strongest section. I loved the mix of Toreador chic and cool Rocker Boy. Skinny pants, pointed shoes, strong boxy jackets, lots of Toreador-like embellishments. I felt the new designer's voice was most apparent here and since this was the close of the show maybe it was to demonstrate the "new" House of John Galliano...without Galliano. Click Below for the Full Runway Video of John Galliano Menswear Spring 2012:

ROYAL COUTURE.....Princess Beatrice Hires Stylist

Beatrice The Fashionista...
Beatrice and The Hat, at William and Kate's Royal Wedding-pre-stylist
It was just announced that our dear Princess Beatrice--yes, the one of THE famous Philip Treacy hat at the William & Kate Royal Wedding has hired a stylist!! According to the Daily Mail, she has hired Charlie Anderson, who is represented by Naked Artists (and they confirmed the news by the way) Not sure why--personally, I think she was doing just fine. Supposedly, it had a lot to do with "The Hat" incident, but to tell you the truth A) I LOVED the hat and B) I think she looked FAB in that Valentino Haute Couture coat-dress ensemble. I think she "stole the show" that day (besides Pippa of course!). So, I'm at a loss as to why she would need to hire one. Also, she doesn't really work, so how can she afford to....hire a stylist? And one who charges 1,500 Pounds ($2,400) a day. Her father, Prince Andrew is footing the bill, one assumes.
Gown Perfect: Princesses Beatrice (left) and Eugenie (right) with mom, Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York, White Tie And Tiara Ball
Anderson happens to be actress Emma Watson's stylist (as well as others) and is very connected with all the top fashion designers. One of her first assignments was to style Beatrice for the White Tie And Tiara Ball hosted by Sir Elton John.
$117,000 Perfection: Princess Beatrice in Elie Saab Spring 2011 Haute Couture
The Princess wore a blush-colored, completely hand-beaded gown from Elie Saab Haute Couture Spring 2011 Collection priced at 73,000 Pounds--approximately $117,000 (yes kids, THAT'S what a COUTURE Gown costs!!). As you tell from the above, the gown was probably THE actual Runway sample (look how LONG it is on Beatrice!) since designers don't really make several samples of their Haute Couture gowns that cost over $100,000.
Beatrice's Elie Saab Spring 2011 Haute Couture Gown--on the runway
It will be interesting to see how much more of a "Fashion Gal" Princess Beatrice will be now that she has hired a stylist...Time and more Red Carpet events, will tell...

RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan Menswear Fashion Week: D&G S/S 2012

Foulard Power!
St. Tropez Brunch: D&G Menswear Spring 2012
The design duo of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana showed their latest offering for the MENSSSES during Milan Menswear Spring 2012 Fashion Week for both their lines, including the lower D&G line which I am spotlighting here. For Spring 2012, it was all about the foulard--or printed scarf--it seemed to be the focal point and inspiration for this collection. Lots of silk fabrics, a relaxed proportion and silhouette.
Hugh Hefner Meets 80's Versace Poster Boy: D&G Menswear Spring 2012
Low-slung and LONG crotch/rise were the operative words here in terms of pants and trousers and jeans; the "carrot" style (long dropped crotch, loose at the hips, more fitted toward the leg and ankle) is still the go to look for D&G. Loving the colored driving moccasins and Top-Sider-esque shoe styles (just like in the Dsquared2 Spring 2012 Collection).
Vintage (early 1990's) Versace Ad, featuring Supermodels Nadege, Helena Christensen and a VERY young Niki Taylor
The printed shirts are VERY Versace circa 1992. I had a BLOUSON silk printed jacket back in the day (just like the one below at the far right) and I think it was sold in a "Lawn" sale many many many years ago. Now, I'm bummed I didn't keep it!
PJ's For The Summer: D & G Menswear Spring 2012
And if Domenico and Stefano have their way, it's NO to Speedo and Si, to silk printed "Board Shorts" with denim waistbands come next Spring/Summer 2012. These silk boxer/board shorts were very cute but they reminded me of pajamas one would have chopped off and turned into shorts (maybe that's the point NICK!!!). Well, at least that's what they would look like on me if I ever attempted that look. I'll leave that to you; the young Euro Boys... Click Below for Full Runway Video of D & G Spring 2012:

FIDM.....FIDM 2011 "3 Days of Fashion" Walk-Off, NIKOLAKI Fashion Show

It's a "3 Days of Fashion" Boy Runway Walk Off!!!!
Sunny Fashion Day: Nick Verreos poses with FIDM LA's "3 Days of Fashion" attendees
First was San Francisco and now...Continuing with my Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising 3 Days of Fashion 2011 "tour", the next stop was Los Angeles!!! It was a very hot and sunny day in LA this past week when I was asked to be the "Very Special Guest" at the FIDM LA Campus' 3 Days of Fashion Finale. I was scheduled to show some of my NIKOLAKI gowns and Red Carpet Dresses and talk about all that I learned as a former Fashion Design student at FIDM--as well as owning a Fashion business for ten years.
Brown Paper Carpet--FIDM Los Angeles "3 Days of Fashion"
This time, the organizers decided to have my event outdoors, at the FIDM-adjacent Hope Park. There was a FAB open-air stage and mini-runway set up as well as a "paper carpet" set up for my models so when they made their walk toward the stage, my gowns would not be soiled.
Open Air: Nick Verreos at the FIDM LA 2011 "3 Days of Fashion", FIDM LA Campus/Hope Park, Downtown LA
My "MC" was the wonderful Blaine Vebros, who introduced me as I began to say "Hi" to everyone as well as tell my "How I Got to Where I Got" story. I then introduced my models who sauntered out in my NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Gowns that I brought especially for this event. FIDM was generous enough to provide me with the same models who happen to be on my NIKOLAKI website, Amanda Fields and Lauren Gish.
Pose Under The Sun: Nick Verreos introduces model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI turquoise silk gown, FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion"
I think the 300+ audience comprised of mostly high-school students and some of their parents, loved my "mini" fashion show and seeing the Couture-worthy gowns that I brought.
Coral Couture: Nick Verreos introducing Model Lauren Gish modeling NIKOLAKI, FIDM LA 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"
As a "special bonus" to the day--in addition to having my favorite models and showing my gowns--was that Lauren (one of the models) brought her Mommy, a United Airlines Flight Attendant (and you know how much I love flight attendants!). She had just flown for about ten hours straight in on a Seoul Korea to SF flight, caught a connector flight from SF and came to LA to visit her daughter--and to see me!!! (love her!)
Walk Off: Nick Verreos talks to the FIDM LA "Runway Walk Off" contestants, FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion"
Soon after my NIKOLAKI Fashion Show ended, I decided to get the audience "going" so I looked out in the audience and saw that they were only about 8-10 boys. I brought them all up onstage and began an impromptu "Runway Walk Off", and subsequently, let the audience decide--by applause--who the best Runway DIVO was.
WORK It Huney: FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" Runway Walk-Off Contestant doing his runway pose
I would NOT be exaggerating when I say that: It was a BIG HIT!!!! The audience went MAD! Loved it! My "Male Runway Model Contestants" were so FIERCE it was BEYOND words. This was not a planned thing but the FIDM organizers quickly got the finalists and winners some great prizes.
Wave to Nick: The FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" autograph-and-photo line, Hope Park, FIDM LA Campus, Downtown Los Angeles
Afterward, as always, I spent the next couple of hours, signing autographs and taking those "Oh God, I hope I look good" Facebook photos. Everyone was so sweet and generous and most of all, patient (it was a LONG line!!!) The Mom's and Dad's were especially excited (love them!).
Cutie Attendees: Nick Verreos poses with some of FIDM LA's "3 Days of Fashion" attendees
A Special "Thank You" to this young "3 Days of Fashion" attendee, Kathryn Delgadillo who brought me a gift, a ring from her line Kathryn Marie
Thanks to everyone for making this FIDM LA "3 Days of Fashion" so much fun! Especially my "Runway Walk-Off" boys....Much Love! Below is a short video of Lauren Gish modeling one of my NIKOLAKI cocktail dresses at FIDM Los Angeles 2011 3Days of Fashion:

WHO WORE WHAT?.....Beaded and Backless Gowns

BACKLESS + Beaded = GORG! Recently, lots of actresses, models, your "Usual Red Carpet Subjects" have been GIVING Backless and/or Full-on Beaded on the Red Carpet--here are some examples--including one from my own NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Collection... Sequined Hilary: Hilary Swank in Elie Saab Spring 2011 Couture at the 2011 International Indian Film Academy Awards in Toronto Canada over the weekend. Why Toronto for the International Indian Film Academy Awards, you might ask? Well, kiddies, according to this, the Greater Toronto area has the second largest population of people of Indian descent in NORTH AMERICA!!!! Yep! Moving on...Miss Swank is wearing an absolutely stunning gown from the Lebanese designer's Haute Couture Collection--which means that EVERY single one of those beads was applied BY HAND and so were the seams that were sewn. NO machines darlings. That's why this gown would probably cost around $100,000 if you were to order it. It's a good guess Miss Hilary got it for free--lent that is... Silver Goddess: Victoria's Secret Model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Naeem Khan at the Germany Premiere of Transformers 3. Naeem has been in the news as of late because the US First Lady, Michelle Obama just LOVES wearing his designs. He is an American Fashion Designer of Indian origin who has a very good business creating evening gowns. Love the cap sleeves, love the back train, well done! It's both chic, and UBER glamorous. I also adore that side-knot-twisted hairstyle. Spanish actress Paz Vega at the Shanghai Film Festival in an all-over sequined backless gown featuring long fitted sleeves and (gasp!) shoulder pads! (yes, ladies, they are back...and have been for a while!). Interesting that when I looked at the photo on the right--doesn't it look as if the back of her gown just came undone? Or it's about to. Or maybe, it was hooked way beyond the edge of the back closure....who knows. (sorry too much "Fashion Terminology"). I still LIKE it. Fits her well, the oversized paillettes are great, good job Paz. She Loves a Mini: Cameron Diaz in Emilio Pucci Fall 2011 at the Moscow Premiere of Bad Teacher. All over sequins in gold and black work well with Cameron Diaz. And she loves a mini--16-18" below her natural waist seems to be her favorite hem length. I do like that the rest of her is covered--the three-quarter sleeves the bateau neckline. Finally...there's model Amanda Fields in NIKOLAKI Spring 2011: My NIKOLAKI Co-Designer David Paul and I just love this gown and because it fits this blog's "Category", of course, we had to add it!!! No one has worn it yet and many, many actresses and stylists have "pulled this dress" but no one has used it yet--maybe there's still time for a FAB Red Carpet Moment for this gown...

RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan Menswear Fashion Week: DSquared2 S/S 2012

Euro Prepster Meets Mykonos Pool Boys Meets Finnish Fishermen...Welcome to Dsquared2 Menswear Collection Spring 2012
The EuroBoy Express: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
The Milan Menswear Spring 2012 (yeah, that's NEXT YEAR!) Collections are happening right now--and so it is my duty to give my readers some of the Beefcake-y, HOT, OMG Look At His Six-Pack...Ooops, I mean, respectable Fashion Insider Two Cents on the highlights of this current season. Up first, the Dsquared2 Collection from those kooky Canadian twins, Dean and Dan Caten.
Would Like Cucumber Water: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
Now, usually, I try and stay "professional" and not be that person--when reviewing a collection--and say the dreaded "Oh I TOTALLY would wear that..." or "Oh that's soooo UGLY, I would NEVER wear that!" as we all know that's NOT THE POINT. Designers are not really showing that for YOU and YOU may not be their "market" and so on and so forth. But...I TOTALLY would wear A LOT of this Spring 2012 Collection!!!! Totally.
Thank Goodness Mommy and Daddy Left Me Some Money: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
From the moment I first saw the runway images, I pressed PRINT on my Computer Printer and now, they are on my wall as my "inspiration" for all the various "looks" I will be (trying) to give on my upcoming trip to Europe! Especially the three looks above. Even David Paul, my NIKOLAKI partner-in-crime said "Oh Dear Nick, that is SOOOO YOU!" Now, yes, A) I wish I was 6' 3" , and B) had a size 28" waist like these 19-year-old models but alas, I am not. I will, however, still somehow try and use these as a "jumping off" inspiration point. Love the cropped brightly colored pants. I would wear them. The leather sandals. Check. The Riding shoes with fuchsia pants and double-breasted jacket look. Check.
LOVE!!! probably would NEVER catch me wearing this little ensemble:
Welcome to Santorini: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection: One Question--Will I get six pack abs if I purchase these???
The boys from Dsquared2 showed their typical hot-and-sexy looks for Spring 2012, adding lots of color, some "Euro Trust Fund-er" looks as well as playing with their "Is He a Gay Mountain Climber? Or Isn't He?" leitmotif. This time around, that section was covered by Finnish-looking sons of fishermen ready to catch some fish, drink some vodka and then have a good time later...with whomever is within 5 feet of them. Whomever...
Fish and Vodka: Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection
Tim Blanks, of, summed up the collection this way in the introduction of his Review of the collection: Dean and Dan Caten are twenty-first-century vaudevillians, incapable of presenting a new collection without couching it in a saucy variety show. Today's revolving stage coughed up some sexy Scandinavian fisherman, a buffet of Mykonos beefcake, a couple of lower-the-temperature Roman ragazzi, a handful of droogy rockers, and Kazaky, four dizzy queens from the Ukraine whose post-Gaga get-outta-my-way-bitch shtick involved a gravity-defying dance routine performed in skintight leather pants and sky-high heels. Phew! Oh, there were some clothes shown, too. Click Below for the Videos of the Dsquared2 Menswear Spring 2012 Collection:

NICK HOSTS.....Nick Verreos Hosts Macy's Fashion Show LULAC Convention Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati OHIO...Here I come!!! This Thursday, June 30th, I am flying to Cincinnati Ohio, to be part of the "Voces Unidas: Concierto De La Gente" and host a very special Macy's Fashion Show as part of the 2011 LULAC/League of United Latin American Citizens National Convention & Exposition. In case you didn't know, LULAC is the LARGEST and OLDEST (82 years and going strong) Hispanic Organization in the United States. I am very proud--and excited--that Macy's has invited be to be part of it---and add some of my Latino Nick Fashion the Expo this year. As you know, I travel around the country hosting many fashion events for Macy's and this will be MY FIRST TIME in Cincinnati so I'm extra excited! Below is the Schedule for the night and who else will be part of : 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm Voces Unidas: Concierto De La Gente held in the Grand Ballroom
  • Melissa “Crash” Barrera, Mistress of Ceremony;
  • Comedian Alex Reymundo, Master of Ceremony;
  • Los Lobos;
  • El Güero y su banda Centenario;
****Macy’s Fashion Show**** You can find out about ordering tickets HERE I hope to see all my FASHIONISTA Latinos there!!!!

ROYAL COUTURE.....Catherine Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen

Salute Couture!
Soldier Girl: Catherine Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2011
Over the weekend, on Saturday, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge--and yes, new wife of Prince William--stepped out with her Prince, attending the Irish Guards Medal Parade, in the Victoria Barracks, in London England. As usual, Catherine looked FANTASTIC (does she ever get it wrong??) in a Military-inspired (how apropos?) navy wool crepe double-breasted coat-dress with brass buttons and epaulets from Alexander McQueen's Pre-Fall 2011 Collection. On the original model--in the McQueen Look Book (on the right) it is not a dress but a coat with an open "cut-out" section. Of course it was customized for the Duchess!
Try Not To Be Excited Boys: Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, greeting the Irish Guards, Irish Guard Medal Parade, London England
Catherine accessorized her look with a golden Irish shamrock brooch, an Anya Hindmarch Marano clutch as well as a chic little matching pillbox hat with a looped ribbon and feather by Rachel Trevor-Morgan--the ribbon detail is VERY Korean Airlines flight attendant if I don't say so...(I just did!) And lest we forget, Prince William also looked dashing in his Military uniform and coat!! Seriously! THAT is a COAT huney!!! It could have come straight from a McQueen Collection as well!!!!

FIDM.....Nick Verreos FIDM "3 Days of Fashion" FIDM San Francisco

City by the Bay Couture and Fashion School FAB-U-Lousnesss!!!!!
Nick In Heaven: Nick Verreos at the de Young Museum "Balenciaga and Spain" Exhibition San Francisco
Last week, I began my 2011 FIDM 3 Days of Fashion "Tour". As the Official Spokesperson--and Alumn of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, I travel to all the Campuses for their annual "3 Days of Fashion" EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! Three Days of Fashion is the event where high-school and post graduates:
  • Discover new and exciting career options
  • Take workshops such as Draping, Creative Thinking, and Product Development
  • Learn how to sketch the nine-head fashion figure
  • Find out what a Designer really does
  • Meet FIDM Grads who have found success and are doing what they love
  • Find out how the industry gets the latest information about trends
  • Tour some of the best shopping spots in the world
  • Get the answers to all your questions from the people who really know: the working professionals
My first stop was San Francisco: I flew up to San Francisco from my home base in Los Angeles on Virgin America (my plane above)--one of my favorite airlines! The flight attendants are always so friendly and I love the ordering food and drinks from the TV screen thing--even on a one-hour flight!
Chic Airport: SFO Terminal 2
I landed in SFO's spankin' brand (almost) new Terminal 2. The terminal was outfitted with cool red "egg" chairs and an overall post-modern design aesthetic: Loved it! Reminded me of the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK. After getting my suitcase (I brought gowns kids!!!), I got to the City and checked into my room at one of my FAVE SF Hotels--the Kimpton Hotels' Hotel Monaco.
Kimpton Hotels' Hotel Monaco San Francisco "Welcome"
As always, there was a "Welcome Nick!" bottle of wine (Hello!) and glasses for me to enjoy. Sometimes there is a cheese-and-snack plate but not this time unfortunately. Maybe this was a "Welcome with a small 'w' ". But nevertheless, I was very THANKFUL for the wine but I saved it for later because besides making my FIDM SF "3 Days of Fashion" appearance, I had one other thing on my mind and that was:
De Young Museum: Balenciaga and Spain
Yes....going to the De Young Museum and visiting the "Balenciaga and Spain" Exhibition Hello??? My Northern California friend Didi Simon and I drove to the Museum (I ordered the tickets online beforehand) and we went and enjoyed EVERY single COUTURE Gown of it! It was AMAZING!!! The Exhibition closes on July 4th and I will be traveling to Europe July 5th so this was the ONLY time I could see it!!! It was GLORIOUS!!! I absolutely LOVE , adore, admire Cristobal Balenciaga and his creations so to me, it was like being in Fashion Heaven! The Exhibition is organized into six "Inspiration" sections: Spanish Art, Regional Dress, the Spanish Court, Religious Life and Ceremony, the Bullfight, and Dance.
Gown Central: "Balenciaga and Spain" Exhibition, De Young Museum San Francisco
At one point, I gave an impromptu "Haute Couture Lesson/Tour" as I was describing all the intricacies of the Art of Haute Couture and construction/seaming to my friend Didi, and then I turned around and there were about TEN or so other exhibit visitors listening! And funny enough, many visitors recognized me and were very happy that A) I was there, and B) I was giving them a FREE knowledgeable mini-tour! But soon, it was time to make my "special appearance" at FIDM SF's "3 Days of Fashion": I always LOVE coming to San Francisco and the FIDM SF!!! They always treat me like a Star! Today was supposed to be the final day of their annual "3 Days of Fashion" and I was their "special guest star"!!!
FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion Welcome
As part of the "3 Days of Fashion" events, FIDM SF organizers have a fun-and-fabulous "Project FIDM" fashion show, where participants get to "re-create" and "re-cycle" garments and then have a fashion show that is judged a la Project Runway.
Jackets Required: FIDM SF Alumna Julia A. Hill and Nick Verreos, FIDM San Francisco "2011 3 Days of Fashion"
For the 2nd consecutive year, I was joined by Clinton Kelly's (from TLC's "What Not To Wear") Executive Assistant and new Director of Design for his QVC line--FIDM SF Alumn Julia A. Hill as one of my co-judges of that aforementioned contest. She was looking VERY "NY Vogue Magazine Jr. Editor" in her pleated high-waist khaki trousers, lilac tank and black "Boyfriend" jacket.
Judges Judging: Julia A. Hill Nick Verreos and three Guest Student Judges discuss who the winners of "Project FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion" will be
Model Rachael Sitz in NIKOLAKI red silk satin-back crepe backless gown with... Swarovski crystal straps, gathered back and Godet-train
In addition to the Contest, I also brought several of my NIKOLAKI Red Carpet Dresses to show the "3 Days of Fashion" attendees. The dresses were modeled by Look Model Agency model Rachael Sitz, one of the BEST--and favorite--models in San Francisco!!
Model Rachael Sitz in the NIKOLAKI lilac hand-beaded lilac cocktail dress, FIDM SF 2011 "3 Days of Fashion"
I even brought THE "Katy Perry" dress--a lilac-colored hand-beaded one-shoulder sequin dress that Katy Perry wore to launch her Purr Perfume. Yes, kids, Miss Katy Perry wore one of my designs!!! Say "Hi" San Francisco: FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion Attendees, waiting for an autograph and a photo
Posin' Fashionistas: FIDM "3 Days of Fashion" attendees and Nick Verreos (center)--and a signed t-shirt
FIDM Goodie Bags:Nick Verreos, Julia A. Hill and Winners pose with their autographed FIDM bags, FIDM SF 3 Days of Fashion
All in all, I had a BLAST at FIDM San Francisco's "3 Days of Fashion"; the Contest, the fashion show, showing my gowns/dresses, I even stayed a coupe of hours afterward and signed autographs and took pics with each and every one of the attendees! (which I LUV doing!) I was even asked to sign someone's iPhone!!! Someone's iPhone may end up on Ebay... Thanks San Francisco and Northern California for a FAB FIDM "3 Days of Fashion"!! Can't wait to come back!!!!!