Monday, June 28, 2010
Happy San Francisco Pride!!!SF Pride Macy's Banner Yes, kiddies, it has come to this: I was FINALLY invited--by Macy's no less--to ride the official Macy's "float" at the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Not just any Pride Parade but THE 40Th Anniversary darlings. I just happened to be in San Francisco hosting the Sunglass Hut Grand Opening Event at Macy's Union Square and well, Macy's thought "Let's see if Nick will be our Macy's 'Grand Marshall' ?" Ummm, let me think about it...YES!!! Riding Proud: Nick Verreos atop the convertible BMW Macy's Car, SF Pride 2010
After I was done with my Sunglass Hut Event, I checked into my most comfortable Hotel Vitale room and settled in for the night (after a few cocktails with friends at the Americano, naturally!). Now, onto Sunday kiddies. Rainbow Peace: Nick Verreos strikes a pose, SF Pride 2010 I was so humbled, honored and well, very verklempt, to have been asked to be part of this amazing occasion. As I arrived in my "waiting area", all the Macy's volunteers congregated along with hundreds of other parade attendees who were a part of different organizations and/or floats that were about to take part if this 40Th Anniversary EXTRAVAGANZA. Macy's went "all out" with not one but TWO shiny brand new BMW's from BMW San Francisco. They also had hundreds of black Macy's Pride T-shirts as well as TONS of Macy's rainbow flag hankies (above) that were to be passed out during our parade route. During the wait, I got to enjoy the Gold's Gym Float (above) which waited right next to us the entire time with a group of the most perfectly toned, muscled and buffed bodies this side of the Mississippi (nice!). I was also very happy to see one my oldest and dearest of friends...interior designer Gino CastaƱo, who stopped by to keep me company (Love him!) (above photo). Finally, around 1PM, we got the word that we could "start" them BMW engines! Macy's Princess: Nick Verreos, atop the Macy's BMW SF Parade car, with Macy's volunteers I threw on my white Zara jacket over my peach-colored American Apparel deep-V t-shirt, threw on a couple of those fabulous Macy's Pride Hankies, and I was ready! For about an hour, all I could see and hear was "Omg!Nick!!!" or "Oh wait It's Nick from Project Runway!". View From My Car: Market Street San Francisco from my car, SF Pride 2010 So much so that my Macy's client--and driver-- said "I really need to make a t-shirt that says 'OMG-It's Nick!' " It was so AMAZING to ride the 40Th Anniversary SF Pride Parade and get to see all the loving, peaceful, inclusive, and very COLORFUL people out for Sunday's festivities. I cannot say this enough: Riding the SF Pride Parade was one of the most SURREAL experiences of my life! I'm Taking This To Europe: Nick Verreos eyes his new Bubblegum Pink Samsonite Suitcase Once we finished the parade, the Macy's clients had a VERY SPECIAL Gift for me: A bright Pink Samsonite Suitcase! You see, last month when I was in San Francisco to host a "Sex And The City 2"-themed party at Macy's Union Square, I was "eyeing" this Barbie-pink suitcase that was in one of the "Sex And The City 2" event displays...well, the clients remembered and so as a "Thank You" for being the Macy's SF Pride "Grand Marshall", they gave it to me, it was waiting for me at the end of the parade! I know: Shut The Front Door!After the parade I had three hours before I would catch my flight back to LA. My SF friends from AGES ago, Jason Fioresi and Carlo Parenti (above), decided to throw me an impromptu "Congrats, Welcome and Happy Pride Sunday" afternoon gathering at their fabulous Bernal Heights pied-de-terre. Nick Buffet: The "SF Pride" Spread at Jason and Carlo's home As I arrived, there was an entire table set up with White Wine from Spain, cheeses from all over the world, crackers and bread, Caprese Salad, salami, Prosciutto, Garbonzo beans, olives and Banana Peppers, as well as turkey meatballs. Not kidding! Just for me! Well, it was the perfect ending to an unbelievable weekend in San Francisco. I was ready to get back on the freeway and find my way back to SFO and board my return flight back to LA-LA Land. I HEART San Francisco! For More Photos: Click HERE!
San Francisco Host With The Most: Sunglass Shopping, Hot-Dog Eatin', Manicure Polishing and Much More...Billboard Boy: Nick Verreos at Sunglass Hut Grand Opening, Macy's Union Square On Saturday, I flew into San Francisco in a flourish. Here's the rundown: Got up at 5AM, packed, showered and got dressed, got to LAX, and boarded my Virgin America 8 AM flight to the City by the Bay. My trusty car and Bob--one of my favorite drivers in SF--picked me up at SFO and whisked me off to Union Square where I was to host the Grand Opening of the Sunglass Hut store at Macy's San Francisco's flagship from noon-4PM.Posing Divas: Nick Verreos and models pose with the Vogue Eyewear/CFDA Sunglasses designed by Devi Kroell, Matt Murphy and Kara Ross The weather in San Francisco on Saturday was sunny and gorgeous--perfect to be sporting some CHIC new sunglasses. Macy's and Sunglass Hut had set up a whole "Afternoon Soiree" in Level 1 of the store and I was it's "Host with the Most". I brought three of the prettiest Ford models from San Francisco to be my "Nick's Angels" for the event (all styled fabulously by Keylee Sanders, my SF Stylist DIVA from Style Studio).Sunglass Hut Grand Opening Macy's San Francisco Union Square For the Grand Opening, we had hors d'euvres including mini hot dogs, chili-lemon peppered watermelon and sorbet ice cream sandwiches, as well as lemonade and sparkling water being passed around, to entice shoppers to come see the new shop and get in a "It's Summer and I need some Sunglasses" mood.Greetings Macy's Shoppers: Nick Verreos, Sunglass Hut Grand Opening, Macy's Union Square There was a "photo booth" by Fotomio where shoppers got to try on the featured Vogue Eyewear/CFDA sunglasses and take their very own photos. Pinkies was there giving manicures to shoppers. Sunglasses On A Plate: Models showcase Vogue Eyewear/CFDA Designer Eyewear, Macy's Union Square As a bonus--just for that day--with EVERY purchase of a pair of sunglasses, shoppers received a chic little Sunglass Hut cosmetic bag, a Gift Certificate to Pinkies AND a full size bottle of Clarins Self Tanning Gel (Hello!!!!). Between the mini-hot dogs, lemonade, photo-booth taking, the gift-with-purchase and my shouting voice of "Welcome, Come Buy Some Sunglasses!!!, the store was abuzz with shopping madness! OMG! It's Nick: Nick Verreos poses with shoppers, Sunglass Hut Grand Opening, Macy's Union Square The event was a complete SUCCESS! I had a great time and the fact that hundreds and hundreds of people (shoppers, tourists strolling in, fans of Project Runway--yeayyy!!) were stopping by, kept it all lively and fun! That's MY Barbie: Siobhan Tuvo, her daughter Sarah and Nick Verreos, Macy's Union Square Grand Opening of Sunglass Hut A highlight was one of my very best friends, Siobhan Tuvo, stopped by and brought her oh-so-pretty daughter Sarah, whom I had not seen in YEARS!!! Sarah brought me a special somethin'-somethin': The "Project Runway My Scene Nick Verreos Barbie"!!! Well, you just know I began screaming in the microphone like a little girl! She brought it for me to sign and of course, I obliged. It was a perfect ending to a fabulous afternoon at my Sunglass Hut Macy's San Francisco Event! Now it was time to get some rest before the next day's big event: SF Gay Pride Parade!!! Stay Tuned... Below is a fun slideshow with LOTS of photos of the entire event. These fantastic photos were provided by Drew Altizer Photography and click HERE for even MORE photos!
Daytime Emmys Grecian GoddessBest Supporting Actress Nominee Arianne Zucker in NIKOLAKI at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards This last weekend was a busy one for me: Hosting a FAB Macy's Grand Opening of Sunglass Hut event in San Francisco Union Square Flagship on Saturday and being invited to ride the Macy's "caravan" at yesterdays AMAZING San Francisco Pride 40Th Anniversary Parade (I will have posts up soon with all the fun!!!). But the Parade wasn't all that was happening on Sunday: Last night was the 37Th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards and one of the nominated actresses, the gorgeous Best Supporting Actress nominee Arianne Zucker wore one of our NIKOLAKI gowns to last night's televised awards!!! Days Of Our Lives Actress Arianne Zucker, in a Nikolaki gown, and Husband Kyle Lowder, 37Th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet Her stylist took some gowns from our Nikolaki Atelier here in Los Angeles, brought them to her for consideration and the next thing we know, Arianne was walking the red carpet in our Nikolaki gown. It is a one-shoulder ivory silk jersey cowl-draped "Goddess" gown with black silk duchesse contrast bands. She looked gorgeous--thank you Arianne for making our gown look so sublime.
Friday, June 25, 2010
High School Fashionistas: Bring It!!!OC Style: Nick Verreos and the audience at FIDM Orange County Campus' 3 Days of Fashion This week was the beginning of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM 3 Days of Fashion. It's when high school (and above) students from all over the country come to see what FIDM is all about and check it out as a possible school to attend for those interested in the Fashion Industry. As many of you may know, FIDM is where I attended and got my Fashion Design Degree from, and it is also where I am an Instructor (and it's where Project Runway Season 6 was filmed!!!). I always love being invited to the 3 Days of Fashion and making special appearances at all the campuses. First Up: FIDM Orange County: Nick Verreos and Amanda Fields pose with 3 Days of Fashion OC attendee For 2010, I decided to bring my Nikolaki gowns and "star" models such as the fabulous Amanda Fields, who, besides being a muse and "House Model" of mine, she was also on Project Runway Season 3. We had a fantastic time in the OC (as I always do!). I even brought my "son", Benny. Yes, Benny made a "special appearance" and even did a quick catwalk down the FIDM OC 3 Days of Fashion Runway! FIDM Los Angeles: Work The Crowd: Nick Verreos and 400+ attendees, FIDM Los Angeles 3 Days of Fashion Over 400 High School students (and their parents) came to the final day of FIDM Los Angeles' 3 Days of Fashion, and I was the "Grand Finale"(yeaaayyyy!!!). Again, I brought model Amanda Fields and some of my Nikolaki gowns for everyone to see and enjoy. Flamenco Queen: Model Amanda Fields in Nikolaki black silk taffeta tiered-ruffle and sequined feathered gown Miss Amanda WORKED the runway--and crowd--wearing a black silk taffeta "Flamenco" styled tulip-shaped gown. She looked UNBELIEVABLE in it and you could tell from the "ooohs" and "aaahs" from the audience. Print Goddess: Model Amanda Fields in Nikolaki silk chiffon gown I also brought one of my favorite gowns, a "Hibiscus"-print silk chiffon high-neck gown which has over 30 yards of fabric. Again, the crowd went "wild" when she sauntered onto the FIDM LA 3 Days of Fashion stage/runway and showed all the kids what a model in COUTURE should look like! Say FASHION: Nick Verreos and Amanda Fields pose with FIDM LA 3 Days of Fashion attendees After my speaking appearance and mini-Nikolaki Fashion Show, both Amanda and I spent over an hour taking photos and signing autographs (as we did in the OC!) with all the attendees. I hope everyone had a blast, enjoyed my talk (sorry I went overtime!) and best of all, were inspired. Click BELOW for Video of both the OC and Los Angeles 2010 FIDM 3 Days of Fashion:
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Nick PrideThis weekend I am SO EXCITED to be flying to San Francisco to host a very special event at the Macy's Union Square for the Grand Opening of the Sunglass Hut on Level 1. I will be there from noon-4Pm (no RSVP necessary, just show up, say "Hi" and buy some sunglasses!). In addition, I just got word from the Macy's SF "bigwigs", that they have invited me to ride on the Macy's car the next day for the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade. Well, of course I said "Done and Done". I spent my junior high to high school years (post Venezuela) in the Bay Area so coming back to San Francisco and being asked to be part of this AMAZING celebration will just make my Greek-Latin arm hairs STAND UP! It is an honor. I have a lot of friends in The City and hope to see them all there waving at me! Now, besides sunscreen, what shall I wear???? Come out to the Parade and see...
Euro Dandy or Euro Heir?Summer Drizzle: Moncler Gamme Bleu S/S 2011 Trenchcoat The Menswear Spring/Summer 2011 Collections continue and here are some of my faves. First up, the Moncler Gamme Bleu Collection, designed by American Thom everything-is-shrunken Browne. Browne is known for his great presentations and somehow he had to "top himself" from last year's Swimming Extravaganza. He did. The runway show occurred in Milan's Vellodromo Vigorelli Football (soccer for the Gringos) Stadium and it was all about chic Activewear for that Tour de France fashionista in every man. Great windbreakers, trench coats, shrunken double-breasted cardigan/jackets (I can't wait until Topman knocks those off!) and LEGGINGS--bicycle-print ones, which I guarantee will be the "must purchase" for every stylin' gay this side of the Marais! Going To A Picnic: Vivienne Westwood Menswear S/S 2011 Moving onto Vivienne Westwood. Her Menswear show was FAAAABUUUULOUS! I could just see those bloggers and oh-we-don't-get-it people saying "I would NEVER wear that!", "Is she crazy?", "what IS thaaaaat???". Ummm, how shall I say this politely: That's not the point and by the way IT'S NOT FOR YOU!! (for those people who say the "I would never wear that" comment. It's all about creative inspiration and creating a presentation--a show (think John Galliano). BIZZZNESS Class: Vivienne Westwood Men Spring 2011 Smart editors, store buyers and fashion-savvy writers will see beyond the wig and 1979 Male Hooker scarf (love!) and see a great plaid jacket, a rather "basic" purple gingham shirt one could even buy at Urban Outfitters, and some sexy shoes to boot! I loved the collection so much, I actually started looking for some inspiration for my upcoming lecture trip to Italy next month. I have been invited to speak to the Miami University of Ohio Summer Europe Program once again so I saw this look below from Miss Westwood as a "suggestion" for my "Traveling to Europe" ensemble...and well, I had to think again. It could be the Manpris or it might have been the I-think-all-that-carry-on might NOT be allowed on the plane factor...So, in other words, I had to "think again". A look which definitely might be in my "Summer In Florence" ensemble is: Ahhhhhhhh, yes, leave it to Gucci. I think the above outfit WILL BE my inspiration for next month's European trip and lecture. For Spring/Summer 2011, Designer Frida Giannini designed a collection which was very 1960's Fiat Heir On His Way To Capri...or London. The collection screamed Andrea and Pierre Casaraghi (Princess Caroline's we-do-nothing-bu-go-on-Holidays- sons). Slim very 60s suits, high-water cropped pants (a S/S 2011 Trend), rolled-up sleeves (great styling!) and an altogether Euro Trash-Gone Good look to it, which is what defines Gucci. My Positano Beach Bag: Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 The sock-less loafers (sooooo GUCCI old-school!) Oh it all SCREAMS "Me!". Now this is a collection where it is OK to say: "I would wear that!" Thank God the Euro is poor and the Dollar is strong because "Uncle Nick" might have to do some Gucci Damage in Italy! Click Below for Moncler Gamme Bleu by Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2011: Click Below for the Vivienne Westwood Menswear Spring 2011 Preview: Click Below for the Gucci Menswear Spring 2011 Runway:
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Get Ready Boys: High-Waters, Speedos, Drop Crotch Pants and Mandals Dsquared2 Spring/Summer 2011: Two Trends In One: Speedos and Mandals As ever Gay Fashionista Male in this Earth knows, the Spring 2011 Menswear Collections are happening right now in Milan. Menswear trends and styles change and/or move at a much slower pace than womenswear. It's all about the DETAILS. However, in terms of some "new" style direction coming out of Milan, here are the Trends: The 80s Are Back; High-water cropped pants are staying (they look great on them 6'4" boys, maybe not so much on the rest of us); DROP-CROTCH pants that are lose and baggy up top but tight-as-tight can be around the calves will be the "new" skinny pant for men, if Jean Paul Gaultier has his way. (I kinda love them, especially on his HOT bearded models in above photos!)I also like the Stovepipe-shaped pants (above) from Alexander McQueen's Sarah Burton. Incidentally, that trench is "TO D.I.E!!!" LOVE. The Speedo is BAAACK! Yep, dump the board shorts and opt for something more skimpy like the ones above from Dsquared2. Again, I suggest you have a body like Michael Phelps if you want to make that "Speedo" style plunge.Finally, it is all about the Mandals like the criss-cross ones from Louis Vuitton above, or the ivory ankle-strapped ones from Guiliani Fujimora. I am SO looking for these on Ebay next year!!! Click BELOW for Dsquared2 Spring 20111 Men Runway Show: Part 1 Dsquared2 Show: Part 2 Click BELOW for Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton Menswear 2011 Runway Show:
Spring 2011: Cropped Tops, 1985 Is Back, and I LOVE ANNIE LENNOX!!!The Men's Spring 2011 Shows are happening in Milan and besides all the hot 22 year old male models with .0000008 % of body fat being shown on the runway stage, there's actually a lot of news coming from the Fashion Front. Let's start with CROPPED Tops. Yep, it's 1985 and you are Andrew Ridgeley or George Michael from Wham! Italo Zucchelli, Calvin Klein Men's Creative Director, showed a crop top or two in his latest Menswear offering as well as Frankie Morello, which is a line designed by Maurizio Modica and Pier Fracesco Giliotti.Yep, check out that crop top above. That's going to be a HIT in the Jersey Shore come next Summer! But staying on with Calvin Klein, Zucchelli was in a definite DEVO-meets-A Flock Of Seagulls-meets-Wham 80s mood with... shiny suits like this one above (love the aquamarine knit crewneck top underneath),and bright Popsicle colored sweater-and-swimsuit combination (can you see these at your next Cabo outing?) and those aforementioned cropped tops that only a Pay-for-Play male "Escort" would love (and his Sugar Daddy). Click Below for the Calvin Klein Men Spring 2011 Runway Video: Dolce & Gabbana Men Spring 2011: For their twentieth anniversary show, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana of the "We Love MADOOOOONNNNNA--and Scarlett Johansson Ads fame" showed classic elegant and sexy clothes just right for that Sicilian Pay-For-Play boy (is this a running theme?) who grew up and married a not-so-pretty heir-to-the-throne of a no-longer-a-monarchy-led nation. For Spring 2011, they showed lots of gorgeous relaxed yet still tailored beige, wheat and ivory suitings (above) great mini-collared shirts (my favorites!) and skinny ties, and a final tour-de-force of stunning sharp black suits. Of course, when the Dolce & Gabbana boy is not in them fab suits, he's in this: When my Room Service Dinner shows up, this is what I'd like to think I look like as I get my Caprese Salad from the Relais Santa Croce in Florence Italy. Congratulazioni per un favoloso venti anni di rendere gli uomini aspetto! Don't miss Part 2 of the Runway Video below with the FIERCE Annie Lennox (yep, Lady Gaga who?) Click Below for Dolce & Gabbana Men Spring 2011 Runway Video: Part 1 Dolce & Gabbana Men Spring 2011 Runway Video: Part 2 (with ANNIE LENNOX!)
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