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HAPPY HOLIDAYS.....NIKOLAKI, Nick Verreos, David Paul...and Benny!

HAPPY DIVA HOLIDAYS...and A FABULOUS 2011!!!Here at my lovely blog, we all wish you a very Happy Holidays and a FABULOUS and FASHIONABLE New Year! I'm off to San Antonio Texas to spend Xmas with my family but will return to Los Angeles to ring in the New Year! For 2011...
I promise there will be more NIKOLAKI Fashion... More Red Carpet Coverage...
More Events, hosting and "surprise" appearances by moi...
More Figure Skating Fashion (of course!)...
More Euro-Royals Wearing Couture...
More Beauty Pageant Gowns, Slits and (hopefully), NO clear Lucite Stripper Heels to go with them...and more of EVERYTHING in between--- Happy New Year! xoxo Nick Verreos, David Paul...and our doggie Benny!!!

NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network Holiday Party Lucky Strikes Lanes/Lounge

Bowling FASHION Pins, Onion Rings, Holiday Cocktails, and a beautiful Hollywood & Highland Xmas Tree...
Editor Sandwich : Nick Verreos and two TV Guide's "The Fashion Team" editors
Last week, I was invited to yet, another Holiday Bash: This time it was the TV Guide Network Holiday Party, which was being held at Lucky Strikes Lanes/Lounge at Hollywood & Highland. Fresh off my "Most Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments of 2010" segment which I filmed at the W Hotel Los Angeles with stylist Jen Rade and host Lawrence Zarian--in ICE SKATES!!!---
I braved the torrential LA rains (those three words do not belong in a sentence!) and went to the party! I wanted to say "Heeeyyy" to all my wonderful co-workers and the amazing TV Guide people who make me look good (or at least try!) and maybe get some "Holiday" cocktails and nibblings...
Lucky Strike Lanes/Lounge, Hollywood & Highland Complex
Once I arrived at Lucky Strike Lanes/Lounge, the party was in full swing with hundreds of TV Guide-ers drinking, bowling (I know, seriously!?) and partaking in the delicious food that was out. I spotted salads, desserts and even some onion rings (my favorite!). Unfortunately, there were too many prying eyes and I didn't want to show that GAYS actually EAT (so I didn't--but trust me, you KNOW I wanted to ask for a "To-Go" bag!).
Bowling (NOT!) Buddies: Nick Verreos and Michael Anthony Nalepa, TV Guide Holiday Party Lucky Strikes
I didn't see my fellow "The Fashion Team" cohorts--Miss Jen Rade and Lawrence Zarian (I heard I had just missed him!), and I didn't see Chris Harrison (Host of "The Bachelor" and the TV Guide Red Carpet Awards Pre-Shows), but...I did get to hang out with a lot of the behind-the-scenes kids: I said "Hola" to several of my producers (LOVE them!), segment directors, cameramen, sound guys and editors (REALLY LOVE THEM!).
Not that $11 Million Tree: The gorgeously lit Hollywood & Highland Christmas Tree
I had a really fun time, and in case y'all were wondering, NO, I did not bowl. I just mingled. It's more fashionable...Happy Holidays, be safe, be merry and always be FASHIONABLE...and take onion rings TO GO!!!!!

NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team" End of The Year Show


Fashion Ice Capades, A Meat Dress, Cinnabon Couture and CHILL-in' at the W Los Angeles!
Michelle Kwan I Am Not: Nick Verreos does a leg lift on ice skates, filming TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team", Chill at the W Los Angeles/Westwood
Oh how quickly time flies..when you're having "Red Carpet" DISHING fun! Yes, kiddies, this week was the last episode--for 2010--of my TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" show-and the fun and always insightful segment we lovingly call "WTF?", or "What's The Fashion?" (yeah, I bet you thought those initials stood for something else--Dirty Mind!).
Can I Get a "W": The W Hotel Los Angeles Chill entrance
For this last installment, host Lawrence Zarian, myself, and stylist Jen Rade--who just recently styled Cher in THIS and Angelina Jolie in THIS--met up at the W Los Angeles Hotel (near UCLA's Westwood's Campus) and enjoyed some CHILL time.
Westwood Ice: W Hotel Los Angeles
Well, actually, we filmed the entire episode at the W Los Angeles Chill space, where the pool was transformed into an outdoors skating rink! (I know, Shut Up Sasha Cohen!) Now, we all know how much I LOVE ME some Figure Skating so you know I was like a 21 year-old gay boy at a Lady Gaga Concert: Loving It!
Ice Skating Threesome: Jen Rade, Lawrence Zarian and Nick Verreos, at W Los Angeles Chill Ice Skating Rink
Jen, Lawrence and I donned our skates and got right to it. I was trying to do my best QUAD (not!) while Jen was just looking FAB in her newly-purchased TopShop ensemble from her recent trip to NYC styling Miss Jolie for the NY Premiere of "The Tourist".
Any White Skates? The Skating Boot Section, Chill at the W Hotel Los Angeles
For this final "What's The Fashion?" Wrap-Up, we went down the list of our "Top Ten Most Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments of 2010". Well, naturally, there were MANY moments that we had to chose from--both good and not-so-good. The whole point was that they had to be Memorable...
Ivory Red Carpet Queen: Actress Claire Danes in that Armani Prive ivory sequined made-to-order (if you had to actually buy this gown, it would set you back $100,000+ kids!) strapless gown made the cut, of course. Danes was MY choice for one of the BEST Dressed gals of the entire year in this gown. The clean modern hair, the simple yet elegant make-up, the no-borrowed-jewelry-to-hawk look: Simply Sublime.
Two gals who made our "Most Memorable Top Ten List" for mixed reasons--were actress Charlize Theron's "Cinnabon" Christian Dior by John Galliano rose-pink Duchesse satin gown (yes, with those infamous twist-a-roo bust details!), and "Avatar" star Zoe Saldana in her Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci gown.
And finally, there was Lady Gaga...
Now you KNOW Miss Lady Gaga and THIS Meat Dress had to make our "Top Ten" List--In fact, it was Numero Uno. For Better or Worse. I really hope she didn't head to Benihana's after the MTV Awards...Just sayin'
*In case you missed it, you can watch the episode again on these dates: Dec 22, 24, and 26, as well as January 3rd--Click HERE for all the times. Or Click Below to watch the latest What's The Fashion Segment!
Here's to lots more Memorable Red Carpet Fashion Moments for 2011!!!! Adieu for now---

NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Interview with

Talking Fashion, My Vision of the Ultra Feminine Woman, Teaching, my New Collection, and More...
Popping The Collar: Nick Verreos
Recently, I did an interview with writer Carina Calhoun for 944 Magazine's website I had so much fun chatting with her on a wide range of topics, from how my own line NIKOLAKI--co-designed with David Paul--began, what my vision for making women ultra feminine is... As well as discussed my love of teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM. In addition of course, I talked about my newest Spring 2011 NIKOLAKI Collection, which we recently debuted at the fabulous Style Week Orange County 2010, and one of my favorite projects from this past year:
Nick Verreos poses with the The Victory Project Experts: Chantal LinkMoore (far left), Kacy Duke and Katherine Brooking (far right)'s The Victory Project Sponsored by Special K, a web show where four Experts (including myself!) find four women in three different cities and help them with nutrition, exercise and after they've reached their "Victorious" goal, all four ladies are given a make-over complete with Hair, Makeup and a styling session with ME!
Nick Verreos at the Chicago taping of The Victory Project, with Jennifer at Cinnamon Boutique
I have a blast showing REAL WOMAN--ones that are not a size 4, how to find clothes that brings out their inner DIVAS! Speaking of Divas, the writer asked me who my "ideal" client would be; an actress I'd like to dress, let's just say. And I mentioned Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.
I love her acting, love how strong yet ultra feminine she is, and yes, love that she is from España! Now, I know that she loves Marchesa and since she is one of Harvey Weinstein's "muses", it's not a coincidence she wears a lot of his wife's designs. She also loves Ralph Lauren; a lot of Spanish socialites and actresses do too. But maybe, just maybe she should consider one of our NIKOLAKI gowns for her next red carpet awards appearance...who knows, a boy can dream right? Below are a couple of suggestions:
Infanta: Black silk taffeta fitted Mermaid-shape gown with hand beaded feather trim, NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul
Mint Blue Goddess: Strapless fitted gown with asymmetrical gathered detailing in silk zibeline, NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul
Below is my Interview from "Fearlessly Feminine Nick Verreos--On Making Women Want Top Work It" (love that title!)
From Project Runway to the red carpet, Nick Verreos has made a name for himself in the competitive fashion world by marking his territory with the stunning styles that make women feel fearlessly feminine. Showing the spring 2011 collection of his line Nikolaki at Orange County Style Week in October, Verreos took a few minutes to chat with 944 about making it in the industry and, as his former mentor, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn always says, making it work.
944: How would you describe your design philosophy or point of view?
Nick Verreos: It’s pretty simple. Just making women look and feel beautiful, and trying to bring out the inner goddess within them. I grew up with a group of women, and I just want them to feel ultra-feminine. I feel like I can give women that dress when they want to look like a princess or a diva.
944: When did the Nikolaki collection or concept begin?
NV: I worked for different companies as an assistant designer and pattern maker, and I paid my dues in the industry. I was still making dresses and gowns to fuel my creativity. I built up this closet full of dresses, and I would put on shows at a club here and there. In 2001, we got a showroom, and before I knew it, we were in 150 stores. My partner, David Paul, and I work great together. The name means “little Nick” in Greek, which is what my dad called me when I was young.
Click HERE for the entire article and to find out why I would LOVE to dress Spanish actress Penelope Cruz

NICK APPEARANCES.....E! Entertainment Holiday Party in Westwood, CA

Doughnuts, In-n-Out Burgers, Desserts Galore, Open Bars...and LOTS o' Taxi's!!!
We Need To Stop Meeting Like This: Kit Scarbo (stylist extraordinaire and Season 4 Project Runway Alumna), and Nick Verreos, E! Entertainment 2010 Holiday Party
Yes kids, it's the Holiday Season, and that means one thing here in LA-LA land: Holiday Parties!!! This last week, I got invited to the E! Entertainment Holiday Bash--for the FIRST TIME! I brought along my NIKOLAKI partner David Paul with me naturally. The party was being held in Westwood near my old "stompin' grounds": UCLA. I attended the University of California, Los Angeles and got my B.A. in (wait for it!) Political Science/International Relations many, many moons ago, before I went on to pursue my real love: FASHION!
Oscar Girls: Former E! host Debbie Matenopulos, Nick Verreos and Kim Kardashian, 2008 Pre-Oscar's Show
As you may know, I have been on E! several times, including the time I did the Pre-Oscar Show with then on-air personality Debbie Matenopulos as well as (Wait For It Part Two!), La Kim Kardashian. I've also recently been filming episodes of Style Network's "Style Star", a show about celebs and their fashion style. In fact, I just found out that "Style Star" is airing on E! International and will begin airing domestically on the Style Network in early 2011!! To make a long story executive from the show was kind enough to invite me to the E! Holiday Party (Yeayyy!!!).
SO...let's get to the PARTY. A full-on parking-lot sized tent was set up (see photo above) near the UCLA campus, for this fabulous E! Entertainment Holiday Party. Inside, there were hundreds--if not thousands of guests, mingling and in their out-of-work/cocktail-attire finest, enjoying the immensity of it all.
Many Open Bars were set up--fully stocked--to serve everyone. There were A LOT of Dessert Tables framing the inside of the tented soiree, with many sweet goodies, including:
Oversized cookies, lollipops, chocolate-covered EVERYTHING, peanut brittle, fresh fruits and...
Smore's Parfait's (they were DELICIOUS, David let me taste his!). Waiters passed around an unending amount of In-N-Out Burgers as well, for those who maybe needed a respite from all the sugar. Speaking of (more) sugar, I made it outside to "get some air" and lo and behold, I was stopped by a Doughnut Wall! Yes, you read right: There was a wall with fresh glazed doughnuts waiting for the guests to start pickin'.
Doughnut Picking: Nick Verreos at the E! Entertainment 2010 Holiday Party "Doughnut Wall"
Once I got done with the In-N-Out burgers and the doughnuts, I began really enjoying myself. I did not see Miss Kim K. or Chelsea Handler or Ryan Seacrest, but...I did run into my Project Runway "sister", the lovely and very stylish Kit Scarbo (as you can see from the photo at the beginning of this post).
I ran into comedienne Loni Love, whom I had recently worked with on Logo's "Gossip Queens" TV Show (she was SOOO sweet!), and saw fellow Style Network "Style Star" commentator Marcella Reynolds as well as frequent E!'s "Daily 10" style expert, Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.
E! Fashionistas: Nick Verreos poses with guests: E! Entertainment 2010 Holiday Party
I had an amazing time, but soon enough, it was time to go, and as David and I made our way out, we spotted many, many Taxi Cabs waiting...Oh did I mention: E! made sure to give out Taxi Cab Vouchers so people could get home safely...I know, they think of EVERYTHING! These people really know how to throw a Holiday Party! Happy Holidays Y'all!

NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Attends Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular

X-mas High Kicking It With The Rockettes...
And...Kick: Nick Verreos and The Rockettes, at FIDM/Grand Hope Park in August 2010
Back in August, while The Rockettes were touring the country promoting their annual Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show, they visited Los Angeles and made a pit stop at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising LA Campus. I had the pleasure of "hosting" them at a fun event titled "High Kicking With Nick", in which we had a VIP Costume Show, where four of The Rockettes showed--up close and personal--some of the marvelous and iconic costumes. I also got to do some High Kicks with them, as well as over 200 of our "closest" friends, at FIDM-adjacent Grand Hope Park.
Nokia Theater Fan: Nick Verreos inside the Nokia Theater, Radio City Christmas Spectacular Opening Night Performance
Well, cut to last Friday and The Rockettes were BACK--to do their Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show at the Nokia Theater L.A. Live. They were generous enough to invite myself and my NIKOLAKI partner David Paul to the "Opening Night". Believe it or not, I had NEVER seen an actual Rockettes Show, much less THE famous Christmas Spectacular so, of course, I canceled everything else I had that evening and headed to Downtown LA.
Happy Downtown LA Holidays: David Paul and Nick Verreos, L.A. Live Entertainment Complex
I hadn't been to the Staples/Nokia/"LA Live" Entertainment Complex in a while (not since I attended the World Championships of Figure Skating at the Staples in March 2009) and I certainly had never really gone there on a Friday Night...but KIDS: The place was CRAZY!! I guess I am LATE but I never knew that this has now become the new "Universal City Walk" of LA!
Walking into the nucleus of it all, there were all these new restaurants, bars/nightclubs, hundreds and hundreds of people walking around (NO ONE EVER used to be here in Downtown LA five years ago--and especially after 6PM!) and there was even a Skating Rink! Hello, Nick is HOME!!
Skating Under The Stars: Nick Verreos poses by The L.A. Live Skating Rink, Downtown LA
Now,let's get to the reason we were there: The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Show. One Word: AMAZING!!!!
It's one thing high-kicking with four of these leggy DIVAS in a park Downtown, but it's a WHOLE OTHER thing seeing ALL of them in their perfectly choreographed numbers on a HUGE stage like the Nokia Theater. Every section of the show was entertaining. I loved The "Nutcraker Suite" with Dancing Bears (how they can kick so high in all that fur??) and...
The famed Toy Soldier number, with its INCREDIBLE footwork, was one of my favorites as well. The section of the show where the Biblical Magi pay their visit to the newly born Jesus offering gifts was visually stunning; the intricately ornate costumes of The Three Wise Kings left us awestruck!
One of the highlights of the entire Radio City Christmas Spectacular was the Touring Through NYC Landmarks Bus Ride. This truly was UNBELIEVABLE: The way the Double-Decker bus turned and the changing views of the Big Apple, was fabulous! One almost felt as they were following them on another Double-Decker bus!!! I'm sure I'm not the first to say this, but this really is a not-to-be-missed show! So if the Rockettes come to your town, in their candy-cane costumes, I think you know what to do!
Happy High Kicking Holidays!!! Click Below for a Video Sneak Peak I found on YouTube of the Rockettes "Nutcraker Suite" Dancing Bears (it's the CUTEST thing in the World!!!):

ICE STYLE.....Grand Prix Finals 2010: Best, Worst

A GRAND Grand Prix: My Best and Worst...with "Professor Nick Costume Grades"!
Linear Tango: Davis and White of the US, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals, Beijing China
This past weekend was the 2010 ISU Grand Prix Finals of Figure Skating in Beijing China at the Beijing Capital Gymnasium. Thank goodness for Universal Sports and NBC because I got to watch the entire event from the comfort of my home back in Los Angeles! So, yes, the Grand Prix series is over--for this year--and as you may know, I have had the pleasure of critiquing the costumes for and their Figure Skating Blog "Go Figure" (love that!).
So, for my “Figure Skating Costumes Two Cents” blog, I thought I would do a “Best” and “Worst” of the Season, in terms of the costumes of course. And since--besides being a Fashion Designer--I am also an Instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM here in LA, I thought it would be perfect to also give these "Best" and "Worst" Grand Prix costumes my "Professor Verreos Fashion Grades”...
Lilac Lift: Pang Qing and Tong Jian of China at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals, Beijing China
But First: Even at this Grand Prix Finals, after traveling across the Globe to four different continents for all the various Grand Prix Competitions, there were still some skaters changing up their costumes, and in the case of Japanese Figure Skater Miki Ando, a whole new Short Program!! Here are some Examples of the Last Minute Costume Switcheroo's:
Why The Change: In Beijing this past weekend, Miki Ando skated a new Short Program to "Broken Sorrow Egyptian in the Night" and Gabriel's Oboe The Falls. I loved this new ivory lightly beaded costume. Miki loves a PLUNGING back and this one had it! It was interesting in that (correct me if I am wrong), but I don't think the back was even covered in the typical nude illusion but it was actually just bare! If so, she SERIOUSLY must have had A LOT of double-stick tape! It was a prettier and softer Miki, but I wasn't a huge fan of the bell sleeves and also the length of the skirt was too long. I personally didn't have a problem with her other Short Program Costume--or her other Short Program for that matter--so I am still confused as to why she even changed it! I think she's also realizing she shouldn't have changed anything since she didn't do so well.
Fringe Couture: Another Japanese Skater, Daisuke Takahashi busted out a new Short Program costume. If you look close, he KEPT the same pants but switched the top. The new top was black, instead of lipstick red, and featured fringe. I love Takahashi because in terms of costumes, he just "goes for it" and understands the importance of costume as an integral part of the entire performance although I do prefer him with the slicked back hair.
Fiercer Vest: In his new Long Program, Takahashi also changed his top but kept the old black stretch velvet pants. The new top included a black shirt with beaded black vest. I like this new one much better than the magenta and lace one he wore before (on the left). It looks more modern, more "fashionable", and shall I even say, fiercer (sorry, I know, that word is TIRED) although 2 black costumes is a bit repetitive for my taste.
Now, let's get to my "Best" and "Worst" of the entire Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2010--Below is an "Amuse Bouche" of my List--one for each category... BEST:
Modern Razzle Dazzle: Our US “Golden Girl”, Alyssa Czisny dazzled on the ice taking the Top Spot for her skating, and in addition, I give her my “Nick Verreos Gold Medal” for her costumes. Both her Short and Free Program choices reflect where Ladies Figure Skating Costumes should head for the future. They were directional, fluid, and feminine and gave a nod to actual fashion trends (the asymmetrical neckline, under-bust beading, strong color) and in addition, they could remarkably, go from the Ice to an Awards Show Red Carpet--with just a change of a skirt! Grade: A

Dingle-ball Witch: When I first saw Russian Figure Skater Alena Leonova in BOTH her Short (L) and Long Program (R) Costumes, I yelled “Oh Dear!” Now, I’m not a Professional Judge of Figure Skating, but I’m pretty sure, those are not the words one wants to hear when they first step on the ice. I know that her Themes involved Polka/Circus and “Witches of Eastwick” but that still didn’t excuse the dingle-balls, the $1.99 Diamante trim, the BEIGE ice skates (not a fan!), black gloves with painted nails (I swear!) and the 1976 Nadia Comaneci hair-DON’T. Cirque du Soleil: Yes. Grand Prix of Figure Skating: NYET! Grade: D
To Continue Reading my Complete List of Best and Worst Costumes of the 2010 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Click HERE on my Figure Skating Blog for!!!!