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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network The Fashion Team "What's The Fashion"

What's The Fashion Fashionistas???
What A Couple: Fashion Designer Nick Verreos and Stylist/Costume Designer Jen Rade, TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" TV Show
This last weekend, my favorite stylist-fashion-expert-in-crime---Stylist/Costume Designer Jennifer Rade--and I, were at it again bringing you what was "Hot" and "Not So Hot" in the week's Red Carpet Celeb World for our weekly "What's The Fashion" segment for TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team".
On the set while filming, my co-host, Jen ,was perfection, wearing a silk georgette bias-cut cowl-necked number and her luscious curly locks. And I, well, I was giving you "mini" bow-tie.
Our "The Fashion Team" host, Lawrence Zarian was in NY with his besties--Regis & Kelly--so we had to fend for ourselves. We had lots of fun giving our "Fashion Two Cents" on Cher, Christina Aquilera, Debi Mazar and Julianne Moore.
Click Below for our "What's The Fashion?" Segment from TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team":

ICE STYLE.....Grand Prix of France 2010: Men, Ladies

Bonjour France!
French Figure Skater Brian Joubert skating his Short program at Trophee Eric Bompard before pulling out of the Free Program as a result of gastroenteritis
I can't believe it's almost over! Well, the Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals, that is. We've "traveled" the entire Globe--Japan, China, Russia, Canada and the United States--in search of the top figure skaters in the world. As well as in search of the best and not-so-best Figure Skating Costumes.
This last weekend was the Trophee Eric Bompard in France, the last stop before the Final Grand Prix in Beijing China (it's in two weeks!). Of course, I was watching to see who would make the final cut and eventually go to Beijing, but naturally, I was also watching for the costumes and for my Figure Skating Blog.
I also especially LOVE the Grand Prix of France because they always have the MOST FABULOUS "Kiss-and-Cry" section! They make Russia's--and every other Grand Prix for that matter--look as if they're in someone's Trailer Park! Leave it to the French: Always Chic. Here are some (Costume) highlights from this past weekend: Once again, there were a few Costume Changes. Check it all out below:
US Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu's Costume Changes
Memoirs of a Pretty Skate: Another Change in Costume! What is happening? Are these ladies actually reading my comments here on (I privately hope so!). I like this new costume: It’s young, fresh; love the bright white color and the delicate youthful flower detail. However (you know that was coming), I wished that the skirt would have been a lighter more flowy chiffon or georgette fabric.
US Figure Skater Alyssa Czisny's Costume Changes
Color Genius: At first glance, I actually thought Alyssa Czisny’s costume was a brand-new costume. But soon enough I realized “Oh wait, it’s the SAME costume!” but she did something really unique. She added a splash of hand-painted color and Voila: New costume! I think it’s actually quite genius of her (or her people) to have done that. I call this “New Costume for the Economic Recession!” I liked the costume before but now, I LOVE it!
Japan's Haruka Imai at Grand Prix of France/Trophee Eric Bompard
Kismet On Ice: Haruka Imai’s colorful costume, in which she skated to the Polovetsian Dances, or better known for its “Stranger In Paradise” melody, was a little over the top I thought. It may have been a bit too literal for me. I liked the intricate top but lose the “car wash” fringed skirt and tacky arm bands. Along with her flailing arm movements, those two things didn’t help.
Fumie Suguri's Costume: From Bad to Good...or Bad to Worse???
See what I thought about Japan's Fumie Suguri Costume Re-do--plus all the other costumes from Grand Prix of France HERE on!

FIDM.....FIDM Los Angeles Fall 2010 Open House: RECAP

Emcee...FIDM "Red Carpet" Commentator and a Panel of Alumni...
Open House Mic: Nick Verreos Emcees FIDM Fall Open House LA Campus
This last Saturday, as the Official Spokesperson for my alma mater, the Fashion Institute of Design& Merchandising/FIDM, I had the pleasure of visiting the LA Campus' Fall Open House. FIDM's Open House is when prospective students get to visit FIDM, learn about all the 20 creative majors, get advice from FIDM Alumni and Admissions Counselors, and much more.
Panel of FIDM Grads and student, FIDM Fall Open House LA Campus
One of the "much more" was meeting me--and three FIDM Grads and one currently-enrolled student, at a Panel Discussion which I hosted. The Grads had received their degrees in different majors including Apparel Manufacturing and Product Development. One of them was actually a student of mine, I am proud to say, Malorie Dempster (third from the left in black jumpsuit) who recently competed in the DECA FIDM Runway Challenge). The one current student (far left) was in the Fashion Design Major. Each spoke of their experience at FIDM and where they are working now.
Boot Happy: Nick Verreos poses with prospective students at FIDM Fall Open House
We also held a Q & A, a mini "Nick Verreos FIDM Open House Red Carpet " session where I pointed out the especially stylin' prospective students--and their moms and dads! Afterward, I stayed around for photos with all in attendance.
Can you See Me: I am somewhere in that group, posing and taking photos with everyone "in line". Once again the FIDM LA Open House was a great success; I had a great time with all the perspective new students and of course, the loving parents! Hope to see you in one of my classes (the students that is!).
Click Below for a Video of the Panel Discussion FIDM Fall Open House LA Campus:

NICK APPEARANCES.....IOTW Fashion Week 2010: Final Recap, Haiti Relief Fashion Show

Finale Night Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010, Haiti Relief Fashion Show, Awards...and fun at Atlantis Resort!
Fashion Hammock: Nick Verreos filming a TV interview in The Bahamas, British Colonial Hilton
Happy Thanksgiving Week!! Hopefully, you enjoyed a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner, had fun with friends and family, rested and well, got out and "exercised" your shopping duties! While taking some "down-time" during this Thanksgiving, I figured, this would be the perfect time to post my last Recap of the AMAZING time I had a couple of weeks back in The Bahamas at the 2010 Islands of The World Fashion Week. In case you missed my other previous postings, you can go HERE, as well as HERE and HERE to get caught up.
Vive Haiti: Dignitaries, fashion designers and models at "Fashion Cares for Haiti" Fashion Show, Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010
But now, we're onto the last and Final "Runway 3" night of this annual affair which showcased designers, fashions, and accessories from the Islands of The World!! The "crowning jewel" of this final night was the Fashion Cares for Haiti: The Relief Benefit Fashion Show. VIP guests who were present for this final night included all the Guest Designers who showed this year at Islands of The World Fashion Week, such as Project Runway Season One Winner Jay McCarroll, Indashio from NY and Oliver Tolentino from Los Angeles (via The Philippines). Dignitaries including the Haitian Ambassador to The Bahamas as well as the Haitian Ambassador to The United Nations were also on hand to witness the beautiful designs from Haitian Designers and artisans.
Haiti Handbag: Veve Collection by Phelicia Dell "Haiti Flag" sequin purse, "Fashion Cares for Haiti" Fashion Show
I had the honor of hosting this final night and from the moment I stepped onstage and uttered (OK, yelled!) Sak Pase Nap Boule (Haitian Creole for "What's Happening?...We're Chillin'" I was told), we were off to a fabulous night to benefit the beautiful nation of Haiti.
Runway Scene: Maguy Durce dress and purse, "Fashion Cares for Haiti" Fashion Show
The collections ranged from stunning day-to-evening wear, impeccable jewelry, as well as fantastic purses and bags from Veve Collection by Phelicia Dell, Maguy Durce, Artisans du Soleil Haiti by Giovanna Menard, Maelle Creations by Maelle David and Savannah Savary, among others.
Sak Pasé Nick: Nick Verreos hosts "Runway 3" Final Night of Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010 The Bahamas
Soon afterward, it was time for the second part of the evening: The Announcing of the Winners for the first ever "In Search of The Next Oscar" design competition, in addition to the NextGen Designer and Eco-Fashion Designer Awards. Continuing my emcee duties, I especially LOVED this part of the evening. I channeled being the host of the Miss Universe or Miss World pageants as I announced the Winners with much DRAMA! The Winner of the "In Search of The Next Oscar" was... Georgina Estherr from the Dominican Republic, whose sequin-and-satin gowns/cocktail attire took the grand prize. She spoke little English and as I am Bi-lingual, I was her official translator during the contest and when announcing the winner. I think she didn't need any translating, however, when I called out her name!

Bahamas up-and-coming designer (and our unofficial NIKOLAKI Assistant, Intern/"Boy Friday" from two years ago), David Rolle won the NextGen Award (seen above getting his award) with his edgy designs. He won a Scholarship to Parsons The New School of Design in New York! (Funny side note: Minutes before he was announced the Winner, he approached me backstage asking about possible schooling opportunities for him, either in LA or NY! He had NO IDEA...)
And finally, I announced the Winner of the Eco-Fashion Award, Designer Oliver Tolentino (above), and his strapless off-white gown made of pineapple fabric (yes, I said PINEAPPLE!). It also had actual hand-sewn cultured pearls woven into it!
Beauty Under The Bahamas Stars: Miss Bahamas 2010 Braneka Bassett with Nick Verreos, After Party at the British Colonial Hilton
The night ended with a festive VIP After Party at the British Colonial Hilton (site of the Islands of The World Fashion Week) with a delicious buffet, drinks and musical entertainment where guests, editors, models, photographers and designers got to party all night under the gorgeous Caribbean moonlight! Bahamas Free Time!!
Rainbow Conch: (L-R) David Paul, Nick Verreos, Tomas Frenes, Jay McCarroll, Matthew, Arawak Cay Nassau The Bahamas
Naturally, it wasn't all work for yours truly. Luckily, we had some "down time" prior to the evening's Runway Shows and my hosting duties to enjoy the sights of the GORGEOUS Bahamas. One day, Tomas Frenes Vice President of Mode Isles (Producer of the Fashion Week) as well as Owner of Tomas Frenes Design Studio in Miami (and my King Teddy Bear!) took Jay McCarroll, Matthew, David Paul and I to have CONCH at The Fish Fry at Arawak Cay, where in the back of the restaurant, we discovered a brightly colored wooden wall which of course, we had to take photos in front of.
On another day, David and I also went to Paradise Island and the Atlantis Resort. We certainly couldn't leave The Bahamas without getting a little Atlantis in. Since the last time I was here (2 years ago when both David and I showed our NIKOLAKI Collection at the 2008 Islands of The World Fashion Week), I had been wanting to go back and do those infamous Atlantis Resort water slides.
Well kids, I did it: That's me midway down The Leap of Faith--yes, in them shorty-shorts! (Thanks David for that AMAZING photo). And don't EVEN think about magnifying it! I'm sure the look of sheer horror on my face is neither pretty or fashionable. With that, I bid a warm Goodbye to The Bahamas and Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010. Until the next time... Below are Three Exclusive NICKVERREOS.COM videos from "Runway 3" night of Islands of the World Fashion Week 2010: Announcement of the Eco-Fashion Designer Award:
Final Model Walk and Bow of Maguy Durce Fashion Show: "Fashion Cares for Haiti" Fashion Show: Final Model Walk and Bow of Veve Collection by Phelicia Dell "Fashion Cares for Haiti" Fashion Show: Final Model Walk and Bow of Michel Chataigne, "Fashion Cares for Haiti" Fashion Show:

ICE STYLE.....Grand Prix Cup of Russia 2010: Men, Ladies, Ice Dance

Babushkas Loves Sequins!
Tango Hands Abbott: US Figure Skater Jeremy Abbott at Cup of Russia
Figure Skating Fever: If you've been keeping up with my blog here, you might know that I have been covering the Costume "Hot's" and "Not's" for for this season's Grand Prix series.
Now we are in St. Petersburg Russia for the Cup of Russia 2010. Several Figure Skaters changed up their costumes from the last time they competed--some good and some not so much. Here are some improved ones:
Ashley Wagner US Figure Skater
Where Are My Castanets: I think Ashley’s Long Program costume is a step in the right direction. She always looks elegant and regal and I think this more traditional style suits her skating better. Although a bit fussy for my taste (not a fan of the ruffled “rickety-rack” trim that looks as if it came from JoAnn’s Fabric Store), the strapless effect of the dress and the beautiful Ombre-dyed skirt enhance her beautiful skating.

Akiko Suzuki Japanese Figure Skater Skating to "Fiddler On The Roof"
And the Award For “Much Improved” Goes To: I think this is a big improvement from the costume Akiko wore at Cup of China. It is more sophisticated and reflective of what is happening in fashion now; the asymmetry of the neckline, the diagonal ruffles, the contrast edging, the rosette details. The previous costume looked juvenile and meant more for a Junior Skater. She went from 15 to 25 in ONE beautiful Costume! The "Why Bother"...
Tomas Verner Czech Republic Figure Skater Skating to a Michael Jackson Medley
Beat It: Czech boy-wonder Verner changed up his costume by going from a blue shirt to a black shirt (boy, that was a STRETCH!). While I understand that he is simplifying everything this year, I think this is taking things a step too far. He went from looking like he worked on the Lido Deck to becoming a student at the Marcel Marceau School of Mime! And Then...
Lucie Mysliveckova and Matej Novak: Let My People Go: Remix
Russia's Mysliveckova and Novak skated to music that included--among others--an African-American Spiritual Song, ABBA and well, everything in between. The soundtrack was a potpourri of a MESS and what did I think of their corresponding costumes? Click HERE to read what I really thought plus view all my comments from the Cup of Russia Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

NIKOLAKI.....NIKOLAKI Wedding Gown: Lifetime Promotes Lucy Liu Movie "Marry Me"

Catch the Couture Bouquet:
Where's the Bride: NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Demi-Couture Wedding Gown, Silk organza strapless gown with hand-beaded paillette bustier *photo courtesy of Evans Vestal Ward
To promote Lucy Liu's new Lifetime Movie: Marry Me premiering Sunday, December 12 at 9 pm et/pt , I was asked by Lifetime to send them some photos of recent Wedding Dresses from my NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Demi-Couture Collection. And although we do not have a full line of Wedding Dresses, I always have one or two special Bridal Pieces to complete each collection, so I was happy to send images of these new looks. They also asked several other Project Runway Designers--Season 2 Winner Chloe Dao, Season One's Austin Scarlett, and Season 5 Winner Leanne Marshall to name but a few.
For Spring 2011, my NIKOLAKI Co-Designer David Paul and I designed a couple of (we think) beautiful dresses for a very stylish bride. The first is a Strapless Gown featuring a Silk Chiffon Hand Beaded Bustier with a Silk Organza Raw Cut High-Low Skirt, shown here:
*photo courtesy of Evans Vestal Ward
On one of our fabulous (and favorite) models, Amanda Fields from Season 3 Project Runway. It is fully lined in taffeta and has Horsehair trim to stiffen the hem. It also has hidden side pockets!
A Mykonos Wedding: NIKOLAKI Demi-Couture Wedding Dress, hand-beaded paillettes over silk chiffon cowl-draped dress with matching capelet *photo courtesy of Evans Vestal Ward
The other Wedding Dress we submitted is this short-and-sexy number for that adventurous bride. Seen above on model Lauren Gish, it is a hand-beaded Ecru-colored mini bias-cut dress featuring a cowl-draped front and back. It also has a matching hand-beaded paillette sequin capelet. Think Mykonos Wedding...for a very rich Supermodel...or a sexy Dubai Emira!
*Click HERE to view all the wedding dresses by Project Runway Winners and Alumn as well as Wedding Gown Design Veterans such as Angel Sanchez, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, and Monique Lhullier.

WHO WORE WHAT?.....UsWeekly Fashion Police: Sizing Up The Celeb Not's

Fashion Policing...
This Week on UsWeekly...Did Nick's Comments Make It In...Or Not?
Every other week in Us Weekly, I am one of the "Top Cops" in the magazine's "Fashion Police" section, where I give my Oh-No-You-Didn't commentary on that week's Red Carpet Not's. Most of the other commentators are professional writers and comedians so I try and be funny and witty yet somehow give a little bit of my "two cents" as a Fashion Designer and Fashion Design FIVE words or less!!!
Sometimes, I get one comment in there--it's up to the fabulous Us Weekly editors--what makes the cut. In this last week's issue--from November 15Th--I actually got TWO! (Yeayyy!): For Padma and Rihanna. Hope that the next time you are at the airport--and after you've been cleared by the TSA agents--you make your way to the Newsstand and pick up an Us Weekly. Go straight to the back and see if any of my comments made it in there or not...

NICK APPEARANCES.....Latina Style Business Series Macy's Fashion Show

Viva Las Latinas!
Latino Style: Nick Verreos Co-Hosts Latina Style Business series Macy's Fashion Show
This past Spring and Fall, I traveled across the US to numerous cities such as Nashville, Houston, Chicago, Sacramento, San Francisco, Miami and even San Juan Puerto Rico. I hosted TONS of great Macy's Fashion Director/Fashion Challenge Events where I let audience members be Macy's Fashion Directors and have a chance to win Macy's Gift Cards as well as showcasing fun fashion shows, giving tips on all the top trends of the seasons.
Macy's Love: Nick Verreos, Latina Style Business Series Expo, Hyatt Century Plaza Hotel
Last week, Macy's asked me to co-host the "Macy's Look Successful, Be Successful Fashion Show" at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel in Century City/Los Angeles as part of the Latina Style Business Series Business and Expo. My co-Host was the bella Yarel Ramos, host of the Mun2 Network Regional Mexican Music Show, Reventón.
Nick Verreos and Yarel Ramos, Hosts of Look Successful, Be Successful Macy's-sponsored, Fashion Show Latina Style Business Series
The Latina Style Business Series is a nationally recognized seminar and expo which provides resources and business training for Latina professionals and entrepreneurs and Macy's was the Title Sponsor. The LA expo was an all-day event which culminated with the Look Successful, Be Successful Fashion Show.
Prior to the show, Keynote Speaker Nely Galán (above)--former president of Telemundo, star of "The Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump" and creator/executive producer of "The Swan"--enraptured the audience with an empowering speech. Now, we had to follow the marvelous Galan with our STYLE-empowering fashion show!
Runway Latina: Nick Verreos, "Look Successful, Be Successful" Macy's Fashion Show Latina Style Business Series
I've never met a runway I didn't you know that after Yarel introduced me on stage, I had to begin the fashion show with my "Nick V. Catwalk", followed by me giving "props" to my Latina Mom (she was JLo before JLo with her bouffant hairdo and Pucci-esque one-shoulder caftans back in Caracas Venezuela!) and Grandmother and how they were such powerful figures in my life.
Backstage, our lovely Latina models--in all shapes and sizes of course--were getting ready in their Macy's outfits. We even had two "celeb" models with Wendy Carillo, Power 106 Radio Host as wells as Raquel "Raq-C" Cordova, on-air radio personality for Latino 86.3 FM.
The show was split into five different sections, among them were "Opportunity Knocks":
Which was all about Dressing-For-An-Interview; ensembles that are stylish yet not overbearing. These were styles that will land you the job. There was also "First In Command":

Which featured five looks a la "Devil Wears Prada", as in what the Boss Should look like; strong powerful business style statements for the empowered Latina entrepreneur...and "Seal The Deal":
This section featured four looks to wear after you've landed the job and are ready to go out with the boss--or your friends--to celebrate. In between all the sections, I gave advice on what the "Must-Haves" of the season are (Booties, Heels, colored coats, metallics, sweater wraps and Equestrian knee-high boots).
I also showed the audience of Latinas how to transform their outfits from "Not Hot" to "Hot" as well as show what shapes work best for different body types to put forth your best professional image--in and out of the office. I think everyone enjoyed the "Look Successful, Be Successful" Macy's Fashion Show and hopefully they got a lot of useful information.
Latina Style Red Carpet: Nick Verreos poses with Macy's Executives, as well as Latina Style Business Series Entrepreneur of The Year, Alycia D. Enciso (in blue jacket)
From all the praise I got after the show from all my Latina "hermanas", I think they did! Thank you to Macy's, and especially: Thank you to all the Power Divas at the Latina Style Business Series that showed how FIERCE and Fabulosa you can be, inside and out: Get the empowering knowledge..and get the Fashion Knowledge...