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The much talked about: OUTFIT #13

Of course, the highlight of the Finale episode for me, was the much talked about Outfit #13!! It was so great to hear how much all the judges and the viewers out there in TV-Land liked this look. It definitely helped make the experience worth it, because to be quite honest, when I was chosen 1st, I was kinda like, are you sure you don't want to pick somebody else. Heidi, Daniel F., Guadalupe...anybody?!?
I had grand plans of filming the Reunion Show for a couple of hours and then spending the rest of the week shopping and lunching at Pastis while hanging out with my NY friends.
I mean, I love Daniel V., and kudos to all three of them for making the finals, but making us slave away for 48 hours with no sleep was a bit much. At least they could have given us a years supply of Tresemme hair products or some Loreal cosmetics....a Banana Republic gift certificate! Hello anybody?!? Anything.................?
Anyway, like I said, I'm happy that it was so well received and it made for fun TV watching on Finale night. Thanks for all the support!

Draping outfit #13

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Anonymous said...


On the recognition you will get for that dress in the long run, you'll get all the NY highlight trips you want...with your friends! I think YOU made Daniel's collection with that dress and your input. Hate to diss Daniel but I think that's true. I'm glad you had a hand in it. cheers!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person who noticed your totally funny "wiggidy wack" with Marla trim festooned around it?! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

When I saw that dress come down the runway.. I could not see Daniel in it.. it was all you.

I know it was a collaboration, but hell... you should have known that you would be the first chosen over all the other designers! They wouldn't have chosen Kara cause she had her line to show... and you really should have been one of the final 4... hell, the final 3!

Being on PR takes some courage, and I definitely don't have it yet.. but I hope it really launches your line. I can't wait to wear your clothes.

Ashley said...

Nick, that dress deserved total recognition, it was gorgeously made! And 48 hours straight is wayy too much for anyone. You should have been allowed to have more to do with the collection. At least have your name thrown out at the Runway show. And let's be honest, I think everyone knew that Dan was going to pick you. You were definetely the best designer of the group to choose from.
Loved the whickety whack shirt!
Mucho amor y felicidad a usted

Matt Cannon said...


You were always one of my favorites, and I'm glad that you and Daniel got to work together for the finale. Congrats on a job well done!

Lothian said...

The dress was great, as was his collection. I have to admit I was happy he chose you so that I could see more of you on the show! **blushing**

If you read these comments, would you please comment on your honest reaction to Chloe being chosen the winner? I feel like I am the only one who hated her collection.

Becca said...

The dress you guys made was absolutely STUNNING. Worth it. ;)

mailea said...

That outfit was really spectacular, though it sucks that you didn't get to hang out with your friends.

Still, your outfit was shown at Olympus so that's something!!!!!

It was the most beautiful piece in his collection, to be honest. You two should partner up and design a line together.

Upstate NY PR fan said...

This dress was great - have you seen how much it is going for in the auction?(!!) Would you say it was a collaboration between you and DV (I saw his sketch on TV)? Some people didn't appreciate the dress in the early photos, but once the seaming and details and the back are obvious, it's clearly a classic! Thanks for helping Daniel V out - the producers really put the final three on the spot, and then the helpers were dragged in without any payback(!!). We were glad to see you again, though. I wish DV had won, but I think he will be better off without the "prize" - he can choose the best way to go from here. Keep up the great work like your fashion commentary at the Olympics - it was very enlightening!

Christie said...

Awh. I love you Nick. I was so relieved when Danny picked you! You guys created an AMAZING 13th outfit. I love it!

mcbrayerlg said...

Hello Nick:
I'm just thrilled that you were chosen so we could see you again. Wish it would have been your collection. The material on outfit 13 looks so rich, what is it?
Can't wait to see where you will "pop up" next. Don't forget your loyal fans and keep us updated on what's going on with you. I love you to death.

celia said...

Hi Nick,
I just wanted to say that although I found it a tad cruel to make the final 3 complete an additional outfit, it was so great to see you, Andrae and Diana. You so deserved more time on the show and this was a lovely way to give you more (even though it was real work for you!). The short scenes of you 6 designers busily working away -- with a little Timpersonation by Santino thrown in -- were my favorite moments of the finale. A throw-back to "the good old days" of work+play that I think makes the show so lovable and interesting. You're all so damn talented and wonderful to watch! Best of luck and much love

Water Tiger said...

Hi Nick!
First of all, the dress looks beautiful and certainly does not look like a "last minute" garment.

This is how addicted I have been to Project Runway, I went zonkers when they assigned the 12th garment and then to ask all of you to come back and help... I felt that was beyond the beyonds.

I am not surprised that you were first pick. Besides your talent, you come across as a very kind person... just what is needed during a 48 hour crush.

I can not believe that you all were not reimbursed in some way for that work. That must be one crazy contract you all signed.

I hope SJP contacts you.

Hubby and I saw some My Scene Barbies while shopping last week. Good Lord! Wish you had designed the whole line. Your Barbie was cute, hip and sassy... and something I would allow my child to play with.

Get an agent and have Mattel make a deal with you...LOL!

Much love and have a blessed day,

"Water Tiger"

Meghann (from MI) said...

Nick-you and Daniel V. made an awesome team!!! I loved watching you guys work together. I can't believe the 48hours thing-it didn't come across that way on the finale. I definitely think it would have been appropriate to reward you guys in some way.....especially Diana after all the $*&% she took from Chloe!!!!!! For all three of you, giving up your time and talent was very generous but I think there should have been an incentive for doing it b/c like you said-you love Daniel V. and all but you could have had a fun relaxing weekend hitting the town with your friends but instead you chose to bust your ass for 48hours.......that deserves some recognition in my book!!!!

Serenity said...

Babe, you are getting better and better like a good wine, sophisticated,with a definite character,full of flavorrrr and deliciousssss!!
Love ya hun!

JRT said...

Absolutely beautiful dress Nick. Dan was my favorite designer, but you were a close second. I always felt you were such a strong designer. Your use of color, cut, and touch are amazing. You shall be one of the great designers of the future if you keep pushing yourself, easiy one of the best. I was glad to see you and Daniel work together finally on a collaborative effort, despite the fact it was under such bad and taxing conditions. The design is flawless!

Kaia said...

The dress was very chic. Very. I love Pastis - but love Balthazar even better. Mercer Kitchen for mid-day cocktails and snacks while shopping Soho is always the best.

Congratulations on all the success.

Anonymous said...

bitttches didn't give you ANYTHING? that sucks. but i freaked when i saw that not only would the finale be fabulous in general, but THAT much better with you there!!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Nick,

As we all know you should've been in the final 3 as more than an assistant, not to mention the winner. Obvi because you are fabulous.

Anyway, I am LOVING the wickety wack shirt! Where can I get one? It's glorious, so sassy, so you!

Good luck with SJP! You totally could've styled her for "Sex." Or anything else! You're amazing!

Jan the Dan Fan said...

Hi Uncle Nick,

Brilliant work on the 13th design! I always thought you would be a part of the final three--but it was great to be able to watch you work with Daniel.

If you're still in the need for some NYC shopping-why don't you join us on the Blogging Project Runway tour? :)

Miz Shoes said...

Where can I get the "wickety wack" t-shirt? Are you going to put it in production? Offer it through the Project Runway site? I MUST have the wickety wack!

PS-- loved you, loved your work. You were totally robbed in any number of challenges, but especially in the figure skating one.

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