Ice Style

Last Chance to RSVP

EVENT DETAILS AGAIN IF YOU HAVEN’T YET RSVP’D Saturday, May 13 from 8am-6pm The Altman Building 135 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Aves) New York, NY 10011 Click HERE for directions CLICK HERE TO RSVP Remember, to expedite entry please print out your RSVP confirmation email. FIRST TIME AT THE SALE? Click HERE to visit our FAQs page to answer your most commonly asked questions.

5 Responses to "Last Chance to RSVP"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick:

Really love the middle blouse.

Happy to see your success!


Liz said...

I love you NICK!!!!!!! =)

Kristen said...

It was soo great to finally meet you, you’re personality and energy is soo uplifting, it was really a dream come true to meet such an inspiring designer as yourself. Im soo happy you are getting the recognition you deserve and that your line has become very successful. I loved everything in your collection and bought three items that I cant wait to show off...but I have to say the your PR designed t-shirt that you signed for me, is my most cherished item. I can wait to see more of your collection and wish you all the success in the future. Hope to see you again one day and unitl then keep doing your thing, you are without a doubt such an amazing and FABULOUS person!!
Kristen :)

Anonymous said...

Great site lots of usefull infomation here.

Vivian said...

Hey Nick!! I loved the striped dress!! its gorgeous! Let me tell you that I'm a big fan of your designs! I watched every episode of PR and loved every design you made!! I wan't to be a designer too but I'm only 17!! :P Anyway, I know this may be impossible, but I don't lose anything by asking it.. so, id be REALLY HAPPY if maybe you'd answer this comment!! Maybe with some tips.. should i go to a design school or something? or just develop at home?? well, i love you!! yo seem to be a REALLY special person, really nice n sweet! so dont EVER change okk?!?! Well, bye!! Vivian