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The Oscar's in West Hollywood

Even though I am a fashion designer, living in Los Angeles, the land of film and entertainment, you can't help but get "caught up" in crazy La-La Land. I do feel detached because I am not really an actor or a producer or a director, so sometimes I am less interested in who wins what, and am more enticed by what the stars are wearing on the Red Carpet and what the supposed "fashion experts" will incorrectly say about their outfits during those pre and post shows.

For years, along with my partner, David, we would either go over to a friend's apartment and attend their intimate annual Oscar's Party or stay at home and eat a lot of chips and guacamole dip, drink lots of margaritas, and be our own "armchair" fashion critics. This year was different. I was invited to several of those exclusive "Oscar's Gifting Suites" that were occurring the days leading up to Sunday night's show. I attended most of them and got manicured, massaged and facial'ed. On Sunday, I was invited to several Oscar's viewing parties in West Hollywood and decided to throw our yearly pattern of staying home off kilter and get dressed up and go out!

First, we attended the Tom Whitman Presents Trevor Project/Instinct Magazine Oscar's Viewing Party at the Here Lounge . Season 3 model, and newly-transplanted Angeleno, Amanda Fields, also came along. Earlier in the week, we had fittings at my studio where she chose to wear a silver cowl-halter backless gown featuring a feathered silk attached skirt. She looked like a statuesque goddess in the gown. Once she stepped into the party, everyone wanted to come up to her to tell her how gorgeous she looked and how they loved her gown. She would quickly respond by telling them that it was one of my designs. I felt like a proud papa!

The party was filled with Gay A-listers such as Reichen Lehmkuhl, "Amazing Race" winner and former arm-candy/boyfriend to Lance Bass. Lance showed up, but quickly left after someone told him that Reichen was also at the party (Oooops!). I also said "hello" to J.P. Calderon, from "Survivor" and the "Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency Show" , who asked me when I would design a suit for him! He obviously never saw that last episode where I tried to make a suit for Daniel Vosovic!!!We hung out with "Amazing Race Season 7" boyfriends, Lynn and Alex and tried to watch the show ."Tried" is the operative word here, since there was so much going on at the party and it was so loud that the awards telecast was almost secondary to just socializing. The only time the party fell silent was when the Best Supporting Actress Award came up and Jennifer Hudson won. I think ALL of West Hollywood fell silent right then and there, quickly followed by loud yelling and screaming.

After the show was over, we quickly sauntered over to another party, DIVA and Metro Source Magazine's Oscar's Party held at the East West Lounge on Santa Monica Blvd. The whole time I was holding Amanda's gown as if I was a flower girl at a wedding. We immediately took photos on the lounge's "Red Carpet" and said hello to "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" Jai Rodriguez, designer Andrew Christian and other Southern California gay "glitterati". Actress Sara Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy" was also at this party. We finally decided it was time to call it a night, drove home, put our pajamas on, and FINALLY watched the Oscar's as well as all those unending pre and post shows, in the comfort and privacy of our own "lounge". Thank God for TiVo.

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Broken Bones said...

Nahedeh Eqdam said...

thats soooo cute...mustbe so much fun and so strange to have gone from a happy, designer who enjoys his non-media life and now WHAM after heidis show ur all over the place lol--- the parties must be great :D
have so much fun and believe me, all the way through out runway i stuck with u and daniel (donno who to pick between u 2 though lol u two are too cute :D)
ps. im a straight girl from sweden ;) technically a persian born and raised in sweden hehe =D and i would just diiie if u would be able to design my prom dress..but the atlantic is between us lol :(